The 9 Best Gratitude Journals To Help Promote Positivity & Mindfulness

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When you’re late to work, spilled coffee on your new white top, and definitely left your straightener on back home, it’s safe to call it a pretty bad day. But instead of letting life get you down, try using the best gratitude journals to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Studies have shown that beginning a journaling practice can positively impact mental health, and these gratitude journals are thoughtfully designed to help you build habits to improve your general outlook. Rather than focusing on every fumble and downfall, they use carefully selected prompts and exercises to help you alter your own perspective to appreciate the little things in life.

Of course, not everyone is used to writing in a journal or has the same attention span for creating goals. Luckily, there’s a wide range of gratitude journals that appeal to different writing styles. Highly organized personalities may prefer a sectioned planner that offers space for daily affirmations or guided journals that use your personal goals and desires to help you craft a plan for success. Alternatively, free spirits may enjoy journals with plenty of space for free-writing and other forms of creative expression. And for self-proclaimed “terrible writers,” there are even journals designed for writing quick lists that only a few minutes each week.

So when it comes time to give yourself a little self-love today, here’s a rundown of the best gratitude journals on Amazon.


The Best Gratitude Journal With Tons Of Thoughtful Prompts

Start fostering gratitude in your everyday life with the Tiny Buddha Gratitude Journal. It features 160 pages of questions and prompts, including 15 relaxing coloring pages, designed to help you recognize the smaller blessings in life and focus on the positive. With prompts like “I appreciate that when I'm feeling down...” or “What challenges are you proud to overcome,” this journal is created to remind you of the little things that make you happy.

One reviewer wrote: “The best gratitude journal I’ve found [...] I love this gratitude journal! I’ve never done anything like this before. I bought a gratitude journal for a couple friends at work, and I bought this particular one for my daughter. This one is so special! I ended up buying it for myself and have used it for the last week and I love it so much. Definitely a good way to start the new year!”


Editor’s Choice: A Budget-Friendly Gratitude Journal For The Whole Year

If you’re looking to start a daily gratitude practice, Associate Commerce Editor Wesley Salazar recommends this budget-friendly gratitude journal as a great place to begin. “It’s basic,” Salazar explains, “but it has a colorful cover and designated space to write down what you’re thankful for every day.” Simple as it might be, the journal is divided into weekly spreads and with 52 weeks, it can last the entire year. For those starting to welcome more gratitude in their lives, according to Salazar, “it just might be the structure you need to get started — without feeling overwhelmed.” Plus, it has 26,000 ratings on Amazon and counting.

One reviewer wrote: “Love this journal! It is adorable and has little quotes and illustrations inside! There is space to write the date and 3 things you are thankful for each day. I like that the prompt is simple and quick to complete. It is a small goal that has helped me get in the habit of gratitude journaling daily! There is also space to write a highlight of the week. Would definitely recommend if a completely blank page or other journaling styles feel daunting!”


The Best Gratitude Journal To Nurture Your Creativity

This beautifully designed journal features supportive prompts that push you to reflect through writing exercises, charts, and drawings to nurture your mindfulness. With questions like “what are your three most frequent thoughts” interspersed with water-color quotes like “we become what we think,” this soft cover notebook offers 128 pages to explore your consciousness. One reviewer wrote: “Love this little journal with its prompts to get you to think, like doing a little soul-searching.”

One reviewer wrote: “This has helped me so much. I never knew what to write when I tried to journal before, and I always considered it a chore. This makes it interesting! And it’s not just writing things, it’s coloring, make lists, drawing (not for super artsy types), and so many other ways to express yourself. Very beneficial!!”


The Best Gratitude Journal For List-Makers

This best-selling hardcover journal has garnered more than 2,600 ratings on Amazon and counting. It features 160 pages filled with weekly lists carefully crafted to boost your happiness. It also features 52 prompts that encourage you to reflect and discover what makes you happy through writing down your thoughts in list form. As an added bonus, it’s gorgeously decorated on both the inside and out, with stunning travel photography and charming illustrations.

One reviewer wrote: “This journal is very well made, it’s hardcover and the binding is very intact and flexible. I love making lists- and to journal in lost form is not something I’ve ever really done so this is been a great way for me to organize my thoughts and really reflect on one thing at a time.”


The Best Free-Writing Journal With A Daily Gratitude Prompt

If you’re looking for an option for more traditional journal-writing, this six-month one is a great fit. Each daily page features a sizable section for writing down your thoughts, as well as smaller sections for listing three things you’re grateful for and a positive affirmation. It also includes sleep and habit tracker pages, and end-of-month prompts to reflect on what you learned. As a bonus, there are inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout the length of the journal to keep you motivated on your way to become the best version of yourself.

One reviewer wrote: “I was looking for a journal to help me stay grounded and grateful in these chaotic time. I love this journal so much. The structure is great, and it makes journaling approachable again for someone who’s been away from journaling for a long time. I love starting my day with the daily gratitude and affirmation sections. The habit trackers and monthly reviews are also great. When I fill up this journal, I will absolutely get another one.”


The Best 1-Minute Gratitude Journal

Just dedicating a minute to reflect on what you’re thankful for can make a difference when you’re building a gratitude practice. This 112-page gratitude journal is broken down into daily spreads with space to free-write what you’re grateful for. Set a timer for one minute and write away — and since it’s undated, you can take it at your own pace.

One reviewer wrote: “Lovely Journal [...] It is a very simple but that’s what I love about it because inspires me to write more what I am grateful for. Every page has a saying which are really great inspiration.”


The Best 90-Day Productivity Planner With Gratitude Prompts

The daily version of the Panda Planner offers an intensive approach to increasing your productivity and happiness over a 90-day span. Each month, you’ll start by planning out your goals, creating a loose schedule, and selecting a daily habit goal (think: flossing or meditating). Then, you’ll turn to the weekly section to create your goals for the week, break down projects, review the past week, and plan ahead for the next. Finally, the daily pages help you track what you are grateful for, your daily affirmation, and schedule out your day. It’s undated, so you’re welcome to start at any point in the year.

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve been using Panda Planners for 5 years after being introduced to them by my mom. They’re literally the best of everything in one. Especially love having the morning gratitude check in and end of day check in!”


The Best Annual Productivity Planner With Gratitude Prompts

Centered on the “law of attraction,” this deluxe 12-month planner includes a foldable vision board, morning and evening power questions, mind maps, reflection pages, habit trackers, and a gratitude journal to help put your happiness first. Weekly and monthly feel-good lists help you track your progress and keep you focused. The undated planner also has a soft faux leather exterior — available in 11 colors and designs— and it also includes stickers to personalize your planner.

One reviewer wrote: “Absolutely amazing must have planner for success! it has personal coaching, vision board, heartfelt motivational, everything in one. My second year buying it again for myself and as gifts!”


The Best Self-Care Gratitude Journal

This 12-week guided journal includes daily pages to track your mood and self-care needs, and center your mental health. It also provides dedicated spaces to list your daily wins and gratitude reflection. The monthly pages offer the opportunity to mull over your larger accomplishments and overall well-being. Post-therapy session prompts encourage you to make note of topics discussed and helpful takeaways for the future.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this journal! It helps you to reflect on your day as well as your week. It asks you for both what gave you anxiety and what wins you had for the day. There’s also a daily log to keep track of a goal you want to do each day. Highly recommend.”

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