Anti-Fart Underwear & 36 Other Gross Products On Amazon With Near-Perfect Reviews

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There's an amazing store where I live called Wilson's, and when I tell you that you can find everything there, I'm not exaggerating — the candles for dogs are right next to the baking pans. But no store can match the variety of the products on Amazon with near-perfect reviews — especially when you're looking for the obscure.

Okay, so, when I say "obscure," in this instance what I really mean is downright odd yet totally genius. Take this anti-fart underwear, for example: It's made with the same technology used in the hazmat suits worn in an outbreak of chemical warfare, only in this case, the gas is coming from inside the house, so to speak. "You can walk behind me now! No more force field," one good-humored five-star reviewer enthused.

Or, how about the snore-stopping vents that'll quiet down your house at night if you or your partner are the log-sawing type. You've gotta check them out: They look like some kind of tiny serving vessels that you'd get French fries in at a really modern burger joint, but once inserted into the nostrils, they keep them open to restore air flow.

Believe it: this list delivers many of the best bizarre aspects of one of my beloved local emporiums right here to your screen — thanks to the weird, wild, and kinda gross wonders of Amazon. Enjoy.


These Briefs Eliminate That "Force Field" You Generate After A Spicy Meal Or A Nauseating Car Ride

Not only can greasy and gassy foods make you fart, but so can any number of other conditions, medical and otherwise — ranging from the kind of anxiety you get going into a big meeting and the nausea generated by a particularly curvy car ride to more serious ailments like Crohn's disease. Keep the odors generated by all these issues to yourself with this underwear that uses the same technology as the hazmat suits used in biological warfare. It's washable for repeated wear, too.

  • Available sizes: M-XL


The Spray That Makes Your Ish Smell Good

From the folks who bring you the Squatty Potty comes this spray designed to prevent your poop from stinking when it does come out smoothly. Simply spray it on the water and the bacteria and odors are trapped both above the water and below it, ensuring that no unpleasant smells are left behind. The spray itself is scented with essential oils to provide a pleasant fruity smell.


A Clog-Busting Preparation That Eats Through Anything That Stands In Its Way

Hard-to-move clogs are no match for this drain cleaner that breaks down anything in its way — thanks to its biodegradable formula. Safe even for garbage disposals, it comes in single-use packs, so no measuring is required — simply open the pac and pour into the clogged fixture, wait, then flush down with hot water. You're done within 30 minutes and without the hazardous fumes that come with the competitors' products.


The Artificial Grass Used To House-Train Your Pet

House-training a pet is no walk in the park — but now you can make it look a little more like one with this artificial grass that serves as a way more attractive pee pad. Available in a myriad of sizes to suit the size of your pet, this grass is specially designed with four different shades of blades so that it looks more realistic, and has holes in the backing to allow more efficient drainage of waste.


These Nose Dilators That Completely Stop Snoring

Crafted from medical-grade bio-compatible polymers, this snoring solution dilates the nasal passages to ensure adequate air flow in your nose, eliminating the need for air to pass through your mouth while you're sleeping and thus relieving snoring nearly instantly. With a comfortable and expandable design, you can control how much airflow you prefer.


An Odor Eliminator That Works To Rid Pet Stains With Enzymes

Pet lovers, rejoice: This odor eliminator will fight your furry friend's less pleasant aromas — those Fluffy or Fido leaves behind on your carpet or furniture — and leave all your soft surfaces smelling fresh as a daisy in no time. It removes the gross stains from their urine, too, not just the nasty, tell-tale odor it leaves behind. Best of all, it's safe for your carpets and rugs, as well as for pets and children.


The Slime Actually Leaves Your Keyboard Clean

If this doesn't look for all the world like the slime first popularized by a certain large, kid-focused TV network, I don't know what would. This slime, however, is actually a gel-based cleaner that gets into all the nooks and crannies on your computer keyboard to remove all the dust and lint that gets in there — as well as the crumbs from your avo toast and everything else you know that you eat while you're working. It's also great for cleaning small spaces in your car or other delicate electronics like your camera.


A Pumpkin-Packed Superfood For Your Face

Anytime is the right time to indulge in America's fascination for all things pumpkin, so pick up a jar of this mask that gets a solid 4.9-stars from reviewers. From hot organic brand Model Off Duty, it blends the giant gourd with neem and amino acids in a creamy, revitalizing mask that gives skin an antioxidant boost to leave it glowing and refreshed.


The Egg Separator That's A Bit On-The-Nose

If you need a laugh in the kitchen, this egg separator is a sure way to guarantee one anytime: Crack your eggs in Mr. Sneezy’s bowl, then tilt his head to pour. Your yolks remain inside the bowl, while the egg whites drain out through his nose like so. Much. Snot. Made from handcrafted ceramic, Mr. Sniffles is sure to be a hit with the offbeat cook in your circle and is a perfect gift for the white elephant party that's coming up at the office or in your family.


A Time-Honored Product That Gets Rid Of All The Sticky Stuff

The only sticky mess this wonder solution can't get you out of is a sticky situation. Pretty much everything else — stickers and their residue, candle wax, gum, tree sap, tar, and even non-sticky stains like permanent marker — vanishes when it comes in contact with Goo Gone. Plus, it's safe for use on most surfaces, including carpet, porcelain, glass, and painted surfaces like walls.


The Bag That Keeps Stinky Smells Locked Up Tight

Lined with activated charcoal, this tote bag is specially designed to absorb the odors of whatever it holds — whether that's stinky gym clothes, wet bathing suits thrown in the trunk during a long drive home from the beach, or the towels you use to dry off the dog when you've been on a run in the rain — and trap them inside. Not only that, the charcoal lining can also protect the contents of the bag from contamination from external odors.


This Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse For Shinier Hair

Apple cider vinegar is like the O.G. of all-purpose beauty ingredients — and this rinse makes use of it to seal your hair follicles, leaving them with increased shine. Blended with argan oil and lavender, the rinse is designed for use on an as-needed basis to cut through product build-up on your strands without stripping. It's even safe even for color-treated locks.


A Solution For Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is one of the most common — and annoying — problems that people run into with their feet, and this anti-fungal formula is literally the solution for that aggravating issue. Made with a blend that includes includes citronella, tea tree oil, clove bud, and more, it improves the nails' health by eliminating the fungus. It also has a brush applicator and a 25% concentration of undecylenic oil to treat your nails.


Everyone Needs One Of These Slime-Spitting Squeezy Unicorns

If you're having a less-than-terrific day, I can't think of anything that could turn that frown upside down faster than these unicorns that spit pink slime with just a squeeze. Frankly, since this is a gross-themed article, I'm just going to tell you that I think they're regurgitating their slime, but the manufacturers say they're "spitting," so you can make the call at home. Regardless, the unicorns are super-cute, and the slime is non-toxic and fun to stretch, pull, and play with.


You Can Buy Living Things On Amazon, Like This Sourdough Starter For Example

You may not be able to order a hamster or a goldfish on Amazon, but you can order at least one live thing — and that's this sourdough starter. This starter can be sustained indefinitely with proper feeding and is from the same same strain that the baking geniuses at Breadtopia use. Bake bread, make your own pizza dough at home, make sourdough dumplings and pancakes — all with your own wild yeast.


This Nail Care Cream Is Another Great Beauty Product Inspired By Our Equine Friends

Originally formulated to heal horse hooves and prevent cracking, this cream comes straight from the barnyard to your manicure kit where you'll use it constantly to prevent chips and peeling. Enriched with protein from soybeans as well as castor oil, lanolin, and aloe vera, it's also an excellent moisturizer for hands and feet, restoring dry skin and making them silky-smooth.


A Light Show For When You Visit The Toilet At Night

If your idea of bliss is a disco light show inside your commode when you go to tinkle in the night, this device is for you. Adaptable to fit any size toilet, this night light can be set to one of more than 10 colors, or you can choose to have it cycle through all the colors in an entertaining light show that can also be set to five different levels of brightness.


An Anti-Blister Balm That Won’t Dry Out Your Skin

You don’t need to wear bandaids on your heels or toes every day to avoid painful blisters with this anti-blister balm. The balm has vitamin A and C, so it won’t dry out your skin even if you reach for it all the time. Roll it onto your heels, toes, sides of your feet, or wherever your shoes give you blisters, and the clean ingredients will protect your skin.


The Toothpaste That Uses Black-As-Night Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth

Ten years ago — heck, even five years ago — if you'd told me I'd be brushing my teeth with charcoal, I'd have told you that you were wrong. Yet now I swear by charcoal dental products like this toothpaste, because charcoal is seriously the bomb when it comes to giving you a sparkly smile. This toothpaste also contains coconut oil, which is a natural antibacterial and great at helping fight the organisms that cause tartar, plaque, and unwanted odors.


20.The Probiotic Spray Filled With Good Bacteria

Putting bacteria back on your face after you've cleaned it thoroughly sounds like a weird idea, but probiotics are incredibly important for the inside of your body — so why wouldn't they be important for your skin? This spray delivers the good bacteria back to your skin to reestablish its microbiome, which not only improves your complexion, but reduces your need for products ranging from deodorant to moisturizer. One reviewer wrote: "If you have Keratosis Pilaris, use this. Doing a lot of research about different types of bacteria that sit on skin and I came across this Probiotic. I would say in less than a week, and I was only using it once a day after shower, red bumps gone."


These Green Eye Masks Use Aloe Vera To De-Puff And Brighten

Enjoy the refreshing, soothing feeling of aloe vera with these eye masks that apply underneath the eyes to rehydrate and revitalize the area. Made from silicone, these pads are permeated with both aloe and hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize, restore skin tone, and smooth the under eye area. Keep them in the fridge for an extra treat when you apply them — they'll go on cool and perk you up all over!


This Genius Shield To Clean Cloth Diapers, Bathe Your Pup, & More

This stainless steel sprayer kit attaches to your toilet and mounts right onto the side of your toilet or your wall. Basically, it adds a long multi-use hose to your toilet that’s handy as a bidet, a way to pre-wash cloth diapers, a sprayer to pull over to the tub and bathe your pup with, and more. You can also connect and mount everything in under 10 minutes.


The Spray That Turns Your Toilet Paper Into A Wet Wipe

As anyone with kids knows, flushable wipes can be incredibly handy — except often, they're not really flushable. This spray makes the regular toilet paper at home, or, for that matter, anywhere you go, a wet wipe that's easy to use for a full clean and also easily flushable and not harmful to plumbing or septic systems. It's made with biodegradable ingredients featuring 100% pure coconut and apricot oils.


These Medical-Grade Scrapers Made For Your Tongue

Crafted from 100% stainless steel, these scrapers stop unwanted mouth odors where it starts — right on the surface of your tongue. The curved design of these scrapers makes them easy to handle and operate, and they efficiently clean your tongue without scratching it. The scrapers' stainless steel construction means they're easy to keep clean, and they won’t rust.


A Tool That Quickly And Easily Cleans Your Hairbrushes

Made from durable plastic, this hairbrush cleaner is designed with long bristles to reach deep down into your brush and sweep out not just excess hair but also the debris that collects there so that you can get your brush squeaky clean. You don't want to be brushing all that excess oil and dirt trapped in your brush back into your hair, and you won't be able to get it truly clean if it's trapped in a bunch of hair and debris. This device, with five picks on the opposite end, quickly and easily cleans brushes of all sizes.


The Anti-Chafe Cream For Pre- & Post-Chafing Pain

This anti-chafe cream is a lifesaver because it has protective and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, green tea leaf extract, and even lavender oil. If you forgot to apply it before your workout, go ahead and use it on already chafed skin, and it will make everything feel better. This cream gives you seriously strong protection from chafing, but it also washes off easily.


The Wool That Stops Blisters

Hikers in hilly New Zealand got the idea to market this product after stuffing their boots with loose wool to stop the blisters they were getting while on the trail, and now it has become a staple for not only hikers and mountaineers but outdoors enthusiasts and athletes of all kinds. Also a favorite of dancers for padding ballet and toe shoes, the lanolin in the wool helps to ease friction during activity to prevent new blisters and ease the pain of existing ones.


A Mask That Will Make You Look Like A Zombie — But Then You'll Look Amazing

Feel like you're not getting enough bang for your buck from those sheet masks you can practically get at the corner gas station these days? Give this mask a try, but just be forewarned that it gets its name honestly: This one is called the "zombie mask" because it makes your skin look cracked and kind of creepy in the process of toning and revitalizing your skin and leaving you with a renewed glow. Who knows...maybe zombies all look really great under there, too?


The Stool That Helps Ease The Process Of Elimination

Crafted from durable bamboo, this foldable stool is engineered to assist you with eliminating your, well, stool. Select which size works best for you — the one with the 7-inch rise or the one with the 8.5-inch rise — and put your body in the ideal position to open your colon and relax your rectal muscles so you can do your business without obstruction. It fits right around your toilet's base, and cleans up easily with a rag and water.


A Mask That Leaves Your Feet Baby Soft — Once All The Dead Skin Has Peeled Away

The internet seem to love these foot masks: so many people totally ship them for their undeniable efficacy, never mind the ongoing skin-sloughing you have to deal with for up to two weeks while they work their magic. As for this version — nearly 2,000 Amazon reviewers are head over smooth, soft heels for these booties filled with a botanically-based solution that painlessly breaks down the outer layers of dry, dead skin.


A Travel Bidet For A Cleaner Clean

Whomever said cleanliness is next to godliness would really like this travel bidet that can go with you wherever you are to ensure that your nether regions are always feeling their cleanest. The BPA-free squeeze bottle is equipped with a telescoping nozzle with the sprayer on the side so that the water flow is easy to direct where it's needed. It comes with a convenient travel bag so that it's easy to tote along.


The Bags That Will Make Your Dog's Poop Smell Like Flowers

I sometimes use the plastic bags from the grocery store to bag my dog's waste when I take her for a walk, and that basically ruins the whole experience for me, because all I can think about is how bad that is for the planet. These dog poop bags are the answer: Available in two sizes, these bags contain an additive that help them break down faster in the dump, and both the packaging and the core are made from recycled material.

  • Available sizes: Mini, Standard


This Carbon Filter Device That Makes Your Home Smell Nice

Petite enough to plug in to a wall outlet anywhere in the house without causing an unwieldy obstruction, this air freshener eliminates unwelcome household odors. This device uses a quiet fan to suck up smells, a replaceable carbon filter, and a green meadow-scented cartridge to keep everything smelling nice. The smell-good filter only needs to be changed every three months, and this plug-in will let you know when it’s time.


A New Strategy For Beating Bedbugs — These Plastic Fences Keep Them From Ever Reaching Your Furniture

Bedbugs are a pernicious and stubborn problem, especially with children and/or pets in the house that preclude the use of chemicals that can be incredibly toxic. These furniture protectors provide a mechanical means of preventing them from gaining access to your soft furniture, surrounding the legs of your bed, sofa, chairs and the like with unsurmountable obstacles so that the bugs won't be able to get up and inside.


These Botanical-Extract Peeling Masks For Your Feet

Filled with botanical extracts, these peeling masks are finally a fix for painful callouses or dry skin on your feet. It’s easy to forget your feet in your skincare routine, but all you have to do is slide these wearable masks onto your feet and hang out in them for 60 minutes. They also come in peppermint, tea tree, and aloe vera options.


An Odd-But-Genius Vinegar Tonic That Makes A Great Salad Dressing Or Cocktail Ingredient

Combining apple cider vinegar with habanero peppers, honey, turmeric, and more — this tonic is the perfect unexpected twist to give your next cocktail or salad dressing a little extra kick. Spicy without being overpowering, it would also make a great marinade for chicken or pork...or, of course, you can shoot it straight just for the health benefits.


There's No More Worrying About Dust, Skin Flakes, Or Stains Of Any Kind On Your Mattress With This Protector On Board

Crafted with a soft, breathable cotton terry facing that's backed with a waterproof membrane, this mattress protector is designed to ensure that your expensive bed isn't violated by substances including urine, perspiration, and other bodily fluids — as well as dust mites, bacteria, and all that dead skin that sloughs off of your body while you're sleeping. Great for anyone with allergies, it's completely vinyl-free and won't change the feel of your mattress.

  • Available sizes: Twin-California King

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