43 Clever, Cheap Things That Save You A Ton Of Money Around The House

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After a few years of owning a home and doing my best to “adult” properly, I’ve realized that stuff costs a lot of money. It seems like the biggest expenses are really just a bunch of little things around the house that add up. Restocking cleaning supplies or everyday essentials seems like a small price at the time, but when you have to do it 12 times a year, it can really suck your wallet dry. Amazon is home to innovative products with killer price tags that save you money while making life easier. I’ve made of list of 43 clever, cheap things that save you a ton of money around the house, and some of the things on this list may surprise you.

Sure those disposable coffee filters come in packs of 30 for less than $10, but why shell out money each month when you can buy a reusable filter for half the cost? You’ll find that filter on this list along with a few other reusable products that just make sense, like washable bamboo paper towels and microfiber mop pads. These products are not only good for your budget — they’re also helping the planet by eliminating waste. A few of these little switches can make a huge impact.

On this list, I also included plenty of preventative products that protect your home from unexpected expenses. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll love the easy-to-clean and budget-friendly puppy pad that looks like real grass. It will make potty training easier and protect your floors from expensive stains or damage. I added a few other goodies like furniture and door shield protectors to keep Fido from scratching up your couch or bedroom doors.

These brilliant finds come with reasonable price tags and rave reviews, and there’s a little something for everyone. Ready? Set? Shop!


The Food Huggers To Keep Avocados From Browning

These clever and effective stretch pods keep avocados fresher, for longer — even after they’ve been cut. The food huggers are shaped to perfectly fit an avocado and stretch around the skin to lock it into place. Not only will these save you grocery money, but they also reduce the amount of plastic or aluminum wrap you have to use — perfect for both the environment and your wallet.


An Electric Toothbrush For A Pro-Level Clean At Home

This electric toothbrush deep cleans your teeth without breaking the bank and, considering how it brushes at 40,000 strokes per minute and effectively removes food particles, it might even save you tons at the dentist. It's rechargeable and comes with eight heads and five brushing modes: whiten, clean, sensitive, polish, and massage. It has a convenient built-in brushing timer, plus it takes four hours to charge and will run for 30 days before another charge.


These Cheap Reusable Towels That Can Be Washed

Say goodbye to disposable paper towels and say hello to these money-saving reusable paper towels. One of these bamboo rolls will replace up to six months of regular paper towels — and that’s extra money in your pocket. Each roll has 20 perforated sheets that can be used just like normal paper towels to clean up messes or spills. Instead of tossing these in the trash, throw them in the washing machine to use again later. You can wash them 120 times before they need to be replaced.


A Set Of Blackout Curtains To Lower Your Electric Bills

Keep your electric bill low with these thermal curtains, which are designed to regulate the temperature, sound, and light in your home. These curtains have two layers of fabric that block 100% light, absorb sound, and keep heat (or cool air, depending on the season) trapped inside, so your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work so hard. These curtains are machine washable, plus they’re available in 13 different sizes and 20 different colors.


The Wifi Outlets That Make Your Home Smart For Less

These wifi outlets work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to turn your house into a smart home, for less than you think. Plug anything into these outlets and control it using just your voice or the free app. You can automatically turn electronics on and off or set appliances and lights on specific schedules to save money. Even if you don’t have a smart home hub, you can still use this app-controlled outlet. Each set comes with four outlets.


This Leakproof Menstrual Underwear To Save Money

Save a little money, while investing in peace of mind with this set of leakproof menstrual underwear. They have a triple-layer crotch with a 100% cotton layer, waterproof layer, and fabric layer so you can feel confident they will absorb discharge and leakage. They’re ideal for heavy flow days or postpartum recovery and the three-pack is available in sizes XS to 3XL and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.


These Vacuum Pump Wine Stoppers For Fresh Vino

Stop wavering and just open that second bottle of wine. If you don’t finish it all, you can use these vacuum wine stoppers to keep your wine fresh for up to 7 extra days. Just insert the silicone wine stopper into the bottle and use the vacuum to suck out extra air. You'll never waste wine again and the price of these stoppers is hard to beat since this pack comes with four vacuum stoppers.


A Tool For Sharpening Dull Razors

Dull blades can cause nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, or razor burn, but it can get pretty expensive to replace razors as frequently as they need. This blade sharpener is an affordable solution that works with men's and women’s razors, even disposable ones. Keeping your razors sharp and clean will extend their life and save you money (and skin injuries).


The Faucet Filter That Replaces Plastic Bottles

Leave bottled water off your grocery list and instead invest in this Brita water filter system. It attaches to a standard faucet to filter tap water, making it safer and more delicious. It reduces 99% of lead, chlorine, and particulates that are typically found in tap water and you can use this filter for up to 100 gallons before it needs to be replaced. One reviewer noted, “Awesome filter! Way cheaper than buying bottled water and just as tasty and refreshing! Comparing a cup of water without the filter and a cup with it is a no-brainer which one is filtered. I can actually see particulates in the non-filtered water and nothing in the filtered!”


These Remote-Controlled LED Strip Lights For $21

Add custom lighting to your house for less than $25 with these under-cabinet LED lights. The kit comes with six strips of LED lights that total almost 10 feet long. They have an adhesive option, so you can stick them in hallways, on the stairs, or in a closet for a little extra light. They have a remote control that allows you to change the lights from up to 60 feet away, or you can just use the in-line on/off switch. The lights are dimmable and give off a warm white light.


A Budget Teeth Whitening Pen That Works Overnight

Get a brighter smile without paying for an expensive professional treatment. This overnight teeth-whitening pen removes years of stains from coffee, wine, smoking, or soda. Just make sure your teeth are dry and then apply the whitening pen to each tooth right before bed. One pen offers 35 nightly treatments and this affordable option has earned more than 36,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating.


These Cloths That Remove Makeup With Just Water

These makeup-removing cloths erase stubborn foundation and mascara for less than pricey makeup-remover cleansers and wipes and work like magic: cleaning your skin and removing makeup with nothing but water. The gentle microfiber cloth is reusable up to 1,000 washes and you’ll get four in a pack. These reusable towels are better for the environment and your bank account.


A Stunning Decanter For Better-Tasting Wine

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy wine to drink something delicious — you just need the right tools. This wine decanter set allows wine to breathe, enhancing its purity, aroma, and taste. The lead-free crystal decanter is a work of art with a budget-friendly price when you consider how much better you’ll be able to make cheaper wine taste. This set comes with a cork stopper and a long brush for cleaning.


An Expandable Bread Box With Adjustable Air Vents

This expandable bread keeper is a total steal and will help keep your favorite baked goods fresher for longer. The transparent box expands to 11 inches, which will fit a full loaf of bread. It also has an adjustable air vent so you can control how much air flow gets into the box. One reviewer noted, “My husband likes to keep his store-purchased doughnuts in here, as they stay much fresher than in the container the store puts them in. Super item, highly recommended, and you can't beat the price!” It even includes a durable cutting board for slicing — plus it’s dishwasher safe.


This Bag Sealer Keeps Your Snacks Fresh To Save Money

Don’t toss those leftover snacks, save money by resealing them with this mini heat bag sealer. This amazing $10 find keeps your opened snack bags fresher for longer. The small electric sealer heats up quickly and only takes one second to seal the bag shut. Use it on chip, cookie, cereal, or pet food bags — it traps moisture and air out so food stays fresh.


These Stretchy Silicone Covers That Fit Any Container

Keep your leftovers as fresh as possible with these silicone lids that stretch to fit most containers. They stretch over jars, cups, bowls, or other containers so you can stop searching for matching lids. These BPA-free lids, which come 12 in a pack in square and circular shapes, are safe to wash in the dishwasher or heat up in the microwave and oven. Pack up dinner leftovers with confidence that they’ll be just as delicious for lunch the next day.


This Cheap Stain Remover To Repair Your Favorite Fabrics

Red wine spills do not have to be a death sentence for clothing, furniture, or carpet — quickly fix any spills with this effective stain remover. Whether your stain is fresh or old, it lifts it without bleach or phosphates and leaves a fresh citrus scent behind. Use it for red wine, of course, but also to remove coffee, tea, pet accidents, blood, and paint. For stained clothing, saturate the problem areas with this solution for one to five minutes and then launder your clothing. It’ll save you from having to buy replacements.


A Durable Vinyl Shield To Protect Doors From Pets

Four-legged family members aren’t always the cleanest of roommates. Avoid spending tons of money fixing their messes and get one of these inexpensive door protectors. The shield itself fits standard-size doors and is made of vinyl, which is durable enough to hold up against scratching of any kind. It has a strong adhesive backing, which makes it easy to install, and it’s designed with a cut-out for the doorknob so the shield doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the door.


This $6 Sharpener To Extend The Life Of Your Knives

This knife sharpener will keep your knife set in tip-top condition for years to come — and it only costs $6. It’s small enough to store in a drawer without taking up much space and is designed to be able to keep its hold on the edge of a countertop, which prevents you from accidentally cutting up the counters with knife marks. It even has two stages for sharpening so you can sharpen knives to your liking: fine and coarse.


A Budget-Friendly Herb Garden Kit For Beginners

Why pay for store-bought herbs when you can grow them yourself? Even if you’re a gardening novice, this herb garden kit set comes with everything you need and makes it so easy. The set includes 10 herb pots and drip trays, soil discs, bamboo markers, and, of course, herb seed packets including thyme, basil, and sage. Keep them by your window and watch the fruits of your labor grow. For just $35, it’s a budget-friendly and low-maintenance way to dip your toes into the world of gardening.


The Cheap Oral Rinse Recommended By Dentists

Stop bad breath in its tracks without breaking the bank with this two-pack of powerful mouthwash for just $15. This alcohol-free oral rinse is recommended by dentists for attacking odors and germs and it neutralizes bacteria and keeps bad breath at bay for up to 24 hours. The best part (aside from the price) is that, unlike other mouthwashes, this one does not burn and instead has a mild mint flavor thanks to its gluten-free, vegan, and kosher formula.


A Fine Mesh Cold Brew Maker That Will Save You Money

There’s no need to splurge at the coffee shop when you can make delicious coffee at home (for way less) with this cold brew maker. Just add coarsely ground coffee to the infuser and then twist it shut and place it in the pitcher with cold, filtered water. Let it sit in the refrigerator for up to 36 hours for delicious, strong coffee. This pitcher is made of BPA-free Tritan and has a silicone handle and a fine-mesh filter. It comes in one quart or two-quart pitchers.


An Adhesive Door Draft Stopper To Cut Energy Costs

These weather-stripping door draft stoppers fit onto your door to keep out sound and light and to regulate temperature. The dual-layer seal traps heat in or out, depending on the season, so you can cut electrical costs. Installing it is as easy as cutting it to size, peeling back the adhesive tape, and sticking it onto your door. You can use it anywhere to close gaps in garages, basements, beds, or even cabinets.


A Sponge Set That You Can Use For Everything

A quality sponge can make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning, but usually, they have a steep price tag and aren’t durable enough to hold up for very long. This quality sponge set, however, has earned more than 22,000 reviews because it works so well, for so little. This three-pack comes in unique colors so you can easily remember which sponge cleans which appliance. They’re resistant to odors for up to eight weeks and can clean glass, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, and even leather without worrying about scratches.


This Cheap Puppy Pad To Make Potty Training Easier

Potty training a dog just got a whole lot easier (and cleaner) thanks to this affordable artificial grass pad. The pads have a three-layer system so any liquids drain to the durable bottom tray, keeping the grass clean while still helping your pet make the association between grass and bathroom time. It’s easy to clean and comes in small and medium sizes, depending on the size of your dog and your space. Removing urine stains from any kind of flooring can be expensive and smelly — avoid the hassle with this cheap alternative.


The Cleaner That Keeps Makeup Brushes & sponges Looking New

Makeup brushes are usually expensive, so it’s crucial to take good care of them if you want them to last a long time. This makeup cleaner naturally and cleans and conditions your brushes, sponges, and applicators to keep them looking new. The water-based formula is hypoallergenic and removes oily residue or leftover product stuck in your brushes. It’s gentle enough to use once a week and has earned more than 30,000 reviews.


This Callus Gel For Affordable Pedicures At Home

Skip the salon and grab some of this extra-strength callus remover for super smooth feet, on a budget. It's made with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and lemon to soften and heal dry feet in five to ten minutes. This callus remover has more than 27,000 reviews, including one that noted, “I have the driest heels and this is the ONLY product that has ever worked. Before I used this my heels had some pretty deep cracks and now they're almost baby soft again.”


An Affordable Bento Lunch Box For Separating Meals

This innovative bento lunch box makes it easy to pack your lunch, saving you money and keeping ingredients and dishes separate so that you never have to mix your salad with your sauce-topped meats. The set includes a large bottom container with one section for main courses, as well as a two-compartment container for sides. There’s a lid between the two layers, as well as one on the top, plus a built-in three-piece utensil set. The box is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe, so you can enjoy a complete meal at work or on the go.


These Washable K-Cups You Can Use With Any Coffee

If you love your Keurig, but you’re tired of spending money on K-cup refills, snag this cheap and highly rated reusable K cup. The coffee filters are the same shape as K-cups and fit into the Keurig dispenser, however, you can fill them with any coffee of your choice. This means you can buy coffee in bulk without giving up your Keurig. These BPA-free filters are designed with durable stainless steel mesh for a smooth blend in every cup.


The Reusable Coffee Filter That’s Only $7

Stop buying disposable coffee filters and save yourself some money with this $7 reusable coffee filter. It fits most basket-style coffeemakers and features a flat bottom, mesh filter, and convenient handle. The filter is BPA-free and can be cleaned simply by rinsing it with water, however, it is dishwasher safe. The planet and your bank account will thank you.


An Inexpensive Grout Pen To Make Tile Look Brand New

Instantly improve the look of your white tile with this inexpensive grout pen. The easy-to-use tool allows you to simply "color" in the grout between your tiles to make them look brand new. It only takes 30 minutes to dry and your grout will look super fresh. Choose among 11 grout colors and two pen sizes (5 or 15 millimeters) and apply it to your grout any time to quickly restore its color, with minimal scrubbing required.


These Cheap Drop To Remove Earwax Instantly

Safely and effectively remove stubborn ear wax with these budget-friendly ear drops. When you put the drops in your ears, they begin to foam, loosening tough ear wax or build-up, so you can feel relief and hear more clearly. These $5 drops are recommended by doctors and pharmacists and can instantly remove painful or annoying earwax without an expensive trip to the doctor.


The Cheap Rug Grippers That Won’t Damage Floors

Is there anything more annoying than spending a fortune on a rug, only to unroll it and find the corners are all curled? These rug grippers are the perfect solution for securing your rug without damaging your floors. They are V-shaped to flatten corners and stop indoor or outdoor rugs from shifting under your feet. They’re less than one-eighth of an inch thick, so you won’t even notice they’re there — and neither will your robotic vacuum. They’ll save you money by preserving both your floors and rugs.


These Silicone Food Savers To Save On Groceries

Don’t throw away half-eaten food anymore — save everything (and your money) with these food huggers. They are reusable silicone covers that replace your need for plastic bags or storage containers, thus eliminating food waste. They’re made with zero plastic and fit over produce to create an airtight seal. You can even wash them in the dishwasher. This set of five is just $13.


A Furniture Shield That Protects Against Pets

Couches aren’t cheap, so protect your investment with these affordable scratch-deterrent couch shields. The extra-large shields come in a pack of six and are transparent and self-adhesive so all you have to do is cut them to size and stick them onto the side of your couch, table legs, or other places your cat likes to scratch. The protective layer is strong enough to protect your furniture yet flexible enough to wrap around the edges and blend into your home decor. Over time (with hope), your cat may learn that they cannot scratch there and you can take them off.


These Leg Covers That Protect Your Floors

Repairing the flooring in your home can cost a pretty penny — but these stretchy transparent furniture leg covers are an easy way to protect your floors from scratches. They’re available in three sizes and a few colors to blend with your furniture. The set includes 16 covers that can stretch over a variety of leg shapes to keep your home looking brand new.


A Clever Suction Cup To Fix Dents In Your Car

Fender benders and small accidents happen, but paying to fix the damage can get expensive. This suction cup kit will remove small dents or dings in your car so you can save money. It’s easy to use and comes with three dent removers: a larger 4.5-inch suction cup, as well as two 2.25-inch suction cups. You can also use these cups to lift and carry heavy items like glass, stone, or tile.


The Charcoal Bags That Purify Air In Your Home

Eliminating mold and mildew smells can be an expensive fix — but these bamboo charcoal bags can protect your home’s most vulnerable areas and you’ll get a pack of 12 for less than $15. Each bag is made with activated charcoal that absorbs odors and purifies the air, all while trapping dust. Just place or hang these bags in your closet, car, or near your pet’s litter box to clean and freshen the space without adding chemicals to your environment. You can even stick them in stinky shoes and gym bags to eliminate odors. You can reuse the fragrance-free bags for up to two years.


This 18-Pack Of Reusable Cotton Rounds For Just $10

The manufacturer notes that just one of these reusable cotton rounds (which come in a pack of 18) can replace as many as 1,000 disposable rounds. That’s a lot of savings. They work just like regular disposable cotton balls, but are unique in that they can be washed and reused for years. They are made from a highly absorbent and super soft bamboo and cotton blend so you can confidently use them to gently remove makeup and apply toner. Just toss used facial pads into the included mesh laundry bag and machine wash with your clothes or towels.


A Reusable Mop Pad That Replaces Disposable Types

Stop wasting your money on buying refills for your favorite wet and dry mop, because these reusable microfiber pads work just as well. This pack of two is cheap and has earned nearly 5,000 reviews. The pad is machine washable and fits onto a Swiffer Sweeper to pick up dirt, pet hair, and debris. It can even mop hardwood, tile, laminate, and stone. The folded edges make it easy to clean baseboards and corners and one pad can be used up to 100 times.


The Moldable Glue For Cheap Home Fixes

This moldable glue is the most versatile tool you can keep in your house and it costs just $17. The all-purpose adhesive can be used for everything, from repairing cracks and fixing broken wires to sealing broken soles back onto shoes. This super substance is waterproof, resistant to heat and cold, durable, removable, and electrically insulating. Mold it to whatever shape you need and it will set in just 12 to 24 hours.


This Toothpaste Squeezer For Emptying The Tube

Use this toothpaste squeezer to get all the toothpaste out of and make each tube go further, which will save you money. It’s easy to use and even works for paints, creams, or tubes of makeup. Just twist the wringer tool to get the excess toothpaste out and save a ton of money (and time). This pack of two is just $10 and is available in five different finishes.


A Set Of Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glasses

Expensive wine glasses are subject to breaking at a crowded party, but this set is shatterproof and equally as beautiful while saving you money. They’re made of unbreakable Tritan plastic but look just like high-end glass. The stemless glasses come in a pack of two and hold 20 ounces of your favorite vino. At the end of the night, wash these heat-resistant cups in the dishwasher.

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