44 Cheap Ways To Make Your Stuff Look Better With Little Effort

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by Cliché Wynter
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Do you have million-dollar design dreams but a discount-bin budget? I feel you. Being constantly bombarded with picture-perfect homes and influencers with flawless style, it can be difficult to not compare your life to theirs. The good news is you don’t need a ton of money or access to exclusive stylists to achieve similar results. There are plenty of cheap ways to make your stuff look better, so you and your spot looking banging at a fraction of the cost.

In the mood for a little DIY in your kitchen? Then I highly recommend these peel-and-stick tiles. The gorgeous pattern immediately adds warmth and charm to your space — not to mention, they look expensive, but cost less than the price of brunch. What’s more, they’re really easy to apply yourself, so you won’t have to hire extra help. As the name implies, simply peel and stick, and you’re all set.

And since tailoring is everything when it comes to impeccable dressing, this hem tape has become my favorite styling hack. The double-sided adhesive eliminates the need for sewing and permanently adjusts long hems with a few passes of the iron. And at just $2, the price really can’t be beat. Ahead, you’ll find plenty more affordable hacks that make everything look fantastic.


A Jewelry Cleaner That’s Biodegradable

This jewelry cleaner is 100% biodegradable and formulated without the use of ammonia and other harsh ingredients, so it safely cleans a wide selection of jewelry, including gold, diamonds, pearls, and more. It removes buildup and tarnish with ease and won’t damage precious stones.


The Grout Restorer That Works Like Magic

Bring back the sparkly shine to your grout with this restorer pen. The water-based solution covers about 197 feet of grout and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and any other room of your home that has tile.


A Scrubbing Stone That Removes Grilled-On Food

Your grilling kit isn’t complete without this scrubbing stone that quickly and efficiently removes baked-on grease and dirt after a few gentle rubs. Safe to use on barbecues, cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, pizza pans and more, it can be used up to eight times for maintenance cleaning and two times for tough jobs.


A Solution That Restores Scuffed Heels & Shoe Sole Edges

This heel polish helps restore scuffed heels and sole edges, and it can be used on both leather and rubber. The roll-on design makes it really easy to apply and the solution “dries bright and water tight.” According to one reviewer, “The sponge applicator makes this product easy to apply. No mess and no odor.”


The Shoe Cleaning Kit That’s Tough On Stains But Gentle On Hands

This shoe cleaning kit is a favorite among buyers, having earned a 4.6-star rating after 9,000 reviews. It includes a small bottle of biodegradable cleaning solution (that can clean up to 100 sneakers) and a standard brush that work in tandem to maintain your shoes’ appearance. The solution is safe to use on all colors and materials, including leather, nylon, and canvas.


A Fabric Shaver That Will Keep Your Knits Looking Brand New

If your favorite sweater has become overrun with lint and pilling, don’t worry — this tiny wonder, better known as a fabric shaver, will help return it to its former glory. It gently removes lint, fuzz, and pilling from a variety of garments using its stainless steel blades. The shaver has three shave heights, two speeds, and three shaving hole sizes for different fabrics, which means you can even use it on upholstery and delicates.


The Leather Conditioner That Adds Softness & Weather Protection

Before you toss that beat-up pair of genuine leather boots, try bringing them back to life with this leather conditioner. The gentle, odorless, non-sticky solution softens and adds flexibility to belts, jackets, and and shoes, and it protects from rain and snow for up to six months. You can even use it on furniture and car interiors.


A Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat That’s Gentle On Bristles

Keeping your makeup brushes clean just got easier with this compact silicone mat. The suction cup on back keeps it in place while you scrub your brush, and the textured surface gently and thoroughly cleans through all the bristles in seconds. Simply pour your favorite cleanser on top and rinse when done.


The Cleaning Pads That Remove Marks & Scuffs Like Magic

These cleaning pads are worth every bit of their 11,000-review hype. The thick sponges eliminate the need for harsh liquid cleaners by getting the job done with just a little water — no kidding. What’s more, you can use them on a variety of materials, including leather, marble, and steel. One reviewer compared them to the name-brand version, saying, “these are just as good and a tiny fraction of the price!”


A Small Hole Repair Kit That Even Novices Can Master

This small hole repair applicator makes it really easy to fix nicks and nail holes without the need for a professional. It repairs faster than traditional vinyl spackling, can fix holes up to 3 inches in diameter, and won’t shrink, crack, or sag over time. All in all, the lightweight compound delivers professional results without the hefty price tag.


The Furniture Repair Kit That Works On A Variety Of Woods

This furniture repair kit includes six repair markers, six wax sticks, and a sharpener that work together keep your treasured pieces in tip-top shape. Its unique colors — maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and black — cater to a range of furniture types and help conceal scuffs, scratches, nicks, and discoloration.


A Cooktop Cleaning Kit That Won’t Scratch Surfaces

Cleaning a well-used stove can be a real chore. Luckily, this cleaning kit makes the whole process easier. It includes a non-abrasive cleaning solution, a scrubbing pad with a grip, and a scraper to remove baked-on food and gunk. And reviewers love it — it’s earned 6,000 five-star ratings.


The Color-Depositing Conditioner That Maintains Vibrancy

This color-depositing conditioner adds a kick of color to your hair with each conditioning session to help resist fading and keep your shade vivid. In fact, you can even use it on its own for an infusion of brightness to your un-dyed locks. It’s available in 20 colors, including emerald, honey, mocha, and hot pink.

  • Available colors: 20


A Couch Cushion Insert That Reduces Sagging

Make your couch look good as new with this furniture cushion insert. Place it underneath the existing cushions to help lift and restore sagging pieces. One reviewer shared, “Simple and inexpensive solution to extend the life of a sagging 15 year-old sofa that otherwise still looks almost new.” Choose from two sizes.


These Chic Drawer Liners That Smell Like Lavender

Add a little something extra to your drawers with this scented liner. The royal damask print elevates the overall look while the lavender scent calms and relaxes the mind. The liner will help keep your clothes, lingerie, and towels smelling fresh long after you’ve taken them out of the laundry.


The Faux Hinges That Add Curb Appeal To Your Garage Door

Looking for a quick and cheap way to spruce up your garage door? These faux hinges will do just the trick. Each purchase includes four faux hinges and two handles with magnetic backing (that means no screw holes). Attach them to your door to instantly add some curb appeal.


The Smart Plugs That Add Voice Control To Every Outlet

Step into the future with these smart plugs. They allow you to voice control all of your appliances through Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can also power them on and off when you’re not home via the Kasa app. Plus, you can set your electronics and lights on a timer so that they automatically turn on and off on a schedule.


A Cleaning Kit That Restores Nubuck & Suede

Give your favorite nubuck and suede pieces a new lease on life with this cleaning kit. Together, the brush and eraser bar remove dirt, grime, lint, and water spots from your weathered footwear. Before use, be sure to test on a small area to ensure it doesn’t impact the color. One reviewer wrote, “Saved my birkenstocks!” and another said, “This little brush is a beast. Along with the eraser it has taken care of almost all my unfinished leather shoes...”


These Solar Ground Lights That Require Zero Installation

These solar ground lights will instantly boost the appearance of your lawn and sidewalk. The set of eight offers up to 10 hours of illumination after a full charge, and they even work on rainy days (plus, they’re waterproof). And there’s no installation or wiring required — just stick the spiky ends in the ground.


The Wood Polish With 17,000 5-Star Reviews

If you’re in the market for a quality wood polish that will help prevent drying, fading, and cracking, you’ve come to the right place. This polish and conditioner leaves surfaces with a soft luster and a protective coat of carnauba wax and beeswax. It can be used on antiques, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, and more.


A Steam-Cleaning System That Works With Just Water

This handheld steam-cleaning system is lightweight, portable, and only requires the use of water. It utilizes hot pressurized steam to remove grime, mold, stains, and dust mites from a range of surfaces, including tile, carpet, and upholstery. The system comes with a handful of attachments that help you achieve a thorough clean.


The Scrubbing Brushes That Attach To Your Power Drill

Achieve a next-level clean with these scrubbing brushes and sponges that attach to your power drill. The set includes scouring pads and bristles of all types to master stubborn cleaning jobs around the house, and can even be used on your car tires. “I bought these power drill scrubber attachments on Prime day and spent the last hour scrubbing the grout,” wrote one reviewer. “It literally looks like a new floor.”


The Bottle-Cleaning Tablets That Work Without Scrubbing

All natural, biodegradable, and chlorine-free, these bottle cleaning tablets are highly effective and eco-friendly. They can be used in coffee tumblers and water bottles to remove stubborn stains and unpleasant odors. The best part? Zero scrubbing required. Simply pop a tablet into your bottle, let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse.


A Polish Cream That Restores Tarnished Silver

This miracle polish cream restores tarnished silver and returns its bright shine. The ammonia-free solution is non-abrasive and leaves behind a protective coating that helps limit future tarnishing. It’s safe to use on platters, jewelry, flatware, and more. One reviewer wrote, “Purchased this and with one wipe I saw the silver shining and looked like new.”


This Set Of Replacement Buttons For Denim

Forget sewing mismatched buttons onto your worn-out jeans. This replacement set comes with 20 buttons that will easily take the place of lost embellishments. They’re made of durable brass, and they’re a cinch to apply. Use them on jeans, jackets, shorts, and more.


The Leather Tape That Repairs Rips In Furniture & Car Seats

Whether the rip is on your leather car seat, sofa, or ottoman, this leather tape can repair it. The durable tape can be trimmed to size and is backed with ultra-strong adhesive that stays put. Plus, it comes in dozens of colors, including black, sand brown, and wine red.

  • Available colors: 34


A Waterproof Mattress Cover That’s Soft As A Cloud

The benefits of this mattress cover are two-fold: First, since it’s waterproof, it protects your mattress, and second, it adds an extra layer of comfort that more than a few reviewers say is like “sleeping on a cloud.” Plus, it’s machine-washable so keeping it clean is a breeze.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king


The Fiber Fill That Adds Fluff To Throw Pillows & More

This fiber fill can be used to stuff everything from toys to pillows, and can even be used to make clouds for art projects. It’s non-allergenic, washable, and made from recycled polyester fiber. “I've made a couple of pillows with this and refilled a stuffed animal,” shared one pleased reviewer. “Works as it should.”


A Plastic Restorer That Revives Your Car Interior

This plastic restorer is an easy way to make your car interior look brand new. The non-oil solution can be applied to surfaces like your dashboard, gear shift, and center console to enhance shine and minimize scratches, and it also acts as a sealant that protects against UV damage.


The Peel & Stick Tiles That Will Make Your Floors Pop

Add some character to your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room with these stunning peel-and-stick floor tiles. Just as the name suggests, all you have to do is peel off the backing and stick the tile directly to the floor. The water-resistant tiles come equipped with durable, permanent adhesive. One reviewer wrote, “These were so easy to install and we absolutely love how the end result turned out!”


These Sleek Bucket Seat Covers That Fit Most Vehicles

Whether you’re aiming to conceal stains and rips or want to add a sleek, uniform look to your vehicle, these bucket seat covers are perfectly suited for the task. The cloth covers are durable and made from a breathable fabric that fits most car seats. The covers even include removable headrest covers.

  • Available colors: 15


This Genius Window Screen Repair Tape

If you’ve ever had a ripped window screen in the summer, you know that insects can invade your space in no time. Luckily, this genius repair tape has a three-layer structure and strong adhesive that fixes minor tears, and no tools are needed for application. It’s durable, and has high- and low-temperature resistance. The tape is available in black and silver gray.


The Glass Wax That Protects Screens From Smudges & Grime

Tired of wiping down your phone, tablet, and computer screens after every single use? This glass wax can help. It serves as a cleaner, polisher, and wax that helps prevent future marks. It’s safe to use on most electronics and will resist smudges and dirt for weeks.


These Dining Room Chair Covers That Will Modernize Your Space

These dining room chair slipcovers are one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways to give your space a modern makeover. In an instant, they transform old, dated seats into sleek beauties. They’re made from a stretchy, durable fabric that not only heightens the aesthetic, but also protects the chair from stains and animal scratches.

  • Available colors: 10


The Outlet Extender With A Built-In Night Light

This outlet extender is designed with six AC outlets, two USB charging ports, and a night light that makes it easy to locate it in dark rooms (it automatically turns on when ambient lighting is low). It also offers surge protection that will help keep your devices safe when power is compromised.


An Iron-On Hem Tape That Doesn’t Require Sewing

Instead of heading to the tailor to hem every last garment, try this hem adhesive tape instead. The iron-on double-sided adhesive creates a clean (and permanent) hem in a matter of seconds and requires zero sewing. Plus, it really doesn’t get more cost-effective than $2 a roll. The tape is available in black and white.


The Bra Inserts That Are Comfortable To Wear

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and not one pair is better than another, but if you’re looking to switch up your look for the night, these silicone bra inserts are an affordable buy. They come in two sizes, so you can find the fit you like best, and reviewers report that they’re “comfortable” and “easy to wear.”


These Under-Shelf Lights That Don’t Require Wiring

Give those dimly lit areas of your home a boost with these LED motion-sensor lights. Perfect for closets and shelves, they can be installed via the built-in magnet or the included adhesive. The rechargeable lights can be turned on and off by switch, but they also have motion-sensor capabilities for even more convenience.


A Waterproof Mat For Under The Sink

Protect that area underneath your sink with this waterproof mat. An easy way to protect your cabinet from leaks and spills, the durable liner is slip-resistant and machine-washable. Keep a pair of scissors handy, so you can trim it to the perfect fit.

  • Available sizes: 24 x 29 inches, 24 x 59 inches
  • Available colors and patterns: 5


The Hardwood Tiles That Will Transform Your Patio

Bring the resort aesthetic home with these acacia hardwood tiles. The interlocking tiles will immediately elevate the look of your patio by adding a unique design feature, and they come pre-oiled and ready for outdoor use. What’s more, you can choose from four colors: espresso, dusk gray, golden teak, and organic white.

  • Available colors: 4


A Landscape Rock That Will Add Character To Your Outdoor Space

This landscape rock not only serves as an excellent decor piece, but it also helps hide pipes and sprinkler valves for a more seamless appearance in your yard. Available in sandstone and granite, it comes in an assortment of sizes and textures, so you’ll be able to choose one that best suits your space.

  • Available styles and sizes: 10


The Magnetic Vent Covers That Seal Off Air Flow Completely

Turn to these magnetic floor vent covers when you need to block drafts or direct the heat or air-conditioning to other rooms. The heavy magnetic covers won’t budge, and they’re made from a flexible material that fits any vent. Plus, you can choose from ornate options that add a design element, or basic options that’ll blend in with your floor for a seamless appearance.

  • Available colors and styles: 12


This Bath Mat That’ll Actually Look Cool In Your Tub

This bath mat is anything but standard. The chic black color and unique pebbled texture will turn your turn your tub into a day spa. The suction cups on back keep it firmly in place, and the nonslip texture and built-in drain spaces enhance safety while you scrub. It’s also available in understated beige.


The Sofa Cover Reviewers Swear By

This sofa slipcover has become a runaway hit with over 31,000 reviewers and a 4.3-star overall rating . The soft, stretchy fabric fits sofas like a glove, and it offers full coverage to protect your couch from stains and everyday wear and tear. The best part? It’s available in over 30 colors, including ivory, khaki, and peacock blue.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 37

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