21 Summer Dog Toys To Keep Your Pup Entertained

Step away from that pack of tennis balls.

by Courtney Young
The best dog toys for every summer occasion.

Summer is heating up for you and your best friends (by which we mean your four-legged friends) The coming weeks will bring days soaking up the sun, strolling the beach, and hanging out by the pool, and why shouldn’t your dog join in on the fun? While your summer shopping list might include sandals, sunnies, or whatever new SPF product the influencers are praising, if you’re a dog parent, there are a few things missing from your list.

Between harmful UV rays and rising temperatures, summer can get pretty uncomfortable for all — humans and canines included. When you start to feel a sunburn forming, your pup is likely feeling it too. When the hot pavement burns the bottoms of your feet, check your pup’s paws. When you need to rest in the shade or cool down with an ice cold drink, give your dog the same royal treatment.

From shaded outdoor beds, to floating pool toys, to cooling accessories, here is a comprehensive list of everything on your pup’s wish list this summer.

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Dog Toys For The House

If your dog had their way, every day would be spent outside. Who’s gonna tell them that half of the summer is spent inside? There are an abundance of unique and stimulating toys that your pup can play with inside your house or apartment while you work, clean, or do other human things.

Experts say that 15 minutes of mental exercise equals 30 minutes of physical exercise for dogs, and puzzle toys are the perfect balance of fun and training. This brand of puzzle toys on Amazon offers four levels of difficulty so you can perfectly tailor playtime to the attention span of your dog.

It’s not summer without a seltzer and with this adorable “Pup Claw” squeak toy, you can spend happy hour at home with your best friend. This set comes with two flavors, “Bark Cherry” and “Lickin’ Lime.” With 86% of reviewers giving this toy a 5-star rating, you can be sure that this will be the best $14 you’ve ever spent.

This cooling mat is perfect for the puppy that gets overheated in the summer, and if your apartment’s air conditioning is barely functional, you can ensure your dog stays cool all day long. The mat is double sided, easy to clean, portable, and lightweight. Fans of this product also say it’s great for older dogs with joint pain or in surgery recovery.

Another cooling option for an overheated pup is a chilled bandana. Just dip the bandana into water, ring it out, place in the fridge for 10 minutes, and you’re done.

Dog parents can give their furry friends a dog-safe popsicle to beat the heat by freezing broth or flavored water in this fill and freeze chew toy. One five-star reviewer calls this one, “by far the best freezing treat stuffing toys ever invented.” Even better, it’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Dog Toys For The Backyard

On a gorgeous summer day when the sun is out and the breeze is blowing, it’s only right to spend the day outside. If you have a backyard, summer is the time to make it a haven for active pets. There are endless options for playtime in the backyard, and we’re not talking about tennis balls. Your pup can have a field day out back with splash pads, ball launchers, bungee ropes, and more.

With a sprinkler powered splash pad, you can turn your backyard into a waterpark. With nearly 3,000 ratings on Amazon, buyers of this splash pad have said overwhelmingly positive things about this one, including “I wish I'd found this wonderful splash pad years ago.”

The grab tabs on this soccer ball make it easier to hit the field with your pup. This ball is also lightweight enough to float in the pool and offers medium and large sizes to perfectly tailor playtime to your pup.

Take fetch to the next level with this ball launcher. With an adjustable distance launcher, you can make your dog “go long” at the park, or keep things chill in the backyard. Reviewers have showered this item with 5-star ratings, many calling it the perfect toy for a dog owner with shoulder or back issues.

A bungee tug toy can be tied to the biggest tree in your backyard and keep your pup busy for hours. Easy to hang and height adjustable, this one has a ton of 5-star reviews, including buyers who say it works even for the heaviest of dogs.

If your backyard is not blessed with an in ground pool, fear not. Foldable dog pools are a great option for summer fun, and this one on Amazon has more than 31,000 positive ratings. The same brand offers pools for all sizes, from small to XXL. The best thing about this item? It’s easy to fold up and store when the fall weather rolls in.

On a hot summer day, your pup needs shade as much as you do. This log cabin doghouse is durable, cooling, and aesthetically pleasing to match your backyard decor. The brand offers three sizes of cabin, for small pups to large dogs. One 5-star reviewer said their 85lb German Shephard “fits with room to spare.”

Doy Toys For The Pool

If you’re one of the lucky ones — AKA, a human with a pool — then your summers are cooler than most. Whether your dog is an expert swimmer or a floating beginner, there are a number of pool-friendly dog toys they can play with all summer long.

A floating stick is perfect for dogs who love to fetch and chew. This one on Amazon floats and is soft to chew, collecting more than 2,000 positive ratings. Not sold? The toy is also bacon flavored.

This bumper rope toy is designed with memory foam, making it light enough to toss in a game of fetch, and features a knotted rope for easy grip. The toy is buoyant and will float in the pool, with a plastic and nylon exterior that is easy to clean. Reviewers say this toy is great for training your dog to swim. One reviewer specifically lauded this toy for its shape, saying, “you’re not supposed to use a ball or ball shaped toy to play [in water.] When they go to retrieve the ball, saltwater [or chlorine] gets in their mouth and the ball shaped toy “plugs up their mouth” so that the water has no place to go, so it gets swallowed. With this toy, the shape allows for the water to run out of their mouths.”

This floating shark fin toy is made of nylon, rubber, and foam that is soft on gums for dogs who can’t help but chew. Available in three colors and sizes, this toy has nearly 2,000 positive ratings. The bright colors make this toy easy to spot in a game of fetch.

Sun protection for you and your mini-me. This two-piece hat set comes in three colors and sizes and features ear holes for your furry friend. Reviewers say the hat is not only adorable on dogs, but supremely comfortable on humans.

While you lounge poolside, your pup can too. A waterproof, elevated bed will keep your dog off the hot pavement, while keeping the fabric fresh as they jump in and out of the pool. This elevated cot comes in black and brown and has nearly 7,000 5-star reviews.

If your pup is not yet an all-star swimmer, it doesn’t mean they can’t jump in for a few laps. A life jacket is always a great thing to have on hand, both for humans and for dogs. This adorable life jacket features a shark fin and is made of quick-drying, easy to clean material. It features an adjustable belt and quick-release buckles for easy use.

Float in style alongside your pup. With more than 4,000 positive reviews, this pool float for dogs is made of reinforced paw-and-claw-friendly fabric, making it puncture resistant and stable in the water.

Dog Toys For The Beach

For the dog that wants to run freely, the beach is the best summer play option. With miles of open sand and shore, the beach is the ultimate playground for your pup, allowing them to splash, sprint, and fetch for hours under the sun. Next time you’re packing up your beach tote, don’t forget to throw these items in the bag and show your dog a good time.

Never lose another frisbee to your pup’s fangs. This ultra-tough frisbee is perfect for a wild day at the beach. It comes in six different colors and is made of tire-like material which is lightweight, durable, and water resistant.

Keeping your dog hydrated is just as important as keeping yourself hydrated, and a travel water bottle is an absolute must for a day in the sun. With more than 1,600 positive ratings, this bottle features a bowl-like attachment and a dispenser button. If your pup only takes a few licks, pressing the button a second time allows the bottle to recollect the remaining water so not a drop is wasted.

An elevated dog bed with a detachable canopy will keep your dog off the hot sand and out of the scorching sun. This one comes in a selection of colors and sizes and has earned more than 1,000 5-star reviews.