The 62 Coolest Things Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists

From a rechargeable label maker to an affordable pet camera, shoppers are loving these products.

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I’ve found a method that both eases my impulse shopping guilt and helps me discover the brilliant products that’ll actually improve my life: I consult other Amazon buyers’ wish lists. That way, someone else does all the deliberation for me, and I can see which products are actually worth my time. If hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of people can’t wait to get their hands on something, odds are it will do the job.

If you, like me, have trouble resisting the clever products on Amazon, narrow down your options with these genius items that are most added to Amazon wish lists, and bring on the impulse buys you won’t regret.


These Rug Grippers To Prevent Curling, Slipping, & Tripping

It’s a simple solution, but past buyers have called them “life-changing,” “absolutely fabulous,” and “literally the BEST purchase.” These Home Techpro rug grippers peel and stick onto the corners of just about any rug, so it instantly becomes flat, trip-proof, and slip-resistant. Their adhesive works on just about all hard floors, and each order comes with four pieces — enough for any one square or rectangular rug.


This Convenient Laundry Bag For Shoes That Secures To Your Dryer’s Door

Frustrated by how quickly sneakers seem to get dirty? This clever dryer wash bag makes it so easy and effective to keep your kicks looking like new. The elastic bands let you secure it to the dryer door to keep your shoes from banging around. As one reviewer described it: “GREAT alternative to having gym/running shoes beat up the inside of the dryer and possibly - as we have experienced - throw a shoe with such force that it knocks the dryer door open and ejects the shoe(s)”


This Zester & Grater That’s “Freaking Amazing”

What’s so special about a cheese grater? This one in particular has more than 16,000 reviews because of its razor-sharp stainless steel blade, which won’t rust even when tossed in the dishwasher. It also has a textured, comfortable-grip handle and works with virtually no pressure on your part. Oh, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. “Look no further,” one reviewer wrote. “This zester is freaking amazing.”


These Patches That Help Flatten Blemishes Quickly

Got a stray blemish that’s popped up overnight? Cover it with one of these acne patches. The hydrocolloid dressing absorbs pus to help it flatten out quickly, and you can even blend them underneath makeup for a seamless look — all for less than $5 for a pack of 30 patches.


This Shoe Organizer That Holds 16 Pairs

The Moteph shoe organizer holds 16 pairs at once. It also keeps them clean and visible with its transparent plastic cover — but unlike most other options, it allows you to hide your footwear-clutter in a sleek, visually pleasing way. It also folds up for convenient storage, has reinforced handles so you can pull it off a shelf, and comes with removable dividers if you want to use it for handbags, bras, toys, .


These Heel Sleeves That Deeply Moisturize Cracked Skin


This Super-Compact USB Wall Charger

This is not your average charging brick. For one, the Nekmit wall charger is ultra-thin and flat so it won’t get in the way of your second outlet. For another, it has a three-prong design that stays securely plugged in, and finally, it has two USB ports and smart IC technology that detects your devices’ output to offer the fastest charging speeds without overdoing it. Get it in white, black, or red.


This Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack That Won’t Take Up Counter Space

You need a place to dry dishes and glasses, but if you already lack kitchen space, storing them on counters feels like a waste of precious space. This roll-up dish drying rack is made of sturdy stainless steel and can be positioned over your sink, where wet dishes can drip and not muck up counters. When you’re not using it, simply roll it up and store it in a cabinet until you need it again. This genius kitchen tool boasts more than 24,000 reviews.


These Best-Selling Baking Mats For Easy Cleanup

Forget single-use parchment paper and never again have to scrape your pans clean. These baking mats are a number-one best-seller because they’re nonstick without oil, oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and help you get a golden, even bake on everything from cookies to chicken. “How did I ever manage without these?” one reviewer asked.


These $9 Pillowcases With 159,000+ Reviews

How can you ignore over 150,000 ratings — especially when over 70% of them are five stars? These Bedsure pillowcases are made from cooling, silky satin, so they’re breathable for the hot sleeper and luxurious-looking for the interior designer. They’re also resistant to friction so they pamper your skin and hair while you sleep. Get this set of two in four sizes and dozens of colors.


This Rechargeable Label Maker You’ll Be Obsessed With

Seriously boost your organization game with the NiiMbot label maker, which lets you create custom labels from your smartphone. It is USB-rechargeable, and comes in green, pink, black, or white. “I'm obsessed with this thing!” one reviewer wrote. Another noted, “I used this to label all of my spice jars & loose tea.”


This Affordable Food Processor That Does It All

A powerful food processor could cost you upwards of $150 — which explains Hamilton Beach’s popularity. Despite its $40 price tag, this can slice, shred, mince, and puree up to 8 cups at once, so of course, it has over 11,000 reviews and best-selling status. It’s also been called the “nut butter king,” “surprisingly powerful [...] for this price level,” and “just as good as much more expensive, higher-end food processors.”


These Brilliant Meal Prep Freezer Trays

Freezing leftovers is a great way to store them long-term, but usually, that means you have to defrost the whole container before you can use any of it. Souper Cubes change all that. Thanks to the flexible silicone design and four individual compartments, you can pop out a single 1-cup serving of soup, sauce, or stock. They’re also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup and have lids to prevent leaks in the freezer.


A Self-Standing Reverse Umbrella With A Hands-Free Handle

Thanks to the unique C-shaped handle of this reverse umbrella (which slides up your arm), you can hold your coffee or answer a phone call in the rain with ease. The umbrella offers complete protection from the wind with its break-resistant fiberglass frame. Plus, its reverse folding style can stand on its own and it comes in many colorful designs within the listing.


This Lint Roller With 104,000+ 5-Star Reviews

To keep your clothes, carpets, and upholstery fuzz-free, pick up this lint roller that does a great job at removing pet hair as well. Instead of dealing with sticky sheets, the reusable tool traps even the tiniest strands. It all collects in the back chamber which can be easily emptied with the push of a button.


A Digital Meat Thermometer That Gives Results In Under 3 Seconds

When you’re aiming to cook that prized piece of meat to utter perfection, be sure to have this digital meat thermometer nearby. It’s designed with a retractable probe to keep hands safe from heat and will give you a temperature reading in only two to three seconds. Able to show temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, it’s fully IP67 waterproof and is made with a built-in magnet for handy storage on your fridge door.


The Best-Selling Popcorn Popper On Amazon

Made from sturdy borosilicate glass and BPA-free plastic, the Ecolution mini microwave popcorn maker turns loose kernels into fast, delicious popcorn. Use the three-in-one lid to measure kernels, cover while popping, and melt toppings, while the wide mouth and ergonomic handle are ideal for pouring and serving. It also comes in tons of cool colors. No wonder it’s a number-one best-seller in popcorn poppers.


Some Cut-Resistant Gloves That Protect Your Hands

Yes, these Dowellife cut-resistant gloves protect your fingers in the kitchen while you’re working with knives or graters, but they can also prevent splinters during DIY jobs and injuries during gardening. How? They’re made from a special elastic nylon that still allows for a secure fit and optimal dexterity — but they provide a level-five cut-resistance that’s 10-times stronger than your average glove.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


A Matte Paint Available In 50 Colors & 3 Sizes

For an easy home makeover, pick up a 4-, 16-, or 32-ounce jar of this chalk-style paint. It’s available in 50 beautiful colors, all of which are easy to blend and will leave behind a chic, lasting matte finish. The formula is free of phthalates and formaldehyde. It takes just 30 minutes to dry.


This Shower Mirror That Won’t Fog Up

You can save time and minimize mess by grooming in the shower, but your average mirror won’t cut it. Cue the HoneyBull fogless mirror, which — you guessed it — won’t fog up in the presence of heat, moisture, and steam. It also has a strong but removable suction cup for damage-free installation onto most smooth surfaces, and it swivels so you can find your ideal angle. Currently, it has over 14,000 reviews and a 4.3-star overall rating.


A Strainer That Stores Easily & Works With All Cookware

I’m obsessed with my Snap N Strain strainer, and according to its thousands of reviews, top ratings, and best-selling status, countless other buyers are too. This flexible silicone solution clasps onto a huge range of cookware, so you can strain everything from pasta and potatoes to chopped meat and salad. It’s also heat-resistant and way easier to store than your average colander.


These Light Curtains To Transform Your Space

Thumb through all of the customer images for these fairy light curtains, and you’ll be ridiculously inspired to transform your own space. People have used these bright, cascading LEDs to warm up their reading nooks, make whimsical bedrooms, beautify outdoor wedding ceremonies, and create magical holiday displays. They’re waterproof, remote-controlled, and have eight different lighting modes.


This Super Popular Wireless Charger — That’s Only $10

It costs just $10, but buyers can’t stop raving about this Qi-certified wireless charger, which is apparently fast, safe, and compact. It’s compatible with iPhones and Samsungs alike (using the right adapters), and it’ll charge your phone straight through most cases. Since the green LED turns off after a few seconds, it’s also sleep-friendly, unlike some competing options.


A Comfy Leg-Elevating Pillow With A Washable Cover

Need a way to improve circulation and comfort while you sleep, watch TV, or read? This foam-topped leg elevation pillow is made from high-density foam and offers support to your legs, giving them some much-needed relief. Plus, it’s cooling, breathable, and has a machine-washable cover.


These Bags That Save You Some Serious Storage Space

Put your stuff in these compression bags and hand-roll them to squeeze out every last drop of air; after that, your seasonal clothes, puffy comforters, and bulky towels become infinitely easier to store. They also protect against dust, bugs, and dampness, but they’re not just for storage — use them while packing a suitcase to fit more essentials in a smaller space.


This LED Puck Light That Provides A Touch Of Accent Lighting

Give your closet or cabinet a little extra lighting without the need for expensive wiring when you opt for this LED puck light. It mounts quickly using the included self-adhesive or screws and conveniently runs on three AA batteries (not included) that’ll provide you with 100 hours of light. Tap the lens to turn on and off with the warm glow adding just the right amount of tasteful accent light.


This Adjustable Heated Eye Mask That’s So Relaxing

“Best mask for dry eye and blepharitis,” one reviewer wrote. Others said, “works great for sinus headaches” and “I experience deep relaxation and a great night’s sleep after.” Needless to say, this heated eye mask is a cult favorite on Amazon for a wide variety of reasons. The exterior is made from cotton, the interior has self-adjusting flax seeds, the strap is adjustable, and the controller lets you choose between three different temperatures.


A Ziplock Bag Organizer To Keep A More Organized Cabinet

If you’re used to opening up kitchen cabinets to find Ziplock boxes of various sizes spilling out, there’s a better way. This Ziplock bag storage organizer features four separate compartments where you can neatly stash gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack bags — all in an attractive and eco-friendly bamboo board. You can reconfigure the four separate storage slots however best suits your cabinets or counters and they’ve earned an impressive 4.8-star rating.


This Clever Pooper Scooper With An Extra-Long Handle

At 36 inches tall, this pooper scooper keeps you from having to constantly bend down to pick up dog waste. The set comes with both a rake and tray with a rust-proof metal and aluminum build. Once you’re done cleaning up, use the storage clip to snap them together and hang them from either of their top loops.


These ‘90s-Inspired Rectangular Sunglasses That Are A Total Bargain

All things ‘90s are back in style, including these vintage rectangular sunglasses. They come in a pack of two for $16, even though they offer UV protection and are both durable and fashionable. Opt for the black and leopard print or go for something bolder. They also come in packs of one.


This Insulated Lunch Bag For Bringing Leftovers To Work

Save money on lunches while you’re at the office with this insulated lunch tote. This bag is made with one large compartment and four pockets, allowing optimal space for tons of snacks, cutlery, and food storage containers. With an adjustable carrying strap, durable exterior, rip-resistant lining, and triple insulated interior that keeps food hot or cold, you can’t go wrong with this lunch bag.


This Eyelash Curler For Seriously Lifted Lashes

Get beautifully lifted lashes with no fear of pinching or tugging using this well-reviewed eyelash curler. It’s constructed of stainless steel and features an ergonomic handle and calibrated hinge for maximum curling power. With a choice between three sleek colors (rose gold, prism, and jet black), it comes with its own carrying bag as well as two extra silicone pads.


A Battery-Operated Power Scrubber With An Ergonomic Handle

In order to complete a heavy-duty cleaning session with eases, reach for this handheld power scrubber. The strong brush head oscillates 60 times per second and — thanks to its size and shape — can get between grout lines, corners, crevices, and other tight spaces. It features a comfortable grip thanks to the ergonomic handle.


An Electric Crockpot Lunch Box With A 4.7-Star Overall Rating

Pack leftovers in this Crockpot electric lunch box to save money and enjoy a lunch upgrade while you’re at work or out. The lunch box has a 20-ounce capacity and a sealing travel lid to prevent leaking and a tote handle for easy transport. Plug it in at your desk and the contents will heat up in minutes. When you get home, toss the removable food container into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


This Bias Lighting Strip That Creates An Optimal Viewing Environment

Little effort is required for a big payoff when it comes to this bias lighting strip that transforms your average TV-watching setup into one that’s cinema-worthy. Trim the lighting strip to your desired dimensions, peel off the self-adhesive to mount to the back of your TV, and plug it into your TV’s USB. The light created will add crucial contrast which both enhances colors and allows your eyes to relax.


These Easy-To-Use Trays That Make Trendy Round Ice

These aren’t your average ice cube trays — they make trendy round cubes for aesthetically pleasing beverages. Unlike other circular ice makes that require you to use an awkward small hole, this tray has a genius lid that presses out excess water. It’s easy to get your frozen cubes out of the durable plastic, and when you do, you can store them in the included bin and get the out with the handy scoop.


This Brilliant Fridge Drawer Insert For Storing Items In Baggies

This hanging pull-out drawer for fridges is a brilliant find for anyone who need a better storage system for their fridge. It holds 11 bags and containers in total (and up to 15 pounds) so you can really maximize your drawer space. “We used to have all of our cheeses and bags in a pyrex container in the fridge very unorganized,” wrote one reviewer. “This device makes it so easy to see what we have, how much we have, and easy to grab and put back. No directions were needed i installed in less than a minute!”


This Organizer That Helps You Tidy Up Messy trunks

It’s almost too easy to just move clutter from your backseat to the trunk — but with this organizer, you’ll at least be able to keep that clutter looking tidy. It also works great when transporting groceries, as the reinforced walls won’t let them spill out. Plus, adjustable straps keep it from sliding around while you drive.


This Electric Can Opener That’s “Life-Changing”

Maybe you’re worried about sharp edges. Maybe you struggle with a manual can opener, or maybe you’re just sick of using them. Whichever is the case, the Kitchen Mama electric can opener is a must-buy. It uses batteries and a sharp but safe mechanism to automatically cut the side of the can, all at the press of a button. “This can opener has changed my life,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s incredibly easy to use and it’s nice that it cuts the top off completely without leaving any sharp edges.”


A Handheld Milk Frother To Make Fancy Coffee Shop Foam From Home

Be your own favorite neighborhood barista when you invest less than $20 in this effective milk frother. It’s designed with an ergonomic silicone handle and produces beautiful, silky, fancy coffee shop-worthy foam in less than 15 seconds. Operating with the help of two AA batteries, use it with all manner of dairy or non-dairy milk and store it on the included sleek stand when you’re finished. Just make sure to tip yourself a dollar on every perfectly created cappuccino.


These Aesthetically Pleasing Mixing Bowls That Are Easy To Store

These mixing bowls have it all. They come in six convenient sizes for meal prep and food storage, they have matching lids to keep your food fresher for longer, and they’re made of durable BPA-free plastic that’s easy to clean. Beyond that practicality, they nest neatly together for seamless storage and have an ombre design that’s a totally sleek vibe fit for any kitchen.


A Pastry Mat That Makes It Easy To Clean Up After Baking

Don’t let sticky pieces of dough and clumps of flour ruin your countertops during the baking process. This silicone pastry mat is the item that every baker needs in order to keep their kitchen clean and prep their breads, cakes, cookies and more in the most efficient way. It’s nonstick (perfect for rolling out dough) and comes with measurements and substitution options printed on the surface for your convenience.


An Extender For Your Car’s Sun Visor That Gives Your Eyes A Break

Nothing’s more frustrating while driving than having the sun blaring into your eyeballs, preventing you from seeing the road. This sun visor extender adds extra blockage from the sun, giving your eyes a break and allowing for a safer drive to your destination. It’s universal in size and easy to attach to your car’s visor — just wrap the straps around it and adjust accordingly.


This Tofu Press That Won’t Cause Cracks

This tofu press will make the process of draining this plant-based protein easier than stacking a bunch of heavy cans on top of a plate. Beyond having a simple twist design that’s spring loaded, this tofu press has a bottom compartment to catch the water, saving you from messy cleanup. And, it’s so seamless, it’ll press your tofu without causing it to crack or crumble.


This Cold Brew Coffee Maker For A Deliciously Smooth Cup

There’s nothing as special as a smooth cup of cold brew and this affordable cold brew coffee maker just made it so much easier to have this treat on the regular. Made with a glass carafe with convenient measurement markers, simply pour your grounds into the included strainer, add your water, pop on the lid, and stick it in your fridge for 12 to 24 hours. Take out the strainer and, voilà, you’ll have a velvety and low-acid cup of coffee waiting for you at all times.


An Electric Lighter That’s Fully Rechargeable

In my opinion, every household should have at least one of these — but they’re a total non-negotiable if you’re sick of wet matches and empty lighters. They’re fully USB-rechargeable, and their electric spark works despite moisture and wind. Basically, they allow you to light your grill, campfire, or candles at the press of a button. Choose between four colors, each made from high-grade aluminum.


This Makeup Vanity Mirror That’s LED-Illuminated

Precise makeup application requires bright light as it’s hard to create your masterpiece when you can’t see what you’re working with. Enter this makeup vanity mirror that is built with a 36-piece LED panel to illuminate every part of your complexion. It’s powered either via USB or battery and features three panels with three levels of magnification. As a bonus, you can fold the two side panels inward to easily take this mirror with you to your next shoot or event.


This $15 Sharpener That Makes Your Knives “Like New”

If you can’t afford to replace all of your knives right now, the SHARPAL sharpener is the next best thing. “Within 30 minutes of delivery I had all my dull knives sharpened like new,” one reviewer wrote. It offers three different stages: tungsten carbide for edge setting, ceramic for fine honing, and a tungsten grinder for scissors. Underneath, there’s a suction-cup design so the sharpener stays put while you work.


A Set Of 9 Kitchen Utensils Lined With Heat-Resistant Silicone

There’s no challenge you can’t face in the kitchen when you have this set of kitchen utensils in your arsenal. The set includes three whisks, three spatulas, and three tongs, all in three varying sizes and all lined with food-safe and heat-resistant silicone. They won’t scratch the finish on your precious and pricey cookware and they can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


This Scalp Massager That Gives Your Head A Thorough Clean

This scalp massager not only feels ahhh-mazing on your head but it also can help to slough away dead skin cells as well as boost circulation. Made of silicone, it features a comfortable grip and includes two interchangeable heads: one with longer, pointed bristles, and one with shorter multi-shaped ones. Use it on both wet and dry hair.


A Splatter Screen To Keep Your Stovetop Sparkling Clean

Scrubbing away hardened food particles and grease from your stovetop can feel like a punishment for cooking. Enter: This ingenious splatter screen that protects your stovetop from that mess by providing a fine stainless steel mesh barrier. It’s made with a heat-safe handle as well as metal feet to set down on your countertop without leaving a mess. Best of all, it can be popped into the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.


The Lunch Container That Thought Of Everything

The base has a roomy bowl for main dishes, while the insert has four compartments for toppings, sides, and dressings. Then, there’s the lock-on lid, which prevents leaks and keeps your meal fresh — plus it has a spot for the built-in reusable fork. The Bentgo lunch container is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and comes in eight different color options.


This Sleek & Minimalist Paper Towel Holder

Whereas some paper towel holders look like an eyesore in your kitchen, this one from Dr. Catch blends seamlessly into your decor. It’s offered in several sleek finishes from stainless steel to rose gold to muted black. The best part? It can be installed without a drill on almost any wall type. It’s no wonder more than 10,000 Amazon reviewers have given this humble kitchen accessory a perfect five-star rating.


A Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush

This grooming brush will make the process of de-shedding your pup easier than ever. It has stainless steel bristles that gently remove mats and tangles on both long- and short-haired pets. Once you’re done, you can retract the bristles with the push of a button so that the collection of fur and debris slides right off.


These Food Storage Containers That’ll Have Your Pantry Looking Neat & Tidy

Give your pantry a uniform and organized look with these food storage containers that come in a set of six. They’re made of BPA-free clear plastic so you can see what’s stored in each and include airtight locking lids made with a rubber seal for good measure. Use the customizable chalkboard labels to denote the items stored for an even tidier presentation.


A Slim Can Cooler With Over 65,000 5-Star Reviews

This extremely popular slim can cooler is designed specifically to fit those 12-ounce hard seltzers, beers, or energy drinks and will keep the party flowing no matter the high temperatures. The design features double-wall insulation and an extra copper layer that’ll put your neoprene koozie to shame. It’ll never leave condensation on your palms and it comes in a plethora of stylish colors and patterns ranging from neon pink to rainbow titanium to textured camo.


This Mini Appliance For Perfect Rice Every Time

If you can’t seem to achieve fluffy, perfectly cooked rice, you’re not alone — which is probably why the Dash mini rice cooker has a 4.5-star overall rating and more than 16,000 reviews. “Gives me perfect rice every time,” one reviewer wrote. “It is so incredibly easy to use,” another commented, and “the finish on the metal practically cleans itself.” Best of all, it’s smaller than most other models for easy storage, and when your side dish is done, the machine automatically switches to warm mode. If you don’t love the mint green, it also comes in pink, red, white, and black.


A Magnetic Wristband That Holds Onto Nuts & Bolts

Wear this magnetic wristband during your next DIY project, and you’ll always have a convenient place to keep nuts, bolts, or even drill bits. One size fits most, as the velcro clasp is easily adjustable. Plus, it’s made from tough nylon that’s unlikely to tear.


This Adjustable Monitor Stand That Organizes Your Stuff

Small desk? No problem. The Klearlook foldable monitor stand creates additional storage and organization space out of thin air — and it improves your posture by raising your monitor up into a more ergonomic position. It can support up to 55 pounds; it’s adjustable so you can choose between three different widths; and it has a drawer, pen holder, and device holder for your stuff.


A Portable Neck Fan That Gives You a 360-Degree Breeze

When sweltering temperatures set in, this ingenious portable neck fan allows you to feel a soft breeze precisely where you need it to feel cool and comfortable. It’s made with air outlets throughout so that you get a 360-degree breeze that reaches every part of your neck, head, and hair. Select from three available speeds for up to 16 hours of use and choose between five stylish colors such as dark green, yellow, or pink to complement your style.


This Ultra-Strong Double-Sided Tape For Hanging Almost Anything

Whether you want to hang a poster or a shelf, this double-sided acrylic tape is up for the task. It sticks to almost any surface, from tile to glass to plaster (and more), and peels off without leaving annoying residue behind. One reviewer summed it best, “This tape is amazing. Sticks to everything and also holds enough weight for most items.”


These Silicone Brushes That Tackle Cracked Lips

When lip balm alone isn’t cutting it, you’ve got these lip-exfoliating brushes. They’re designed to remove dry, cracked skin so your lips feel healthier and softer — but since they’re made from silicone, they’re gentle and hygienic. Reviewers have called them a “life-changing tool” and say they’ve gotten “plumper, pinker lips in one use.” It’s even designed to help lipstick go on more smoothly.

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