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7 Genius Ways To Have An Adventurous Staycation

Expert tips for making your everyday life feel just a little more sparkly than usual.

by Jessica Goodman
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Planning an adventurous vacation doesn’t always mean flying around the world and camping for a dozen nights without cellphone service or fancy sheets — sometimes it’s as simple as settling in for an exciting staycation at home, aided by a few key components that can make your everyday life feel a little more sparkly than usual.

The key to organizing an exciting week off at home is “adding the things that you normally wouldn’t want to see or do on a regular day,” says Beth Diane Smith, CEO and principal designer of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design. That may mean switching up your decor in a playful or unexpected way or planning activities that you might avoid during your typical weekday routine.

Here, seven ways to have an adventurous staycation without leaving your home.

Load Up On Games

Even if your idea of a wild night doesn’t include four hours of Catan, grabbing a bunch of extremely fun and versatile games can help give your staycation a sense of friendly competition. Try ones you can play outside, says Smith, or ones that are beautiful and handcrafted so they don’t look or feel like the backgammon and domino sets you grew up with as a kid.

Decorate With Bold Art

While in your nonstaycation mindset, you might play it safe when it comes to home decor, but adventuresome staycation you might want something wild to look at to help make this time feel special. “Add a bold piece of art in a location where you’ll constantly see it,” says Smith. “You’ll be surprised at how easily this can shift your mood.” Pick out something you love but normally wouldn’t choose, and make a plan for where you might keep it after your break is over. Or, if you’re feeling artistic, go ahead and make a creation of your own that you might want to display in your home — an at-home painting or sculpting kit is a great place to start.

Level Up Your Plant Game

“Use oversize plants in beautiful planters to bring the outdoors in,” says Smith. “Or use plants you wouldn’t normally see, so taking a trip to the nursery can be a great source of inspiration.” Ask an expert at the store to help you pick out a statement plant that can transport you somewhere totally new when you look at it.

Be An Armchair Adventurer

Sure, you aren’t surfing in Portugal or boating in Italy, but you can get a glimpse of those locales by watching movies or TV or reading a book set in those locations. Pick media that truly highlights those dream destinations, like 100 Foot Wave on HBO, like One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle.

Mix Up Your Meals

Instead of relying on old staples when it comes to food, pick out a few dream destinations and visit them through your meals. That might mean ordering something totally out of your wheelhouse, picking a location around the world and cooking traditional recipes from that area, incorporating hard-to-find ingredients you might not normally seek out, or getting ready-to-cook meals from Goldbelly from iconic places that are far, far away.

Rent Funky Furniture & Decor

Although totally redecorating might be unrealistic, you can try out a few out-of-your-comfort-zone pieces from furniture rental companies like Fernish. Swapping out a chair, rugs, vases, or poufs can totally transform your home for a short period of time, making you feel like you’re somewhere completely new.

Take A Virtual Tour

Even if you’re in your PJs, you can still visit some of the greatest museums, parks, and sights around the globe. Google Arts and Culture hosts dozens of virtual tours to places, like Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park, the Palace of Versailles, and Pharaoh Ramesses VI Tomb.

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