The 4 Best Ceramic Knives For Your Kitchen

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by Yoona Wagener
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Preparing delicious meals starts with quality cooking tools, and the best ceramic knives are super sharp and well-suited to a variety of chopping, slicing, and peeling tasks. As with any knife, a good ceramic knife should feel balanced and comfortable to hold. And because ceramic knives tend to be very lightweight, you might want to look for ones with a grippy or rubbery handle if you're worried your hand could slip.

To find one (or a set) of these delicate but mighty knives that you’ll actually use, consider your cutting needs and the types of prep work and chopping you do the most. An all-purpose ceramic chef’s knife can perform many of the same vegetable and light meat prep work as a steel knife, but since ceramic knives tend to be much lighter than steel knives, you could experience less strain to your wrists. If you’re interested in a precise knife for cutting through tomato skins or slicing bread, serrated options could fill both needs. Another great addition could be a ceramic paring knife, which can offer an extra level of precision for peeling and shaping vegetables. If you want to cover all your bases, consider a multi-piece set that includes staples like a chef’s knife, serrated, paring, slicing knife, or an all-purpose utility knife.

If you plan to keep your knives in a drawer in between uses, consider ones that come with protective sheaths to protect the blade and your fingers. If these covers aren’t available, you can buy knife guards separately or simply invest in a knife block for safe keeping. And while hand-washing is generally recommended for all knives if you want them to last, you might prefer dishwasher-safe models if you’d rather simplify cleanup. Finally, since ceramic knives are quite delicate, finding a product backed with support or a generous warranty can provide peace of mind.

If you’re ready to up your cooking and prep-work game, consider adding one of these practical ceramic knife options to your list of kitchen essentials.

1. The Overall Best Ceramic Knife Set

This ceramic knife set includes five colorful knives with sheaths, color-coded to help you keep track of them, along with a vegetable peeler. At less than $40, this is a great deal for a versatile bundle that includes a 6-inch serrated knife, a 6-inch chef’s knife, a 5-inch slicing knife, a 4-inch utility knife, and 3-inch paring knife. All the knives have rubberized handles for a secure grip. With a 4.6-star rating overall on Amazon, the overwhelming consensus from reviewers is that this set offers great value for the money since the knives are durable, sharp, and easy to clean (though not dishwasher safe). Another reason to consider this affordable knife set? If you decide it's not for you, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Positive Amazon review: “The ceramic knife set is useful for all your prep work in the kitchen. The handles are easy to grip and they are sharp. You will get your fruits and veggies cut up in a jiffy!”

2. An 8-Inch Chef’s Knife For Chopping & Slicing

If you're looking for a ceramic chef's knife, this 8-inch option is ready to assist with most of your vegetable chopping and slicing needs. This knife features a metal-look ceramic blade and a handle with a soft (yet firm) rubbery texture so your fingers won't slip during use. It comes with a plastic sheath for keeping the blade — and your fingers — safe when it's in the drawer. In order to keep the knife in good shape, the manufacturer recommends hand-washing and avoiding use with hard frozen foods or bones — but suggests that a carefully treated knife will keep its edge without sharpening. Amazon reviewers report that it's lightweight, cuts well, and is a good deal for the price. If you don't like it, you can get your money back, since it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Positive Amazon review: “I like this knife. It's thicker at the back than most other ceramic knives that gives it a sturdiness and feeling of quality. It's balanced and well-made. It is sharp but not to the point of being excessively so. In my opinion price performance wise you can not beat it. It's not a $100.00 professional chefs knife but I guarantee it will perform all tasks quickly and easily for a home cook or connoisseur. Bottom-line just buy it you will not regret it.”

3. A Serrated Knife For Bread & Fruit

Not just any knife can handle both tomatoes and bread, but this 5-inch serrated Kyocera knife is ideal for thinly slicing these items without crushing them. With a 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon after more than 1,100 reviews, it's easy to see why so many people find it to be an invaluable kitchen tool. Kyocera claims its rust- and corrosion-resistant blades will stay sharp at least 10 times longer than steel blades, and it's even top-rack dishwasher safe, though it will last longer if you hand-wash it. The only real downside to this knife is the smooth plastic handle, which isn't especially grippy; some users suggest wrapping it in rubber bands might improve the grip if it's a concern.

If you're pleased with this serrated knife, Kyocera also sells this knife in a number of different varieties, including Santoku, Nakiri vegetable cleaver, and multiple lengths of slicing knives.

Positive Amazon review: “One of the greatest knives I have ever owned. It is extremely easy to clean. It absolutely shines cutting tomatoes. [...] It also works great on bread. The super fine teeth leave a nice even cut and produce far fewer crumbs than a standard bread knife. I am super picky about my knives and this one sold me on the Kyocera ceramic line.”

4. A 3-Inch Paring Knife For Precise Cutting

This 3-inch paring knife with a protective sheath could be your go-to tool for producing fine cuts of pie and other delicious dishes. With a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 1,400 reviews on Amazon, multiple reviewers report that the most successful applications are medium to softer produce such as strawberries, celery, and bell peppers. The general consensus also seems to be that the knife is pleasing to handle and comfortable to hold when creating precise and detailed cuts. Hand-washing is recommended for longevity, though it is dishwasher safe. If something does happen, this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

It's also available in a two-piece set with a 5-inch Santoku knife. Farberware also sells a ceramic Santoku knife and a 6-inch chef knife separately if you're interested creating a set for your kitchen.

Positive Amazon review: “I've had many knives over the years and I can tell you, for the price, this thing is great. The handle feels nice in the hand, the blade is sharp, and the cover is a nice bonus to help keep it protected. Ceramic still has it's limitations on what I will cut with it, but [this] is my knife of choice for things like fruit, cheese, and small items.”