51 Clever Products That Really Took Off In The Past Year On Amazon

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In 2020, shoppers relied on Amazon more than ever, but the products that gained popularity are more utilitarian than you might expect. No, toilet paper is not on this list; but, as you can imagine, work-from-home essentials and self-care products were in high demand. Check out these 51 clever products that really took off this past year on Amazon and stock up the must-have items you might have missed.

Many people spent a large chunk of the year adjusting to working from home, which meant priming their home office, dining table, or even their couch for productivity. Some of the convenient work-ready items you'll find on this list include a handy lap desk, an ergonomic computer mouse, a wifi extender, and a seat cushion to relieve pain and help improve posture.

And when the work day ended, shoppers craved self-care. Many turned to Amazon for products like essential oils, bubble baths, scalp massagers, and luxury sleep masks. You’ll find self-care products on this list with more than 40,000 reviews and impressive ratings.

There are plenty of things to leave behind in 2020, but these products are sticking around for the long haul. No matter what the year, add these items to your cart and jump on the bandwagon.


An Easy-To-Install Bidet With 24K+ Reviews

Who would think a bidet would get nearly 25,000 reviews and a 4.6 star review on Amazon? Well this pick deserves all the praise, according to reviewers. It is non-electric, self-cleaning, and simply attaches to a standard two-piece toilet. Made of metal, ceramic, and steel it looks modern in any bathroom and the nozzle shield protects the nozzle when it’s not in use. It can help you use less toilet paper, cutting down on costs and stress.


These Stretchy, Opaque Leggings

These jersey leggings are comfortable and ideal for lounging or being on the go. They’re made of a thick cotton blend that is opaque so you can feel comfortable wearing them anywhere. The material is soft and stretchy and they have an elastic waistband. They’re available in black and gray.


This Glass Pot For Safely Popping Homemade Popcorn

Make gourmet popcorn at home with this micro-pop popcorn popper. It’s made of sturdy borosilicate glass and has a three-in-one lid that acts as a measuring cup, cover, and butter melter. Just measure your kernels, add them to the popper and stick it in the microwave. It makes a snack-size amount of popcorn and can be tossed in the dishwasher when you’re done. It comes in six colors and has more than 15,000 reviews.


The Twinkle Light Curtain For A Magical Room

Add a little ambience to any room with this string light curtain. The curtain has 300 LED twinkle lights that can be set on one of eight modes including waves, slow fade, and chasing. Just plug them in and set the mood. These magical lights have more than 40,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. They’re also waterproof, so you can use them outside in your garden or on your patio. They’re available in warm white and multi-color bulbs.


This Tool That Makes Home Haircuts A Breeze

Give your hair a quick trim with help from this hair cutting tool. Just slide it onto your hair and line it up where you want to cut. Use the built-in level to get a straight cut every time. It’s perfect for trimming bangs, cutting layers, or getting rid of split ends. Each set of two clips comes with a small and larger clip.


A Set Of Reusable Silicone Baking Sheets

This set of silicone baking sheets is easy to use and clean. The pack comes with three different sized mats that are non-stick and food safe. They can be used in the oven up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. When you’re done, wipe them down with water and soap or put them in the top rack of the dishwasher. These sheets will eliminate your need to use any cooking sprays or oils.


An Adjustable Folding Stand For Your Laptop

Work anywhere comfortably with this adjustable laptop stand. It can hold laptops between 10 and 17-inches wide and up to 13 pounds. The unique design holds your laptop in place while keeping air flow moving, preventing overheating. Push or pull the desk to any desired height, whenever you need it. Plus, it folds flat in just four steps and can be carried in a backpack or suitcase.


A Foam Mat That Can Reduce Feet And Back Fatigue

If you’re standing in the same spot for long periods of time, this anti-fatigue mat can help make it a bit more comfortable. The mat is made of high-density foam that is anti-slip and has beveled edges to prevent tripping. It’s also anti-microbial, stain-resistant, and simple to clean. The mat provides comfort for your back and feet while you stand at a desk, doing dishes at the sink, or while working out.


The Hygienic Touch-Less Forehead Thermometer

This infrared thermometer is hygienic and so easy to use. No need to touch someone’s face to take their temperature; instead, this thermometer can get a clear reading from an inch away. Place it in front of your forehead and, in one second, you’ll get a reading on its clear, bright LED screen. It quietly vibrates to let you know it’s ready to be read. It has more than 85,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


These 5-Layer Face Masks With A Nose Clip

Most masks offer three layers of protection, but these disposable KN95 face masks have an extra-impressive five. Yet, they’re still easy to keep in your car or bag to have on the go. Adjust them easily with elastic ear loops and a flexible nose clip that contours comfortably to your face. This pack of 20 is available in black, blue, gray, or red.


A Palm-Size Scalp Massage Brush

Turn your shower into a spa and give yourself a scalp massage with this shampoo brush. The soft, thick silicone bristles are designed to comb through your wet hair and massage your scalp, promoting blood flow and deep cleaning to lift up product buildup. It has more than 50,000 reviews and comes in three colors.


A Lavender Pillow Mist That Relaxes You

This pillow mist smells amazing and is designed to help you relax. It’s made with lavender essential oil and is free of parabens or chemicals. Just spritz a little on your pillow before bed and let the aromatherapy lull you to sleep. It comes in a four or eight ounce bottle.


An Avocado Slicer That Splits, Pits, And Slices

This avocado slicer is the only way to eat an avocado. It effortlessly splits, pits, and slices your avocado. This stainless steel pitter is quick and easy and this helpful tool has more than 16,000 reviews and a 4.7-star review. You can even put it in the dishwasher, on the top shelf.


This Supportive Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion

This lumbar support pillow will make sitting at any desk much more comfortable. It has more than 11,000 reviews and comes in six colors to match your office. The pillow is made of high-density memory foam and has a 3D breathable mesh cover that won’t absorb moisture and is antibacterial. If it does get dirty, you can remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine.


An Essential Oil Roller That Brings On The Calm

This pre-diluted aromatherapy roller is the perfect mid-day stress relief. Just roll it onto your temples, wrists or behind your ears for a little zen in the middle of a hectic day. The blend is made with peppermint, ginger, sweet fennel, sage, and cardamom, which work together to fight anxiety and make you feel calm.


A Battery-Powered Pulse Oximeter Monitor

Check your vitals quickly with this pulse oximeter fingertip monitor. It quickly measures your blood oxygen and pulse rate and displays your numbers clearly on a large, backlit LED screen. The battery-powered tool is compact enough to take on the go.


This Lavender Bubble Bath With 20,000 Reviews

This foaming bath soap is made with epsom salt and lavender to sooth your muscles and calm your mind. It has more than 20,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. Just add it to warm water for a relaxing bath that will moisturize your skin and help you sleep better, according to the manufacturer.


A $5 Mascara That Makes Your Lashes So Lush

This mascara has a cult following with nearly 95,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating — and the $5 price tag isn’t too bad either. The cruelty-free mascara is designed to make your lashes look long, thick, and sculpted without any clumps. It lasts all day and also comes in packs of three and four.


A Memory Foam Seat Cushion That Stays In Place

Stay comfortable while you’re working hard with this seat cushion. It’s made of 100% memory foam and works to cushion your coccyx and alleviate pain from sciatica. It also helps to correct your posture. The non-slip base keeps the seat cushion in place and the breathable mesh material can be removed and washed.


This Cotton-Blend Pack Of Sports Bras

These unlined sports bras are made of mostly cotton, with a little but of spandex so they stretchy as you move. This three pack features solid colors and a full-coverage style. The spaghetti straps are easy to disguise — plus there’s no tags!


A Humidifier That Runs For Up To 16 Hours

This humidifier has more than 40,000 reviews and a 4.4 star review. It adds moisture to the air in your room to help you sleep better. It has a 1.5-liter water tank that will run for 16 hours and automatically shuts off. It comes with a power adapter and cleaning brush.


A Set Of Stackable Resistance Bands

This set of resistance bands are perfect for working out at home. They feature five different levels of resistance between 2 and 30 pounds. They can be stacked together and even have a metal clipping system for attaching accessories, like the included handle grips and ankle straps.


An Intensely Hydrating Hand Cream

Keep your hands moisturized, no matter how hard you work, with his hand cream. It’s made for extremely dry and cracked hands and repairs the skin while relieving your pain. It even creates a protective layer on the skin to prevent damage and keep hands moistened. It’s available in packs of 1, 2 or 12.


A Comfortable Lap Desk For Working On The Couch

This lap desk is ideal for working from home. The desk has cushions that keep you comfortable while you work hard. It has a phone slot that conveniently holds your smartphone close by. The smooth desk is perfect for any laptop up to 15.6 inches and even has a mouse pad.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With A Night Light

Diffuse your favorite essential oils and make your home smell delicious with this essential oil diffuser. It has more than 60,000 reviews and comes in three colors. Choose from two mist settings: continuous or intermittent. It’s small yet powerful and looks good in any space.


This Adjustable Ring Light That Clips Onto Laptops, Desks & More

This ring light clamps onto almost any flat surfaces to improve your video and photo lighting. “Different lighting settings/modes. Perfect for zoom calls and recording videos. Clips to laptop with no problems,” one customer wrote. Choose from five brightness levels and five color lighting modes to get the best light in any room. It has a USB plug and a straightforward remote. Use it for work Zoom calls, doing makeup, or recording Instagram stories.


The Multi-Loop Strap That Helps You Stretch

This stretching strap helps to increase flexibility and relieve tense muscles. The durable, woven nylon strap features 10 individual loops that you can hold onto, slide your foot into, or use with a partner. It also comes with a stretching guide.


A Therapy Light That Can Help With Winter Blues

This light therapy lamp mimics natural daylight without the harmful effects of UV light. It uses LEDs with a doctor-recommended 10,000 LUX strength to help to boost your mood, especially during darker and colder months. Choose your level of brightness simply by touching the easy-to-use buttons.


This Adorable Waffle Maker That Comes In 19 Colors

This mini waffle maker is perfect for tiny living or dorm life. The small, one-pound machine has non-stick griddles that make cooking and cleaning simple. You can even make paninis or hash browns in the machine. It’s available in 19 fun colors including orange, copper, and even prints like pineapples and skulls.


This UV Light That Sanitizes Your Phone

This UV light sanitizer is designed to fit your smart phone so you can safely clean your devices. It fits most phones that are smaller than 6.6-inches. The UV light disinfects phones, watches, earphones, and keys. It’s rechargeable and works with a standard USB so you can easily charge on the go.


The Handheld Frother For Quality Lattes

Make lattes at home with this handheld milk frother. Just stick the steel whisk into your favorite coffee, matcha or protein drink, and turn it on. The spinning whisk creates rich, creamy foam in just a few seconds. To clean it, just rinse it in hot water and let it dry on the included stand.


A Cooking Thermometer That Gives A Fast Reading

This cooking thermometer is a must-have tool for your next recipe. Its 4-inch-long probe so you can safety check the temperatures of meat, frying oil, or water. It reads temperature in less than six seconds and displays it on the LED screen.


A Wearable Gel Pack To Relieve Pain

This pain relief gel pack can be used hot or cold. Its large size and design are perfect for soothing fatigued lower back muscles or stomach cramps. Store it in the freezer for cold relief or pop it in the microwave for heat therapy. The gel pack fits around your waist and is covered in a breathable and soft material with velcro to keep it secure and in place.


This Magnetic Phone Mount For Car Air Vents

Keep your eyes on the road — not your phone — with this magnetic phone holder for your car. It is so easy to use and keeps you safe. Just place one of the included magnets into your phone case and connect it to the magnet on the stand. It clips onto your air vents and securely holds the weight of up to four phones.


The Comfy Foot Rest For Your Home Office

This foot rest fits under your desk to relieve pain from sitting too long. It’s made of memory foam and has a curbed design so you can easily rest your feet while improving your posture. It provides support to your hips, back, feet, and any sciatica pain. It comes in a removable cover that’s machine washable.


These Solar-Powered Lights For Your Yard

Light your outdoor space with this pack of 12 outdoor solar lights. They’re made of stainless steel so they’re waterproof and can withstand the elements. The LED lights are powered by the sun and turn on once it’s dark. They have stakes on the bottom of each light that easily sticks into the ground. They’re available in cool and warm white, as well as multicolored options.


A Pack Of Fine Tip Pens In A Variety Of Colors

These fine tip pens have more than 37,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. The set comes with 18 unique, vibrant colors and 0.38mm point pen tips. The water-based ink won’t bleed through while you doodle, make to-do lists, or grade papers. They come in a plastic storage case that makes it easy to transport these pens.


The Yoga Set That Helps With Stretching

Kickstart your yoga practice with this five-in-one yoga set. It includes a yoga wheel, two foam blocks, a strap, and a yoga ring. This set is designed to help improve your stretching and balance. The yoga wheel is made of a non-toxic material and has a thick foam padding that’s gentle on your skin. It has 3D anti-slip lines that help you hold your poses.


These Non-Slip Yoga Socks Inspired By Ballet

These non-slip yoga socks have more than 12,000 reviews. They’re designed to resemble ballet slippers, with an elastic criss-cross in the front that secures your foot. The bottom of the sock has silica gel grips that provide extra traction while the cotton socks keep your feet dry and clean.


A 6-Pack Of Clear Travel Bottles

Never leave home without your hand sanitizer again with these convenient travel bottles. This pack of eight features clear, leakproof plastic bottles that have silicone sleeves so you can carry sanitizer or lotion anywhere you go. Hook them to your keys or keep it on your backpack for easy access. They’re small enough to carry on planes, too.


The Discreet Hair Removal Razor

These eyebrow razors come in packs of 12 and can be used to remove tiny hairs on your face. They’re disposable and have a small enough razor to easily trim eyebrows or remove peach fuzz from the face or neck. They have a stainless steel safety cover attached to each blade to protect you from cutting yourself.


These Food Huggers That Create An Airtight Seal

Don’t throw away half-eaten food anymore — save them with these food huggers. They are reusable silicone covers that replace your need for plastic bags or storage containers. They’re made with zero plastic and fit over produce to create an airtight seal. Plus you can wash them in the dishwasher.


This Soft Silk Sleeping Mask That Blocks Out Light

This mulberry silk eye mask will help you sleep comfortably. It’s ultra soft and gentle on your eyes while blocking out light so you get your best sleep. The strap is fully adjustable so you can fit it to your head comfortably.


This USB Hub That Charges All Devices At Once

Charge all your devices at once with this 4-port USB hub. It’s designed to be as compact as possible so it takes up less space on your desk or in your bag. Each port has an on/off switch so you can save power or leave devices plugged in even when you’re not using them. They’re great for external keyboards, drives, mouses, printers, or scanners.


The Perfect Bartender Kit For Impressive Cocktails

Mix up your favorite drinks at home with this bartender kit. It comes with a cocktail shaker, mixing spoon, muddler, liquor pourers, double higher, and a velvet bag for storage and portability. The stainless steel set is dishwasher safe and even comes with an e-book of recipes and tips for new mixologists. The durable stainless steel set is available in silver, gold, rose gold, and black.


A Stain Remover Spray That Eliminates Odors

Get rid of tough stains and odors with this professional strength stain remover. The spray uses enzymes to attach smells and grime from carpets, hardwood, tile, concrete, litter boxes, and even artificial grass. It’s chlorine free and safe to use near pets or children. It has more than 38,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


This Bread Proofing Set That Is Perfect For Beginners

Start making your own bread with this proofing set. It comes with two sourdough baskets in different sizes, as well as a metal scrapper, silicone basting brush, bread lame, and linen liners. These baskets, which hold up to five cups of any flour recipe and are free of chemicals, are perfec


A Pet Hair Remover With 46,000 Reviews

This pet hair remover has a major cult following with more than 46,000 reviews. The high-quality roller brush is reusable and easily captures hair from couches, beds, blankets, and car seats. All the hair and lent is caught in a waste compartment that’s easy to empty between uses.


These Conversation Starters For Stronger Bonds

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your partner, this deck of conversation cards are for you. It includes 100 thought-provoking conversation starters — questions or statement that will help you get to know each other better or just spend some uninterrupted quality time together. They’re not all romantic either, so you can use them to get to know your friends and family, too.


This Vertical Mouse That Alleviates Hand Pain

Keep your hand from cramping in the middle of the work day with this vertical ergonomic mouse. It looks like a space ship, but is actually designed to alleviate pressure in your wrist joint — which usually causes cramping. The mouse is wireless and has a scroll wheel, right and left button, DPI switch button, and previous and next page buttons.


A Wifi Extender That Connects To 20 Devices

This plug-in wifi extender will cover up to 1,200 square feet of space. Just touch one button to get the connection up and going. It has helpful symbols and indicator lights that allow you to see that it’s connected. It eliminates any dead zones in your home and can connect to up to 20 devices.

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