The 7 Best Office Chairs Under $200

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If you’re shopping for the perfect office chair, good news: Deep pockets are not a requirement. There are plenty of budget-friendly models that provide comfort, support, and style while you take on tasks at your desk. The best office chairs under $200 have adjustable features, support your body weight, and are made with materials that match your level of comfort.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Office Chairs Under $200

Adjustable Features

Since comfort is key to productivity, the best office chairs typically have adjustable features that help promote good posture for a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that for the most ergonomic position, your feet should touch the floor while seated, so at the bare minimum, look for a lever to raise or lower the height of your chair. Every office chair should also swivel 360 degrees, which helps prevent straining to reach different areas of your desk.

Some office chairs include a tilt mechanism, which allows you to rock back and forth while seated. This is often adjustable using a knob; it may also include an option for locking the chair into a fixed position. Adjustable armrests are another feature that adds comfort and encourage a neutral posture. However, these two details are more often found on higher-priced chairs. If you’re looking for a more streamlined or wallet-friendly seating option, you might need to sacrifice these functions.

Size & Maximum Weight Recommendation

Although there are no standard dimensions for office chairs, budget-friendly models often lean toward the small side. This can be beneficial for those who have petite frames or small office spaces. If you have a larger build or size is otherwise a concern, be sure to confirm check the weight recommendations provided by the brand. The chairs on this list have maximum weight limits that range from 225 and 300 pounds.


The right material for an office chair is a choice between form and function. If you run hot, consider a mesh fabric that provides ventilation while you sit for long periods. Polyurethane (i.e., faux leather) is another relatively breathable option that’s durable and easy to clean.

There are also office and desk chairs made with luxe materials like velvet and faux fur. Some of these require a bit more maintenance. For instance, a fabric with a long pile would need to be carefully cleaned, but it’ll add more visual interest to your workspace than a utilitarian chair.

So whether you’re looking to stay comfortable on the job or add some flair to your work environment, you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Scroll down to see the best office chairs under $200 on Amazon right now.

Shop The Best Office Chairs Under $200

In a hurry? These are the best office chairs under $200:

  1. A Popular Office Chair With A Padded Backrest: Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair
  2. A Wallet-Friendly Chair With Lumbar Support: FDW Mid-Back Office Chair
  3. An Ultra-Stylish Jewel-Tone Velvet Chair: Recaceik Velvet Swivel Shell Chair
  4. A Simple Desk Chair With A Height-Adjustable Back: BestOffice Store Desk Chair
  5. A High-Back Office Chair With Flip-Up Arms: Flash Furniture High-Back Mesh Office Chair
  6. A Stylish Faux Leather Chair With Gold Accents: Flash Furniture Mid-Back Desk Chair
  7. A Statement Office Chair Made With Faux Fur: Linon Faux Fur Cora Office Chair


A Popular Office Chair With A Padded Backrest


  • Curved, padded armrests add comfort
  • Classic aesthetic


  • Armrests are fixed

With more than 12,000 five-star Amazon ratings, this padded home office chair is the best-selling seat in its category. The faux leather body is made with durable and easy-to-clean polyurethane, and a metal frame with dual wheel casters helps it glide smoothly across the floor. A pneumatic control lever allows you to set the chair’s height, while a tilt-tension knob adjusts its rocking motion. Padding on the seat, backrest, and armrests provides extra comfort while you work.

Although multiple reviewers wrote that this chair’s compact dimensions make it a great option for petite frames, it is sturdy enough to accommodate up to 275 pounds. And as another satisfied shopper reported, “I am a fairly good sized guy, and this chair supports my height/weight just fine.” To accommodate a variety of heights, the seat is adjustable from 19.75 inches to 23.5 inches.

One fan raved: “I found myself at my desk at home for up to 12 or 14 hours a day lately. Sitting in a kitchen/dining chair was killing my back and hips. This chair is perfect. Comfortable and adjustable. I can sit all day without discomfort now. The kids are thrilled too when they use my desk and have a comfortable chair to sit in. I put it together in maybe 15 minutes. [...] For the price, I am really happy with my choice. I only wish I’d bought it sooner. I’ve recommended it to friends and family.”

Adjustable seat height: 19.75 inches — 23.5 inches | Maximum weight recommendation: 275 pounds | Available colors: 3


A Wallet-Friendly Chair With Lumbar Support


  • Made with breathable mesh
  • Budget-friendly


  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Best suited to smaller frames

This budget home office chair has earned well over 7,000 five-star Amazon reviews for including a number of solid features at a low price point. It’s made with breathable mesh to keep you from overheating and has lumbar supports behind the backrest to help you maintain proper spinal alignment. The seat height can be adjusted between 17.5 and 20.5 inches, while a tilt mechanism allows for rocking.

Note that this chair has a maximum weight recommendation of 250 pounds, but some reviewers added that its dimensions limit its use to specific body types. As one person wrote, it offers “decent support to low back, but only if you're a small person.”

One fan raved: “This chair is fantastic. All parts were in the box. Has great back support. It’s an office chair I’m using for gaming. (No one really wants to spend $200+ on a good gaming chair) so this is fantastic. Very simple to put together. Great instructions. Very comfortable seat. Overall fantastic.”

Adjustable seat height: 17.5 inches — 20.5 inches | Maximum weight recommendation: 250 pounds | Available colors: 6


An Ultra-Stylish Chair Upholstered In Jewel-Tone Velvet


  • Luxe aesthetic
  • Comes in jewel-tone colors


  • Less ergonomic
  • No armrests

Add a luxe aesthetic to your office space with this plush velvet desk chair. It comes in rich jewel tones and has a scalloped backrest with piping on the seams for a petal-shaped silhouette. The curved back is padded for comfortable sitting, while a lever allows you to adjust the seat’s height from 17.9 to 22.4 inches. One Amazon reviewer mentioned that an unexpected drawback of velvet upholstery is static cling, but others praised the softness of the material.

Note that this chair is less ergonomic than other options here, and there are no armrests. But if you’re after form over function, this is a great pick.

One fan raved: “Absolutely obsessed with this chair! [...] So soft and so comfortable! I bought it for a make up table chair and I ended up buying another one to use as an office chair. Hands down the most comfortable chair I’ve even sat in!”

Adjustable seat height: 17.9 — 22.4 inches | Maximum weight recommendation: 250 pounds | Available colors: 4


A Simple Desk Chair With A Height-Adjustable Back


  • Made with breathable mesh
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable backrest


  • No armrests
  • Doesn’t tilt

This no-frills computer chair is perfect for someone who wants a small, lightweight seating option for their office. It’s made with breathable mesh and has thick padding on the seat for added comfort. A curved backrest provides lower back support while a pneumatic lever controls the height of the seat from 16 to 20.7 inches. Plus, a unique feature: You can raise and lower the backrest for optimal ergonomic support. The only drawbacks: There are no armrests and no tilting function.

One fan raved: “I did not expect this chair to be this awesome. I am a teacher working from home and I have some lower back problems, especially when I have to sit for long periods of time. [...] I like that it has a small footprint -- I don't have a lot of of room to work with. It's nicely adjustable, and since I'm short, it's good that it adjusts to my size. It has nice lumbar support and seems pretty durable. I really like it.”

Adjustable seat height: 16 — 20.7 inches | Maximum weight recommendation: 250 pounds | Available colors: 6


A High-Back Desk Chair With Flip-Up Arms


  • High back helps provide more spinal support
  • Armrests flip up


  • Tilt adjustment is hard to operate, according to reviewers

If you’re looking for upper as well as lower spine support, this high-back office chair is a great option — and it comes in nine bright and neutral options to fit any workspace. The curved, ventilated back provides ergonomic comfort and breathability, while the cushioned seat is contoured and has a waterfall edge to minimize pressure on your legs.

The chair is height-adjustable from 18.5 to 22.5 inches, and the padded armrests can be flipped up if you want more room to move. It has a tilting mechanism that can be locked in place, but keep in mind that reviewers reported it can be a bit tricky to operate. That being said, reviewers were pleased by its generous size, making this a good pick if you’re taller or have a larger frame.

One fan raved: “The cushion is comfortable and I love the high back. The seat is wide enough to shift your position and it supports my back when I lean back. It does not dynamically rock back but you can push back a little. You can also tailor to your height level. I now don't have a problem with sitting a work day in this chair unlike with my old.”

Adjustable seat height: 18.5 — 22.5 inches | Maximum weight recommendation: 250 pounds | Available colors: 9


A Stylish Faux Leather Desk Chair With Gold Accents


  • Padded armrests
  • Waterfall front edge helps relieve pressure on lower legs


  • Reclining angle is limited

For seating that’s equal parts chic and professional, this executive office chair is a great option. The faux leather exterior, made with polyurethane, is soft and durable, and padding on the armrests and seat offer extra comfort as you sit. A tilt-lock mechanism allows you to recline slightly while a pneumatic control adjusts the height of the seat between 18.25 and 22.25 inches. The front edge of the seat features a waterfall design that helps minimize pressure on the lower legs. A few Amazon reviewers wrote that the rocking motion on this chair is limited, but gave it a five-star rating nonetheless for its comfort and stylish design.

The gold-tone hardware gives it a luxe touch, but you can also opt for black, chrome, or rose gold options combined with a variety of faux leather upholstery colors.

One fan raved: “This chair was easy to put together and is very comfortable. I wanted a stylish chair that could also support me sitting in it all day and this has worked out perfectly.”

Adjustable seat height: 18.25 inches — 22.25 inches | Maximum weight recommendation: 250 pounds | Available colors: 9


This Statement Office Chair Made With Faux Fur


  • Unique faux fur upholstery


  • Hard to clean
  • No armrests

This faux fur office chair is an eye-catching alternative to your standard office furniture. The shaggy material is made with 100% polyester microfiber, and while it may not breathe as well as mesh, it makes a statement in any office setting. There’s a padded seat cushion that offers extra comfort, a pneumatic control that allows you to adjust the chair’s height (minimum and maximum height not specified), and a tilting mechanism that can be locked in place. One satisfied Amazon reviewer noted that it was “comfortable for several hours at a time,” so it’s still functional in addition to being fashionable — just note that there are no armrests.

One fan raved: “I’ve gotten so many compliments on my chair. Super comfortable. I was worried about shedding (since I love black) and literally NO issues. Also, it was extremely easy to put together. I checked sooo many sites and stores before I bought this chair, and nothing beats this price and quality.”

Adjustable seat height: not specified | Maximum weight recommendation: 300 pounds | Available colors: 3