The 10 Best Table Lamps For Nightstands, Desks & End Tables

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Whether you’re adding a lamp to your bedroom, living room, desk, or somewhere else, a table lamp can brighten an area, complement the aesthetic of a space, or even help you focus on work. That’s a lot of boxes to check — and the best table lamps pull it off by being suitable for your intended location in terms of size and style. Brightness and color temperature might also be a factor if the lamp has a built-in LED bulb; and if the lamp doesn’t come with a bulb, you’ll be able to select your own, so long as it follows the manufacturer’s guideline for brightness, power, and size.

Different rooms have different lighting needs to factor in, as well as the best brightness for the lamp (which is typically measured in lumens). Bedside table lamps create ambiance as well as serving as reading lights. They typically should put out at 450 to 850 lumens if you tend to read in bed. Desk lamps should be bright enough for working, writing, reading, or whatever tasks you’re completing at the desk, with a minimum of 450 lumens of targeted light. Look for a desk lamp that swivels or pivots if you want to make sure the light is able to perfectly target your work. End table lamps can illuminate a living area on a table, and, you’ll want at least 450 lumens if you want to be able to read or write by the light of your end table lamp. If your lamp is meant to light a whole room, you’ll need something closer to 800 to 110 lumens. No matter where you’ll be placing your lamp, you should always measure your surface to make sure that your lamp will fit comfortably without taking over.

Another consideration when choosing a lamp is color temperature (measured in kelvins), which describes the warmth of the light your lamp gives off. Less than 3,000 kelvins will give you a warm glow and a gentle ambiance to a bedroom, living room, or dining room, and anything above can be good for workspaces, where you might want a cooler light.

Your lamp should accent your room, so pick a style and material that fits your decor. A glass lamp, either tinted or clear, can allow light through it, set a nice glow, and make it feel like you have more space on the table. Ceramic or wire lamps can give you interesting designs that can be modern or more traditional. Crystal lamps provide sparkle to a space by reflecting light and adding a touch of glam. And lamps with a metal, wood, or leather base can create a minimal, but practical look. Some lamps also come in pairs, which can be helpful if you need to decorate two nightstands or living room end tables. Table lamps can also come with nice features like touch control, dimming capabilities, and USB charging ports, so look for any extras that appeal.

Here are some highly rated lamps on Amazon that will add illumination, function, and style to any surface or table.

1. A Glowing Orb With A Natural Glow

  • Bulb type: A15 or G45 E26 bulb with a maximum of 40 watts (included)
  • Dimensions: 4.91 x 6.3 inches (base diameter x height)

This glass ball table lamp will make any room feel cozy, warm, and well-lit. It comes with a bulb that delivers 550 lumens and 3,000 kelvins, aka a yellow hue that’s bright enough to act as a reading lamp. The frosted finish on the thick glass will prevent unnecessary glare, and the sturdy wooden base has a felt bottom, so it won’t slip or scratch any surfaces. To turn the light on or off, simply use the switch on its cord.

Many reviewers love the simplicity and understated design of this light, leaving one fan to report, “It is small and unobtrusive, but works like a charm and draws the eye of any guests.” That said if you don’t like this lamp’s round shape, it also comes in a cube-shaped version.

Helpful Amazon review: “Nice lamp that does not take up a lot of room on my nightstand. It's got a soft glow so its plenty of light to read in bed by but nothing that will blind you. Helps give the bedroom a subtle glow as I wind down my night.”

2. A Ceramic Table Lamp With Geometric Cut-Outs

  • Bulb type: Standard E26 bulb with a maximum of 60 watts (LED bulb included)
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 22 inches (base diameter x height)

For a modern yet classic aesthetic, this ceramic table lamp is a great choice. The lamp comes in two different heights — 18 inches and 22 inches. It has a cut-out design and a linen shade, with colors that work together perfectly, causing one reviewer to rave, “The lamps are a beautiful soft white with the linen shades a bright white and gives a slight contrast which is gorgeous.”

The lamp comes with an LED bulb that gives off 450 lumens and 2,700 kelvins, which is perfect for an ambient glow to read by. The switch to turn it on and off is located near the top of the lamp, where the bulb screws in.

Helpful Amazon review: “Works in a lot of decor; modern, retro, traditional. The white glazed ceramic is light and airy looking, especially because of the open design. There is a shorter version of this lamp as well for table accent lighting. I like it so much, I ended up with two of them and they are very airy and brightening in the living room. The daylight goes through the open design of the base, making it look a lot less weighty and it lets the window light through. I really like these.”

3. A Classic Metal Desk Lamp With Lots Of Finish Options

  • Bulb type: Standard E26 bulb with a maximum of 40 watts (not included)
  • Dimensions: 5.51 x 13.19 inches (base diameter x height)

Add a classic look to your desk with this adjustable desk lamp. The flexible gooseneck allows you to focus the light where you need it, and there’s a simple on and off switch on the sturdy base. A bulb isn’t included, but you can grab an LED bulb here.

As for the lamp, one shopper raves, “It is perfect to use for late-night studying or even as a normal light source,” with other reviewers praising the minimalism, simplicity, and size of this lamp. And if you’re not fond of the green and silver color combo, it’s also available in black, bronze, gold, silver, and white.

Helpful Amazon review: “Very handy. This isn’t very tall, but it’s works well for me. The whole thing is metal, the power switch is conveniently located on the base, the base is heavy and sturdy, yet small enough that I can place it exactly where I need it. The neck and head are very adjustable. I use this on my desk for many projects that require small details and I can angle the light exactly where I need it. I used an LED bulb which still generates some heat on the metal head, but it’s not hot. It also looks very nice and would look good on any type of desk.”

4. A Pair Of Colorful Glass Table Lamps

  • Bulb type: Standard E26 bulb with a maximum of 40 watts (two LED bulbs included)
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 27 inches (base diameter x height)

This pair of stylish glass table lamps will add a contemporary and warm look to any room. Their white linen lampshades, stacked sphere design, and brass-plated base have a sophisticated appeal that’s still fun, thanks to the pop of blue. The lamps come with two 800-lumen LED bulbs that provide 2,700 kelvins of warm white light, perfect for illuminating a whole room, and turn on via a switch located just below the bulb. Measuring 27 inches high but only 5.5 inches in diameter at the base, they’re also ideal for placing in a living room, since they won’t take up much space on an end table, but are tall enough to make a statement (and perhaps taller than you might want on a nightstand).

If the blue color doesn’t appeal, the lamps also come in a lighter sky blue or with a chic mercury silver effect on the glass, as well as with clear glass and your choice of a brass or chrome base.

Helpful Amazon review: “Beautiful lamps! Exactly what I was looking for - modern but warm. I spent a lot of time looking and really worried they weren’t going to be the quality I wanted. [...] The blue is beautiful sea glass [...] not a scratch, smudge or blemish. The shades are gorgeous linen. Love the texture. These are high quality lamps at a fantastic price. Even the cord is impressive with a covering. They came perfectly packaged and wrapped up tight. Even included lightbulbs and instructions for other styles. A lot of care went into shipping these lamps. I feel like I got a steal- they are most likely marked up a lot higher in a retail store.”

5. A Compact Wire Lamp With A Modern Design

  • Bulb type: Standard E26 bulb with a maximum of 60 watts (not included)
  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 14.4 inches (base diameter x height)

Reviewers love the sleek, modern design of this geometric wire lamp, which is petite enough for most tables and nightstands without feeling too small. It has a white fabric shade and a convenient on and off switch on the power cord. The lamp works with a 60-watt bulb (or an equivalent LED), such as this one.

Choose from three different finishes for the lamp base: gold, rose gold, and black.

Helpful Amazon review: “I absolutely love this lamp. The lighting is so warm and nice for my new home office. Love it and would highly recommend. It’s a perfect desk lamp. Would be good for a nightstand too. Might be a little small for an end table. It is awesome.”

6. A Dimmable Touch-Control Lamp With USB Charging

If you’re looking for a cute modern lamp with a simple design, then this table lamp is for you. Despite the lamp’s minimalist style, it has two built-in USB ports and three brightness settings you can cycle between by touching any part of the base. The included LED bulb has a color temperature of 2,700 kelvins with a 800-lumen maximum output on the highest light setting. According to one reviewer, “the lowest setting is perfect for just relaxing or if you have a little one sleeping, and the brightest setting will light up a decent sized bedroom.” You can get this lamp with a textured white linen shade and a natural wood base, or go with a metal base in a variety of finishes pared with a range of colored shades.

Helpful Amazon review: “Really well made bedside lamp. Led bulb is included with 3 levels of brightness. Shade fabric is sturdy and just right to allow proper dissipation of light. Best part i like about this lamp is that this occupies minimal space and provides sufficient light with USB ports to charge your phone, smart watch etc..... Touch sensitivity is an added bonus. I would definitely recommend this lamp to anyone looking for one.”

7. A Pair Of Crystal Lamps With USB Charging Ports

To add some sparkle to your room, you’ll want to take a look at this pair of crystal bedside table lamps. They’ve got two USB charging ports each, touch control capabilities, and three levels of brightness. The lamps come with two included bulbs (one for each lamp), which each put out 400 lumens and 2,700 kelvins. This is an adequate brightness for reading and writing, with an orange or yellow hue that’s great for bedrooms or living rooms. The lamps are designed to work only with the brand’s low-voltage bulbs, so you’ll want to purchase this one when the included bulbs eventually burn out.

Reviewers love that these lamps come in a pair, making them perfect for bedside tables, and report that the lampshades are easy to assemble. One fan also suggests that the “crystal design is so pretty and the perfect touch” for home decor. The lamps come with your choice of six different shade colors, from gray to blue to cream.

Helpful Amazon review: “Great table lamps for our guest bedroom. Lighting is nice and adjustable and the usb charger is so handy for guests. Much better than a wireless charger because most guests have phone covers that can impede the wireless charging. The lamps are small so make sure you’re ok with that in your space!”

8. A Cordless Touch Lamp With A Rechargeable Battery

  • Bulb type: Integrated LED
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 8 inches (base diameter x height)

When you need a portable light without worrying about proximity to an outlet, this cordless, rechargeable lamp might be a great option. The fairly petite lamp charges via an included USB adaptor and can shine for up to 48 hours between charges. It has a built-in LED light, which means the bulb can’t be replaced, but the brand offers a 2-year warranty if your light loses power or experiences any other issues during that time. The built-in LED is adjustable with three levels of brightness that you can cycle through by tapping the top of the lamp; it maxes out at 150 lumens and has a color temperature of 3,000 kelvins for a soft, ambient glow. Because of the lamps smaller size and limited brightness, it won’t illuminate a whole room, but it’s a great choice for a nightstand or table, and could even be taken outdoors if needed. One reviewer wrote, “My dining table is a dark spot and this little lamp was just what I needed to better see what I’m eating. I also sometimes read at this table and while the lamp is not super bright, it’s enough to read comfortably.”

Choose from three finishes: gold, rose gold, and silver.

Helpful Amazon review: “I needed a light for my kitchen table which isn't near an outlet SO I ordered this little rechargeable USB lamp. It's awesome. Has 3 settings and lasts from dusk to about midnight before it starts to dim. I plug it in when I go to bed and it's ready for the next night. Also very handy to grab if you get up in the middle of the night instead of a flashlight. The finish is nice and it feels like a quality item. Loving it so far. I'd recommend.”

9. A Pair of Minimalist Lamps With USB Charging

  • Bulb type: A19 E26 bulb with a maximum of 100 watts (two LED bulbs included)
  • Dimensions: 6 x 22.5 inches (base diameter x height)

Sometimes you want a simple lamp with a lot of features, and you’re in luck, because here’s two of them. This pair of lamps has three brightness settings you can control by simply tapping the base, stem, or top of the lamp, with the included bulbs giving off a maximum brightness of 800 lumens and a 2,700-kelvin color temperature. The beige fabric lampshades create a pleasant glow, and the bases are weighted and fitted with an anti-slip mat so they won’t tip over. Two USB ports in each base are handy for charging devices. Several reviewers report that they love the size of these lamps for bedside tables or nightstands, and leaving one shopper to rave, “these sleek and convenient lamps are a treat!”

Helpful Amazon review: “We needed new table top lamps for our living room and we’re hoping to find something not to pricey but still reliable. These are perfect. Love the three-way touch lighting and the USB charging outlets. They were super easy to put together, too. You won’t be disappointed with these!”

10. A Highly Adjustable Desk Lamp

  • Bulb type: Integrated LED
  • Dimensions: 17.7 by 7 inches (height x base diameter)

This desk lamp has it all — a USB charging port, a 1-hour auto-off setting, and touch controls at the bottom of the arm to cycle between four color temperature modes and seven brightness settings. You can also rotate the lamp at its base, bend the arm up to 90 degrees, and move the top of the lamp up to 180 degrees to focus the light exactly where you need it. It’s no wonder that it’s earned the title of “the perfect desk lamp” from several different reviewers!

The four different color modes range from 3,000 to 5,500 kelvins, and are respectively intended for reading, study, relax, and sleep. The seven brightness settings go all the way up to 400 lumens. Best of all, the lamp comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee if you’re not satisfied in any way.

Helpful Amazon review: “I love this lamp! I’m an artist and I needed something at my new desk over my drawings when I work. This light having multiple different color temperature and dimming settings is perfect for my artwork and because I like to record the process it allows for easy lighting changes while on camera.”