The 8 Best Puzzle Mats

Because storing your puzzle shouldn’t be puzzling.

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Whether you’re a casual hobbyist or a full-blown enthusiast, puzzle mats are an invaluable accessory for anyone piecing a jigsaw together. The best puzzle mats are the right size for your particular puzzle and lie flat for easy assembly and presentation. Some have upgraded features like rotating mechanisms and sorting compartments, and others are constructed for easy portability.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Puzzle Mats

Materials & Portability

Puzzle mats come in an array of styles and materials, and your choice will partially depend on your portability preferences. If you’re tight on space or like to put puzzles together while traveling, look for mats that are easy to pack and store. Roll-up mats, for example, are often made of felt and are designed to be wrapped around a tube-shaped core. Inflatable tubes take up minimal space when not in use, but solid foam options will save you the trouble of having to fill the tube with air every time you put a puzzle away.

Solid boards can be constructed with wood or hardboard (also referred to as particle board), and while some are hefty — and best left at home — others fold up into convenient carrying cases with handles, so you can take them anywhere.


The size of your preferred jigsaw puzzles should dictate the size of your mat. Most of the mats below can be used with puzzles that have up to 1,500 pieces. There’s also a compact puzzle mat that holds up to 1,000 pieces, as well as a larger model that can be used for 2,000-piece puzzles.

Bonus Features

Other design details suit different styles of puzzle building. If you like to work on your puzzle from a single orientation, look for a mat with a rubber back for a nonslip grip. But if hard puzzles are your thing and you like to see them from different perspectives, a lazy Susan will make it easy to rotate your work in progress. Some mats come with sorting bins to keep your pieces organized, while others have built-in storage drawers. There are also mats that have fabric or plastic covers to protect your work from pesky pets and potential spills.

With these many features in mind, here are the best puzzle mats on Amazon right now.

Shop The Best Puzzle Mats

In a hurry? These are the best puzzle mats:

  1. A Popular Puzzle Mat With 13,000+ Reviews: Becko Roll-Up Puzzle Mat
  2. A Premium Puzzle Mat With A Nonslip Bottom: Newverest Puzzle Mat
  3. A Budget-Friendly Puzzle Mat With An Expandable Support Tube: Buffalo Games Roll-Up Puzzle Mat
  4. A Puzzle Mat That Holds Up To 2,000 Pieces: Genovega Roll-Up Puzzle Mat
  5. A Compact Jigsaw Puzzle Board With A Protective Cover: Minne Baby Jigsaw Puzzle Board
  6. A Puzzle Board That Folds Up For Easy Transport: Rekcopu Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Board
  7. A Portable Puzzle Table With Built-In Sorting Trays: Puzzle Ready Puzzle Board
  8. A Rotating Puzzle Board With High Ratings: Bits and Pieces Lazy Susan Puzzle Table


A Popular Puzzle Mat With More Than 13,000 Amazon Reviews


  • Inflatable tube has an anti-leaking mechanism
  • Elastic straps hold puzzle in place when the mat is rolled up

With a 4.4-star overall rating after 13,000 reviews, this roll-up puzzle mat is one of the most popular options on Amazon. A 46-by-24-inch black felt pad holds up to 1,500 puzzle pieces, and the accompanying inflatable core has an anti-leak mechanism to prevent deflation. The elastic straps add extra insurance to keep stray pieces from falling out the ends of the rolled-up mat. A drawstring bag is included for easy storage and travel, and a card slot on its exterior allows you to clearly label the mat with your name or the puzzle you’re working on. However, there’s no air pump included, so you’ll have to supply your own — or use your mouth — to inflate the tube.

One fan raved: “This is an amazing puzzle accessory! Especially if you have small kids running around - this made it so I could put the puzzle away when not working on it, even left it for a week - unrolls beautifully and takes up such a small amount of space!”

Material: felt | Dimensions: 46 x 26 inches | Maximum pieces: 1,500


A Premium Puzzle Mat With a Nonslip Bottom


  • Rubber bottom is nonslip and water-resistant
  • Polyester surface is a smooth alternative to felt

This nonslip jigsaw puzzle mat is a great alternative to standard felt mats. A smooth polyester surface allows puzzle pieces to glide easily, while a rubber bottom prevents the mat from shifting on your tabletop. At 46 by 26 inches, the mat works for puzzles with up to 1,500 pieces. Fastening straps keep pieces from shifting when everything is rolled up around the foam cylinder, and a drawstring carrying bag makes it easy to transport or store the mat between builds. Although foam rollers take up more space than inflatable or extendable models, they do not need to be pumped with air — and they don’t run the risk of deflating.

One fan raved: “This product is just so handy for cleaning up puzzles! It has a really smooth top that pieces can easily slide on, and a firm bottom with a grip material to hold the mat firm on tables. If I don't feel like finishing a puzzle, I just roll it up with this mat, and place it in the storage bag. It's just nice to be able to continue puzzles at my own pace, and clean them up in seconds!”

Material: polyester, rubber | Dimensions: 46 x 26 inches | Maximum pieces: 1,500


A Budget-Friendly Puzzle Mat With An Expandable Support Tube


  • Least expensive option on the list
  • Expandable tube saves space and setup time

This wallet-friendly puzzle saver mat is a no-frills felt pad that’s compatible with up to 1,500-piece puzzles. It includes printed guides for multiple puzzles sizes and has three Velcro straps to keep your work-in-progress intact. Perhaps the most clever feature is an expandable accordion-like tube that can be stretched to size as needed; when it’s not in use, it contracts to save space. However, Amazon reviewers reported you’ll want to handle the tube carefully as it isn’t very sturdy. Additionally, reviewers recommended ironing the mat upon arrival so that it lies flat, but it’s a small chore for an otherwise effective accessory.

One fan raved: “I love how easy this rolls and unrolls, yet keeps your puzzle pieces intact. I suggest ironing it when you first get it, as it is wrinkled from the packaging. This is so worth the money. I highly recommend!!!”

Material: felt (frame material not specified) | Dimensions: 44 x 26 inches | Maximum pieces: 1,500


A Jigsaw Puzzle Mat That Holds Up To 2,000 Pieces


  • Large enough to fit 2,000-piece puzzles
  • Air pump for inflatable center tube included

If you like to work on puzzles that have more than 1,500 pieces, this extra-large jigsaw puzzle mat is the best option for you. The 49-by-29.5-inch nonslip felt mat is the largest on the list and holds up to 2,000 pieces. The mat wraps around an inflatable tube when stored, and a hand pump is included to make quick work of filling it with air. Three adjustable Velcro straps keep the roll secure, and everything fits in a drawstring pouch for portability.

One fan raved: “Great product for a reasonable price. I have another puzzle mat and this one is much better. I really like the thick, durable gray felt with the size grid and the sturdy [Velcro] straps to close the mat. Bonus items in my opinion are the pump to blow up the air tube and the spot on the bag to ID the puzzle or puzzle owner. This would make a great gift for a puzzle lover!”

Material: felt | Dimensions: 41 x 29.5 inches | Maximum pieces: 2,000


A Compact Jigsaw Puzzle Board With A Protective Cover


  • Durable plastic cover protects your work in progress
  • Felt trays included for sorting pieces
  • Flat design for easy storage

Protect your work from spills, stray debris, or pesky pets with this covered jigsaw puzzle mat. The mat itself is made with hardboard and covered with flannelette for a nonslip surface, while the plastic cover works as a transparent shield that wards off potential damage. Four felt trays are also included to help with sorting pieces. Note that this mat is 33 by 22 inches, which limits its use to puzzles that are 1,000 pieces or less. Nevertheless, many Amazon reviewers were pleased with both its portability and performance.

One fan raved: “I have two cats, so I really needed a puzzle board with a cover. This cover keeps my puzzle secure, even with two cats rolling and laying on it. The board has a soft brush texture that keeps the pieces in place, but you can still move large pieces across it with ease. The containers for sorting pieces are so helpful and they store flat.”

Material: hardboard | Dimensions: 33 x 22 inches | Maximum pieces: 1,000


A Puzzle Board That Folds Up For Easy Transport


  • Multiple panels help with sorting and organizing pieces
  • Flat design for easy storage

For a premium alternative to roll-up mats, this fold-up puzzle board is a great option. A center panel measures 35.6 by 25.6 inches and fits up to 1,500-piece puzzles, while the two separate side panels that measure 24.2 by 17.2 inches each can be used for sorting or working on individual sections. A water-resistant exterior and carrying handles make this mat a sturdy item to transport, and one satisfied reviewer wrote that the microfiber surface “will not pill like felt does and is easier to clean puzzle dust or kitty fur from it.”

One fan raved: “This puzzleboard makes puzzling so much better. The large board is a great surface, as pieces don’t slip and the lightweight board can be easily turned to work on different sections. The two smaller boards can be used for sorting pieces, but the magic is using these on top of the large board & securing with the included bands. This all goes into the case which is secured with very strong Velcro. I have several different puzzle surfaces but this is my favorite. It is perfect for keeping puzzles safe from pets. It is great for travel or simply safely clearing your workspace.”

Material: fabric | Dimensions: 35.4 x 25 inches | Maximum pieces: 1,500


A Portable Puzzle Table With Built-In Sorting Trays


  • Comes with built-in drawers for sorting and storing loose pieces
  • Fabric cover protects your work in progress

This portable puzzle table is a sturdy storage solution for puzzle enthusiasts. The 24-by-30-inch workspace is covered in felt and fits most 1,000-piece puzzles while four color-coded built-in drawers make for easy sorting and storage. Nonslip feet keep the board secure on your tabletop while a fabric cover protects your puzzle from damage and debris when you're taking a break. Some Amazon reviewers wished the board was made with higher-quality wood, and others recommended staining and sealing to improve its durability.

One fan raved: “This is a good quality puzzle board. Mine came in great condition. The surface is smooth and the felt keeps pieces in place. The drawers, also lined with felt, come out completely and are generously sized. Makes working with your puzzle a breeze. The mat that covers it when not in use is heavier than expected, very nice. The board itself, although large, is not difficult to put away. Love mine!”

Material: wood, felt | Dimensions: 24 x 30 inches | Maximum pieces: 1,000


A Rotating Puzzle Board With High Ratings


  • Rotating pedestal
  • Solid wood construction

Although it’s an investment, this rotating puzzle board is a great option if you want to switch up perspectives or if you have several people working on a project at a time — and it’s earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating after 1,800 reviews. Constructed from a combination of solid wood and composite wood, the board is set atop a lazy Susan that spins 360 degrees, so you can view your puzzle in progress from any orientation. A 34-by-34-inch workspace fits puzzles that are up to 1,500 pieces, and a rim keeps stray pieces from falling off the board.

Reviewers noted the felt surface keeps puzzle pieces from sliding around, but that moving the pieces into place can be a bit difficult for that reason. The entire thing can be lifted and stowed out of the way, but note that it weighs just under 25 pounds, so it’s on the hefty side.

One fan raved: “The felt makes it difficult to slide the pieces around, but on the other hand keeps them in place! Love the round LazySusan effect! Much easier to get all around the puzzle without having to play “musical chairs.”

Material: solid wood and composite wood | Dimensions: 34 x 34 inches | Maximum pieces: 1,500


Also Great: A Set Of Adhesive Sheets That Preserve Your Completed Jigsaw Puzzle

When the time comes to show off a completed jigsaw puzzle, this peel-and-stick puzzle saver helps hold the assembled pieces together. One set comes with six adhesive sheets, which is enough to preserve a 1,000-piece puzzle. The grip is permanent, so puzzle pieces won’t fall from the backing, and two adhesive hooks are included so you can hang your finished puzzle from a wall.

One fan raved: “Like a dream come true, you can have a perfectly preserved puzzle within a couple minutes, no worries that all the hard work you put into the puzzle can be undone. [...] Definitely worth buying should work for any puzzle. If it didn't fit your puzzle it would be easy to cut some off or add more.”

Material: wood | Dimensions: 29 x 21.5 inches | Maximum pieces: 1,000