The 3 Best Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees On Amazon

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Not everyone has a green thumb, but the best faux fiddle leaf fig trees are a low maintenance way to fake one. Most high-quality faux plants are made from silk supported by metal wires or a mix of bendable plastic and silk, and choosing between them is primarily a matter of aesthetic preference.

In many cases, artificial plants made with plastic can look more realistic because plastic can be put into molds to create life-like leaves, and many actual living plants (including the fiddle leaf fig) tend to have a plastic-like sheen anyway. Silk alone can be more fragile and prone to fraying and sun damage, but when it’s combined with plastic or polyester, it offers sturdy but flexible leaves that lie naturally and are easy to adjust.

Regardless of the materials used in your tree, you’ll want to think about whether you want sparser leaves or a lusher look — and whether you might prefer removable leaves in case you want to make adjustments. All top options will require some shaping, meaning that you’ll have to unfold the leaves and arrange them (similar to a faux Christmas tree), but trees with wire in more places (leaves, stems, and branches) can make customizing the tree easier than others with stiffer leaves and less flex. You may also want to think about trunk texturing and tone and whether you want one or multiple trunks.

You’ll also have some choices to make when it comes to size. Tall, lush trees that are 5 feet or higher can make a statement as a floor plant, while the most versatile faux plants, ranging from 2 to 3 feet, are easy to move around from tabletop to floor and work in multiple spaces in your home. Faux plants can also be placed outside, but look for UV protection if this is your plan to prevent fading.

Whether you’re looking for a petite tabletop option or a larger outdoor tree, these three faux fiddle leaf fig trees are foolproof options.

1. An Affordable 30-Inch Tree With Silk Leaves

If you're looking for a medium-sized plant that could work on both floors and tabletops, this 2.5-foot faux fiddle leaf fig tree is a hit on Amazon, with more than 2,500 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars. It features 21 silk leaves supported by metal wire in the stem portion for easy bending and shaping, and the leaves are also waterproof — which means you might be able to get away with leaving this on an outdoor table, at least for a short time. The leaves have what the manufacturer calls a “real-touch” consistency, and some Amazon users seem to agree, one writing that the plant "even has a realistic feel." This versatile tree also comes in a slightly larger 40-inch version and a smaller 22-inch size.

Positive Amazon review: “I was surprised by how much I liked this faux plant when it arrived. I had my doubts based on its moderate price when compared to other faux plants on other sites. Stems easily bent into a realistic shape with no threat of breaking. And even up close, the plant looks very realistic."

2. A 65-Inch Tree That's UV Resistant

If you're looking for a larger tree for an outdoor space or right next to a window, this 5-foot-5-inch Nearly Natural faux fiddle leaf fig tree is UV resistant and sturdy, so it shouldn't fade when exposed to sunlight indoors or out. It comes with three trunks and 42 leaves that are made from a combination of silk, polyester, and plastic, resulting in a more substantial but less bendable build overall. While it may require some time to shape and arrange the leaves (some reviewers recommend using a hairdryer to help bend the leaves), it's certainly worth the time spent if you want your large tree to look just so. As for the overall look, realistic details, including textured bark and leaves with a natural-looking texture and color, make the tree look anything but faux — just ask one Amazon reviewer, who wrote that “this is the most realistic-looking I've come across, even down to an applied, fuzzy, textured detailing where the leaf meets the branch, as on real fig leaf trees.”

You can buy the fig tree on its own, or paired with a faux snake plant in a decorative pot.

Positive Amazon review: “I really like this plant. In the past I e purchased two live fiddle leaf dig plants from my awesome neighborhood nursery and I’ve killed both. [...] This is my attempt to have green in my apartment because it makes me happy [...] It’s pretty gorgeous. The branches and the leaves. I’m surprised that it transported so well; no creased or stray leaves. It’s just perfect for me.”

3. A 72-Inch Tree With Lush Removable Leaves

This 6-foot-tall faux fiddle leaf tree makes a statement with its height, several plastic trunks, and a whopping 270 leaves that give it a lush and full look. The leaves are made from a combination of plastic and silk for a sturdy but still flexible feel, and can be rotated, bent, or removed altogether. Even the branches bend, giving you lots of freedom to create your ideal shape. While the non-decorative base seems disproportionately small compared to the full top of the tree, reviewers report that the plant is sturdy and not prone to falling over — and that it looks really good placed in a more proportional basket. If you are looking for a different size, this tree also comes in 4-, 5-, and 7-foot versions.

Positive Amazon review: “I LOVE this tree. I’m thinking about buying a couple more for some other spaces. The tree is exactly as described in the description, the quality is great and I have even had people [ask] me if it was a real tree. Usually these trees are SO expensive so I jumped on this one. I was really surprised at the great quality! Highly recommend.”