The 8 Best Cat Hair Removers To Keep Fur At Bay

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When you live with a cat, it’s easy to resign yourself to a life of fur-covered clothes and furniture — what might initially seem like a minor nuisance can quickly build up. But if you’re interested in getting all the fuzz under control, it’s time to snag one (or two) of the best cat hair removers. These tools all vary in design, but all are made to collect stray fur from clothing, upholstery, and carpets. Alternatively, you can snag a cat brush to tackle the problem at the source to reduce the amount of fur your feline leaves behind in the first place.

Before you start shopping, think about what exactly needs to be de-fuzzed. For spot-cleaning cat hair from your furniture and upholstered surfaces, a small but effective tool like a reusable lint roller may be all you need. There are also products that function like squeegees to pull hair from carpets and even car upholstery. And if clothing is your concern, try tossing some dryer balls in with your laundry to shake loose stubborn pet hair.

When tackling larger spaces, a broom designed to collect pet hair can make cleaning floors easier. But you might want a tool that isn’t limited to its primary use — in that case (and if you have the budget for it), consider springing for a vacuum that can suck up pet hair. Many are versatile enough to clean up kitty litter, kibble, and other household messes, too.

Regardless of where you’re using a cat hair remover, you might also consider adding a cat brush to your cart. A basic brush is often suitable for the job, but if your feline sheds a lot, you might prefer a specialized de-shedding tool. Both can prevent hair buildup and minimize the presence of stray fur in your home.

While you’re probably familiar with lint rollers that use sticky sheets, they can be annoying to refill, so you won’t find any on this list. Instead, you’ll find some of the best reusable pet hair removal tools to meet a range of budgets and needs.

1. The Fan-Favorite Reusable Roller With 88,000+ Ratings

It’s no wonder why ChomChom’s pet hair remover has earned a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 85,000 customers have weighed in. While more costly up-front than a sticky roller, it is reusable and requires zero refills, giving you a lot of bang for your buck in the long haul. The lint roller uses fabric rather than adhesive sheets to pick up cat hair — all you have to do is roll it over soft surfaces like furniture upholstery, linens, and carpet, then empty the hair it has caught in the receptacle when you’re done. Just keep in mind that some reviewers have noted that it works best on flat surfaces and/or materials you can pull taut.

Positive Amazon review: “I use this product for 2 cats, and it is so fast at cleaning and it picks up hair I didn't even know was there and makes the cat beds/cat towers/my bed/the carpets look good as new! And it is super easy to get the hair out, I've tried other brushes to pick up hair to avoid the trash buildup of lint rollers and this is the only solution that has been easy enough that me and my roommate consistently clean our cat furniture (for multiple months now!)”

2. The Editor-Approved Method: A Budget-Friendly Squeegee For Area Rugs

Looking for an easy and budget-friendly way to clean cat hair from area rugs? BDG Commerce Associate Editor Wesley Salazar recommends trying a standard squeegee like this one. “I can’t believe it took me decades to learn this trick for removing cat hair from area rugs, but it really works,” she says. “Just drag a squeegee along the rug and watch it collect the fur. The process can take some time — and can be a bit of a workout for large rugs — but if you’re on a tight budget, it’s certainly worth trying.” Reviewers have used this on furniture and car seats, too. However, Salazar keeps her rug squeegee just for rugs because “watching all the hair come up can be pretty gross.”

Positive Amazon review: “Just what I needed! I use this to remove pet hair from my furniture and carpet! Great price, excellent quality!”

3. A Travel-Friendly Tool For Spot-Cleaning Fur

This pet hair removal tool is essentially a mini-squeegee, replete with stiff rubber edges. Each package comes with a pair — one has toothy edges and one just has smooth edges — which are designed to tackle different amounts of hair with ease. Since they’re small, they’re great for spot-cleaning clothes and the nooks of upholstered surfaces (like couches and cat trees) other tools might not be able to reach. One reviewer even attested that they like to keep one of the tools in their car to remove cat hair from upholstery when needed. One tradeoff that some reviewers have reported: Cleaning larger surface areas can entail some elbow grease (and patience).

Positive Amazon review: “I saw these used on a detail video for pet hair and I had to try them to see if they really work. They do. They work great. I have pets that leave hair in my vehicle and this product is awesome to get the hair out of the fabrics.”

4. A Cat Hair Remover Broom For Floors

The FURemover broom uses firm rubber bristles to remove and collect stubborn cat hair on both soft and hard floors, including carpet, wood, and tile. Unlike standard brooms, the bristles are especially designed to collect hair and are easy to clean with soap and water. The broom’s wide head can pick up fur in one broad sweeping motion, and the telescoping handle extends the broom up to 60 inches with a quick twist. The handle collapses down to just 36 inches, making it convenient to store, too. As a bonus, it has a built-in squeegee edge, which you can use to collect hair or wipe up liquid spills on hard surfaces. The broom also comes in a variety of sizes and styles should this one not fit your specific fur-sweeping needs.

Positive Amazon review: “I love this broom! I wish I had discovered it years ago. The handle is adjustable and the rubber broom short making it easier to reach the tufts of cat hair under the sofa, bed, in corners etc. [...] In addition to using the broom on the floor, I also use it on the throw rugs to pick up as much loose hair as possible before vacuuming. With six cats, even when they aren’t shedding the hair can be hard to keep up with. Really great invention. Wish I thought of it!!”

5. A Pack Of Wool Dryer Balls For Laundry

Cat hair can stick — and stay stuck — to your clothes and linens even in the wash. If you’re looking for a pet hair remover for laundry, toss some wool dryer balls into the dryer. Their primary purpose is to reduce static, prevent wrinkles, and cut down on drying time — however, reviewers report that they shake off fur, too. One reviewer raved: “I got these because of cat hair on EVERYTHING. They really work.” The dryer balls can last up to 1,000 loads and come in a set of six. It’s recommended you use three balls for small and medium loads, and five or six for large loads.

Positive Amazon review: “I struggle with getting cat fur off of my clothing from my long haired cats. I was getting frustrated with clothing coming out of the dryer still covered in fur and found these. On the first try these helped pull 95% of the fur off of my clothing in the dryer. They actually came out looking clean and I didn't need to spend extra time lint rolling the dark colors. Already loving this product and would highly recommend for pet hair removal in the dryer!”

6. An Upright Vacuum That Removes Cat Hair From Around Your Home

If you have the budget for it, Shark’s APEX DuoClean vacuum is a great way to tackle fur (and other messes) all around your home. The DuoClean brush rolls work together to accommodate a variety of floor types, effectively sucking fur out of carpet and keeping debris from scattering across hard floors. While the brush rolls can’t be turned off, it has three adjustable settings for hard flooring, low-pile carpet, and thick carpet. No matter how much hair the vacuum picks up, the brush rolls shouldn’t jam, thanks to their self-cleaning technology.

The vacuum’s swivel steering allows you to maneuver it around and under furniture, and LED lights help you see where you’re going. It also has a lift-away canister for navigating hard-to-reach places. The pet hair remover vacuum comes with a few attachments, including a Pet Power Brush to pick up stubborn fur and dander from carpeted surfaces and upholstery. As a plus, the HEPA seal filter keeps debris in the canister, making it ideal for those with allergies.

Positive Amazon review: “I have struggled to find a vac that dealt with cat fur as well as my own long hair. This one works well for both and doesn't allow my long hair to tangle up the rollers. Suction is very good, and the hand held portion slides in and out easily and quickly to get in the hard to get places. Also pretty easy to empty. All in all, very pleased.”

7. A Double-Sided Cat Brush For Basic Grooming

Regularly grooming your cat is important for their well-being — and it can also reduce fur from collecting around your home. This two-in-one brush can help you keep your feline’s coat looking silky smooth. It features a pin brush on one side that keeps your cat’s fur soft and shiny, and they are replete with safety tips for gentle brushing. On the other side, a bristle brush works to detangle the coat and remove loose hair. Some pet owners have mentioned that their cats enjoy being brushed with it, too. One reviewer wrote, “Not only is it a really nice quality brush, but the cats just love it and the amount of fur I raked out of those long-haired cats was unreal.”

Positive Amazon review: “Really nice brush that the cats love. I have long hair Maine Coons, and regular brushing is critical for them. The brush is comfortable to hold and comfortable on the cats [...] It [gets] a lot of loose hair, even from the undercoat. The brush is also really easy to clean. The hair pulls right off.”

8. A De-Shedding Tool For Removing Loose Cat Hair

For felines with thick hair that often gets knotted, you might consider this de-shedding tool by FURminator. It’s designed with tightly spaced teeth that reach into the undercoat and rake out looser fur. The pet hair remover brush also has a cushy handle to make the process comfortable for you, and with a push of a button, the bristles release all the hair you’ve collected. While designed to be gentle on your cat’s skin, the manufacturer notes that you should use a light hand with this tool and only use it weekly. This version is for short-haired cats, but it’s also available for long-haired breeds, as well as in a smaller size.

Positive Amazon review: “Our cat loves being brushed with this. [...] After using it a few times, I noticed that I don't have to vacuum as often. Its easy to hold and clean.”