47 Things That Make Your Home Look So Much Better For Less Than $35 On Amazon

Upgrades that look expensive — but are actually so cheap.

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If there's one thing I take serious pride in, it's my space. That said, I'm not about to drop hundreds of dollars in the decor section of a department store when I can opt for things that look expensive — but are actually shockingly affordable on Amazon. Start by picking a reasonable price point (I've chosen $35 here), and vow that you won't spend a cent over that to find products that help you love your home.

Remember to also work with the stuff you already have; a few genius organizational products can work wonders when it comes to achieving a sleek, functional space. If you're looking to significantly upgrade your home, look no further than these 47 products that add value without a hefty investment.


This 2-Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser With A Brilliant Shelf

If you bring your phone into the bathroom with you, you're not alone — which is likely why this genius shelf has a near-perfect rating. It easily mounts to the wall in order to hold up to two rolls of toilet paper, but the built-in shelf also offers room for your tissues, reading material, and electronic devices. It comes in four different finishes, and buyers call it "one of the most useful and practical purchases" they've ever made for their bathroom.


A Chic Canvas Storage Ottoman For Under $16

Get a functional accent piece, some comfortable support, and some hidden storage — all for under $16. The WoneNice folding ottoman comes in four linen colors and can support up to 220 pounds. The top has a memory-foam padding while the inside hides clutter like toys, blankets, books, and clothing.


These Brilliant Rug Corners That Can Be Lifted For Cleaning

Keep the corners of any rug flat and prevent sliding with this eight-pack of rug corners. The genius design includes a damage-free sticky gel that can be refreshed with a quick wipe and they have foam corners that allow you to lift to clean under and around the rug with ease.


This Chic, Collapsible Microwave Cover To Prevent Splatters

A microwave accessory has never looked so chic. The Bezrat splatter cover is made from food-grade glass and BPA-free silicone. It's designed with ventilation holes to keep food moist while also keeping your microwave clean — plus it's dishwasher-safe and collapses down for effortless storage. Get it in black or red.


And This Utensil Organizer That Saves Some Serious Space

This is not your average cutlery tray. The Dymaic Grear drawer organizer has expandable sizes that you can customize according to how much silverware and space you have in your drawer. When using only three compartments the width measures 13 inches. However, it can expand up to 20 inches when using all five compartments. Made from water-resistant bamboo, this organizer looks beautiful and cleans easily.


This Makeup Carousel For Functionality & Organization

Imagine your vanity as it is at this very moment. Now imagine your vanity if every brush, cream, and cosmetic item had its own spot in a compact, chic-looking organizer. Cue the AmeiTech carousel shelf, which has eight adjustable shelves and rotates 360 degrees so you can easily find anything you're looking for. It's even made from transparent acrylic so it's easy to clean and matches any decor.


A Magnetic Bamboo Block That Works With Any Knife Set

No knife block? No problem. This one from Coninx will hold any shape, size, or brand thanks to the powerful hidden magnets inside. It's made from blade-friendly bamboo, and it ensures that your favorite kitchen tools are both safely mounted and always within reach. Buyers say it's a "stylish twist on the normal knife block" and makes a "nice addition to the kitchen counter."


This Pendant Light That You Hang Up, Plug In, & Enjoy

Add some statement lighting to any room — without breaking open the ceiling or hiring an electrician. This brilliant pendant light plugs straight into an outlet and comes with the hooks you need to hang it from the ceiling. The cord is nearly 15 feet long, and the modern cage design is available in both silver and rose gold. No wonder it has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon.


A Set Of Airtight Food Containers With A 4.6-Star Overall Rating

This three-pack of cereal containers features snap-top lids, a flip-top pouring spout, and a comfortable grip to make pouring cereal or other dry goods like granola, pasta, or beans easy. It comes with 16 reusable labels and a chalk pen to label your foods; you can even use them to keep track of the date you opened packages for freshness.


These 2 Chenille Mats For A Cozier Bathroom

Available in 10 different colors to match any bathroom, these bathroom mats keep your feet comfortable, your floor non-slip, and your aesthetic cozy and stylish. The top features a plush chenille fabric that absorbs a shocking amount of moisture, while the bottom has a durable, slip-resistant material. When it's time for a refresh, they go straight into the wash without issue.


A Set Of Nesting Food Storage Containers With Color-Coded Lids

Now that you can nab these five various-sized storage containers for just $25, it may be time to finally ditch those mismatched ones. They're made from durable plastic that’s microwave- and freezer-safe, and they come with matching lids that clip on to prevent leaks and have color coding so they’re easy to match up.


This Corner Caddy That Eliminates Clutter In Your Shower

If your bath or shower is a bottle-avalanche waiting to happen, this convenient caddy can help. It attaches to the corner of your shower with suction and offers a self-draining shelf for your sponges, razors, soaps, and hair-care products — plus there are hooks for hanging loofahs and other items. “Suction cups/pads work well on my tiled shower and the tray/compartment is very wide and deep,” wrote one reviewer. “I can fit a full toothpaste bottle length wise against any of the sides and have room to spare.”


A Spinning Utensil Organizer That *Always* Looks Clean

Keeping this spinning kitchen utensil holder clean and tidy on your countertop is super easy. The stainless steel finish is completely fingerprint-resistant, so you can spin it around every time you need a utensil without leaving behind smudges. It also comes with a removable divider to organize your go-to ladles and whisks.


An Adjustable Rack That keeps Your Sink Sanitary

Even if your sink is stainless steel, it collects grime, moisture, and germs like any other surface. This Joseph Joseph SinkSaver, on the other hand, has multiple adjustable grids that raise your dishes off the bottom of the sink while simultaneously allowing water to drain. The rubber base protects your delicate glassware and the L-shape still allows full access to the drain. "I wish I would have found this earlier," one buyer wrote. "It works and looks great in my sink."


This Shockingly Affordable Corner Shelf In 16 Different Finishes

The Furinno table offers extra storage, gives you a place to display your plants, picture frames, or virtual assistants, and makes use of wasted corner space. The particle-board shelves and PVC tubes install without hassle and in 10 minutes flat, plus you can choose from over 15 different finishes to match any home. Oh, and the three-tier version is just $16 — no wonder it's a number-one best seller.


A Cabinet-Mounted Bag Holder That’s *So* Easy To Use

This plastic bag saver will make your kitchen look better because it tidies up that drawer or cabinet that has way too many bags crammed into it. It comes with slots on the front and the top, so you can quickly toss all of your bags in after a grocery run and grab a bag when you need one. This wall- or cabinet-mounted holder is also a perfect spot for trash bags or your favorite reusable totes.


These Under-Shelf Baskets For Your Office Or Fridge

Get way more storage space out of your shelving with these genius baskets, which hang underneath to hold anything that doesn't stack particularly well. The snug arms adjust to suit multiple shelf thicknesses, so you can use them in your office for supplies, your laundry room for socks, your kitchen for dishware or spices, and even your refrigerator for produce.


Some Of The Top-Selling Candles On Amazon

Chesapeake Bay creates some of the best-selling candles on Amazon, all because they're made with natural soy wax and infused with essential oils to create "amazing clean [smells] that fill the room." They also come in frosted, subtly colored jars that, put simply, look darn sophisticated. This set includes your choice of two different scents to evoke various moods, and both candles burn for up to 50 hours each.


A Set Of 2 Pillowcases Made From Real Silk

Yes, they'll look super sophisticated sitting on your bed, but the benefits don't end there. Buyers say these Jocoku pillowcases are "really good for skin and hair," all because the genuine mulberry silk evenly distributes moisture instead of absorbing it like cotton. They're also cooling and friction-reducing, and you can get them in three sizes and seven colors.


A Faux-Fur Throw That Adds Sophistication To Any Room

Available in a huge range of colors, this Chanasya throw blanket has reviewers raving: "It looks like a luxurious throw that should be in a 5-star hotel!" The faux-fur is actually made from warm, elegant microfiber, and it can be machine-washed in cold water in case of spills. Most importantly, people say it's "honestly one of the softest materials" they've ever felt.


These Versatile Organizers That Look So Aesthetic In The Kitchen

It’s super easy to make every single cabinet and shelf in your kitchen look aesthetic and tidy with this pack of matching transparent containers. Their shatterproof design comes with built-in handles, so you can stack up these containers all over your kitchen (even in the fridge or freezer) and easily pull them out.


This Magnetic Refrigerator Rack To Minimize Counter Clutter

Maybe your countertop is cluttered because you like to keep the essentials within reach — or maybe you couldn't fit them in the cabinets if you tried. Either way, this magnetic refrigerator rack makes your clutter look intentional and keeps the important stuff handy. It has various hooks for utensils, multiple shelves for bottles, and some rolls for paper towels, foil, and plastic wrap. The magnets attach without damage to your fridge or washing machine.


A Mat That's So Absorbent, Buyers Say It's "Like Magic"

With this super absorbent mat, you can add some charm to your entryway while simultaneously keeping the rest of the house clean. "It can absorb anything like magic!" one buyer wrote. "Just step on it, and it will it will absorb dirt, dust, mud, etc.." It's also low-profile so it won't get in the way of your doors, machine-washable to keep it working like new, and non-slip to keep you, your guests, and your pets safe. Get it in three sizes and eight colors.


This Streamlined Sink Rack For Your Sponge

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a huge fan of streamlining a kitchen setup. This fan-favorite stainless steel sponge holder effortlessly attaches to the side of your sink via its extra-strength suctions, so your sponge can drip-dry without mildew, your counter and sink-rim stay clear, and your dish-washing accessories remain within reach. One buyer raved, “This is just what I needed to streamline my dishwashing tools! It adheres well to my sink and looks fabulous!” It comes in six metallic colors, including basic stainless steel (pictured), copper, bronze, and pearl white.


These Slots That Double Your Shoe Storage Space

Organize, store, and display twice as many shoes in half the amount of space. These shoe racks stack virtually any pair one on top of the other (on your shelves or on the floor), and they adjust to hold everything from loafers to stilettos. This pack of 10 costs just $16, and they're available in light blue or black.


A Set Of Puck Lights To Illuminate Dark Closets & Corners

Give light to dark corners and spaces like closets in your home with these wireless puck lights that turn on and off with a tap of your finger or a convenient remote control. You can adhere them practically anywhere using adhesive tape or screws (both of which are included) and have a long-lasting 100-hour run time. These lights boast more than 34,000 reviews and come in a pack of three.


This Digital Alarm Clock That's As Sleek As They Come

Display the time, temperature, and humidity with this minimalist, modern alarm clock. It's available in four wood finishes and allows you to set up to three alarms and your ideal brightness levels. (Or, if you're sensitive to light at night, you can turn off the LED display entirely and set it to sound-sensitive.) "While it looks lovely in pictures, this alarm clock is even more beautiful outside the box," one reviewer wrote.


These Mesh Bags With Countless Uses

Sorting laundry, carrying groceries, storing toys, running errands, packing for a day at the beach — you'll find countless uses for these reusable bags, but when they're not in use, they'll look great hanging from hooks and doorknobs. They're made from a 100% cotton mesh, so they can support up to 40 pounds each, and they come in a variety of colors.


A Magnetic Spice Rack That Saves You Time & Space

If you're like most people, you've dedicated an entire cabinet to spice bottles that are hard to spot and always toppling over. No longer. This genius spice organizer comes with 12 magnetic jars; they all have clear windows, included labels, and small dispenser holes as well as large slots. They then attach to the included stainless steel sheet, which you can mount to a wall or cabinet door — or forego the sheet altogether and stick these spice jars on the fridge.


This Slipcover To Give Any Old Sofa A Makeover

Give your existing couch an instant makeover with this top-rated slipcover from Easy-Going. It's available in just about any solid color you can imagine and it comes in two pieces so it looks like real upholstery. The microfiber material is stretchy, soft, and machine-washable, and buyers say it "fits well and looks great." (This one's for a loveseat, but you can also get one for a larger sofa.)


This Genius Tray If You Don't Have Room For A Side Table

So your favorite chair is situated several feet away from the closest flat surface — no problem. This brilliant tray drapes over most couch and chair arms to hold your morning coffee, glasses, remote controls, or beer. The sides are made from adjustable bamboo panels, while the center has a non-slip, stain-resistant coating that won't require a coaster.


This LED Strip Light For Ambiance & Convenience

Put one in your walk-in closet, so when you open the doors, you get instant illumination. Install one underneath your counters or TV console for modern-looking ambiance. Line your hallway or staircase so you can get to and from the bathroom in the dark. Emphasize your bookcase. Honestly, these motion-sensor LED strip lights look great anywhere, since they’re bright, convenient, and energy-efficient.


The Under-Bed Storage Bags That Give You Back Some Closet Space

If your closets are jam-packed, you can get some precious space back by putting these under-bed storage organizers to work. The set includes two bags, and they’re perfect for out-of-season clothes, spare linens, or anything else you need to temporarily offload. The low profile design means they tuck neatly under your bed frame, and the clear tops make it easy to see what’s inside.


These Flameless Candles That "Look Incredibly Real"

Even though they feature an accident-proof LED light instead of a real flame, these flameless candles look exactly like the real thing, according to buyers. They're made from genuine wax, the bulb dims and brightens several times a second, and the synthetic flame actually moves to simulate fire. They're even battery-operated for wireless use and come with a remote control with timers and dimming functions.


These Tassel Hand Towels Made From 100% Cotton

Practicality meets just plain pretty with these Turkish hand towels from Clotho. They're made from 100% cotton (which is absorbent, quick-drying, and durable), and they're larger than the standard size so you can use them for everything from fitness to drying dishes. This set of four comes in green, silver, yellow, or a variety.


The Collapsible Storage Cubes That Are An Endlessly Versatile Storage Solution

These all-purpose fabric storage cubes are a genius solution for storing anything and everything — try them for linens, office supplies, toiletries, or that small pile of miscellaneous items on your entryway table. They fold down flat when not in use, and pop up again when you need a place to stash something. They’re a perfect mid-range size, so you can even set them on a shelf for makeshift storage.

  • Available colors: 6


This Elegant Computer Riser To Get Your Workspace In Order

Organize, condense, and keep track of all that important clutter, from your office supplies to your bills. This SimpleHouseware monitor riser is made from a sleek combination of glass and polished metal, with an open-design drawer to hold accessories like papers, cords, and chargers. On top of that, it can help minimize neck strain by giving your computer a 4.7-inch boost.


A Double-Decker Turntable That Makes It Easy To Reach Everything

One of the frustrating parts of meal prep is not being able to locate a certain spice when you need it (it’s always hiding in the shadows at the very back of your cabinet). This lazy Susan spins 360 degrees, so you can simply turn it and get a good look at all your spices or condiments. It’s made from sturdy stainless steel, and the two-tier design means you’re making use of vertical storage space, too — win-win.


These Convenient & Reusable Dishcloths That’ll Save You A Ton Of Money On Paper Products

If you’re worried about the amount of paper towels you’re throwing away, you might want to invest in these popular Swedish dishcloths. Available in a rainbow of different colors to best match your decor, these cloths — which can be used on any surface — are great for wiping down surfaces and catching spills. They’re reusable, washable, and also work wonders for cleaning dishes and windows.


These Wheat Straw Plates That Are A Great Way To Serve Up Midday Snacks

While these plates might look like disposables, they’re actually reusable, as well as stackable. And, they’re lightweight, making them great for households with smaller kids. They’re nontoxic and recyclable, so they’re a purchase you can feel good about. They also don’t chip or break, which is a huge plus if “clumsy” is a word you often use to describe yourself.


A Cable Management Box That Will Keep Cords Out Of Sight & Out Of Mind

We live in a cord-friendly world — and luckily, this management box will help keep them under control, so they’re not a constant eyesore. This wooden box measures 12 inches long and fits in with the rest of your home decor. Unlike a crowded mess of cords, guests won’t even notice it’s there. Many customers have noted that they bought a second for another room after being impressed with their initial purchase.


Some Adjustable Racks For Hard-To-Store Cookware

If you cringe every time you even think about opening the pots and pans cabinet, this one's for you: the betterthingshome organizer rack. It's a unique solution with adjustable dividers, so you can customize it to fit your specific pans, lids, cookie sheets, and cutting boards. Use the two racks separately in different cabinets, or combine them to create one elongated one. Either way, it's non-slip, sturdy, and scratch-resistant.


This Stackable Can Rack That Will Totally Revamp Your Pantry

This stackable can rack is a cute and functional way to take control of your pantry or kitchen counter. With tiered racks, you can fit up to 36 canned products flawlessly. For home chefs, it’s a great way to easily keep an inventory of the products you have on hand. Assembly takes just a minute, and no hardware is needed to set it up.


This Organizer For Your Storage Container Lids

Reviewers say this $15 investment from YouCopia is “one of the actually useful organizing tools.” The large-size plastic organizer contains five adjustable dividers to help you separate all of your different storage container lids and keep them upright. Plus, you can adjust each compartment depending on how many lids you have. Currently, it has over 34,000 reviews and a glowing 4.6-star rating.


These Elegant Pillow Covers That Are Easy To Match

Made from bright, wrinkle-resistant polyester, these 17-inch decorative pillow covers come in a pack of four and are extremely easy to incorporate into your living spaces. They're available in six stylish colors and include two solid covers and two simple geometric ones, so they're a no-brainer for your beds, couches, or reading nooks. (If you don't have existing throw pillows or inserts, you can get them here for a great price.)


A Space-Saving Rack To Hold Your Brooms, Rakes, & Other Tools

Tidy up your garage or cleaning closet with this broom and garden tool rack. It conveniently mounts to your wall and provides an organized place to store your cleaning and gardening supplies. This durable and sturdy rack can hold up to five brooms and mops and has six extra hooks for smaller tools. One fan raved, “I love how much of a space saver this utility holder is. I have a small storage closet & this is really convenient to have.”


These Awesome Soaps That Look Like Gemstone Rocks

It's little touches like these that give your home an elevated feel. These unique soaps create a rich lather that cleanses and hydrates skin, but they're designed to look exactly like real gemstone rocks. The set includes 12 distinct pieces of soap with different scents: vanilla, peony, ocean, lavender and lily.

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