45 Bougie Things You Didn't Know You Needed From Amazon

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by Christina X. Wood and Dena Ogden
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If you ask me, we could all use more bougie vibes in our life. There’s a reason why “treat yourself” gets dropped in everyday conversations (or maybe that’s just my friend group). Fortunately, the future is here and we live in an era where fancy products are available with the tap of our fingers, along with reviews, ratings, and user photos. That’s right: I’m talking about the fancy-yet-affordable items available on Amazon; once you see them, you’ll wonder why you haven’t added them to your cart yet.

If you’re looking to level up some of your purchases, then you just might find something perfect on this list of bougie products you didn’t know you needed. Some of my personal favorites are the gorgeous satin scarf that comes in so many patterns you’ll want one for every day of the week and the elegant candle holders (for which I don’t even own the right candles — but I’m not letting it stop me). Consider yourself warned, though: You may also be inspired to get a year or two worth of birthday and holiday shopping done, since friends and family will likely appreciate the upscale vibes these products provide.

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These Gentle Satin Pillowcases That Help Protect Your Hair & Skin

Satin pillow cases? Sounds pricy, but these ones are under $20. They’re gorgeous, gentle on your hair and skin, and don’t absorb hair oils or moisturizers so you wake up with luscious strands and hydrated skin. They’re available in a choice of terrific colors and patterns and come with satin eye masks and hair scrunchies.


A Ceramic Diffuser That Looks Great & Smells Amazing

With a wood-grain case and a lovely ceramic cover, this diffuser is a charming piece of décor — even when it’s turned off. Fill it with a 3 ounces of water and a few drops of essential oil, though, and it’ll gently infuse your space with scent and humidity to create the right mood and make your air easier on the nose and throat.


An Inflatable Pillow For The Tub So You Can Lie Back & Relax

Suction this roomy, inflatable pillow onto your tub and sink into the warm water. The hard bathtub won’t dig into your neck and shoulders because there are two roomy sections and seven suction cups that’ll let you position the pillow perfectly to support both your back and head. Over 9,000 people have given this big pillow five stars for improving their bath, and it comes in four colors.


This California-Made Soy Candle That Comes In Different Scents

This pure soy wax candle was hand-poured into an apothecary-inspired amber jar, and its “sunbloom” scent smells like flowers. The candle itself has a cotton-core wick that’ll burn for 40 to 50 hours, and it comes in various scents ranging from amber and moss to sweet grapefruit (all of which are paraben-free).


The Golden Under-Eye Masks That’ll Help Refresh Your Skin

Open a package, place these gel-like masks under your eyes, and rest. When you get up thirty minutes later, the areas underneath your eyes will be rejuvenated. These under-eye masks are packed with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera extract to repair and hydrate your skin.


This Clip-On Ring Light That Brightens Your Selfies

This ring light clips onto your phone or laptop to create a glow that brightens your face during photos or video calls. It lets you can choose from three levels of brightness, and it’s so small and rechargeable that it can go anywhere you do. Plus, almost 8,000 people have given it five stars.


A Mulberry Silk Eye Mask For Your Beauty Sleep

If you are having trouble drifting off, don this soft mulberry silk eye mask to dim the light and protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the friction of your pillow. The soft, cool feel of the fabric on your eyes relaxes you and blocks the light so you can head to dreamland. There is silk on both sides, a silk filling, and a gentle elastic band to keep it in place while you snooze.


These Ice Roses For Truly Romantic Cocktails

Why drink an ordinary cocktail when you can have one with a giant rose in it? This silicone mold creates four gorgeous, intricate roses that are each almost 3 inches in diameter so they melt slowly in your drink. It’s a simple but elegant upgrade to make your at-home cocktails special — and it also works as a chocolate or soap mold.


A Set Of Luxury Hand Towels That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

Stock your bathroom with these thick and fluffy hand towels, and you’ll feel like you’re always on vacation. These have terrific loft, are highly absorbent, and are woven from 100% combed cotton to give your bathroom a luxury spa feel. They come in 14 colors and have over 10,000 five-star ratings.


These Fluffy Slippers With Plush Memory Foam Insoles

The beds of these luscious slippers are made with memory foam, and the uppers wrap your feet in a fabric that’s fully and soft. There are rubber outsoles in case you need to run outside to get the mail, and many reviewers are gushing about how amazing they feel, giving them almost 11,000 five-star ratings.


A Hydrating Facial Spray That’s Loaded With Sea Caviar Extract

Spray this hydrating mist onto your skin before you moisturize to help improve hydration and douse your face in a rich blend of sea grape caviar extract, sea buckthorn extract, and blue algae extract. It’s rich in ocean ingredients that are loaded with antioxidants, skin softeners, and necessary vitamins. Your skin will drink it up and better absorb your serums and moisturizers.


This Toothpaste Dispenser To Upgrade Your Bathroom

This clever toothpaste dispenser handles all the tube squeezing and doling out of paste onto brushes. It distributes toothpaste directly onto your brush, and it mounts easily to the wall with an adhesive. Most importantly, it keeps the messy toothpaste tube off of your counters.


A Set Of Marble Coasters That Are Fit For A Castle

If you are going to set out coasters to protect your furniture, why not use a marble set that are fit for a castle? These are made from real marble (which is slightly absorbent), and they each have a line of brass through them for added style. These are also backed with a soft fabric to help protect your furniture.


This Sugar-Scrub Body Polish That Smells Like Roses

Slather this body polish on to help exfoliate and moisturize at once. It uses sugar as an exfoliant — and coconut oil is the protein-rich emollient that leaves your skin fortified and soft. Plus, it perfectly captures the scent of roses. One customer wrote, “It is definitely worth buying and then buying again and again. Leaves my skin exceptionally soft afterwards and exfoliates gently yet effectively.”


These Pillows That Conform To Your Body & Go In The Wash

These two pillows are shipped rolled tight, but they quickly inflate to become a pair of delightfully soft pillows that conform to the shape of your head and neck. They’re lined with breathable polyester and are filled with cozy down alternative — and they can even be cleaned in the wash.


This Iconic Pour-Over Coffee Maker For A Perfect Brew

You can spend a fortune on a coffee machine, but it might not make a better cup than this classic pour-over carafe. It has been slightly updated with a removable cork neck bib so you can more easily wash the borosilicate glass carafe, and a permanent stainless steel filter so you don’t have to buy paper ones. All you need is a few minutes and some patience for the process of brewing to make an excellent cup of coffee.


A Stainless Steel Kettle With A Gooseneck Spout & Built-In Thermometer

This kettle is the tool you need to pour hot water over your coffee while brewing. The gooseneck spout delivers the water slowly and precisely, and a built-in thermometer in the lid tells you exactly what temperature the water is. Plus, it’s made with stainless steel that’ll last a long time.


This Animal Print Throw That Feels Like Soft Fleece

This microfiber animal print throw is extra-soft and just the right weight to keep you cozy and comfortable on the couch. Many reviewers are so enamored with it that they’re coming back to buy it as a gift, and they’ve left over 4,000 five-star ratings. It comes in three styles of animal print and can go right in the washer and dryer, only getting softer every time you wash it.


This Bamboo Charcuterie Board With Room For Utensils

This genius cheese board makes turning out an awesome charcuterie so easy that you’ll do it daily. The board is 13 inches in diameter and has a hollowed out trough so crackers don’t fly off. A secret compartment underneath slides out to reveal six utensils for cutting cheese, which all have handles made of bamboo — and it even comes with a ceramic bowl for dips.


These Satin Hair Scrunchies That Are Soft, Yet Secure

These satin scrunchies are so gentle that they’ll help put an end to hair breakage while you sleep — and they’ll even help keep your strands extra-soft while worn at any hour of the day. They come in seven color options, all of which come with five scrunchies total.


A Pair Of Satin Pajamas So You Can Live Like A Starlet

Why not roll out of bed in a pair of satin shorts with a matching satin button-down pajama top? They are comfortable, adorable, affordable, and come in 33 colors and patterns. The satin fabric is soft on your skin, and it’s breathable as well as washable. Plus, the shorts are secured with elastic waistbands, making them even cozier.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


A Set Of Vintage-Looking Brass Candlesticks

These brass candlesticks look as if you found them in a vintage shop that specializes in mid-century pieces, even though this is an affordable two-pack that’s brand new. They’ll give your table or mantle a chic retro vibe, and they have a felt bottoms to help protect your furniture.


This Pair Of Edgy Cat Eyes So You Look Like a Rock Star

With an edgy, angled cat-eye, these big sunglasses will have you glamming up the coffee shop with one practiced gesture. They’re solid, durable, and look like a $300 designer pair of sunglasses (for less than $15). Over 11,000 reviewers are loving them, living in them, and giving them five stars.


These Sophisticated Glass Jars That Make Even Boring Spices Look Fancy

If you ask me, putting something in a glass container automatically upgrades it. This set of ten glass jars includes bamboo lids lined with silicone for airtight closure, as well as black chalkboard-style label stickers. Three different sizes are available, giving you options for kitchen, bathroom, beauty, or even craft storage.


These Waterproof Slides That Make You Feel Like You’re Walking On Clouds

These comfy sandals are made with cushy, comfy EVA material, making them durable and waterproof. They’re great as shower sandals in a dorm or at the gym, or even for around the house. Multiple colors are available, including different styles with fitted footbeds.

  • Available sizes: 4-5.5 — 12-13 women (3-4 — 10.5-11 men)


A Travel Mug That’s Sleek Enough To Feel Like An Accessory

Warning: This travel mug might make you feel like you’re drinking coffee from the future. The contemporary shape and color choices (the green has me using all the heart-eyes emojis), along with the ceramic interior and wide mouth make for an elevated drink experience from start to finish. There are two sizes: 12 and 16 ounces.


A Set Of Elegant Sheets To Make You Feel Like Royalty When You Go To Bed

In my opinion, every bed needs linens — so why not ensure that you have a comfy sheet set? This fan-favorite has nearly a quarter million ratings on Amazon, which is a testament to their versatility and design. They come in all standard bed sizes plus additional options like split king and deep pocket versions, and more than 40 colors and patterns are available.


This Body Scrubber Brush For Extravagance & Exfoliation

Turn every bath or shower into luxe experience that rivals the most expensive spa treatments. This body brush can be used wet or dry to exfoliate, scrub, and smooth your skin. The combination of boar hair bristles and rubber massagers mean that each use offers you multiple benefits. A canvas strap and durable wood base also added bonuses.


A Waffle-Weave Blanket That’s Made With Breathable Cotton

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that one can never have too many blankets. If you’re looking to add a waffle-weave throw to your collection, this 100% cotton choice may be perfect for you. It comes in twin, queen, and king sizes, and 10 different colors are available.


This Lunch Box That’s Also An Luxe Ceramic Bowl

Packing a lunch doesn’t have to mean you’re eating out of a disposable or cheap dish. This ceramic lunch container comes in five pretty colors, and it has a protective lid and strap to keep contents safe and secure. If comes in plastic too, with additional colors to pick from (including a gorgeous navy blue).


A Bathrobe & Slipper Set That’s So Ridiculously Cozy

A soft bathrobe set for post-bath or post-shower routines is a must for anyone aspiring to live a bougie life. Imagine slipping on this plush robe and sliding your feet into the matching slippers, both of which have an adorable star pattern and a faux-sherpa lining that will make you feel extremely cozy.


This Cushy Comforter That Turns Your Bed Into One Giant Pillow

If you’re going for elegance in your bedroom décor, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic comforter. This microfiber option is offered in nine colors (including a rich, deep plum), and in standard bedding sizes from twin to California. The best part? You can use it on its own or with a duvet cover.


An Automatic Pet Food Dispenser So Even Your Furry Friends Feel Fancy AF

If you’ve ever aspired to feed your pet with the push of a button, then your dreams are about to come true. This automatic pet feeder can even be programmed so food is dispensed while you’re away, based on quantity and schedule that you decide. You can even record your own voice to deliver a message to your pet, too.


These Cloth Napkins For Eco-Friendly, Upscale Restaurant Vibes

Placing a cloth napkin in your lap is an instantaneous way to upgrade any meal. This 12-pack of linen napkins comes in 11 different colors — including bolds and neutrals — to match any kitchen style. Each napkin is 18 by 18 inches, and they’re all machine washable.


A Set Of Earbuds For All Your Wireless Listening Needs

If you’ve tried wireless earbuds before, then you know how much of a game changer they are. Unlike significantly more pricey options, this set comes at a more reasonable price point and in six different colors, including light blue and mint green. Plus, they’re waterproof.


An Electric Wine Opener That’s Easy On Your Wrists & Impressive To Your Guests

The charm of expertly opening a wine bottle is now within reach for those of us who are clumsy with a traditional corkscrew. This electric wine opener does the hard work for us with a simple push of the button, and includes extra features like a built-in rechargeable battery, an LED indicator light, and charging base.


A Gorgeous Natural Straw Bag That Goes With Pretty Much Everything

A pretty and practical straw handbag is the MVP for summer outings, errands, and beach days. It’s handmade with natural straw, and comes in multiple colors and styles. Either a drawstring closure or a zipper fastener secures items, depending on which design you choose. Plus, the round handle of this straw handbag is perfect for tying scarves.


This Satin Scarf You’ll Want To Tie On Every Bag You Own

This beautiful satin scarf comes in a jaw-dropping 45 designs, with each one prettier than the last. They’re made as 27.5-inch squares, the perfect size for wearing as an accessory, tying to a bag, or even hanging as a decoration. An instruction manual is included to teach you various ways to style it, too.


A Pair Of Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings That Are Classic & Contemporary

The tortoise shell resin on these hoop earrings makes them more interesting than plain metallic hoops, but still manages to be classy and chic. A range of colors are available including a pair with gorgeous red hues and green option. They’re 4 centimeters in diameter, and many reviewers noted how lightweight they are.


This Pack Of Hair Wraps So You Never Run Out (Or Have Plenty For Gifting)

Available in white and grey, these spa-inspired hair wraps keep your hair off your face when you’re washing, doing your skincare routine, putting on make-up, or even during workouts. They’re stretchy, and they have an adjustable Velcro closure, meaning you’ll always have a snug and comfy fit. Plus, they’re each machine washable.


A Strengthening Treatment Oil For Soft & Silky Hair

This hair treatment oil — which is infused with rose extract — works with all hair types (per the brand), and can be applied to wet or dry hair. Only a few drops are needed at a time, and you can focus on damaged areas when you use it so you don’t waste product. Many reviewers have raved about the results they’ve received. Not to mention, the company is cruelty-free, too.


This Can Cooler That’s More Sleek & Slim Than Traditional Foam Drink Sleeves

Gone are the days of trying to enjoy a seltzer, canned coffee, or an energy drink and having it get warm within seconds. These stainless steel can coolers are perfectly sized for tall cans — and according to reviews, they work far better than their foamy counterparts. More than 20 colors and styles are available.


This Simple Yet Practical Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Remember how people used to walk around with boomboxes on their shoulder? This portable Bluetooth speaker packs the same punch, but without all the bulk (in other words, you’ll have to look elsewhere for your ‘90s vibes). It comes in eight different styles, and a rechargeable battery is included, too.


An Organic Lip Scrub For Soft & Smooth Lips

There’s no substitute for a luxe lip scrub. This certified organic scrub only needs to be used once or twice a week to achieve softer, smoother lips. It’s full of natural ingredients like sugar, vanilla, beeswax, and other oils, and it can be used as a treatment for dry, chapped lips (or as a primer underneath your lip color).


These Sea Salt Flakes That Are A Tasty & Tasteful Way To Elevate Dinner

Adding a pinch of sea salt flakes to your favorite dishes will have you feeling like you’re hosting a cooking show in your own kitchen. The Maldon brand has been around since 1882, so you can trust they know what they’re doing. And if that doesn’t convince you, the 4.9-star average from more than 26,000 ratings speaks for itself. Each package is 8.5 ounces, and the salt is kosher.

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