The 6 Best Peloton Seat Cushions For A More Comfortable Ride

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With entire Reddit threads dedicated to the subject, you're not alone if you feel like sitting on your Peloton bike is a bit uncomfortable. And while, for some people, that discomfort subsides with repeated use, a seat cushion can also help. The best Peloton seat cushions easily slide onto your bike's seat and provide extra comfort so that you can focus on why you're there: your ride. But sit back, I've read through all the reviews and can say the seat cushions below represent the cream of the crop and come with the backing of plenty of Peloton riders.

What To Look For In A Peloton Seat Cushion

When shopping, consider what you find comfortable. We all have our own quirks and preferences, which can make picking out a seat cushion for your Peloton especially tricky. One thing that's important to look for is a cushion with gel or memory foam padding. Both types help the cushion conform to your seat so it feels fully supportive yet comfortable. Keep in mind, memory foam tends to retain heat, so consider if that may be a deal breaker for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size and shape of the cushion you buy. While all of the options on this list will fit your Peloton, you may want a slightly larger cushion than the size of your standard seat. If you're looking for a wider seat cushion for even more comfort and support, look for an option with a width larger than the standard 7-inch-wide cushion.

At the end of the day, your comfort during a ride is the most important thing. Here's a roundup of some excellent Peloton bike seat cushions to help make every workout something to look forward to.

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Shop The Best Peloton Seat Cushions

In a hurry? These are the best Peloton seat cushions for a comfier ride.

1. The Overall Best: Bikeroo Padded Gel Seat Cushion Cover

2. The Runner-Up: Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

3. The Best Memory Foam Seat Cushion: Schwinn Memory Foam Sport Seat Cover

4. The Best Extra-Wide Seat Cushion: Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion

5. The Best Seat Cushion For Breathability: Fitivate Peloton Bike Seat Cover

6. The Best Gel & Memory Foam Hybrid: LuxoBike Bike Seat Cover

1. The Overall Best: Bikeroo Padded Gel Cushion

Ringing up at a budget-friendly price, this ergonomically designed Peloton-compatible seat cushion has a water-resistant outer shell to keep you cool and dry while you work up a sweat. It's also designed with thick gel padding for soft-but-firm support, and the slightly oversized fit means you get side cushioning, too. The gel material won’t retain heat, and the inside of the cover has an anti-slip texture, so it won't slide around during your workout. Designed for narrow bike saddles, it features fastening straps and adjustable drawstrings for a secure fit. You can choose from four colors: black, red, purple, and royal blue.

According to one reviewer: “I ordered this because my spin class hurt me for days afterwards. I ordered this and based on the reviews I thought it was a good idea. Let me tell you, it was a game changer. Not only was I not sore afterwards of all the jumping up and down in spin class. It really helped me to have that extra padding and it felt so good. I highly recommend this it’s easy to install and the price you cannot beat!”

Seat Width: 7 inches | Available colors: 4

2. The Runner-Up: Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

This gel cushion is easy to slip on and off if you have multiple Peloton riders in your house, and it’s made of a water-resistant fabric. Simply fasten the Velcro strap and tie the drawstring, and it'll fit securely on your Peloton bike. This water-resistant cushion is filled with gel, which works as a shock absorber while also retaining less heat than memory foam. Plus, the ergonomic shape of the saddle fully supports your seat and lower back so you can ride longer in complete comfort.

According to one reviewer: “Very easy to install and stays on snugly. It makes a huge difference especially on longer rides. Very comfortable but fits properly and doesn't slip or hinder performance of original seat. I also like the little waterproof cover that can be used when bike is in the rain. Great product at a great price!”

Seat Width: 7 inches | Available colors: 1

3. The Best Memory Foam Seat Cushion: Schwinn Sport Seat Cover

If you like the body-conforming feel of memory foam, this Schwinn sport seat cover is your best bet. It provides support at critical pressure points, and an open-air channel helps enhance airflow — but keep in mind that memory foam is more likely to retain heat than gel. There’s no mention of water-resistance, but the cover has a stretchy design with an adjustable drawstring for a secure fit.

According to one reviewer: “As much as I adore my Peloton, it does have a very firm saddle. I really needed some padding that would fit securely and make riding more comfortable. This seat cover does that perfectly! So comfy, easy to put on and totally secure.”

Seat Width: 9.25 inches | Available colors: 1

4. The Best Extra-Wide Seat Cushion: Bikeroo Gel Cover

At 10 inches in width, this extra-wide cushion has an extra 3 inches on standard-size Peloton seats, making this option perfect if you need more support or prefer extra cushioning. This gel cushion is less likely to overheat than memory foam which, for better or for worse, doesn't stay cool as easily as a gel material. An anti-slip grip keeps the cushion from shifting while it’s being used. Over 20,000 reviewers have invested in this seat cushion, making it one of the most popular options on the market, but keep in mind that the wider size might make it more prone to requiring adjustment.

According to one reviewer: “It works great, it's secure (the strap helps a lot, too, in addition to the cinch cord) and the quality is high, it's a stable platform, and it really solves the problem of the punishing hard seat that came with the bike. Even after my bottom gets used to the seat, this sort of gel seat call really make multi-hour rides much more comfortable and a lot less punishing.”

Seat Width: 10 inches | Available colors: 4

5. The Best Seat Cushion For Breathability: Fitivate Gel Cover

This sleek and water-resistant seat cushion fits flawlessly on your Peloton, and features a layer of silicone gel on top and a hollowed-out center. That way, this cushion provides plenty of padding and shock absorption, but it doesn't hold onto heat like thicker cushions tend to do. On top of that, there's even a small divot at the top of the seat that allows for maximum airflow, so you stay cool and comfy on every ride.

According to one reviewer: “This bike seat is amazing. Fits snugly on my peloton seat and has definitely improved my workouts. I experience much less soreness after riding with this seat. Have not experienced any sliding of the cover yet!”

Seat Width: 7 inches | Available colors: 1

6. The Best Gel & Memory Foam Hybrid: LuxoBike Seat Cushion

For the best of both worlds, you can opt for the LuxoBike seat cushion, which is made from a blend of body-conforming memory foam and cooling gel to prevent overheating. With a deep center groove, it’s ergonomically contoured for comfort, and the extra-wide Velcro strap and non-slip lining keeps it securely in place. It’s made with Lycra, and according to reviewers, comes with a water-resistant slipcover.

According to one reviewer: “I love how simple this product is to install, the Velcro is amazingly simple to use. I can go for much longer bike rides with much less discomfort, I am very happy this fit my seat so well. Even if you’re not really into biking, this will change your life. I’ve been riding up to 8 miles at a time and back and I don’t have any issues with discomfort now”

Seat Width: 6.69 inches | Available colors: 1

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