The 9 Best iPad Chargers, According To iPad Owners & Experts

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by Andrea Hannah
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Since iPads are notoriously slow to charge, finding a fast charger for your device can save you a lot of time in the long run. The best iPad chargers charge your tablet significantly faster than the Apple charger that came with your device, and feature a higher wattage power adapter and a fast-charging cable compatible with your model. But with any iPad accessory, whether that’s a great iPad stand, a screen protector, or tablet-friendly headphones, there are a lot of options. So where do you start?

What To Look For When Choosing An iPad Charger

Any iPad charger is a story in two parts: the USB power adapter and the charging cable. But, let’s start with the USB power adapter, or the port of your charger. The first measurement you’ll want to pay mind is wattage. While the standard Apple-brand USB power adapter offers 5 watts of power, by upgrading to a higher wattage adapter, you’ll harness a bit of extra power when you’re charging your iPad.

So the higher the wattage, the better? Not exactly. While there’s no downside from a safety perspective to using a higher wattage charger, they tend to cost more. And, since each of your devices has a maximum wattage it can receive and utilize from a charger, there’s no need to grab the highest wattage you can find. Apple recommends their 20-watt power adapter for their iPad Pro and Air models, and that’s the charger that is issued with many of today’s iPads. But, when independently tested, an iPad Pro takes over an hour to charge fully with a 20-watt power adapter. Since iPad Pros that are 2018 or newer can actually charge at 30 watts, opting for a higher wattage adapter to the tune of at least 30 watts can facilitate faster charging for certain iPads. These high-wattage adapters also have the benefit of providing more power for charging even larger devices like a Macbook or Macbook Air.

And, what about the cable? Keep in mind, depending on your iPad model, you’ll need to look for a different style of cable. While newer iPad Pros and iPad Airs use USB-C cables, a lot of older tablets and the classic iPad and iPad Mini use Lightning cables. Pay mind to which one you need when shopping.

And, if your iPad model facilitates fast charging (most new iPad Pros and some new iPad Airs do, but here’s a helpful thread if you’re unsure) you’ll want to look for both a power adapter and a cable that offers USB Power Delivery, also known as USB-PD or just PD. All the chargers below offer Power Delivery or are PD compatible, so your bases are covered with each of these picks.

Beyond those features, keep your needs top of mind. The length of the charging cable, number of ports offered, and overall wattage of the power adapter will also affect how you use these and how many devices you can charge at once.

Shop The Best iPad Chargers

In a hurry? Here are the best iPad chargers.

  1. The Best Overall iPad Charger: Aioneus 30-Watt 3-Port Charging Block With PD
  2. The Expert Pick: Nekteck 60-Watt USB-C Charger
  3. The Most Compact: Anker 30-Watt USB-C Wall Charger With Power Delivery
  4. The Cult-Favorite: Quntis 20-Watt USB-C Charger
  5. The Best For Multiple Devices: Nekteck 107W USB-C Charger
  6. The Original Lightning Cable: Apple Lightning To USB-C Cable
  7. The Best Value Lightning Cables: Quntis USB-C To Lightning Cables (3-Pack)
  8. The Original USB-C Charge Cable: Apple USB-C Charge Cable
  9. The Best Value USB-C Cables: NIMASO USB-C to USB-C Fast Charging Cable (3-Pack)

Not sure which charger is best for an iPad? Here are a few favorites to help you narrow it down.

1. The Best Overall iPad Charger

This Aeioneus adapter features a 30-watt power supply from two 12-watt USB-A ports and an 18-watt USB-C port and is outfitted with Power Delivery. While there are other chargers on this list that offer more wattage, they come with higher price tags, and this is a great choice especially for the price. While this doesn’t come with any of the cables you’ll need, there are some further down on this list you can buy to use with this, or you can use the iPad charging cable that came with your device, along with this adapter.

One reviewer wrote: “2 months after purchase, working great. I use it charge up my iPad 7th gen and my PD power bank. Charges fast as expected. My only complaint is that initially the ports are a bit tight when inserting cables. After a few times of inserting and unplugging, they have loosened up.”

Wattage: 12 watts (each USB-A), 18 watts (USB-C) | Cable included: No

2. The Expert Pick

When independently tested, this 60-watt Nekteck adapter was voted the best replacement for your Apple iPad charger by Wirecutter, and comes with a few extra benefits that may make it worth your money. This charger comes with a USB-C cable included, is Power Delivery compatible for fast charging, and offers 60 watts of power to charge your tablet or laptop. It’s also been certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB IF) that it accurately charges and meets safety specifications. There are two reasons this charger didn’t end up higher on this list. First, the single port is limiting, and while 6o watts is enough power to charge multiple devices, you’ll only be able to charge one at a time with this adapter. And, since the included, 6.6-feet cord is a USB-C cable, it may not be the right choice for those of you with the classic iPad or the iPad Mini, which charge via Lightning cables.

One reviewer wrote: “Works as advertised if you use it for the products it was designed for. Charges our Apple Mac Air and iPad pro super fast!!”

Wattage: 60 watts | Cable included: Yes, USB-C cable

Also available on: Walmart, $30

3. The Most Compact

From the tried-and-true brand Anker, this 30-watt charger is a compact alternative to the others on this list, for a slightly higher price. Not only is this outfitted with Power Delivery for fast charging, but it’s roughly the size of a golfball, so you can easily throw it in a purse on carry-on bag when you’re on the go. For the price, there’s better value on this list. But, for anyone looking for a small power adapter that you can pair with your existing cable (a charging cable is not included), this is a standout choice.

One reviewer wrote: “Charges my MacBook Air and iPad Pro as fast as the OEM chargers, maybe a bit faster. Also charges my MacBook Pro, though at a slower speed (the pro normally uses a 61-watt charger). Almost unbelievably small. Excellent built quality. Bought a couple extras, we have quite a few usb-c devices and this charges all of them. Great value for the money. Highly recommended.”

Wattage: 30 watts | Cable included: No

Also available on: Walmart, $30

4. The Cult-Favorite

This Quntis charger has a lower wattage than the others on this list, but it has earned over 15,000 Amazon reviews and counting, making this one of the most popular iPad chargers on Amazon. For less than $20, you’ll get a 20-watt power adapter and a Lightning cable (20 watts is actually the wattage of the iPad charger most often issued with your iPad). The 6-foot Lightning cable is a generous length, and it features Power Delivery for fast charging. (Note: If you have a recent iPad Pro or iPad Air, you will need a USB-C to USB-C cable, not a Lightning cable to charge your device.)

One reviewer wrote: “I keep one of the fast chargers on the stand next to my favorite chair. It does charge electronic devices faster than a regular plug. I have used it for my iPhone and my iPad. I like it because it is speedy and dependable.”

Wattage: 20 watts | Cable included: Yes, Lightning cable

5. The Best For Multiple Devices

If you have multiple devices you want to charge at the same time, this charging station features two USB-A ports that emit 12 watts of power each, which exceeds Apple’s standard 5-watt iPhone charger, as well as one 65-watt USB-C port and one 30-watt USB-C port, both outfitted with Power Delivery. Made by the same brand as the expert pick above, this charging station is also USB-IF certified for accuracy and safety compliance. And because this device is so slim and lightweight, it can tuck into corners or tight spaces in your home. It’s pricey, but this charging station is definitely the most powerful choice if you plan on charging multiple devices.

One reviewer wrote: “This thing charges the hell out of a laptop, but also works for tablets, phones, etc. It’s great for when you find yourself in a hotel room or airbnb with 1 plug. I like that both the power cord and the supplied usb-c charging cable detach from the block so it can be easily stowed. If I roll with the usb-c cable and a usb -> lightning cable I have everything I need to charge laptop, phone, and tablet. Very cool.”

Wattage: 12 watts (USB-A), 65 watts (USB-C), 30 watts (second USB-C) | Cable included: Yes, USB-C cable

Also available on: Walmart, $40

6. The Original Lightning Cable

Since a few of the power adapters above are sold without charging cables, this Apple lighting to USB-C cable can be a good purchase for charging earlier model iPad Pros and Airs, or the classic iPad or iPad Mini. (Be sure to check your own device before buying any charging cable.) This Lightning cable is a standard 1-meter or 3.28-feet in length and is Power Delivery compatible. That said, this cable is pretty expensive for what you’re getting. But if you want the sense of security of using Apple brand cables, this cable will get the job done.

One reviewer wrote: “The connectors fit my iPhone and iPad perfectly. The cable is flexible and appears to be durable. Recommended!”

Cable type: Lightning cable | Length: 1 meter (3.3 feet)

Also available on: Best Buy, $18

7. The Best Value Lightning Cables

If you’re looking for a more cost-conscious solution, this three-pack of 6-foot Lightning cables is the way to go and is PD compatible. They’re also MFi certified (that stands for Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod, and is generally something to look out for when shopping for off-brand Lightning cables, in order to protect your device). They’ve also earned over 6,000 Amazon ratings, with many satisfied reviewers praising how well these work on their iPads. For less than the price of a single Apple branded cord, you can get three Lightning cables, making it a steal for iPad owners.

One reviewer wrote: “I like that it charges faster and you can use it on IPods, iPads, iPhones and EarPods ! Fast charging is great to have! Sturdy! Durable!”

Cable type: Lightning cable | Length: 6 feet

8. The Original USB-C Charge Cable

To charge iPad Pros third generation or later (2018 and later), or iPad Airs fourth generation or later (2020 and later), you’ll need a USB-C cable like this Apple branded one. It’s identical to the one you’ll receive with the purchase of your tablet, and offers Power Delivery and a standard 3.28-foot (1-meter) length. But if you’re in need of a replacement charger and would rather invest in one made from Apple as opposed to another brand’s cable, this is the one for you.

One reviewer wrote: “I wanted a cable to use when I’m actively using my iPad and low on charge. This is heavier duty (meaning better conduction and faster charging over the longer distance). Seems super durable.”

Cable type? USB-C cable | Length: 1 meter (3.3 feet); also available in 2-meter (6.6-foot) length

9. The Best Value USB-C Cables

For a bit more value, this three-pack of USB-C cables is just $15 and comes with three different lengths: 10 feet, 6.6 feet, and 3.3 feet. These are PD compatible and feature a braided cord, designed to be more durable than a standard cable. With over 16,000 Amazon ratings, this best-selling pack of cables is one of the most popular USB-C to USB-C cables you’ll find. Better yet, they’re available in four colors.

One reviewer wrote: “These cords are a great variety of lengths and seem really durable. I like that they come with cord wraps to keep them organized. Charge my iPad and MacBook Pro well.”

Cable type: USB-C cables | Lengths: 3.3 feet, 6.6 feet, 10 feet

Also available on: Walmart, $15 (4-pack)

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