The 5 Best Wine Foil Cutters To Make Opening Your Vino Easy

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When not done correctly, removing the foil from a wine bottle can be a painstaking, messy task that results in an unsightly jagged edge of foil — and sometimes scattered little bits of foil to tidy up later. Luckily, a reliable foil cutter is a handy wine accessory that can get the job done without the hassle. The best wine foil cutters create an even cut for easy removal, and they are comfortable to hold.

While wine foil cutters come in a variety of shapes, the best option for you will fit in your hand for an easy grip. They should also be durable enough to withstand frequent usage. Typically, the bodies of higher-end wine foil cutters are made of metal, but there are plenty of sturdy plastic options to choose from, too. Beyond feeling good in the hand, the wine foil cutters on this list feature rotary wheels that are sharp enough to cut through foil quickly — and without tons of effort. There are also models that are made to adjust to fit different bottle sizes, even large-format ones.

Since there are many wine foil cutters in many styles, the right one for you will depend on your personal preferences. You might prefer a basic, budget-friendly wine foil cutter, or you might consider upgrading to a sleek all-metal option or one with an unexpected wood-like finish. And if you’re in need of a wine corkscrew, you can get one that serves as a two-in-one tool with a built-in foil cutter.

Below, you’ll find the five best wine foil cutters that you can shop on Amazon to make opening your next bottle of vino so much easier.

1. The Best Budget Wine Foil Cutter

With thousands of positive reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating, you can’t go wrong with this two-pack of wine foil cutters. The body is made of plastic and features four smooth cutting wheels of stainless steel. One reviewer wrote that it “slices right through the foil with one rotation,” and many reviewers have agreed that it cuts cleanly, with little to no effort on their part. A shopper noted that they were “still doing the job after many months.” As a plus, the plastic is fitted with a magnetic mount, so you can store the foil cutter on the fridge.

Positive Amazon review: “This foil cutter is great. [It] removes the foil from a corked wine bottle with an easy twist. First time, every time. I used other brands in the past that simply were not very good — not sharp enough to cut through the foil or sturdy enough to last more than a couple of dozen bottles. The Go Better is sharp and sturdy. Worth the premium over other brands for a sure thing.”

2. The Best Metal Wine Foil Cutter

If durability and high performance are priority for you, consider this Le Creuset foil cutter. It has a metal construction with four wheels the manufacturer has described as “razor-sharp.” One reviewer wrote that “one pass and the foil cuts clean, no back and forth,” and another shopper confirmed: “This thing is amazing. It slices cleanly through the foil. No struggling, no going round and round.” According to reviewers, it’s comfortable to hold, and all it takes is a quick one-quarter turn to cut through around the whole bottle — and you don’t have to apply pressure like you might with cheaper models either. Le Creuset offers a 10-year warranty on the foil cutter, so you know it’s built to last. The metal construction isn’t just durable, it’s pretty sleek, too.

Positive Amazon review: “This is by far the best foil cutter I have ever used. It is extremely sturdy and is waiting. It only takes a quarter turn around to completely sear the foil for a clean removal. I've used wine keys, other foil cutters and have never had one this sturdy or this well built. Although a little pricey it is well worth the money.”

3. A Foil Cutter With A Wood-Like Finish

While made of plastic, this wine foil cutter has a finish that makes it look like wood. The tool fits comfortably in the hand and has four stainless steel cutting wheels. The foil cutter is sharp enough to use without strain and creates an even cut on the wine foil. One reviewer who described herself as a waitress reported that the tool “makes opening the foil at a table so easy” and “perfectly cuts it to look nice.” It’s a great option if you’re on a budget but looking for a wine cutter that looks extra fancy.

Positive Amazon review: “Get this cutter. Because it has four blades instead of two it is that much more effective at removing foil. It also looks sharp as heck and would make a great gift.”

4. The Best Corkscrew With A Built-In Foil Cutter

If you want the full package, this user-friendly wine key comes with a foil cutter to make opening bottles a breeze. The manual unit is small enough to fit in the hand, has a soft-touch exterior, and can uncork a bottle in one swift motion. While the wine opener might seem like the star of this product, reviewers have raved about its built-in adjustable foil cutter that slides out from the body of the wine key. It features four cutting wheels, which one user attested “can easily cut through the toughest metal seal.” Another fan described the foil cutter as “the best part because it’s super fast and easy to use.” Yet another shopper concisely summarized: “Foil cutter works with one rotation, soft feel nice touch, actual screw is small enough not to damage cork.” The manufacturer doesn’t specify what the body of the corkscrew is made from, but some shoppers have noted that it’s a durable plastic. The spiral screw is nickel-plated and the levers are stainless steel.

If you prefer a wine opener that requires even less effort, try this electric wine opener. Though not as compact, it can uncork 30 wine bottles per charge and comes with a foil cutter.

Positive Amazon review: “I prefer waiter’s keys like this style, but I've broken several cheap ones. This one is sturdier and the lever system works better to reduce the amount of force you need to use. The integrated foil cutter is also handy and works well. I’m going to buy another couple of these and toss the other ones I have.”

5. The Best Foil Cutter For Wine Bottles Of Different Sizes

This adjustable wine foil cutter has the ability to expand its jaw — and while the manufacturer hasn’t indicated exactly how wide it extends, the compact tool is designed to accommodate wine bottles of all sizes. The palm-sized plastic tool “does the job with little effort,” according to one reviewer. It’s constructed to slice through wine foil in just a quarter of a turn, thanks to its four stainless steel wheels. One review attested that “it truly does only take about a quarter to a half turn and it easily cuts the foil right off.”

Positive Amazon review: “I’m not going to waste your time. I purchased this item [...] 7 years ago and the thing cuts like the day I got it. I remember saying to myself when I received the product that the blades are going to get dull in no time. Boy was I wrong. I have opened many, many bottles and no issues to this day. Rest easy and purchase this cutter.”