The Best Cable Management For Your Desk

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If your workspace is a cluttered mess of twisted cables and cords, it can be hard to stay focused. From neoprene sleeves to power strip boxes to flexible silicone holders, the best cable management for your desk can help tidy things up, and your choice will depend on your preferred method of organization and whether you prefer a permanent fix or something more temporary. Here’s a rundown of options that’ll upgrade your desk area:

  • Temporary: Some cable management solutions involve bundling cords together, which can be done using Velcro ties or neoprene sleeves. Velcro ties function like zip ties, but with a reusable design that allows you to reconfigure your setup, and they can handle just a couple cords or a whole bunch. Sleeves, on the other hand, run down the length of a group of cords, and while they’re commonly made from hollow plastic tubing, I recommend a fabric sleeve — it’s flexible, looks a bit nicer, and the zippered design means you can easily add or remove cords. You can also opt for boxes that conceal power strips or weighted tabletop cord holders with slots that fit a variety of cable sizes.
  • Semi-permanent: If you want to secure cables into a stationary spot, you can opt for adhesive holders that secure to your desk, the wall, or the back of your computer monitor. Silicone adhesive holders have flexible slots in a variety of sizes to accommodate different kinds of cables, while adhesive clips have a hinged design that allows you to open them up to add or remove cords. Both types come in a range of sizes and can be used separately or grouped together.
  • Permanent: If you want to completely hide cables, an under-desk cable management shelf that mounts permanently will keep them out of your way and out of sight, but you’ll need tools to install it, and you’ll have to be willing to drill a hole in your desk.

Whether you use these helpful tools alone or in conjunction with one another, here are the best cable management ideas for your desk that will streamline your workspace.

1. The Best Silicone Adhesive Cable Holders

With 26,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon, this multipack of 16 cord holders is an easy way to organize cables on your desktop, along the side of your desk, behind monitors, or on the wall. The pack includes flexible silicone clips that hold one to five cables each, and they can accommodate cords from 0.1 inch in diameter (roughly the width of an Apple charging cord) to 0.3 inch (about the size of a thick TV cable). Adhesive pads on the back secure them to flat surfaces, and reviewers have happily reported they won’t leave marks or residue when removed. That being said, it’s recommended to let the holders cure in place for 24 hours before using them to contain cables. It’s also important to keep in mind that larger cables may not be able to fit in the smaller multi-slot holders, so you’ll need to reserve the single-slot holders for that purpose.

One reviewer wrote: “These help me clean up my cords a bit more on my desk and also help ensure that the cords do not fall down to the ground and off of my desk. Since I have a dark desk, almost like black basically, they are barely even seen on my desk.”

2. The Best Cable Ties

With a stellar 4.7-star overall rating after more than 2,000 reviews, these cost-effective Velcro cable ties can be used to bundle cords and wires together, or to secure them to a leg or crossbar on your desk in order to keep them tidy and out of the way. The 8-inch long ties can wrap multiple times around thin cables or just once around a big bundle, and the smooth, non-Velcro end makes it easy to grab for repositioning and removal. Sold in a pack of 25, the ties have a reusable, minimal design that can wrangle cables in various areas of the home, or organize charging cords when traveling or commuting.

One reviewer wrote: “They work super well. So much better for cable management. I am able to undo and redo them instead of zipties. My Gaming rig and desk is looking awesome.”

3. The Best Cable Management Box

Power strips up to 11 inches long can fit in this lidded box, concealing plugs and cords for a workspace that looks a little more polished. Venting holes on the lid allow electronics such as surge protectors and battery packs to breathe, so they don’t overheat, and wires and cables can be directed where you want them to go using three generously sized openings. The flat, stackable design of the box won’t occupy excess space, whether you place it directly on your desktop or on the ground next to the wall. This option is available in black and white, as well as a larger size that’s compatible with power strips up to 13.4 inches long.

One reviewer wrote: “I purchased this to streamline all of the office computer cords. It fits nicely under the desk and hides the strip outlet and plugs. It is basically a big box with a removable lid to contain the mess. It is easy to open and access plug ins if needed. This is a great item for baby-proofing for little ones-especially babies who are crawling and could be near the outlet.”

4. The Best Cable Sleeves

If you want to streamline the look of a bundle of cords, this four-pack of zippered neoprene sleeves is a great way to do it. The flexible 20-inch-long sleeves have a 1.2-inch diameter when zipped shut, allowing you to group cords together, but if you need more capacity, you can zip two sleeves together to accommodate larger bundles. The zipper design opens up flat and closes securely, making it much easier to load wires compared to flexible plastic sleeves that tend to crack or split open when stressed. In the event you want to split a wire off of the bundle, it’s easy to make a small hole in the neoprene material using scissors. You can choose from two colors: black and beige.

One reviewer wrote: “The cable sleeves are exactly what I needed to free up space on my desk and bring order out of chaos! Four sleeves come in the pkg. but I only had to use two of them to hide cables from three speakers, a wired keyboard, monitor, computer tower and printer, leaving me two sleeves for cables from the television, whole house DVR and satellite box. All you have to do is lay out a sleeve flat, smoothly gather together the cables you want enclosed in that sleeve, close the hook and loop tape onto itself and then zip the sleeve from one end to the other.”

5. The Best Cable Organizing Clips

These adhesive clips feature a hinged design, making them easy to open and close, and the backing secures to a variety of flat surfaces and materials, including metal, ceramic, tile, wood, and PVC. They’re sold in a set of 50, and are wide enough to hold several wires and cables of varying thicknesses. Whether you want to place the clips on your desktop’s surface or legs, or use them to bind a bunch of wires against a wall, they have a versatile design that you’ll likely find many uses for in your home. They’re available in two colors: black and white.

One reviewer wrote: “These are the absolute best! I used these to route cables underneath a desk and hide them from view, and they worked absolutely flawlessly for my needs; it’s easy to open these and reroute or add new cables as needed. I actually even used these for cable management in a PC I built and they’re all holding up strong.”

6. The Best Weighted Cable Organizer

Though relatively compact, this desk cable organizer has a surprising weight of 8 pounds that keeps it in place on your desk, making it a good alternative for anyone who is hesitant to drill holes or use a sticky adhesive. Of the seven slots, the four outer slots can be used to hold narrow wires or cords, while the middle three have a slightly wider diameter for holding thicker cables, a design that allows you to keep cords bundled together without tangling. This organizer is best for those who want easy access to cords right there on the desk, and it’s available in neutral colors like black and white, as well as brights like hot pink, lime green, and red. As a bonus, it comes with four reusable cable ties.

One reviewer wrote: “This was exactly what I needed! It's heavy enough to hold several cables without a permanent mount or impossible-to-ever-remove sticky substance holding it in place. It's staying put very nicely, and I can move it as-needed. This is very handy and looks like it will hold up well over time.”

7. The Best Under-Desk Tray For Cables & Power Strips

You’ll need a drill to install this sturdy steel tray under the surface of your wood or wood-composite desk, but it’s a great option if you’re looking for a permanent cable management solution. The wide, open design allows air to circulate around potentially hot cords and adaptors, and the tray’s raised edge helps to contain power strips and bunched wires. Wires and cables can exit off the end of the tray, or via two holes in its base, allowing you to organize cords according to the location of your devices. It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a permanent fix, but if you’re not willing to drill holes in your furniture, this is not the pick for you.

One reviewer wrote: “I ordered two of these under desk cable trays as I have a long desk - they fit perfectly side by side, were fairly simple to install, and hide everything! Even my surge protector. I am very happy I found these and would highly recommend them to anyone who hates wires all over the place like I do. They also look very sleek and almost disappear as though they are part of the desk.”

8. A 6-Pack Of Colorful Adhesive Holders

If you’re looking for colorful desk cable management ideas, look no further than these adhesive cable clips. Similar to the first pick, they secure directly to your desk and have flexible slots to accommodate cords. The set includes six holders that fit just one cord each, so they’re best if you’re only planning to organize a few cables (unless you’re willing to invest in multiple packs). The holders can handle cords up to 0.27 inch in diameter — less than the first pick — so they’re not the best choice if you’re dealing with thick cables. Like any adhesive holder, you’ll want to let these “cure” before inserting any cords, and reviewers have reported they may lose their stickiness over time, especially if you’re removing and replacing the cords frequently.

One reviewer wrote: “Should have bought this sooner! Keeps my phone charger in place and out of the way at my desk at work. I have a long charging cable and it would get in my way. A nice pop of color to brighten up my desk.”