The 57 Best Home Upgrades Under $35 On Amazon

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If there’s any one thing I’ve learned from owning a home, it’s that little touches can make a huge difference. Since I’ve moved in, I’ve skipped expensive renovations, but I’ve managed to make the space infinitely more practical and entirely my own — all while adhering to a budget that still allows me to pay the mortgage and propane bill. How? The best home upgrades under $35 on Amazon.

I’ve realized that you don’t need hundreds of dollars to make your bed feel like a cloud or to organize your kitchen Home Edit style. Even seemingly huge projects (like voice-activating your lights, changing the pattern on your countertop, or putting a rainfall showerhead in your bathroom) can be quick, easy, inexpensive, and done without hiring a professional if you know where to look. Then, there are the things that make your home much safer — like super affordable security cameras and smart plugs that allow you to turn off your hair straightener from anywhere in the world. No matter what the phrase “home upgrades” means to you, Amazon pretty much always has you covered.

I’m not the only one who thinks so, though. These 57 items have hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of five-star reviews, and despite how brilliant they are, not one of them will cost you more than $35.


A Mirror That Looks High-End, But Sticks Right On

Because each order of these mirror decals have 32 separate hexagonal pieces, they look especially modern and can be arranged any way you want. That said, the set costs $14 and comes with a self-adhesive backing, so you can just peel and stick. Reviewers have used them to make eye-catching backsplashes behind wet bars, stylish vanities for better mornings, and functional wall pieces for their living spaces and bedrooms.


These $21 Strips For Custom-Lit Cabinetry

Custom lighting underneath your cabinets can cost hundreds — but this top-rated, DIY kit is just $21. It comes with six LED strips and self-adhesive tape, so you can illuminate your kitchen (or your media center, closets, and bookshelves) without the need for an electrician. You can control them from afar with the wireless remote, which has options for dimming and built-in timers.


This Adjustable Makeup Organizer With 13,000+ Reviews

“This organizer has been a lifesaver and makes my bathroom 90% cleaner than it was before,” one reviewer wrote. Another noted, “This product has transformed my sink immensely.” In fact, the Sanipoe makeup organizer has more than 13,000 reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating. It rotates, has adjustable shelves, and holds all your makeup essentials vertically so you can optimize your counter space.


These Magnetic Accents That Transform Your Garage Door In Seconds

Buy them, unbox them, and stick them onto the metal using the built-in magnets. That’s all you need to do to transform your existing garage door with these decorative accents. Each order comes with four hinges and two handles. According to comments and the nearly perfect rating, they’re a “really fun upgrade” and so easy “your kid could install them.”


The Baskets Reviewers Call The “Perfect Space Saving Organizer”

Transform your cabinet space with these slide-out baskets from Madesmart. Since they’re compact and come with built-in dividers, they’re great for your makeup and toiletries in the bathroom, too — but they work equally well in pantries, cleaning cabinets, offices, or crafting spaces.


This Under-Sink Organizer That Feels Custom-Made

If you have trouble optimizing the storage space under your kitchen or bathroom sink, you’re not alone; the plumbing is often hard to work around, and one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short. Cue the SpicyShelf organizer, which allows ample room for the pipes while also doubling your bottle storage space. Since it’s expandable in its height, depth, and width, it’ll feel custom-made for your cabinet.


These Vinyl Backsplash Sheets That Stick Right On

Don’t want to tile and grout? These brilliant backsplash sheets come in five different color options and stick right on. They’re also made from vinyl, so they’re easy to clean and resistant to heat and moisture. Each set covers 8.2 square feet and (at $34 a pop) is a super inexpensive way to transform your kitchen or bathroom.


An Remote Control Kit For Hard-To-Reach Light Fixtures

If you have a light fixture that’s a pain to manually switch on, consider snagging this remote-control lamp socket. Just screw the socket into the existing feature and use the remote to turn the bulb on and off. The kit also comes with a plate to attach the remote to the wall — no electrical rewiring needed.


This Shelf-Adjustable Rack For Your Wall Or Door

Those with small pantries can nearly double their storage space with the ClosetMaid rack — or they can use it in their bedrooms, bathrooms, or spice cabinets. It offers eight tiers of shelving, all of which are made from sturdy steel and allow you to adjust the heights based on your needs. Most importantly, it mounts over a door or against a wall to easily create storage space where there was none before.


These Outlet Plates With Built-In Lighting

When you’re not an electrician but love the idea of custom lighting, these SnapPower Guidelights are the way to go. Just snap them on in place of your old switchplates, no batteries, wires, or mounts required. They’ll light your way through hallways, up stairs, and in place of nightlights with a subtle LED glow that costs less than $0.10 a year to power.


This Smart Plug You Can Use Outdoors

Smart plugs are an amazing tool when you want to upgrade just about any gadget, so you can control it with your voice, via your phone, or through automatic timers. Most of them, however, are limited to indoor use — but not this TP-Link Kasa outdoor plug. This one is weather-resistant, IP64-rated for dust and drizzles, and has a Wi-Fi range of 300 feet. That way, you can group all your patio lights together, put your sprinklers on automatic timers, or turn on your pest control tools from anywhere.


The Best-Selling Outdoor Solar Lights

A best-seller in landscaping lights, these SUNNEST solar lights have more than 14,000 reviews because they stick right in the ground and illuminate your path using nothing but the power of the sun. You can get a pack of 12 in cool white, warm white, or multi-colored. Finally, they’re bright, waterproof, durable, and “super easy to use,” according to a reviewer.


A Smart Security Camera For Your Home

If you thought a reliable security camera would cost you hundreds of dollars, think again. This Kasa home camera is a fan-favorite with 3,500-plus ratings on Amazon — but it costs under $35. Still, don’t let the price fool you; this smart camera has high-def live streaming that you can access from anywhere, automatic alerts when it senses noises and movements, impressive night vision, and Alexa- and Google Assistant-compatibility so you can control it with your voice.


An Organizer That Slides Out So You Can Reach All The Way To The Back

ClosetMaid does it again with this basket organizer, which slides out so you can reach the stuff in the back with ease. Thanks to its compact shape, moderate height, easy-glide system, and steel construction, you can use it everywhere from your pantry to under the kitchen sink. “I'm glad I bought these instead of paying the cabinet company to install custom pullouts,” one reviewer wrote.


These Interlocking Faux-Wood Tiles You Can Use Outside

Looking to warm up your balcony, porch, or backyard? These interlocking tiles are made out of a wood-plastic composite and designed to self-drain and resist slipping so you can use them inside or outside. Plus, they have a hardwood-like appearance and snap into place without any tools. Reviewers have called them an “easy peasy solution to [an] ugly deck” and “so sturdy [and] so easy to install.”


A Dual Dispenser For Your Dry Food

Cereal, pet food, snacks, candy — whatever you fill it with, reviewers agree that the ZevrO dispenser is a “neat and unique way to store food.” Each of the dual containers dispenses an ounce of food at a time for one-handed, spill-free serving, and the lid keeps everything fresher for longer. Finally, the materials are scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and available in four colors.


This Wall Outlet Expander With 6 Outlets, 2 USBs & A Shelf

Make a charging hub in your home, add some much-needed power outlets to your bathroom, or create an impromptu side table by your bed. Since the AllStore Innovations socket shelf has six AC outlets, two USB ports, and a built-in shelf, it’s ideal for all of those scenarios. Reviewers also love that it’s UL-listed and doubles as a surge protector.


This Hook-And-Shelf Station That Just Slips Over The Door

Renters rejoice: The NEX organizer installs over virtually any door without the need for holes, screws, or permanent damage but still adds two shelves and five hooks for all of your essentials. Some use it in their bathrooms for towels and toiletries, while others have made entryway storage stations for their coats, bags, keys, and hats. Since it’s made from durable steel, it can support up to 50 pounds.


This $5 Upgrade For Your Shower Curtain Rod

Ditch those plastic shower curtain rings and upgrade to these stainless steel ones — they’re just $5. Thanks to the four spherical balls on each one, they glide with ease along the rod, and they’re strong enough to hold the heaviest of curtains. Finally, they’re made from chrome-plated steel, so they won’t rust, and they lend a high-end touch to your bathroom.


This $8 Vacuum Attachment So You Can De-Lint Yout Dryer

One reviewer thought their dryer was broken, and they’d need to buy a new one — but “after vacuuming the line” with the Sealegend vent cleaner attachment, the dryer worked “good as new!” Attach the adapter to the hose of most home or shop vacuums and start cleaning your machine using the two suction settings and the flexible, 33-inch hose. It’ll remove lint and other buildup so you can dry your clothes more efficiently.


This Drain Cover So You Can Fill The Tub All The Way

I was ridiculously excited to finally have my own bathtub — until I realized that the water only reached up to my waist thanks to the low overflow drain. Luckily, the SlipX Solutions drain cover is a thing. It has a universal design that fits most tubs, and it attaches securely with suction cups for an ultra-tight seal. It then allows you to fill the tub inches higher (and you won’t have to listen to that constant trickle), but still prevents overflowing with a safety hole.


These Dry-Erase Sticky Notes You Can Reuse Countless Times

Finally, if your household runs on lists and reminders (or if you’d like it to), consider these Quick Canary dry erase sticky notes. Each order comes with six magnetic sheets that you can attach to appliances, but they’re also sticky for damage-free use on walls, desks, cabinets, windows, and organizers. You also get two markers with built-in erasers. No wonder past buyers have called them “game-changing.” Choose from a range of sizes and pack sizes.


An Upgraded Sprinkler That’s Less Than $15

With its three adjustable arms, 36 spray units, three different water patterns, and up to 49 feet of reach, most reviewers agree that the WOVUU is a serious upgrade from their former sprinkler. It also works with two of the most popular hose types, and it won’t cost you more than $15. “This sprinkler was very easy to set up and covers a large area (360 degrees) without having to finagle the dials on an oscillating sprinkler,” one reviewer wrote.


This Self-Adjusting Holder For Brooms, Mops & Rakes

Whether you use it in your garage, utility closet, pantry, or shed, reviewers agree that the Home-It storage system is a “must-have product” with a “brilliant design.” Using self-adjusting tension balls, it holds up to six brooms, rakes, or mops of virtually any handle size. (You can also use it for sports equipment.) In addition, it has six hooks in between for tons of over things, too.


These Transparent Chair Leg Covers That Actually Stay On

Protect your floors with some leg pads that actually stay on. These covers from Aneaseit are made from a silicone material that stretches and bends to fit most chair- and furniture legs, regardless of their shape and size. They then have a felt pad on the bottom that won’t detach or scratch as you slide your furniture. Since they’re mostly transparent, they blend into any color.


A Non-Scratch Organizer Rack For Your Pans

This $18 rack has more than 14,000 reviews because it seriously improves your kitchen’s pan storage. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, but either way, it keeps your frying pans (or baking supplies) separate so you can grab one with ease — without scratching the nonstick surface or making tons of noise. “It was easy to put together,” wrote one reviewer who wished they “had bought something like this years ago.”


This Space-Saving Hanger For Hard-To-Hang Garments

This closet organizer is great for things that are notoriously hard to hang without slipping, like camis, bras, bathing suits, and strappy dresses. (Basically, everything that usually ends up on your closet floor.) What’s more, it can hold up to eight garments at once, all without bending.


A Dispenser To Organize & Reuse Plastic Bags

It’s time to finally take back that cabinet — the one where you stuff all of those plastic bags. This solution from Greenco organizes and dispenses dozens of old grocery bags in a compact, wall-mountable unit. You can also put it under a shelf or inside of a cabinet, and it’s easy to install using the included screws or adhesive tape.


These Reusable Pins To Keep Duvet Inserts From Bunching

Don’t let a lumpy, bunched duvet insert get you down — these magnetic Pinion Pins are designed to keep your bedding neatly in place. Just push the pin through both your duvet and insert; when you need to take off the duvet, use the included key to pull the magnets apart and remove the pins. One reviewer raved, “I was about to give up on duvets altogether before I found these. Super easy to install, unnoticeable on the duvet, and the blanket doesn’t budge!”


This Self-Adhering Door Seal That Prevents Drafts

While standard weather stripping is often expensive and a pain to install, this door seal from Suptikes is a quick, easy, and affordable way to minimize drafts in your home. It attaches to both indoor or outdoor entrances using a strong adhesive — and it blocks odors, noise, and lights from getting underneath your door, too. Trim them to your ideal length and choose between four different color options.


These Smudge-Preventing Covers For Your Appliance Handles

Stainless steel appliances are undeniably nice to look at, but the all-too-common fingerprints are not. Cue these handle covers, which prevent smudges, absorb moisture, and keep your fridge looking clean. Since they’re adjustable and attach using Velcro, they fit most brands of refrigerators (not to mention some microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers). Finally, they’re machine-washable to keep them clean long-term.


This $27 Comforter With 47,000+ Perfect 5-Star Reviews

It’s stuffed with down-alternative, covered in soft microfiber, and costs less than $30, but reviewers write that they’ve tried “100$+ comforters” that “weren’t even as good as this one.” In fact, the Utopia Bedding insert has almost 60,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating. Since it comes in a wide range of colors, you can use it with or without a duvet cover, and it’s weighty yet breathable for any-season use.


These Cheap Gel Pillows That Are The Best Reviewers Have Ever Tried

“I’ve tried everything including memory foam and down,” wrote one reviewer, and “these are better.” Another buyer agreed, writing: “Best pillow I’ve ever had!” These DreamNorth ones are filled with a poly-gel fiber, which is soft, supportive, and adaptive all at the same time. They’re also hypoallergenic and come with dust-resistant covers made from 100% cotton.


This Lighter That’s USB-Rechargeable

As a candle enthusiast, this USB-rechargeable lighter was one of the best things I’ve ever bought. It’s safer than matches and more budget-friendly than lighters. It uses a windproof plasma spark to create a flame (far away from your fingers), and it can be recharged over and over again. This upgraded version even has LED lights that tell you when it’s running low on power.


A Shag Area Rug For An Unbeatable Price

If you’ve gone rug shopping recently, you know that retailers charge hundreds of dollars for something you walk on. The ACTCUT area rug, however, is plush, soft, and stylish — and most sizes and colors cost less than $30. “For the little money I spent on it I couldn't be happier,” one reviewer wrote. “The material is super soft (my main priority) and it is thick enough to be bouncy when you step on it.” Choose from seven sizes and more than 20 colors and patterns.


These Silky Pillowcases With 150,000+ Reviews

These satin pillowcases have over 150,000 reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating. Reviewers report that they’re cooling, breathable, and sleek-looking, but many also love them for the beauty benefits. Since the material is silky and non-absorbent, they are gentler on skin and hair. Get the set of two in four sizes and 20-plus colors.


A Sink-Side Organizer For Your Dishwashing Essentials

Keep your soap, scrub brushes, and sponges organized and hygienic. The ODesign countertop holder is made from stainless steel that won’t rust, and it has designated spots for all of your dishwashing essentials. It may seem simple, but reviewers really appreciate it. “I love it,” one wrote. “It's great to have my countertop clear and organized.”


This Outlet Extender & Nightlight With USB Ports

The POWRUI extender seriously upgrades any outlet in your home, and all you have to do is plug it in. It has six AC outlets, two USB ports, and a night light that automatically senses the brightness in the room and adjusts accordingly. “I was constantly having to unplug something in my kitchen to make room,” one reviewer wrote, but now, they’ll “run out of counter space before [they] run out of outlets.”


These Floating Shelves That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are

Add both usable storage and a designer touch to any wall with these floating shelves. Even though they’re made from high-quality materials (metal and wood), a set of two costs less than $30. Reviewers tend to place them over their toilets, but they look equally great when installed in the kitchen, entryway, bedroom, or hall.


Some LED Night Lights With Smart Sensors

Bright enough to light your way, but subtle enough that they won’t hurt your eyes in the dark, these Uigos night lights have almost 20,000 reviews for a reason. The built-in smart sensor ensures that the lights only switch on from dusk to dawn, and the design is compact enough that they won’t block the second outlet from use. According to one reviewer, they’re “simple, sleek, lightweight and work perfectly.”


These $12 Corduroy Covers For Your Throw Pillows

These MIULEE pillow covers are made from soft corduroy in your choice of just about any color so you can customize your couch while getting comfortable. They only cost $12 for a pair — and since they come in six other additional sizes, you can make over just about any throw pillow in your home.


A Genius Magnetic Storage Rack For Your Fridge

If you’re short on storage, you’re probably using the space above your refrigerator — but what about the space on the side of it? This genius rack attaches to your fridge (or any other large magnetic surface) using a strong magnetic backing. It then provides two shelves for bottles and ingredients, two bars for rags and paper towels, and five hooks for tools and utensils. Get it in black, gray, or white.


These Under-Shelf Baskets That Maximize Storage Space

You can only stack things so high before they become inaccessible and unstable. The SimpleHouseware under-shelf baskets, however, create storage using the floating space between your shelves. Simply slip them on, and they’ll hold snacks, boxes, cans, toiletries, towels, and even dishes.


This Voice-Compatible Smart Bulb That Doesn’t Need A Hub

Choose between endless color options; dim and brighten your lights; set automatic schedules; use your phone to make it look like someone’s home — even when you’re states away. Turn off the light (without getting out of bed) simply by saying, “Alexa, turn off the bedroom.” All of the aforementioned are possible with the TP-Link Kasa smart bulb, which is compatible with most major virtual assistants and doesn’t even require a hub to work.


A Curtain Of String Lights For A Cozy, Whimsical Touch

Fairy lights are whimsical and gorgeous in string form — but in curtain form, reviewers report that they “add real character to a cozy space.” Each set has 300 LED bulbs that cascade to the floor in a warm white glow (but they’re also available in multicolored). Buyers have used them to transform window accents, holiday displays, bed canopies, reading nooks, and outdoor spaces. And luckily, reviewers report that they’re really easy to hang.


This Powerful Combo Showerhead For $35

High water pressure is a must. I have a white dog who loves to get dirty, and I’m not a plumber. As a result, I needed something that was powerful, had a hand-held sprayer, and was easy to install, and despite its affordable $35 price tag, the AquaDance combo showerhead fit the bill. While the chrome-plated exterior looks great in my bathroom, it also comes in oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. Over 22,000 reviewers have given it 4.5 stars overall.


This Drain Protector That Catches Hair Before They Become A Clog

Upon moving into my house, one of my first projects was snaking the drain in the bathroom. After what came out, I vowed I’d never do it again, so I bought a SinkShroom. This revolutionary plug catches hairs thanks to its 3-D mushroom-shaped design, but it still has ample drain holes to allow water to flow through uninterrupted. It also comes in stainless steel so it blends right in, and you can get it with or without a stopper.


The Best-Selling Sheets Set On Amazon

Is it really an upgrade from your current sheets set if it costs just $33? The 150,000-plus five-star reviews report that they are. These Mellanni bed sheets are the best-selling set on Amazon because they’re made from super soft microfiber, which wicks moisture, resists stains and wrinkles, washes well, and feels like silk against the skin. Get the set in a huge range of different sizes, colors, and patterns.


These Battery-Operated Candles Made With Real Wax

These Vinkor candles add a warm glow to your space and are made using real wax, but since they’re battery-operated, you don't have to worry about messes or accidents. Each set comes with nine candles of varying heights and a remote control that lets you dim, brighten, and set automatic timers.


These Color-Changing Strip Lights

Use the included remote to dim or switch settings, choose between 16 million color options from your phone or sync the lights with your music or movies thanks to the sensitive built-in microphones. These AERZETIX strip lights (which span over 65 feet) offer virtually endless options for high-end mood lighting in your home. Because of the built-in adhesive and included clips, they’re easy to install under your bed, behind your TV, along your walls, under your cabinets, or just about anything else.


This Self-Adhesive Paper That Looks Like Real Marble

The reviewer images for this PracticalWs marble contact paper are DIY goals. People have transformed their bathroom vanities, upgraded their kitchen counters, reinvented their laundry spaces, and upcycled their desks and side tables, all for $7 a roll. While it may look like real marble, the PVC material is durable and water-resistant to stand up to wear and tear — plus, it has a self-adhesive coating on the back for mess-free application.


These Sheer Curtains That Look Like Willow Leaves

While the Norbi window curtain adds the slightest bit of sun-filtering privacy to your window, its fabric background is mostly sheer to give the appearance of weeping willow leaves cascading towards the floor — for only $11 a panel. If you don’t love the green, you can get them in several other colors, and reviewers have great things to say: “These sheers are beautiful,” one reviewer wrote. “I put them on a screened back porch and have received many compliments.”


This Collapsible Hanging Trash Can That Attaches Where You Need It

Prep with more efficiency and with less mess thanks to the Subekyu hanging trash can. It mounts onto the side of just about any drawer or cabinet, so when you’re done chopping or peeling, you can just push the waste right in. It’s also collapsible for easy storage, and it works just as well in your bathroom, bedroom, or garage.


This $6 Sharpener That Makes Your Knives “Better Than Brand New”

“I’ve been looking at some expensive knife sets because all mine were dull,” wrote one reviewer, who ended up buying this KitchenIQ sharpener instead. “It works like a charm, just a few strokes on this sharpener and it’s better than brand new! All my knives are sharp again and I’m slicing paper thin onions like magic.” Each one has two different stages — one for quick touch-ups and one for fine polishing — and the whole thing costs just $6.


These Affordable Smart Plugs That’ll Improve Your Quality Of Life

Plug virtually any lamp, appliance, humidifier, or hair tool into one of these smart plugs to control it from anywhere. Using the app on your phone, you can turn it on, turn it off, or set it to automatic schedules, and since they also work with Alexa and Google Home, your electronics can become voice-activated, too.


A Hanging Wine Rack That Makes The Most Of Your Shelf Space

Make the most of your shelf space and turn your wine glasses into a statement piece with this FOMANSH hanging rack. It mounts underneath a cabinet to display up to nine glasses at once, plus they dry streak-free thanks to the upside-down design. Since the rack is made from iron, it’s both sturdy and rust-resistant, too.


This Comfy Kitchen Map That’s Made With Gel Foam

If you could use some more support as you’re doing kitchen chores, do yourself a favor: Get this cushioned mat. It’s constructed with gel foam and PVC that’s built to last, plus a water-resistant top surface and nonslip bottom to keep it from sliding around on hard floors.

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