Bustle Newsletter: April 21, 2022

On NeNe Leakes' lawsuit against Bravo, the return of The Flight Attendant, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Nene Leakes
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I Love My Partner But I’m Not Sure I See A Future With Them. Should I Stay?

Unfortunately, love isn’t enough, and it cannot triumph over everything. It isn’t enough when one person wants to have kids and the other doesn’t, when one person wants to live in Phoenix and the other doesn’t, or when one person has a gambling addiction or can’t keep a job. But it’s important to remember: It’s not evil to walk away from long-term love. It’s not evil to acknowledge that you and another person are not compatible, that it will not work in the ways you need a relationship to work. That is not mean or bad or wrong. You aren’t the bad guy. The universe is the bad guy. Read More

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The Flight Attendant Is Borrowing A Love Interest From Big Little Lies

Season 2 of the HBO Max show premieres today (only the first two episodes, though, so you don’t have to cancel your weekend plans, just read this refresher and dive in), and star Kaley Cuoco praised her character’s new boo as a “dreamboat in all the ways.” Guessing that Reese Witherspoon’s Big Little Lies character would agree. Read More

NeNe Leakes Is Suing Bravo & Andy Cohen For Fostering A Racist, Hostile Workplace

Nearly two years after leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Leakes is suing the team behind the show. And though her former co-star Kim Zolciak-Biermann isn’t named as a defendant, much of the suit revolves around her behavior during Leakes’ time on the show. (Remember the barbecue incident?) Read More

Must Reads

Miranda Kerr On Skin Care, Affirmations, & The Power Of Routine

Kerr is many things: a beauty entrepreneur, a supermodel, a boy-mom of three, and a big believer in the power of affirmations. “Even forgiveness affirmations can create a lot of peace in your life,” Kerr tells Bustle. “I’ll do forgiveness prayers while I’m brushing my teeth. I’ll say something like: I forgive myself, and I forgive anyone that has upset me intentionally or unintentionally.” Here, she dishes on her nighttime skin care routine and the other grounding practices that keep her going. Read More

Megan Thee Stallion Served Chic Side Boob In A $24 Cut-Out Dress

The rapper is gearing up for another Hot Girl Summer and she’s turning the heat all the way up, giving side boob for days. Read More

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