The 10 Best Cheese Knives

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The right knives make it easy to serve your favorite cheeses, whether you enjoy soft bries or hard aged cheddars. The best cheese knives have a stainless steel blade and are designed to work with the cheeses you love.

Many knives are made to serve specific types of cheese. Hard cheese knives have wider blades and sharp end points to help you cut into blocks, while soft cheese knives usually have smaller blades with openings to prevent the cheese from sticking. There are also general-use knives that work well for most cheeses, which makes them great for anyone who likes to sample different varieties. Some knives come as a set and might even include a wood charcuterie board, so you’re always prepared for an impromptu party.

I’ve also included a few different utensils on this list that are not technically knives but are still great for serving cheese. Spreaders are popular because they can cut soft cheeses and easily smear it on crackers or bread. There are also slicers that use stainless steel wires rather than blades and come in both handheld and tabletop varieties.

When it comes to material, stainless steel is a popular choice for all kitchen knives because it is rust-resistant. It’s also durable and requires little maintenance to keep it sharp, so you can be ready to serve cheese at any time. Some knife handles are made from stainless steel too, while others are made from materials like wood or resin. Stainless steel handles are popular because they’re usually dishwasher-friendly, but if you don’t mind hand-washing, you can choose the handle material based on style or personal preference.

Host a cheese party for your friends and family or just for yourself with picks from this list of the best cheese knives on Amazon.


The Best Universal Cheese Knife

If you’re looking for one multi-use knife that can do it all, this is the pick for you. It has cutouts, which help to reduce sticking when cutting soft cheeses, but it also has a serrated edge, so you can slice through hard cheeses, fruits, and vegetables too. The double-pronged end can be used to pick up pieces of cheese after you slice them, so you can easily get them to your plate or onto your cracker. If you’re still unsure about this stainless steel knife, check out the Amazon ratings section, where it has an overall 4.7-star rating. The handle is made from Bakelite, and reviewers say it can hold up to being run through the dishwasher.

One fan raved: “This cheese knife is GREAT. I like to slice up some Cabot or Cracker Barrel Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese blocks for an afternoon snack, and every knife I have either doesn't cut the cheese well, or the cheese sticks to it and is hard to get off without braking apart. With this knife, I have neither of those problems. It cuts with very little effort (especially the softer Cracker Barrel) and there is no sticking. I'm kicking myself for not buying this years ago!”


A Four-Piece Set Of Chic Mini Cheese Knives

Even though this mini knife set costs under $15, it still includes everything you need to serve a full cheese board. It comes with a spade knife, a small fork, a plane knife, and a spreader, so you can easily slice, serve, and enjoy soft, semi-hard, and crumbly cheeses. The blades are made of stainless steel while the handles are made of wood for a classic look. Since the handles are made from wood, these cheese knives should be hand washed.

One fan raved: “Excellent value cheese knife set. Simple design and perfect for my cheese and charcuterie boards.”


The Best Knife For Hard Cheeses

Your favorite Parmesans and cheddars stand no chance against this best-selling knife, which is designed for cutting hard cheeses. It’s cast from a single piece of 100% stainless steel for a rust-resistant and durable design. This knife not only has a sharp blade, but it also has a sharp point that you can use to break into hard blocks of cheese. If you want to add more to your collection, be sure to check out the brand’s other options, including this three-piece knife set. Since it’s made entirely from stainless steel, it’s also dishwasher safe.

One fan raved: “This knife is extremely well-made. Blade is sharp and it is attractive, well-balanced, and easy to clean. A far cry from cheese knives with plastic handles that break when more than a modicum of force is applied.”


The Best Knife For Soft Cheeses

Easily slice and serve soft cheeses with this specialty cheese knife. It has a cutout blade design that helps prevent cheese from sticking, so you can get a cleaner cut. Once you’ve sliced your cheese, you can also use the double-pronged end to spear the slice, then seamlessly serve it on a plate, cracker, or piece of bread. Another reason to love this knife is that it’s made entirely from stainless steel and is dishwasher-friendly, making it durable and low-maintenance.

One fan raved: “Solid, cuts easily through a variety of cheeses, and not a bad price either. Now if I use another knife on soft cheese I feel like I'm mushing it--the design of the holes in the blade really help it slide through the cheese without sticking. Highly recommended.”


The Best Handheld Slicer For Soft And Semi-Hard Cheeses

It may not be a knife, but this handheld slicer is a great tool for serving soft and semi-hard cheeses. It has a stainless steel wire that easily glides through cheese, and you can adjust the thickness of the slice by how you angle the handle. The handle is made from cast aluminum and has an ergonomic design, so you can slice enough cheese for a party without getting tired. Be sure to check out the reviews section too, where this slicer has a 4.5-star overall rating and thousands of reviews. It’s also dishwasher safe.

One fan raved: “I actually bought this same slicer when we were stationed in Germany over 40 years ago! I was dismayed when the wire recently broke. My husband surprised me and found it on Amazon!!! It is still the same construction and quality as my original slicer. The wire stays tight and the slice width is perfect for sandwiches or snacks. We raised two boys and this slicer was used constantly and was easy enough for them use when they were younger.”


The Best Six-Piece Knife Set

This six-piece knife set is perfect for serving cheese at home, and it also makes a great gift for cheese-loving friends. For just over $20, it includes a spreader, a fork, a thin knife, a pronged knife, a heart knife, and a chisel knife, as well as a nice box. Each of the knives is designed for a different cheese type, such as the pronged knife, which is made for cutting soft cheeses, and the chisel knife, which is better for digging into crumbly cheeses. All of the knives are made entirely from stainless steel (so they’re also dishwasher-safe), and the set is well-loved on Amazon, where it has a 4.8-star overall rating.

One fan raved: “Very pretty and a shape and cutting blade for every type of cheese. These are dishwasher safe and very sharp. I would recommend them. I don't keep them in the box they came in but you could.”


The Best Cheese Board With A Full Set Of Knives

This cheese board set comes with everything you need to serve a cheese or charcuterie spread. Measuring 17 by 13 by 1.2 inches, the board is made from bamboo and has an indent along the edge that’s perfect for nestling crackers, pretzels, nuts, and more. On the side of the board is a hidden drawer that contains serving utensils, so you always have them right where you need them. The set includes six serving forks and six stainless steel knives, including a knife with cutouts for softer cheeses and a spreader-style knife. The handles are made from bamboo, and the knives should be hand-washed to keep them in great shape.

One fan raved: “I rarely write a product review but this was such a great find and a big hit with my friends I had to share! It was delivered just in time for a small get-together with my friends. It was such a great hit that everyone wanted to know where I got it! The quality is superb and the knife set that tucks in neatly in the hidden drawer makes it convenient to keep all I need neatly in one place. Highly recommended!”


The Best Spreader Set For Wine And Cheese Nights

If you love to serve wine with your cheese, you’ve got to check out this wine-themed spreader set. Each of the four cheese spreaders has a poly-resin handle that is hand-painted to look like a different vintage wine cork. On the other end, the blades are made from stainless steel and are duller than regular cheese knives, which makes them great for spreading soft cheeses onto crackers or bread. The manufacturer recommends that this set be hand-washed to keep the handles in the best shape.

One fan raved: “These cheese spreaders are so attractive that I ordered them for Christmas presents for my closest 10 friends. They are just the right size for spreading cheese on a cracker. All my friends loved receiving them. The blade says stainless steel and the handle is imitation wine cork but much more durable as it is a hard plastic. I love them.”


The Best Set That Comes With A Knife Block

This cheese knife set comes with a convenient block, so you can keep your knives out on the counter where they’re easy to grab and organize. The wooden block uses magnets to support one knife on each of the four sides, and it measures just 3.6 inches tall, so it won’t use up much counter space. Besides the block, this set also includes a semi-heart-shaped knife, a wide rectangular knife, a narrow rectangular knife, and a double pronged fork. Each one has a stainless steel blade and an acacia wood handle, which makes them both durable and lightweight. Since the handles are made from wood, it’s best to hand wash this set.

One fan raved: “This is one amazing set! love that the utensils store against the wood block by magnets. How cool is that! Ordering more for gifts.”


The Best Tabletop Slicer

This tabletop cheese slicer not only makes cutting and serving cheese a breeze, but it also adds glam style to your table display. That’s because it’s made from 100% marble, which looks chic and stays cool to help prevent cheese from sticking. The wire is made from stainless steel that can cut through all types of cheese, and the slicer comes with two replacement wires in case the first one breaks. This slicer is hand-wash only, but the extra work is worth it to keep it looking great.

One fan raved: “I had one of these years ago and loved it. I had to get another. The marble is heavy so there's no lifting up off the counter while using. Wire is the absolute best thing to cut cheese. Buy it, you won't be sorry.”