The 4 Best Heavy Comforters

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While airy, light comforters are popular, some sleepers swear by the soothing quality of heavy-duty bedding. The best heavy comforters are made of wool, a natural fabric that is dense and warm. That said, if you're after the warmest comforter and are willing to sacrifice some weight, down is worth considering, as is budget-friendly down alternative, as long as you know what weight numbers to look for to guarantee you're getting an appropriately heavy covering.

  • Wool: Comforters made from wool tend to be the heaviest bedding option, but they have more to offer than weight alone: They're naturally moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating, so they’re surprisingly comfortable on both warmer and colder days, but keep in mind they’ll be more expensive, too. A wool comforter's GSM refers to the grams of filling per square meter, and the higher the number, the warmer it will be. As a guide, 300 to 400 GSM is made for fall or spring months, and 450+ GSM is ideal for the coldest temperatures, although that fill level is often hard to come by.
  • Down: A popular choice for warmth, many down comforters are made with a mix of down and feathers. Down weight is measured in fill power, which is the amount of space that one ounce of down takes up, expressed in cubic inches. A fill power of 650 or higher offers unbeatable warmth.
  • Down alternatives — They may not be quite as warm as down, but down alternatives are a more affordable option that are vegan-friendly, good for allergy sufferers, and also easier to clean — but they're made from synthetic materials that are less breathable. If you decide to go for a down alternative, choose one that suits your temperature needs by taking note of its GSM. One above 400 GSM will be toasty warm.

With all this in mind, here are the four best heavy comforters for cozy nights ahead.

1. The Best Wool Comforter

  • Available sizes: Crib, Twin, Queen (featured), King, King XL

The best wool comforter brings comfort and warmth to your bed with temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. The 400 GSM wool filling, which according to the manufacturer is about 30% higher than similar brands, is covered in a silky sateen cotton cover. This GOTS-certified comforter is a sustainable choice that is also conveniently machine washable on a delicate cycle. This highly rated pick weighs 8 pounds, and many reviewers commented that it may be a splurge purchase, but it's one that is substantial, warm, and cozy.

A helpful review: “High quality duvet. The extra weight makes a huge difference in sleep quality for me. Also, I live in Tucson, and while it has extra weight, it is not too warm and breathes well. Highly recommended."

2. The Best Goose Down Comforter

  • Available sizes: Twin, Queen (featured), King

If you love the feel of airy down, this goose down comforter is for you. This highly rated pick with over 1,800 reviews has a premium and heavy-duty 750 fill power using 100% goose down; the fluffiest kind of down there is. Some reviewers noted that while it's incredibly warm, it doesn't feel that heavy, which is something to keep in mind if you want a weightier comforter.

The cover is made of Egyptian cotton and polyester, and there are eight corner tabs to securely attach it to a duvet cover. Its baffle box construction prevents lumps and keeps the filling in place so feathers don't escape. This luxurious and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 pick is free of harmful substances but does require some more careful care. Spot or dry clean the 7-pound comforter as needed, and know that you can re-fluff it in a dryer on low.

A helpful review: “BEST purchase I've ever made to keep myself warm and comfy. Look, when you first get it, you're gonna have doubts because it hasn't had time to puff up and at first it will seem a little thin since it was vacuum sealed tightly. So be patient! Give it 2-3 days and/or put it in the dryer and you'll have the comfiest, puffiest, cloud-like blanket you've ever owned. It is incredibly warm and will definitely keep me cozy during the Chicago winter times.”

3. The Most Affordable Down Alternative Comforter

  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen (featured), Oversized Queen, King, California King, Oversized King

With a 4.7-star rating and nearly 2,000 reviews on Amazon, the best down alternative comforter for weight and warmth is made with 400 GSM and weighs 7 pounds. This pick is significantly less pricey than the first, but reviewers noted that it is heavy, thick, and fluffy, making it an ideal comforter for cold nights, especially for someone looking for a hypoallergenic option.

This machine-washable brushed microfiber comforter is filled with polyester and features loops to tie to a duvet cover. This budget comforter is seriously cozy for under $40.

A helpful review: “Wow very fluffy and cozy. I got heavy warmth in oversized queen and I am impressed! I use it with a duvet cover and it keeps me and hubby warm during the winter without needing any extra blankets. Also really gives us that luxurious/hotel feeling. I did a lot of research before choosing this one. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.”

4. An Even Heavier Down Alternative Pick

  • Available sizes: Twin- XL, Full Full-XL, Queen (featured), Olympic Queen, King, Grand King, California King, Oversized King, Eastern King, Palatial King

If you get really cold at night and need one of the warmest comforters you can find, this down alternative comforter is designed with a toasty 500 GSM microfiber filling and a soft Egyptian cotton cover. It has box stitching with corner tabs so that it also works as a duvet and the set includes three pieces: a comforter and two pillow shams. The comforter is machine washable and safe to tumble dry on low. It boasts a 4.5-star rating and is available in 17 colors like neutral white, ivory, and navy, as well as rich shades of burgundy, turquoise, and more. The weight is not listed for this pick, but several reviewers noted that it feels "heavy" and not "puffy."

A helpful review: “Perfect size for my king bed. Warm enough to sleep but not too hot. Glad I purchased."