The 5 Best Chair Glides For Hardwood Floors

Put a stop to scratches.

Written by Vanessa Spilios
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As beautiful as they are, hardwood floors can be easily scratched or dented by chair legs and other furnishings. Made from materials like felt, the best chair glides for hardwood floors create a soft barrier beneath furniture legs, reducing friction so items move effortlessly and quietly across surfaces without causing damage. Whether you have dining chairs with narrow legs, or want an easy way to move a heavy armchair, furniture glides for wood floors come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit the bill.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Chair Glides For Hardwood Floors


Felt and other soft, non-abrasive materials are gentle on floors and provide a bit of cushioning to dampen sound. Hard plastic chair glides (which are better suited as furniture sliders for carpet) should be avoided, because even with regular cleaning of floors, dirt and debris can get trapped beneath them, potentially leading to scratches — not to mention, they won’t slide across hard surfaces as easily as felt will.


The way you apply your chair glides can range from simple adhesive pads that you simply stick on, to more permanent designs that you nail into the leg. Stick-on adhesive chair glides tend to be the most budget-friendly option but have a tendency to fall off after some time. That being said, they can be a good option if you use your chairs infrequently or are mindful when you move them. Cap-style or sleeve-style chair glides that slip onto chair legs offer a more secure fit, while tap-on glides — which have spikes you hammer into the bottoms of the legs — offer arguably the most secure fit of all. Last, for heavy pieces like armchairs, “coaster” style glides simply rest under the weight of the furniture itself and can be reused with other heavy pieces, such as dressers and beds.

Size & Shape

The best chair leg floor protectors come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit on narrow and chunky chair legs alike, so it’s a good idea to take measurements before ordering. Slip-on style sliders — which look a bit like stretchy silicone sleeves with felt bottoms — offer flexibility, so you can use them on both square and circular chair legs, and even slanted legs (which can be particularly hard to cover). Coaster sliders also come in rectangular and oval shapes to fit a range of leg styles.

No matter which room of the house you’re shopping for, the best chair glides for hardwood floors will prevent scratching and damage, so you can keep your space looking pristine.

Shop The Best Chair Glides For Hardwood Floors

In a hurry? These are the best chair glides for hardwood floors:

  1. The Best Cap-Style Chair Glides: Super Sliders Formed Felt Furniture Pads
  2. The Best Tap-On Chair Glides: GorillaFelt Chair Leg Floor Protectors
  3. The Best Sleeve-Style Chair Glides: OASMU Silicone Chair Leg Floor Protectors
  4. The Best Adhesive Pads: X-Protector Felt Furniture Pads
  5. The Best Coaster-Style Glides: X-Protector Felt Furniture Sliders

1. The Best Cap-Style Chair Glides


  • Cap-style design is more secure than adhesive alone
  • Easy, tool-free installation


  • Only compatible with round legs

These floor protectors for chair legs have a sturdy, low-profile design that fits securely onto chair legs, along with soft felt bottoms that reduce friction and noise. The glides are formed and non-flexible, with a patch of adhesive on the inside that helps keep them in place. Due to the cupping design of these glides, it’s recommended to size up slightly after determining the diameter of your chair’s legs for the best fit.

A reviewer wrote: “These work great on our stools & chairs for our hardwood floors. The chairs slide really easily with them on. The best part is they don’t come off like the felt pads do.”

Available sizes: 5 | Available colors: 2 | Reusable: Yes, however adhesive may wear off

2. The Best Tap-On Chair Glides


  • Prong and adhesive backing is ultra-secure


  • Only compatible with round legs
  • Installation requires a hammer

All it takes is a few taps with a hammer to attach these furniture glides for wood floors, which use a combination of metal prongs and adhesive backing to create a fit that’s virtually guaranteed to stay put. They have thick 0.25-inch felt bottoms to protect floors and dampen noise, and while they’re not reusable, they should last longer than adhesive-only chair glides.

A reviewer wrote: “We have battled various wooden chair leg floor protectors for chairs that sit on our hardwood floors for years! [...] They all eventually slide off, leaving bare wood edges that scratch. I bought one set of these as a trial over 6 months ago and installed them on one chair. With very heavy, daily use they are still on. I just installed them on the other 7 chairs! I'm very happy.”

Available sizes: 6 | Available colors: 1 | Reusable: No

3. The Best Sleeve-Style Chair Glides


  • Compatible with a variety of leg shapes
  • Easy slip-on installation


  • Less discreet than other glides

These silicone slip-on pads for chair legs offer a secure fit that won’t slide or pop off, and they can be used on square, round, and slanted legs. Designed to stretch over the bottoms of chair legs, each piece features a protective felt pad on the base that glides across hard surfaces to prevent scratching. And, while these aren’t quite as discreet as other chair glides, the covers blend in relatively well, and they have the benefit of being easily reusable on a variety of chairs.

A reviewer wrote: “My chair legs have a slant at the base that causes scratches on my wood floors. I have tried multiple types of protectors that have fallen apart or not stayed on the chair. These were so easy to put on the chair legs and have stayed on despite the slanted legs and a lot of scooting in the chair. I will be purchasing more for the barstools and fold up tables.”

Available sizes: 2 | Available colors: 3 | Reusable: Yes

4. The Best Adhesive Pads


  • Multipack can be used on a variety of furniture pieces
  • Adhesive backing makes for easy installation


  • Less secure and may have to reapply periodically

This variety pack of felt pads for hardwood floors includes options in a range of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect fit for your chairs and other furnishings. For even more versatility, you can choose from beige, black, and brown shades, or opt for combination of colors. The soft felt base on each of the sliders helps protect floors from damage, and the strong adhesive backing is easy to apply. Note, however, that the pads are not reusable and the fit will be less secure than other options on the list. That being said, if you don’t mind reapplying from time to time, this is a budget-friendly option that can be used on all kinds of furnishings.

A reviewer wrote: “These protectors works well on my brand new breakfast dining set. The table is more stabilized and chairs are easy on the hardwood. Great product!”

Available sizes: Various sized included in pack | Available colors: 3 | Reusable: No

5. The Best Coaster-Style Glides


  • Compatible with larger furniture pieces like armchairs
  • Coaster-style design means there’s no installation necessary


  • Not compatible with smaller chairs

These furniture coasters for wood floors are the best option for larger armchairs that you may want to move from time to time. The coaster-style glides have soft felt bottoms that slide across hard-surfaces and rubbery foam tops that cradle the legs of heftier pieces of furniture. These are ideal if you reposition larger furniture from time to time, whether you like to change up the look of your space or frequently have big gatherings. Plus, some of this line’s options are suitable for use as floor protectors for beds, dressers, and other bulky furnishings.

A reviewer wrote: “The furniture moves on my NEW hard floors effortlessly!! Easy to use and doesn’t slide away from furniture legs when items are moved. Love them! I’m awaiting another set!”

Available sizes: 4 | Available colors: 1 | Reusable: Yes