The 3 Best Cast Iron Woks

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Whether you plan on cooking vegetables on your grill or want to whip up some stir-fry on your stove, a quality cast iron wok is versatile enough to stand up to a variety of cooking tasks. The best cast iron woks have a flat bottom to keep them steady on almost any cooktop and come pre-seasoned so you can start cooking right away.

Buying a pre-seasoned cast iron wok will help reduce the initial elbow grease required to get it nonstick and ready to cook, and you can easily maintain and add to the wok’s seasoning by simply cooking with it. But if you go with an enameled or porcelain-finished cast iron wok, you don’t even have to worry about maintaining seasoning, making this a great choice for anyone who loves low-maintenance cookware.

While traditional woks typically have a rounded bottom, your cast iron wok will likely have a flat bottom to best support its weight over a variety of cooking surfaces. The flat bottom of a cast iron wok will be compatible with campfires and grills as well as induction, gas, and electric stovetops. The flat surface will also prevent the wok from rocking, so it won’t accidentally fall off your cooking surface.

Another feature to consider when shopping for a cast iron wok is its size. Unlike carbon steel woks, which are light enough to lift with one hand, cast iron is heavy, so its size will directly impact how easy it is to carry. Many cast iron woks are about 14 inches in diameter, which is a versatile size that works well for searing steaks or tossing stir frys, but you can also find compact 10-inch woks that are better for small kitchens and tend to be more lightweight.

With all that in mind, these are the best cast iron woks you can buy right now, all available on Amazon.

1. The Best Overall

Lodge’s 14-inch cast iron wok comes pre-seasoned with all-natural vegetable oil and has a large cooking surface that can accommodate a variety of dishes. Lodge is known for its durable and budget-friendly cast iron skillets, and this wok lives up to the brand’s reputation. The 4.43-inch deep basin of this wok is perfect for shallow frying or sautéing ingredients, and the cast iron material retains heat well for grilling or broiling. The large handles are easy to grasp, and the flat bottom cooking surface is compatible with campfire, grill, gas, electric, and induction cooktops. Reviewers love this wok, and it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon with thousands of five-star reviews.

One reviewer wrote: “This wok is fantastic. It is made in America by Lodge, and they did an excellent casting job. The wok came pre-seasoned as advertised. There were no flaws that we could see, and the inside surface was smooth. The wok is heavy and flat on the bottom, so it won't move around on the stove when cooking. In our opinion, this makes it safer than other pans. Just as everyone said, it is round on the inside and deep. We use a gas range, so there is no issue getting the wok to heat up and in a hurry, and when it gets hot, it stays hot for a long time.”

2. The Best Budget Wok

This small cast-iron wok has a 10-inch diameter, making it perfect for those with smaller kitchens, or for home cooks who want a lighter option. The flat bottom base is great for stability and compatible with electric, gas, and induction stovetops as well as grills and open-fire cooking setups. The surface of the wok comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, so you can start cooking with it right away without too much sticking, though it will get more nonstick over time. Reviewers noted that this wok also works well for cooking more delicate ingredients like seafood and vegetables on a grill, since liquids stay in the pan rather than dripping through the grates.

One reviewer wrote: “Very nice construction on this pan. Heats well and cleans like typical cast iron. Perfect size for a Stirfry for two or a side dish for a family meal. Really nice quality.”

3. The Best Enameled Cast Iron Wok

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cast iron wok, this 14-inch porcelain enameled wok is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It comes in a gorgeous blue color, and the enameled surface makes it easier to clean and maintain than typical cast iron woks. This wok is still compatible with grills as well as gas, electric, and induction cooktops, though in general, you shouldn’t use enameled cast iron oven an open campfire. It easily sears food over high heat while maintaining its nonstick properties over time, and thanks to its porcelain surface, you also don’t have to worry about seasoning it.

One reviewer wrote: “I just received and used this for the first time on my induction stove and it's great so far.”