The 4 Best Outdoor Fans To Keep Mosquitoes Away

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If mosquitoes are buzzing around, an outdoor fan is a simple way to keep bugs at bay. The best outdoor fans to keep mosquitoes away either repel or trap insects to help you avoid bites and most are weather-resistant so you can leave them out in the rain. From large mounted fans to portable tabletop designs, there are options ahead to suit your outdoor space and budget.

When it comes to keeping mosquitoes away, there are two main approaches: fans that move air quickly enough to overpower mosquitoes and electric traps that release CO2 to lure mosquitoes away from you. Mosquitoes target humans by sniffing out the carbon dioxide (CO2) you exhale and tracking body heat, but since mosquitoes can only fly about 1 mile per hour, placing a simple house fan nearby has been shown to deter them because it prevents mosquitoes from getting near you and disperses the carbon dioxide you exhale. And of course, fans are designed to keep you cool — which requires a speed of about 5 miles per hour — so most are also fast enough to overpower mosquitoes. Depending on how much portability and fan speed you’d like, you can choose from electric wall-mounted or pedestal fans with a variety of speed settings or a more basic, budget-friendly tabletop fan that runs on battery power. Each of these options will help keep you cool, too.

Alternatively, electric mosquito traps emit CO2 to lure blood-feeding insects and use fan power to pull them into a container. While these traps don’t offer the benefit of keeping you cool, they can significantly reduce mosquitoes in the area after about six weeks of use.

No matter which kind of mosquito fan you prefer, water-resistant models are very handy for inclement weather or if you leave them outside. Scroll on for the best outdoor fans to keep mosquitoes away — and before heading out, you might also want to use topical mosquito repellents and clothing too for added protection against bites.

1. A Mounted Fan In 3 Sizes

If you want an option that stays in place year-round, this weather-resistant indoor/outdoor fan is a highly rated pick with more than 3,000 positive reviews. It can be easily mounted and features a steel frame, aluminum blades, and a fully sealed motor that’ll withstand wet conditions. The fan also has an IPX4 water-resistance rating, meaning it’s protected from water splashes in all directions, and reviewers report it can be fully exposed to rain without getting damaged. You can choose from three speeds using a simple pull chain control, giving you a comfortable breeze that will also deter mosquitoes. However, the fan does not oscillate.

A wall-mounting kit is included for easy setup, and according to a reviewer, the power cord is 6 feet long. The fan comes in three sizes: 14, 18, and 20 inches.

According to a reviewer: “There is no assembly required. Low, medium, and high speeds. The lowest setting is extremely quiet, and the highest setting won't drown out conversation [...] These fans not only move a lot of air, but they work great for keeping the mosquitoes away.”

2. This Pedestal Fan With Wheels

If you’d prefer a more portable option, this outdoor pedestal fan has wheels and a 9-foot power cord that make it easy to move around your outdoor space. Though an IP water resistance rating isn’t mentioned, the fan has a waterproof motor and an outdoor plug. It’s also made from UV-resistant material to avoid sun damage. The fan can be used indoors, too, and it has three speeds and three modes: outdoor, natural, and sleep. Once the fan is in place, the wheels lock to prevent it from moving. There’s also an LED display, 90-degree oscillation, and auto-shutoff timer options from one to eight hours. Plus, the fan comes with a handy remote so you can control it without leaving your lounge chair.

According to a reviewer: “It gets pretty powerful on high. It seems really high quality, well made, durable, and is a pleasure using on my deck. I like using this to help clear out the mosquitoes rather than using chemicals I have to inhale.”

3. A Battery-Powered Tabletop Fan That’s Budget-Friendly

This battery-powered fan is extremely portable, so you can use it at home and bring it to picnics and other outdoor activities. The 5-inch fan offers low and high speeds to create a mosquito-deterring breeze and help you stay cool at the same time. It folds for easy storage and portability. There’s a simple control switch and the fan uses two D batteries (sold separately). Water-resistance isn’t mentioned, so it’s best to avoid leaving this fan out in the rain. Choose from five colors, including gray, black, and light blue, in packs of one and two.

According to a reviewer: “These are great! I bought them to use out on my patio to blow the mosquitos away. They work great for that. Quite powerful for such a tiny size.”

4. The CO2 Mosquito Trap

While this mosquito trap won’t create a cooling breeze, it uses fan power to catch mosquitoes that have been lured to its vicinity. The device has a titanium dioxide coating that emits mosquito-attracting CO2, and it traps bugs in a basket you’ll need to empty about every two months, according to reviewers. It’s also equipped with a UV light to attract and trap other flying insects. The bulb will last about four months and replacements are available.

The mosquito trap can be used indoors and outdoors, and it’s easily portable, though you will need to plug it in using the included 10-foot power cord. The trap is weather-resistant and offers up to 1 acre of coverage. But keep in mind, this option takes three weeks to trap a significant number of mosquitoes and six weeks to break the breeding cycle, so you may want to use other mosquito repellents too in the meantime.

According to a reviewer: “This device has done wonders to make our one acre back yard nearly mosquito free. We couldn't believe it. It is exceptionally quiet, just the hum of a fan, and doesn't detract from listening to wildlife. It has been outside in intense heat, and pretty good thunderstorms and rain without issue. It is definitely solidly built.”

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