55 Amazing Things You Can Get On Amazon For Under $15

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Things that cost $15 or less: one movie ticket, one fancy cocktail, a chopped salad at the cafe around the corner from your office, and — lucky you — every single one of these Amazon products that are under $15. And unlike movies, drinks, or lunches, these products won't disappear before your very eyes. You'll actually be able to use them again and again, which means you're getting a lot more bang for your 15 bucks than you might've otherwise.

Are you worried that spending less than $15 on a product means you're getting a subpar item? Good, you're a smart shopper. But so am I, which is why I've scoured though the hundreds and thousands of affordable products on Amazon to come up with the very best options for you. These selections are all well-reviewed, inventive, and endlessly practical — because who wants to spend money on something that they won't actually use?

I've included products in every category — beauty, tech, cooking, and self care (aka my personal favorite) — so you're sure to find something here that floats your boat. So what are you waiting for? If you have $15 in your pocket, go ahead and spend it well.


These Silicone Food "Huggers" That Keep Produce Fresh

You've sliced into a tomato, lemon, or onion — and now, you want to save the other half. Stretch one of these BPA-free food savers over it to hug it tight and keep it fresh. Each order comes with four food savers in different sizes, so you can use them with all types of produce.


This Adorable Baby Yoda PopSocket For Your Phone

It's true: You can take Baby Yoda with you everywhere you go with this PopSocket. The grip lies flat against your phone and pops out whenever you want to use it. Slip your fingers around its base to free up your hands and prevent accidental drops.


A Relaxing Jade Roller That Helps Boost Circulation

This jade roller is an amazing way to promote collagen production, reduce unwanted puffiness, and boost circulation to make your skin glow (without shelling out big bucks for luxury skincare products). The refreshing roller features two different ends to suit every part of your face, and it's made with 100% natural jade stone.


This Handheld Citrus Juicer With A Built-In Pour Spout

A few twists of the wrist and you can have freshly squeezed orange juice, all thanks to this citrus juicer. The 1-cup capacity device features measurement markings on the side, a seed catcher, and a pour spout. It's dishwasher-safe and can also be used with lemons and limes.


These Biodegradable Toothbrushes That Are Made With Bamboo

Help save the planet by using these bamboo toothbrushes, which are plastic-free and recyclable. Since they're made of bamboo, they're also biodegradable — and the bristles are made with BPA-free nylon. Each pack comes with 10 of them, so you can share with family and friends.


This Cold Therapy Eye Mask That's Filled With Ceramic Clay

Keep this cold therapy eye mask in the fridge or freezer and strap it on anytime you need bring down swelling or soothe pain caused by headaches. It's filled with temperature-retaining ceramic clay that molds to your face to provide cooling relief, and it's backed by an elastic strap.


These Motion-Detecting Lights That Make Your Toilet Glow

Yep, motion-detecting toilet night lights exist. These ones hook onto your toilet bowl and automatically light up when they detect motion. Then, they remain lit for two minutes (which is perfect for those late-night trips to the bathroom). Choose from eight color options or cycle through them all.


This Essential Oil Set For Energy, Focus & Peace Of Mind

Cure what ails you with this set of six essential oils: lemongrass for calmness and clarity, peppermint for concentration, orange for peace and positivity, lavender for alertness, eucalyptus for focus and optimism, and tea tree for mental strength. Use them with diffusers or dab them onto your wrists and temples.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With Color-Changing Light Options

Sit back, relax, and let this aromatherapy diffuser moisturize the air while releasing the scents of your favorite essential oils. It operates on two modes — continuous and intermittent misting — and even has seven LED light options, so you can set the mood.


This Wallet-Sized Multitool That Performs 18 Functions

Be prepared at all times with this wallet multitool that's about the size of a credit card. Made from heat-treated steel, it performs as a bottle opener, can opener, letter opener, box cutter, ruler, nail puller, and more. Plus, it acts as four different screwdrivers (including one that can fix your eyeglasses).


These Organic Tinted Lip Balms That Have Delicious Flavors

Hydrate, soften, and protect your lips with this organic tinted lip balm set. Made with deeply moisturizing cocoa butter and coconut oil, the set comes with four balms in different shades: champagne, shimmer, plum, and raisin. Plus, they all taste like peppermint and vanilla, so you'll have to work hard to keep from licking it off.


A Crossbody Purse That's Great For Your Phone & Credit Card

This crossbody phone pouch is perfect for keeping your smartphone on you (even when you don't want to haul a purse around). The faux leather bag features an adjustable strap, gold detailing, and a touchscreen window. There's even a pocket for cash, credit cards, and a key.


This Set Of Charging Cables That Are Long & Durable

Talk on the phone while it charges with one of these extra long, 6-foot iPhone charging cables. Made from braided nylon, the cables resist fraying and deliver high-speed charging. Each set comes with three cables, so you can leave one at home and one at the office (and still have a spare).


A Roll-Up Dish Rack That Fits Right Over Your Sink

I'm in love with this unique dish rack, because unlike most dish racks that take up counter space, it fits right over your sink. Water drains through the stainless steel slats while the non-slip siding keeps it in place — and when the dishes are done drying, the rack rolls up for easy storage.


This Memory Foam Bath Mat That's Like Standing On A Cloud

Memory foam makes everything comfier, including this memory foam bath mat. The cover is velvety, and the non-slip bottom keeps it from sliding around. The mat can be machine-washed and dried, and it comes in several color options (like peach, gray, and eggplant).


These Spiral Hair Ties That Won't Snag Or Pull Your Hair

These spiral hair ties are great alternatives to elastics, because they prevent snagging, breakage, and pulling (goodbye, headaches). Plus, they evenly distribute hair so you don't get any annoying ponytail bumps. This set comes with three ties that are totally transparent, so they go with everything.


An Exfoliating Body Scrub That's Made With Himalayan Salt

Made with Himalayan salt crystals, this body scrub doesn't just exfoliate skin — it also detoxifies with the help natural ingredients (like potassium and magnesium). The hydrating scrub is complemented by lychee oil, which is high in vitamin C. Therefore, you'll have softer, smoother, and brighter skin with each use.


This Mess-Free Way To Cook Bacon In The Microwave

You can skip the stovetop and make breakfast with this microwavable bacon tray. It cooks four to six strips of bacon at once and features ridges that allow fat to drip off while the pieces cook. The ventilated cover also prevents grease splatter, so you won't have a big cleanup job after you eat.


This Insulated Mug That Keeps Coffee Hot & Water Cold

Made from double-walled stainless steel, this vacuum-insulated travel mug will keep your coffee hot for up to six hours and your water cold for up to one day. It comes with a sipping lid and two reusable straws, and it's available in 13 different colors.


The Fuzzy Socks That Soften Feet With Lavender & Vitamin E

Give your hard-working feet some TLC with these cozy spa socks. They're infused with lavender to soothe the senses and vitamin E to moisturize dry, cracked soles. Each sock is also machine-washable and features non-slip treads. Plus, this set comes with two pairs.


The Pearl Hair Clips That Look Cute With Just About Everything

These pearly, oversized hair clips add a little panache to any look. They're chic enough to wear to weddings and other special events, but they also add a fun and unexpected twist to a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Each set comes with twelve of them.


These Fridge Handle Covers That Fend Off Stains & Smudges

Protect your appliance handles with these refrigerator door handle covers. They use Velcro to stay closed and keep smudges, fingerprints, and spaghetti sauce stains at bay. Each set comes with two machine-washable covers in colors like red, black, or gray. You can use one on the dishwasher handle, too.


This Olive Oil Mister That's Perfect For Cooking & Making Salads

With this olive oil spray dispenser, you can get just the right amount of oil. The dispenser sprays an even mist to help you hit every spot without over-spraying. You can use it while you cook, or you can spray it over your salad. If you'd rather use a different ingredient, you can fill it with water, lemon juice, vinegar, and more.


An Overnight Ginger Sugar Lip Mask That Revives Dry Lips

Apply this overnight lip mask before bed, and you'll wake up with softer, smoother lips that stay hydrated for up to 24 hours. The ginger-sugar mask is also formulated with deeply moisturizing shea butter. Reviewers have written that the mask is a "miracle product" that "really works."


These Under-Eye Masks That Are Made With 24-Karat Gold

Wake up tired eyes with these under-eye masks that are packed with tons of skin-nourishing ingredients. They include 24-karat gold and vitamin C to brighten, collagen to reduce any unwanted puffiness, hyaluronic acid and oat peptides to hydrate, and more. Each set comes with 30 pairs of gel masks.


The Protective Silicone Cover For Your AirPods Case

Add some style to your tech game with one of these AirPods case covers, which come in unexpected colors like lavender, baby blue, and soft yellow. The silicone covers slip right over your existing case, adding extra protection in case of drops — and the included straps help prevent lost AirPods. Plus, who can resist that detachable keychain puff?


These Travel Utensils That Are Made With Bamboo

Ditch your one-use plastic forks and use these reusable eating utensils that are made from bamboo. Each travel set comes with a fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks. It also includes two types of reusable straws, as well as straw-cleaning brushes. The utensils all come in convenient carrying pouches, too.


The Silicone Slip That Covers The Gap Between Your Counter & Stove

The crumbs that fall between your counter and stove are hard to clean up, because they're tough to reach. You can prevent that from happening with these kitchen counter gap covers. Each pack comes with two heat-resistant silicone covers that slide over those spaces to prevent unreachable spills and overflows.


A Toothbrush Holder That Comes With A Protective Cover

Keep your toothbrushes protected from dust and airborne germs by storing them in this wall-mounted toothbrush holder. It attaches to the wall with an adhesive and has space for up to five toothbrushes. Plus, it even includes an automatic toothpaste dispenser that helps you get every last bit.


This Relaxing Lavender Bubble Bath That Moisturizes Your Skin

Treat yourself to a relaxing night in with this gentle, soothing bubble bath. It's made with pure epsom salt to relieve sore, achy muscles, and the lavender scent can help you drift right off to sleep after your soak. It boasts a glowing 4.8-star rating on Amazon from over 48,000 shoppers, with some reviewers who swear by it.


A Light Bulb That's Filled With Himalayan Salt Crystals

Add a cozy glow to any room with this totally unique Himalayan salt light bulb. The energy-efficient LED bulb is compatible with all standard fixtures — including those with dimmers — and it's available in three wattage options. One customer wrote, "Absolutely love these lightbulbs. Soft but bright enough."


A Mini Colander That's Perfect For Straining Canned Food

You can strain canned veggies, fruit, beans, and tuna with this very handy can colander. After removing the lid, just snap it right around the rim of your can, invert the cover, and then flip over to strain your snack. It fits most standard cans and is dishwasher-safe.


This Clear Umbrella That You Can See Through In The Rain

Navigating busy city streets can be tricky with regular umbrellas, because they block your view and take up tons of space. Use this dome-style bubble umbrella instead. The narrow profile takes up less space — and since it's totally transparent, you can see exactly where you're going.


The Tiny Bamboo Box That You Can Store Your Salt In

In my opinion, keeping your kosher and sea salt in this salt box is so much more chic than keeping it in that cardboard grocery store box. Made from eco-sustainable bamboo, it features a swivel-out lid and a magnetic closure. It's perfect for herbs and spices, too.


This Hook That Turns Your Grocery Bag Into A Garbage Can

Turn your kitchen cupboard door into a bonus garbage can with this clever over-the-cabinet bag holder. It hangs right over the door and features two hooks that hold plastic grocery bags open. That way, you can easily throw in peelings and wrappers while you cook.


A Reusable Makeup-Removing Cloth That Saves You Money

Reviewers claim that this makeup remover cloth "takes off every bit of makeup" and leaves skin "squeaky clean." Made with Nanolon fiber, it attracts makeup, dirt, and oil with every wipe. Plus, the cloth is dual-sided; after removing makeup, use the high-pile side to gently exfoliate.


This Makeup-Removing Micellar Water That Also Cleanses Your Skin

This micellar cleansing water by Bioderma removes makeup, and — here's the best part — you don't even have to rinse after using it (which makes it perfect for those lazy nights). The gentle formula is also suitable for sensitive skin. All you have to do is pour the product onto a cotton pad and start cleansing your complexion with it.


These Reusable K-Cups That Are Better For The Environment

These reusable K-cups are about to save you a lot of money, and — since they're not one-and-done — they'll also help save the environment. Just fill one of the cups with your favorite roast and pop it into your coffee maker for an easy, single-serve brew. Each order comes with six cups.


This Toilet Spray That Keeps Things Smelling Fresh In The Bathroom

Before you go, spritz this toilet spray that traps odors beneath the surface of the water. That way, they'll never get a chance to escape. The formula is made with natural essential oils and is free of harsh chemicals. Each order comes with two bottles that are good for up to 100 uses each. Choose from multiple scents.


A Wireless Pad That Charges Your Phone & AirPods

With this wireless charging pad, you don't have to fiddle with plugging your phone in whenever you need a quick charge. The non-slip rubber ring keeps your device in place while it charges on the Qi-certified platform, and the temperature control prevents overheating. It's compatible with most smartphones and AirPods, too.


These 5-Finger Oven Mitts That Are Resistant To Heat

These five-finger silicone oven mitts give you greater dexterity, which means you'll have a better grip on those freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. They're lined in soft jersey cotton, and they're heat-resistant up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. They also wipe clean with just a little soapy water. Choose from blue, orange, and red.


This Cream That Strengthens Your Nails & Conditions your Cuticles

One reviewer wrote that this nail strengthener "really works," and another called it a "must have product." The formula is made with jojoba seed oil, calcium, and vitamins A, C, D, and E (amongst other ingredients). It strengthens, hydrates, and conditions cuticles while preventing nail cracks, chips, and splits.


These High-Waisted Yoga Pants That Are Totally Opaque

These yoga pants feature an extra-high waist — and they're buttery-soft, so they're perfect for lounging around at home. However, the pants are also totally opaque, so you don't have to stress about any transparency when you go into downward dog in yoga class.


An Inflatable Travel Pillow With Contoured Support For Your Neck

This inflatable travel pillow is easy to pack in your carry-on, but it's also super supportive. It features an extra layer of contoured padding at the back to comfortably cradle your neck without pushing your head forward too far. It's also velvety-soft and comes with a tiny drawstring duffel.


An Ice Sphere Mold That Makes Giant, Diamond-Like Cubes

These geometric ice sphere molds makes giant, gem-like ice cubes. Since these extra-large spheres melt slowly, they're perfect for chilling your drink without watering it down. The two molds are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Plus, they're made with flexible silicone — so it's easy to pop out each sphere.


This Pumice Stone That's Made With Real Volcanic Lava

This pumice stone is made from natural volcanic lava, and comes with a loop and suction cup so you can hang it on your shower wall. It's one of the best ways to get softer, smoother soles. Just soak your feet in water, and then gently rub them with the stone to remove calluses and dry skin.


These Soft Dish Towels That Are Made With Coral Velvet

These super absorbent dishtowels — which are made with coral velvet — will dry pots and pans in a flash. And since they're so thin and lightweight, they're also the perfect options for drying delicate glassware. Each set comes with 12 machine-washable towels. You can use them for dusting and wiping counters off, too.


The Razors That Shape Your Eyebrows & Smooth Your Skin

These eyebrow razors are quick-and-easy ways to shape your brows. However, they can also be used across the surface of your face to remove any unwanted peach fuzz. One order comes with six razors of different colors, and they all include protective coverings that can be removed before using them.


A Natural Deodorant That's Made With Charcoal Powder

If you're looking for an effective alternative to traditional deodorant, this natural deodorant by Native is an amazing option. It's free of aluminum, parabens, and harsh chemicals — and this one uses gentle ingredients like baking soda, tapioca starch, and charcoal powder to neutralize odors. Choose from eight fresh scents.


The Veggie Spiralizer That Makes 3 Types Of Noodles

Make noodles from zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, and more with this compact and easy-to-use veggie spiralizer. Just insert your vegetable of choice and twist the unit to create thin, medium, or wide vegetable noodles. All parts are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning everything is a breeze.


This Cast Iron Skillet That Comes Pre-Seasoned

With over 23,000 high ratings, this cast iron skillet by cult-favorite brand Lodge is the ultimate purchase for both experienced cooks and anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen game. The 9-inch, pre-seasoned pan offers superior heat retention for even cooking results and a complex flavor. It's also high-quality, so it should last for years.


These Organizers That Give You More Kitchen Storage Space

Add a ton of extra storage space to your kitchen with these over-the-door pantry organizers. They hang over any standard door and feature 15 transparent pockets that are perfect for condiments, spices, tea packets, and cooking utensils. Each order comes with two; use the other one for office or craft supplies.


These Glittery Eyeliners That'll Give You A Glam Edge

Switch up your black eyeliner game and glam it up with these shimmer liquid eyeliners. The set comes with 10 sparkly eyeliners in colors like gold, copper, pink, silver, and red. The waterproof formula lasts for up to 12 hours, and the fine felt tip makes it easy to get a precise wing.


These Stylish Winter Gloves That Work With Touchscreens

Warm up frigid fingers with these windproof, fleece-lined winter gloves. The gloves feature three-button detailing at the wrists, subtle faux fur trims, and touchscreen-sensitive tips on the thumb and forefinger. Choose from two sizes and six colors: black, khaki, burgundy, gray, purple, and coffee.


This Pizza Cutter That Slices With Just One Pass

Slice through your homemade margherita, pepperoni, or veggie deluxe with this pizza cutter. It features an ergonomic handle and an extra-sharp wheel blade that slices through with just one pass. It's dishwasher-safe and comes with a blade guard to prevent nicks. Choose from blue or lime green.

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