The 3 Best Pancake Makers

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Making perfect, fluffy pancakes is easy enough for even a casual weekday breakfast if you have the right equipment at your disposal. The best pancake makers heat quickly and evenly, are constructed with nonstick surfaces, and are washable to make cleanup a breeze.

There are two main types of pancake makers: stovetop pans and electric griddles. Stovetop pans are easy to use and don't take up much space in your cabinets, but electric pancake makers heat up quickly, and some even cook both sides of the pancake at once, eliminating the need to flip (and freeing up valuable space on your stovetop). Electric pancake makers usually have a nonstick surface, while stovetop pans are typically make from lightweight, even-heating aluminum with a nonstick surface.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a pancake maker is the care instructions. If quick cleanup is a top priority for you, you'll likely want a detachable griddle that can be easily hand-washed, or a nonstick surface that can be easily wiped down. Finally, you'll want to decide what type of pancake you want to make. Electric griddles and griddle pans can make any type of pancake, from silver dollar to diner size, while indented pans and individual electric pancake makers are more constrained, but consistent, in terms of size.

If you're ready to start pouring that maple syrup, check out our list of the best pancake makers.

1. An Electric Griddle For Making Individual Pancakes

  • Size: 8-inch diameter
  • Surface: Nonstick

Making perfect individual pancakes is quick and simple with this Dash electric griddle. The nonstick surface makes removing pancakes easy, and the unique design cooks on both sides at once (like a waffle iron) — so you shouldn't to worry about flipping them. At 10 by 8 by 4 inches and just over 3 pounds, it's easy to store in a cabinet but small enough that you can leave it out for regular access without sacrificing too much counter space. This versatile kitchen appliance can also be used to make quesadillas, burgers, and even cookies — and if 8-inch pancakes aren't your thing, there's also a smaller mini version that makes 4-inch pancakes. The plates are not removable, but can be wiped down with warm water and dish soap for simple cleanup.

One fan raved: “I can’t make pancakes to save my life! Having more time to cook during lockdown I thought I would try this. It is awesome! I even make grilled cheese sandwich in it for my son. I wish I had 4 of them so I don’t have to wait for one at a time but that’s ok."

  • Available colors: aqua, red

2. A Countertop Griddle That's Great For Pancakes And Crepes

  • Size: 12-inch diameter
  • Surface: Nonstick

This Protcor Silex electric griddle is designed specifically for crepes and thinner Swedish-style pancakes, but it's perfect for fluffy American-style pancakes too. The raised edges prevent batter from spilling over, and the eight heat levels make it easy to achieve that mouth-watering golden brown color. The surface is nonstick, so you can easily flip and remove your pancakes. Once you're done and the griddle has cooled down, simply wipe it down to clean it. This crepe griddle also includes a batter cup, flat spatula, and spreader.

One fan raved: “[...] The surface is exceptionally non stick and worked great when making crepes and pancakes. The surface has a slightly raised edge that keeps batter from spilling over, should you accidentally over pour, and the surface temperature is very evenly spread with no particular hot spots. Crepes came out evenly colored with perfectly crisped edges. I also tested this with pancakes, and loved how the pancakes came out so evenly colored - this is much more evenly heated than the griddle tops I own. Overall, if you're looking for a good crepe and pancake maker, this is definitely one worth considering. It's exceptionally nonstick, heats evenly, and is a breeze to clean.”

3. A Stovetop Pan That Makes Silver Dollar Pancakes

  • Size: 3-inch diameter
  • Surface: Nonstick

Make up to seven 3-inch pancakes at a time with this silver dollar pancake pan. Made by classic brand Nordic Ware, this pan is made from warp-resistant cast aluminum and finished with a nonstick coating, which can be washed in the sink. This pan also comes in a few different versions, some of which include imprints like snowflakes and leaves, so you can add some fun to your breakfast.

One fan raved: “This pan is fantastic! My pancakes have never turned out that good. Easy to use, easy to flip, easy to clean! Actually it’s easier to bake pancakes on this pan than to use a big pan. I just made pancakes and my 2 year old who is a picky eater has already had 5 of them. Perfect for little hands. My husband tried making omelette and he was also pleased with his perfectly round little omelette circles. You just can’t go wrong with this pan!”

Also Great: A Large Electric Griddle That's Easy To Clean And Store

  • Size: 11.5 x 26.25 x 2.5 inches
  • Surface: Nonstick

This Presto electric griddle has a nonstick surface and temperature knob, which allows you to precisely control the heat. Once you're done with breakfast, the handles can be removed and the griddle can be washed in the sink for easy cleaning. This griddle also includes a drip tray that keeps your counters clean, and can be slid off and washed in the sink as well. Once your griddle is clean, it can be stored without the handles, making it perfect for anyone who's tight on kitchen space.

One fan raved: “We eat a lot of pancakes in our house. This makes cooking pancakes for a family of five quick and easy. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. You can even remove the feet to clean the entire griddle.”