The 10 Best Rugs Under Kitchen Tables

Style meets stain resistance.

Written by Vanessa Spilios
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Placing a rug under your kitchen table can do more than add style and personality to your dining space — it can protect floors from kitchen chair scratches and provide a soft place for bare feet to land when sitting down for a meal. With a low-pile construction that’s easy to clean, the best rugs under kitchen tables should be sized to extend about 2 to 3 feet beyond the dimensions of your table. Since this area is one of the most high-traffic spots in any home, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for kitchen table rug ideas.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Rugs Under Kitchen Tables


Accidents are bound to happen around the kitchen table, and the material of your rug will determine how easy it is to clean. Generally speaking, synthetic fibers are the best choice for this area, as they have a color-fast design and often come pretreated with a stain repellant. They’re also easy to spot clean with a warm, damp rag and a little soap, and they dry quickly. Some styles can be cleaned in the washing machine, making them a great choice for anyone who wants the option to deep clean their rug on a regular basis.

If you opt for a natural-fiber rug made from materials like jute, look for one with a tight weave or braided design, as this will make it easier to spot clean. A rug with a busy pattern can also help disguise spills and stains.


Another feature that can impact a rug’s ease of cleaning? The pile, which is the density and length of its fibers. You’ll want to look for low-pile designs, which are ideal for dining areas since they’re less likely to trap stains or food particles. Low-pile rugs are also easy to clean with a vacuum for tidying up everyday spills. Avoid high-pile, long-loop, or shag-style rugs, as these are more challenging to clean, and chair legs have a tendency to sink into them — this can snag materials as well as make it difficult to slide chairs out from the table at the end of a meal.

Size & Shape

For aesthetic reasons, and to ensure all four legs of your chair are positioned flat on the rug when pulled into the table, look for a rug that extends between 2 and 3 feet beyond the table’s dimensions. As an example, most rectangular tables that seat six people measure approximately 36 inches wide by 60 inches long, or 3 by 5 feet. For a table of this size, a 9-by-7-foot rug would provide enough surface area for seating, while providing the right visual proportion to balance the space.

Last, whether you have a round, square, oval, or rectangular table, finding a rug in the same shape will give your space a unified look and ensure everyone’s chair sits evenly on the surface.

No matter your style or pattern preferences, placing a rug under your kitchen table can elevate the look of your dining space and keep your floors intact. These are the best rugs under kitchen tables, and they come in a variety of designs and colorways.

Shop The Best Rugs Under Kitchen Tables

In a hurry? These are the best rugs under kitchen tables:

  1. A Rug With A Grippy Underside Made From Recycled Fibers: ReaLife Machine-Washable Rug
  2. A Paisley Rug That’ll Disguise Spills: SAFAVIEH Madison Collection Non-Shedding Rug
  3. A Geometric Rug With A Minimalist Aesthetic: Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Rug
  4. A Machine-Washable Rug That Comes In Fun Designs: Bloom Rugs Musia Washable Rug
  5. A Reversible Braided Rug With A Rustic Vibe: SAFAVIEH Braided Country Cottage Rug
  6. A Rug With A Distressed Look That’s Made From Recycled Materials: Adiva Machine-Washable Rug
  7. A Durable Jute Rug With Natural Style: SUPERIOR Hand-Woven Jute Rug
  8. A Machine-Washable Rug With A Buffalo Plaid Pattern: EARTHALL Buffalo Plaid Rug
  9. A Machine-Washable Rug With Modern, Understated Style: nuLOOM Creek Rug
  10. A Fade-Resistant Formal Rug With Traditional Style: Home Dynamix Sakarya Rug


A Rug With A Grippy Underside That’s Made From Recycled Fibers

Not only is this kitchen table rug machine-washable for easy upkeep, but it’s the only option on the list with an underside that features a grippy material that will keep it in place in even the busiest dining spaces. The stain-resistant rug is made from recycled polyester and has a flat weave that won’t pill.

A reviewer wrote: “Super nice kitchen rug. I have purchased many rugs for different areas of my home and have not been totally satisfied until this ReaLife Rug! No tripping, well made, washable and very attractive.....nothing more to hope for!”

Available sizes: 6 | Available colors & styles: 8 | Machine-washable? Yes


A Paisley Rug That’ll Disguise Spills

This stain-resistant dining table rug is made from polypropylene, with a low-pile construction that’s easy to clean by hand or with a vacuum. It features a multicolor paisley design that would add a pop of color to your dining space while hiding any small spills or crumbs. Slight fading gives it a vintage, distressed look, and the rug’s tight-braided edge won’t get in the way of foot traffic.

A reviewer wrote: “This rug COMPLETELY changed the look of my dining room and added that ‘special touch.’ I’ve had to clean a spill on it, and it cleaned up perfectly! It also vacuums well!”

Available sizes: 35+ | Available colors & styles: 10 | Machine-washable? No


A Geometric Rug With A Minimalist Aesthetic

This stain-resistant dining table rug features an overlapping geometric pattern that gives it a contemporary, versatile look. The low-pile polypropylene material has a soft but tight weave that makes spot cleaning convenient, and vacuum cleaners and feet won’t catch on the finished edges. Not to mention, the rug comes in a variety of shapes including round, octagonal, and oval.

A reviewer wrote: “This is a great rug that looks much [more] expensive than it is. The quality is just as great as a 200+ dollar rug. Great size a good size dining room table rug.”

Available sizes: 30+ | Available colors & styles: 13 | Machine-washable? No


A Machine-Washable Rug That Comes In Fun Designs

This washable rug for under kitchen tables comes in a small collection of designs, including geometric patterns, brushstroke-style prints, and the above playful take on a traditional area rug. Made from stain- and spill-resistant polyester, it features a low-profile construction that won’t get in the way of table legs and foot traffic, and it comes in both square and rectangular shapes.

Available sizes: 10 | Available colors & styles: 11 | Machine-washable? Yes


A Reversible Braided Rug With A Rustic Vibe

Though it resembles a traditional cotton rag rug, this kitchen table rug is made from durable, easy-to-clean polypropylene, and it has the added benefit of being reversible, essentially doubling the life of the rug if one side gets heavily worn over time. The low-pile rug features bands of multicolor fibers, giving it a handmade look that coordinates well with a variety of interiors while hiding stains well, and it comes in several shapes, from square to oval. Note, however, there’s no mention that the rug is stain-resistant.

A reviewer wrote: “This is a beautiful rug, just the right size and perfect colors for our kitchen. We have it under a round kitchen table and four chairs and it looks very nice - not too dark and not too light.”

Available sizes: 30 | Available colors & styles: 3 | Machine-washable? No


A Rug With A Distressed Look That’s Made From Recycled Materials

If you like the washed-out look of a vintage rug, but don’t want to deal with fraying edges or holes, this stain-resistant rug is a great option. The rug is made from polyester with a cotton backing, and it’s easy to spot clean for small spills, but you can also put in the washing machine if you want a deeper clean. Recycled materials were used in the manufacturing of the rug, which is OEKO-TEX certified to not contain any potentially harmful substances. Choose from a wide range of dimensions in both circular and rectangular shapes.

A reviewer wrote: “This rug is simply beautiful. I am using it as a kitchen rug, and it fills the space nicely. There are no loose threads on the outer edge, or anywhere on the rug. You can tell this is a quality piece. I love this rug.”

Available sizes: 10 | Available colors & styles: 15 | Machine-washable? Yes


A Durable Jute Rug With Natural Style

The natural jute fibers of this rug have a tight weave that makes it highly durable, helping it stand up to high-traffic spots (like the area around the kitchen table). Available in round and rectangular shapes, it has a reversible design with a braided edge, giving it a finished look without getting in the way of feet or chair legs. Jute is not as easy to clean as synthetic fibers, and it should be noted that some spills can leave permanent stains. With that said, some people like the natural patina that develops over time.

A reviewer wrote: “I bought this to replace my rug under the kitchen table. Color is nice, thickness is good (not too thick or thin). So far it's holding up well.”

Available sizes: 7 | Available colors: 1 | Machine-washable? No


A Machine-Washable Rug With A Buffalo Plaid Pattern

The oversized check design of this buffalo plaid rug gives it a rustic farmhouse look that will cozy up any kitchen. It’s made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and viscose, and it can be spot cleaned or placed in the washing machine and dryer for easy care (there’s no mention of it being stain-resistant, though). The rug has a low-pile, dense weave that lies flat for a stylish, practical option around the kitchen table.

A reviewer wrote: “I absolutely love my rug! I bought it to put in my kitchen under the kitchen table and it looks fabulous! I love that it is machine washable also for easy cleanup.”

Available sizes: 8 | Available colors: 2 | Machine-washable? Yes


A Machine-Washable Rug With With Modern, Understated Style

While you might ordinarily be intimidated by putting a light-colored rug beneath a kitchen table, nuLOOM’s polypropylene rug can be cleaned in the washing machine if you encounter any big spills — and it otherwise spot cleans and vacuums easily for everyday care (although it’s not technically stain-resistant). Though it has a slightly thicker pile compared to the other rug featured here, it is still thin enough for swinging doors to clear it, and won’t get in the way when positioned in a busy area like the kitchen. Choose from square, round, and rectangular options.

A reviewer wrote: “We have this rug in our dining area and it holds up great!”

Available sizes: 4 | Available colors: 1 | Machine-washable? Yes


A Fade-Resistant Formal Rug With Traditional Style

With its classic medallion motif and wide border, this rug from Home Dynamix resembles a traditional woven wool rug, but it’s made out of durable, stain-resistant polypropylene. The low-pile fibers will not shed or pill, and it can be vacuumed or spot cleaned easily for everyday care. The rug is also stain- and fade-resistant, ensuring its colors will stay bright and vibrant even after years of heavy use.

A reviewer wrote: “I got the 5x7 and it was perfect for under my dining room table. It looks much more expensive than it was! It comes rolled up so it’ll take a bit for some of the kinks to come out, but I already love it.”

Available sizes: 8 | Available colors: 17 | Machine-washable? No