The 6 Best Window Candles For A Cozy Nighttime Glow

There’s nothing like coming back to a well-lit home.

Written by Vanessa Spilios
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Whether you’re into festive decor around the holidays or greeting houseguests with an inviting glow, the best window candles create instant warmth and coziness without the risk of an open flame. Available in both battery- and AC-powered options, they come in a range of styles, and have features like timers and dusk-to-dawn sensors for effortless operation.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Window Candles

Mounting Options

Before you start shopping for the best electric window candles, do a quick examination of your sills. Depending on the age and style of your home, you may not have much of a windowsill, which can be problematic for candles that use a stand or holder to stay upright — most of these require at least 2 inches of surface depth. If you don’t have a substantial windowsill, some candles come with accessories like suction cup attachments that mount to the glass. Suction cups also allow you to place the candles wherever you want on the window — you can even create a floating candle vignette if you like.

Power Source: Wall Outlets Versus Batteries

Most electric candles for windows are battery-powered, which means they have a clean, cordless design that makes them easy to set up and store. Of course, the batteries will need to be replaced periodically and should be removed completely if you’re storing the candles for an extended period of time. If you prefer an AC-powered candle — and the convenience of knowing you won’t have to replace batteries — make sure the location of the candle is within reach of a wall plug.


You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to the look of your window candle, whether you prefer a set of pillar candles, tea lights, a candelabra, or a single candle. Some options have adjustable flame brightness or feature modes for realistic flickering, so you can get just the look you’re after.

Dusk-To-Dawn Sensors & Timers

If you only have a few candles to switch on every evening, you may not be bothered by having to do this manually. However, dusk-to-dawn candles for windows — which turn on automatically when the sun sets — streamline operation and allow you to return to a beautifully lit home if you’ve been out. Timers, though a little more hands on, give you even more customization.

No matter where or when you choose to display them, the best window candles will add a peaceful, welcoming vibe to your home.

Shop The Best Window Candles

In a hurry? These are the best window candles:

  1. The Traditional Window Candles That Are A Timeless Choice: NONNO & ZGF Window Candles
  2. The Single Plug-In Option If You’re Going For The “Candle In A Window” Look: Xodus Innovations Plug-In Window Candle
  3. The 3-Candle Window Candelabra That Makes A Statement: 612 Vermont Window Candelabra
  4. The Petite Window Candles With Multiple Hanging Options: MIXALY Flameless Window Candles
  5. The Variety Pack Of Pillar Candles That Glow From Within: Antizer Flameless Pillar Candles
  6. A Set Of Tea Lights For Lining A Window Rail: OSHINE Flameless LED Tea Light Candles

1. These Traditional Window Candles That Are A Timeless Choice

A timeless, traditional choice, these candles for windows come with optional suction cups for mounting, but you can also place them on your sill if you have enough space. The LED flames can be set to a solid glow or a flicker, and a pair of remote controls let you adjust the brightness. Available in packs of six and 10, the candles don’t have dusk-to-dawn sensors, but a timer makes it easy to customize them to your desired schedule. The candlesticks are available in silver- and gold-tone colors, and you can also opt for wax-covered tapers for a realistic effect.

A reviewer wrote: “The photos looked good but the reality of these flickering candles is even better. Holiday decorating has never been easier…add batteries, set timer then sit back and enjoy the show. So pretty in the windows we even put 2 in the dining room and plan to use them year round.”

Height: 9 inches | Depth: 2.4 inches | Power source: 2 AA batteries each (not included) | Flicker mode: Yes | Dusk-to-dawn sensor: No | Timer: Yes

2. This Single Plug-In Option If You’re Going For The “Candle In A Window” Look

This electric window candle has a traditional tapered design with a slightly oblong base that allows it to fit on most windowsills — but there are no mounting options to ensure security. With a simple tilt of the candle, the color of the LED flame can be changed from white to amber — the only pick on this list with that feature. A switch controls the candle’s three flame settings which can be set to a steady-on position, flicker, or off. An automatic daylight sensor turns the candle on at dusk and off at dawn, so it will still light up even if you’re not home, but there’s no remote control included and no brightness adjustment. The 5-foot cord plugs into the wall for power, and you can choose from holders in shades of antique bronze and pewter.

A reviewer wrote: “I have these in my garage windows. We love how you can change the color from white to flame color with a flip of the wrist. They give off great light and easily seen from the street. No more batteries to replace after a few weeks.”

Height: 11 inches | Depth: 2 inches | Power source: AC outlet (5-foot cord) | Flicker mode: Yes | Dusk-to-dawn sensor: Yes | Timer: No

3. A 3-Candle Window Candelabra That Makes A Statement

If you want to make more of a statement than a single candle provides, this battery-operated window candelabra stands over a foot tall at its highest point, and it features three teardrop-shaped “flames” in a warm white color. A sensor turns the lights off eight hours after nightfall, and while there’s no brightness adjustment or remote, a switch allows you to toggle between a flicker and steady-on mode. Available in pewter and antique bronze shades, the base of the candelabra is just 2 inches deep, allowing it to fit on most windowsills, but no suction cups are included.

A reviewer wrote: “We ordered multiple sets of these candles for Christmas decorations in our windows. They were so beautiful! The base is plastic, but once the batteries are inserted, they're quite sturdy & looked like brass. They come on at dusk & shut themselves off. It was great just putting them in place & forgetting about having to turn them on/off. We would order these again.”

Height: 12.75 inches | Depth: 2 inches | Power source: 3 D batteries (not included) | Flicker mode: Yes | Dusk-to-dawn sensor: Yes | Timer: No (8-hour run time beginning at dusk, but you can’t customize beyond that)

4. These Petite Window Candles With Multiple Hanging Options

Measuring about half the size of other options on the list, these petite window candle lights come with several hanging accessories, including suction cups, clips, pin stakes, and hooks; that means — besides hanging them in your window — you can clip them onto Christmas tree branches or even stake them into the ground outdoors. Not to mention, the low price of this set can’t be beat if you’re sticking to a budget.

The included remote control makes it easy to set a timer or adjust the candle’s brightness and output, whether you want a warm, steady glow or a rapid flicker. Sold in sets of 10, 12, and 24, the candles come in three shades: white, ivory, and black — but note that not all colors are available in all multipacks. Also keep in mind that holders are not included, so you’ll have to provide your own, or opt for a floating candle aesthetic in the window.

A reviewer wrote: “At first I thought they were too small to look good and they would be insignificant in the windows of my big old farmhouse. I was wrong. They stick to the glass easily with large suction cups. The remote turns them on and off but has a 6 hr timer that works perfectly. They come on when I set them to and go off 6 hrs later. They have a flicker function that can be set fast or slow. [...] There are also clips they fit on and can be clipped onto the Christmas tree.”

Height: 3.5 inches | Depth: N/A (no holders included) | Power source: 1 AAA battery each (not included) Flicker mode: Yes | Dusk-to-dawn sensor: No | Timer: Yes

5. This Variety Pack Of Pillar Candles That Glow From Within

If you like the way pillar candles glow from within when lit, these real wax flameless candles give the same effect without the danger of fire. Six different heights are included in the set, ranging from 4 to 9 inches, enabling you to achieve an eclectic tiered look with your display. Two remotes are included, so you can set timers, adjust brightness, and toggle between steady-on and flicker modes. The candles are battery-operated, but they don’t have dusk-to-dawn sensors, and they don’t come with mounting options — so make sure your sill is wide enough to accommodate the 2.2-inch diameter.

A reviewer wrote: “These are very nice. The remote was a bonus and makes turning them off and on in the windows a breeze. [...] I bought a second box when I realized how easy they were going to be to set in windows. I even had 4 to use on the Christmas table! They all work well so far and the remote does not fail to function as it should. Just be prepared for the 2 double As you need for each one.”

Height: 4 to 9 inches | Depth: 2.2 inches | Power source: 2 AA batteries each (not included) | Flicker mode: Yes | Dusk-to-dawn sensor: No | Timer: Yes

6. A Set Of Tea Lights For Lining A Window Rail

The low profile of these flickering electric candle lights may not be visible behind the bottom rails of some windows but would look nice lining the top of the meeting rail — where the upper and lower portions of a sash window join. The lights cast a soft glow and have a battery life of 100 hours each (batteries are actually included with this pick, and you can purchase replacement watch batteries when needed). A pared-down option, these candles don’t have timers, brightness adjustment, or dusk-to-dawn sensors — and they don’t come with a remote control — but they’re budget-friendly and have earned an impressive 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon after 8,000 reviews. Choose from packs of 12, 24, and 100.

A reviewer wrote: “Oh wow. I really really like these. Much larger than the regular tealights. Nice and bright. They use a button battery which I stocked up on from the dollar store. The battery is easy to change, no tiny screwdriver to scramble for to take the bottom off, (whew) just a clip on bottom.”

Height: 1.3 inches | Depth: 1.4 inches | Power source: CR2032 batteries (included) | Flicker mode: Yes | Dusk-to-dawn sensor: No | Timer: No