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David & Victoria Beckham Have Inspired TikTok's Latest Dance Challenge

“I had no idea they really have such a sweet relationship.”

Thanks to TikTok, it’s nearly impossible to listen to tracks like “Bloody Mary” and “Lottery” (the Renegade song) without busting out the viral choreography that goes along with these tunes. Unlike those trends, though, TikTok’s newest dance craze doesn’t actually feature any specific moves. Instead, folks on the app are dancing to see if their partners pass the “Beckham test.”

Netflix’s Beckham documentary series about the footballer’s life, which was released on Oct. 4, has no shortage of bombshell revelations and memorable moments, but it was a 24-second clip of the couple dancing to “Islands In The Stream” by Dolly Parton that seemed to stick with viewers the most — at least on TikTok. “I can’t stop thinking about this scene and them,” TikToker @kirrilydrummond captioned a video of the pair. “They are so stinkin’ cute. I had no idea they really have such a sweet relationship,” another creator commented.

Though it’s unclear who started the dance party at the Beckham household, the moment was definitely spontaneous. Users are taking a page out of the couple’s 24-year marriage and testing their partners to see how willing they’d be to join an impromptu dance sesh with the Beckham challenge.

Creators are doing this by playing “Islands In The Stream” at random moments during the day and waiting to see how long it takes their other half to bust out their moves, if at all. Posh and Becks pulled out the electric slide for their jig, but you don’t need to be a line dance expert to participate in this trend.

Some people feel compelled to dance right away, like @sandyswunderland’s husband, who was ready to dance with his significant other as soon as he walked in the door, or @gareth_gforce’s partner, who didn’t miss a beat as soon as the music started playing.

Then you have the folks who take a little longer to understand the assignment. @Rodandcourt’s partner “just barely passed the Beckham test” by joining in at the last second, while @xo_casandra’s beau “failed” the sweet challenge completely.

@Teepillay may be in an LDR, but that didn’t stop the creator from “recreating this iconic scene” with their beau. Instead, the TikToker called their partner on FaceTime and the duo danced it out as if there was no distance between them.

The hashtag #Beckhamtest has amassed over 3.1 million views as of Oct. 30, while the related tag #Beckhamchallenge has over 1.9 million views for an impressive 4 million views in total. If you want to go ahead and try it for yourself, just queue up the song and get your camera rolling.

Though TikTok has inspired plenty of fun date night trends, it’s fair to say the Beckham challenge might be the cutest one of all. Once again, the Beckham fam has spearheaded a new trend, but that’s nothing new for Posh Spice.