Valentine's Day

25 Funny Memes For People Who Hate Valentine's Day

It's all about perspective.

by Courtney Kocak and Mia Mercado
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We can’t all be happy all of the time — it’s like Newton’s Third Law or something. So, inevitably not everyone is going to be blissfully coupled up (or single) by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, and there are bound to be some miserable outliers. If you happen to be a part of the sad singleton camp, have no fear because anti-Valentine's Day memes are here! Yes, among the lovey-dovey Facebook posts and Instagram stories, you can share your "single and absolutely not going to mingle" truth.

The Internet is a bountiful place for distractions — which is exactly what you need if you plan on spending V-Day solo this year — so it wasn’t hard to wrangle up these hilarious memes that will have you LOL-ing all the way to the freezer to get your single frozen dinner (oof, at least get take-out). Besides, maybe all you need is a perspective shift: Yeah, you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, but on the other hand, you could be sitting across from someone who you’ve slowly begun to hate and if they slurp soup like that one more time!!! Anyway, my point is... who’s the lucky one now?

For your viewing pleasure, here are 25 of the best anti-Valentine's Day memes the internet has to offer.

1. Asking For A Me

Yes, Patrick. Yes, it is.

2. Tell 'em, Liz

In this sense, being single is a superpower.

3. Better Than Revenge

Will I ever do it? No, but can you imagine?

4. Does Coffee Come In Bouquets?

The greatest gift of all is caffeine.

5. The Bar Is Already So Low

You'd think I'd learn by now.

6. To Me, From Me

Aw, I shouldn't have!

7. Self Love At Its Finest

I love to hear me say those three little words.

8. What I Think When I Hear "Date"

I got a calendar full of dates, baby.

9. Got A Full Day Planned

If I have time, maybe I'll take a 12-hour nap.

10. Tick Tock

Probably a bad sign, right?

11. Semantics

Does that count?

12. Dessert Idea

Not weird at all.

13. So Rude

Plus, my dog doesn't care if I haven't washed my hair.

14. The Only Downside

Other than that, it's pretty chill.

15. Just Something To Think About

Also, mini elephants, mini hippos, mini giraffes...

16. Love Is Pain

Would also gladly step on Legos.

17. We See You

The prequel to "P.S. I Can See You On My Instagram Live."

18. Valentine's Day In Quar

If you need me, I'll be nibbling cheese.

19. What? For Me?!

I'm so thoughtful!

20. The Only Answer To Why I'm Single

It's a gift, really.

21. CEO of Being Alone

Love to get bullied by a TikTok filter.

22. Pros Only

Next question.

23. Can I Steal You For A Sec?

I do not accept your rose.

24. Got A One-Way Ticket

Max Occupancy: 1.

25. One True Love

See also: Te... cate.

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