The 6 Best Beach Kites

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Flying a kite can help you get out of your head and enjoy a peaceful afternoon with friends. The best beach kites come with attached kite strings, have a design that suits your needs, and come in fun styles that you’ll love showing off at the shore.

The first thing to consider when buying a kite is the design. Delta and diamond kites, which have simple triangular shapes, are good for beginners because they’re easy to fly and can work in lighter wind. Parafoil kites are also very beginner-friendly because they don’t have frames, so they’re less likely to break on hard impacts. If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, you can also try out a stunt kite, which is controlled with two or more lines and can be used for tricks.

No matter which kite design you choose, the wind will have an impact on how easy it is to fly. Smaller kites in the 30-inch range are better for windier days and for use by young children since they won’t pull as hard, while larger kites in the 50-inch or larger range are great for beaches with lighter breezes.

Finally, so that you can start flying your kite as soon as it arrives, you’ll want to choose one that includes kite string. You can always buy extra string separately if you want it to be longer, but it’s good to start out with the included string to see how your kite flies. Some kites also come with an included bag, which makes them easy to travel with and store.

Whether you’re planning a beach camping adventure or just want to get some casual kite flying in on your next day at the shore, check out this list of the six best beach kites.

1. A Dragon Kite That’s Perfect For Fantasy Lovers

Bring fantastic fun to the beach this summer with this dragon kite that looks like it’s right out of a fantasy adventure. The delta shape of this 55-inch-wide kite is embellished with a dragon face, legs, and tail for an eye-catching design that you’ll love to watch as it swoops across the sky. The kite also comes with an extended, fluttering streamer tale that will twist and turn while up in the air. It comes with attached kite string, although the length of the string is not specified.

One fan raved: “This kite is so worth the cost and more! Super fast setup and so cool-looking in the sky. You can see the tail spinning even 650 ft in the air! My son absolutely loves it. Definitely recommend!!!”

2. This Classic Rainbow Diamond Kite

If you’re looking for a classic kite to bring down to the shore, this is the pick for you. It has a simple diamond design that works well for flying in light and medium winds, and it has a 42-inch wingspan and a 55-inch-long tail, which looks great as it streams by. This kite has over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon from fans who love the rainbow colors. It comes with 50 meters of kite string and a 10-centimeter handle, so it’s ready to fly right out of the box.

One fan raved: “Really wasn’t expecting much for the price, but it flew brilliantly! It was so easy, we held it, it caught the wind, and my 3yo could fly it alone. She was so proud of herself. Would 100% recommend!!”

3. A 3-Pack of Octopus Kites With Streamer Tails

Turn the sky into an ocean vista with this trio of octopus kites. Each one is 31 inches long, has a different bright color, and is accentuated with rainbow-colored streamer tails. These kites also have a parafoil design, so they’re great for beginners. Because they don’t have frames, they can also be packed up easily and stored in the included bags. These kites are made from nylon and come with kite string, although the length of the string is not noted.

One fan raved: “I have never had success with kites in my lifetime, but I read the reviews and bought these anyway with a little hope that they would work on the beach. These are the easiest kites to fly ever! I wasn't even trying and it was airborne! We had so much fun and I would recommend these 100%. Perfect for kids and SO easy to fly. I love EVERYTHING about them!”

  • Available colors: 3

4. This Dual-String Stunt Kite

Get ready to bust a move at the beach this summer with this stunt kite. It uses two 18-meter flying lines, so you can pull on each side to make it do twists, turns, flips, and more. Even though it’s over 6.5 feet long, it only takes three minutes to set up once you get to the beach. The brand says that you can learn to fly it in 15 minutes or less, but because this kite does take some practice, it is recommended for people age 12 and up. Once you finish flying at the beach, you can pack this kite up in the included carrying bag.

One fan raved: “I was never a kite enthusiast until I saw people flying them on the beach while riding my motorcycle down PCH. I spoke with a few of the fliers and they actually gave me a chance to fly theirs. It was so simple and easy to use not to mention so much fun!! I bought one right away and it was delivered a few days later in a very re-usable carrying bag (didn't even know that was included for free). I head out as often as possible to fly at the beach, park or wherever there is an open area. Guess what the family is getting for the holidays!!!”

5. An Extra-Long Parafoil Kite

This giant dolphin kite measures 6.29 feet in length, and has a two-toned dolphin design complete with flippers and a tail. For added fun, you can also attach the included rainbow streamer tail, which will flutter in the wind. This kite has a frameless parafoil design, so you can simply take it out of the included bag and it’s ready to fly in light and medium wind. It’s also made from tear-resistant material, and it includes 60 meters of kite string.

One fan raved: “I'm a dork and love flying kites. Not like obsessively where I go to conventions, but I do live at the beach. This had held up in 25 mph winds with no tears. The ends of the streamers have frayed a little, but that's because I left it up at a cookout for about 4 hours in wind so strong I had to have someone help me reel it in. Definitely worth the price. I would have paid double for this kite and it would have still been worth it.”

6. This Fluttering Butterfly Kite

A great choice for all ages, this butterfly delta kite brings fluttering fun to your summer trips. It measures 53 inches and has a classic butterfly shape with four wings, which are embellished with two streamer tails. This kite has a blue and yellow color, but it’s also available in red, or if you can’t make up your mind, you can choose the two-pack option to get both. It comes with kite string, so it’s ready to fly right out of the box, although the length of the string is not noted.

One fan raved: “We took these to Florida in a suitcase. They were in a small flat nylon envelope and I was a bit nervous they would not be sturdy. We LOVED them. The flew effortlessly! The 4 year olds had no problem. They were very durable and large. Much better than anticipated. We had intended to just throw them away but we all like him so much that we packed them back up and took them home with us. Well done!”

  • Available colors: 3