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Hailey Bieber's best hair moments of 2022, the first trailer for Harry & Meghan's documentary is here, and more.

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“Do I Have To Tell My Crush That I Slept With Her Ex?”

“One thing I do a lot in delicate conversations like this is label how I’m feeling about having the conversation at the top,” writes Bustle’s sex columnist, Sophia Benoit. “I might let the other person in on the fact that I’m nervous or I don’t actually want to have this discussion per se, but I think it’s necessary. That bit of vulnerability helps other people meet you on your level.” Read More

The Latest

These Are Hailey Bieber's Best Hair Moments Of 2022

While we were all focusing in on her dewy skin and glazed donut manicures, the Rhode founder actually gave us quite a few iconic hairstyles. From sleek updos and soft, face-framing tendrils to fully embracing the scrunchie renaissance, these are our favorite looks of the year (so far). Read More

The Trailer For The Harry & Meghan Documentary Is Here

Netflix just released the trailer for its highly anticipated — and notoriously delayed — docuseries following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Featuring snapshots of the couple from their childhoods to married life, the teaser includes Markle asking the question: “When the stakes are this high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?” Read More

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Allie Rowbottom Will Have Her Feminism With A Side Of Botox

Though the novel has been praised for its unfiltered take on our contemporary beauty standards — and in particular, the ways in which they’ve been exacerbated by platforms like Instagram — editors initially failed to grasp the nuance beneath the plot. “They would be like, and this is almost verbatim, ‘I just don't see how the body modification threads and the feminist threads [coalesce],’” Rowbottom says. But once she found the right editor, she leaned in to the intersection of augmentation and feminism. Read More

The 10 Biggest Tattoo Trends Of 2023

Typically, a lot of ink trends come from celebs and influencers who share their tattoos online, says Jingxi Gu, the owner and lead artist of Patch Tattoo Therapy. “But we are also now seeing more and more tattoo artists taking any art style from drawing and painting, such as surrealism, realism, impressionism, abstract, pop art, charcoal, oil painting, etc., and creating tattoos of that art,” she tells Bustle. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Here’s how to navigate the planetary chaos. Read More

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