The 5 Best Wine Glasses On Amazon

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by Ileana Morales Valentine
Glasses of rose wine seen during a friendly party of a celebration.

Wine is often my happy hour drink of choice and upgrading to quality wine glasses made a noticeable difference. The best wine glasses on Amazon enhance your experience with a design specifically tailored to your favorite wine varietals — and there are great choices at all price points, whether you want a budget-friendly option or a luxurious crystal set.

A standard glass for red or white wines will work for most varietals and wine drinkers, but there are also specific wine glasses, say for Pinot Noirs or Rieslings, that you can add to your collection. A wider bowl allows for more aeration of the wine, which is good for reds, and a tapered rim concentrates its aromas, making it ideal for white wines. Below I’ve included both all-purpose wine glasses, glasses specific to varietals, and stemless glasses for more casual drinking.

As for stemmed glasses versus stemless wine glasses, here’s what you need to know: higher-quality wines benefit from higher-quality glasses, usually stemmed, which keep your hands from warming the bowl of the glass, but inherently more casual stemless wine glasses are easier to clean, less likely to break, and ideal for outdoor drinking and cellar-chilled red wine that benefits from the warming of your hand, according to an expert at Wine Enthusiast.

And a quick note on types of glass: Crystal glasses tend to be thinner for a more elegant feel and enhanced taste, while standard glass is more durable and resistant to chips or breaking. For a more luxurious feel, invest in hand-spun or mouth-blown crystal.

Wine glasses are sold individually, in pairs, or larger sets. You might want to splurge on two to four nicer wine glasses for your household and keep a larger and more durable set on hand for parties. Now keep reading for the best wine glasses on Amazon — each one is highly rated, including a couple of personal favorites of mine.

1. The Best Set of Wine Glasses For Any Wine

The overall best set of universal wine glasses — whether you love reds, whites or rosés — comes with four 16-ounce stemmed glasses and an all-purpose shape to enhance most wine varietals (including cabernet sauvignon, merlot, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc). The stemmed glasses are dishwasher-safe and have walls that are thin enough to offer both elegance and strength with a chip-resistant edge. Reviewers commented they especially love their durability of these everyday wine glasses.

A helpful review: “I’m so impressed with these glasses. They were mentioned very favorably in many wine publications as reviewers' most favorite wine glass. I didn’t expect too much for the price but I’m happily surprised. They have a generous thin bowl and are really lovely. The stems are a bit thicker than more expensive glasses but I consider this an asset. They are very nice and a fabulous value.”

2. The Best Wine Glasses For Red Wine

Red wine lovers, this one's for you. This glass for red wine has a dramatically large bowl with plenty of room for aerating the wine and taking in all the nuances of bold and concentrated red varietals, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. (Within the same listing as the featured glass here, there is a glass designed specifically for Pinot Noir if that's your preferred red).This set of two 33-ounce stemmed glasses make any bottle feel special; they're made of crystal.

One reviewer raved, "The swirl factor is 10/10, and when you go in for that first sip- because of the way the glass is shaped, it funnels the bouquet right into your nose! I don't think they make a glass better then this." This highly rated, dishwasher-safe pick is also available as a set of four red wine glasses.

A helpful review: “You are going to be shocked at the size of these glasses when they come. They are a work of art. Although they don't fit on a standard kitchen cabinet shelf, I keep them out on the counter as a show piece. The glasses hold a huge amount of wine, but, just fill the glass a little bit, swirl it around and around, and stick your nose deep into the glass to get that delicious Cabernet aroma. Savor the moment. These glasses are a show stopper. [...] A must buy for the red wine enthusiast.”

3. The Best Wine Glasses For White Wine

The best wine glasses for white wine come in a pair of stemmed 12-ounce glasses. They're made of fine crystal, and the glass shape complements the low acidity and smooth texture of Chardonnay and other white wines.

These glasses are dishwasher safe, and one reviewer commented they love the "delicate" look and feel of these. If you primarily drink lighter whites, you can also go for the set of Sauvignon Blanc glasses, but know that the smaller bowl and tapered rim of either will enhance white wines.

A helpful review: “I purchased these glasses as a Christmas gift for my wife. She loves them and uses them all of the time. We mostly drink white grape varieties of wine, and these glasses are specifically made to enhance the flavor and aroma of such wines...I have no idea how they do it...but I have blind taste tested several wines using these glasses and others...and the glasses really do, somehow, make the wine taste better…”

4. The Best High-End Universal Wine Glass

Now, if you're an oenophile, consider treating yourself to this luxury wine glass designed for enjoying any kind of wine. Zalto's universal glass is thinner than others and made of mouth-blown crystal, which makes for an especially beautiful yet delicate stemmed wine glass.

If tasting the full complexity of a wine sparks joy for you, this glass is a worthy investment; just take extra care when using or cleaning to avoid breaking it. The single 18-ounce glass promises to enhance any wine, and the unique curves of the bowl are influenced by the tilt angles of the Earth, according to the manufacturer, but they also simply look great and stand out from other glasses.

An expert from Bon Appétit magazine reported that wine absolutely tastes better in these glasses, and they're highly rated from Amazon shoppers, too. This glass is also available in sets of two or six wine glasses. Zalto also has white wine glasses and red wine glasses if you want to try varietal-specific ones.

A helpful review: “I had wine with this glass at a restaurant in Switzerland and told my husband how great these glasses are in terms of being light and the wine feeling so much smoother when drinking from it. He did not forget and ordered these as an anniversary gift. Now I enjoy them everyday. They are beautiful, delicate, very light and just elegant glasses. Would highly recommend!”

5. The Best Stemless Wine Glasses

I reach for the best stemless wine glasses the most. This pair of glasses are my go-to pick for most wine drinking at home; they're made of crystal, and the generous size of the bowl lets you get a good swirl of full-bodied wines, like Cabernet or Merlot. With no stem, they're inherently more casual, and unlike stemmed glasses, I've never broken one of these. I love using these glasses for red or white wines; for reds, the shape of the glass particularly enhances the bouquet of wine while also tamping down any bitterness of tannins. You can even shop these glasses with specific varietals in mind — there are glasses designed for Cabernet/Merlot (shown here), Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and several others.

Each of the two glasses in this set holds about 21 ounces, and they're dishwasher safe. These highly rated wine glasses have nearly 2,000 reviews, including from one reviewer who commented they "truly make a difference in bringing out the best of any wine you serve." I also love that these practical everyday glasses minimize spills by rolling on their sides if tipped.

A helpful review: “We first saw and used these glasses at an up-scale wine tasting shop in Las Vegas and knew we had to buy some. The glass allows the wine to breathe and the bouquet to reach the nose. The best part is that there are no stems to break or spilled wine from being knocked over! (A tipped glass will actually balance itself without spilling any wine.) [...]”

Also Great: A Versatile Tumbler For Outdoor Drinking

When it comes to outdoor drinking, you can't beat the YETI Rambler. This stainless steel tumbler is the one I choose for wine time in my backyard, an evening walk around the neighborhood, or anywhere a wine glass would likely break.

The 10-ounce tumbler is stemless with a splash-resistant lid, and on a hot day, you'll love that its double-wall vacuum insulation helps keep a glass of white wine cool without sweating. The versatility of this dishwasher-safe tumbler also makes it a must-have for me; I love using it for wine, but it's also great for whiskey, cocktails, or even a cup of coffee. (You can also go for the brand's insulated wine tumbler with the classic round shape, but I prefer the less conspicuous one.)

With a 4.8 rating and over 8,000 reviews, this one is a clear cult favorite. And it's available in more than a dozen colors, including black, white, and aqua, so you can always know which drink is yours.

A helpful review: "I bought this for all the socially distanced outdoor cocktail hours. It is perfect for this. A very versatile cup and the aqua color is very appealing."

Nice To Have: A Polishing Cloth

This wine glass polishing cloth will help protect the investment you just made in the best wine glasses. Made of microfiber, this cloth dries your wine glasses and restores shine to them without leaving streaks or spots.

It's a highly rated pick, and one reviewer commented it "makes glasses and crystal absolutely sparkle." Pro tip: help stemmed glasses last longer by holding the bowl instead of the base or stem when drying and polishing. Also, avoid twisting the cloth around the glass so you don’t build torque that could break the glass.

A helpful review: “I’m very happy with this cloth. For years I’ve been washing my Riedel stemware but [have] been unhappy with the cloudiness and spots after I’m finished. Now I just wash them with warm water, dry with any hand towel, and polish with the Riedel cloth. They turn out great.”