Designers Swear By These Cheap Home Upgrades On Amazon

The professionals shared their advice.

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Whether your kitchen feels outdated or your bedroom could use a makeover, upgrading your home is rarely ever cheap. And if your budget is unlimited, finding a trustworthy contractor to bring your designs to fruition is still a challenge. Luckily for both of us, I’ve reached out to a handful of designers who were more than happy to share their professional tips and tricks on how to upgrade your home without breaking the bank.

From choosing the right paint colors to affordable countertop alternatives, these tips can be applied across a wide variety of homes — regardless of how you prefer to decorate. And since each one comes straight from a designer, you can rest assured that even the professionals are using these tips to improve their clients’ homes. So what are you waiting for? That blank wall isn’t going to paint itself, you know.


Create A Stunning Accent Wall Using Bold Colors

Sometimes the most impressive upgrades are the easiest ones — like changing the paint colors in your home. “Revamp a room by adding an accent wall with new paint,” Yasmine El Sanyoura, a home designer at Opendoor, tells Bustle. “This is an affordable and easy-to-incorporate upgrade that makes a statement. Opt for a bold color or soothing earth tones and sleep well knowing this upgrade is not a major commitment and can be changed easily.”

But if you’re renting, or unable to paint your walls? Not a problem, as this peel-and-stick wallpaper can be used as a temporary solution. The adhesive backing lets you press it into place like you would a giant sticker — and the tough vinyl surface helps keep it looking good in high-traffic areas. Choose from eight bold colors.


Incorporate Earth Tones Into Your Home For A Soothing Vibe

Speaking of soothing earth tones, this paint from Montage comes in a variety of calming shades to suit any space — from rich camo brown to trendy Swiss coffee. The formula is made to hold up against water exposure, making it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. You also have the choice of two finishes: low sheen or semi-gloss.


Swap Out Your Cabinet Knobs For An Affordable Kitchen Makeover

If you’re still using the knobs that came with your kitchen cabinets, El Sanyoura suggests swapping them out for a more modern look. “Switch out old knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets or cupboards for an updated look without having to buy new pieces,” she explains. “Kitchens are most often the focal point of a home and it’s especially easy to overspend on renovating this space.”

Luckily, these knobs are available for just $30, making them much more affordable than a total kitchen makeover. They’re made from tough zinc — and there’s no need to pay for more knobs than you need, as they’re available in packs of 60 all the way down to a single knob. Choose from four finishes: black, brushed brass, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.


Opt For Modern Cabinet Pulls That Won’t Break The Bank

If your kitchen cabinets aren’t suited for knobs, consider opting for these handles instead. They’re made from tough stainless steel, making them resistant to rust — and each order comes with two different screw sizes to help them fit cabinet doors of nearly any thickness. Choose from three finishes: matte black, brushed brass, or satin nickel.


Install Modern Fixtures To Elevate Any Space

Now that your kitchen is looking good, it’s time to tackle the bathroom. But if you aren’t sure where to start? “Faucets and showerheads can have a major impact on a space,” explains El Sanyoura. “Don’t be afraid to mix metals like black iron and gold or chrome and matte black.”

Not only is this faucet in particular available in four finishes (brushed gold, brushed nickel, chrome, and matte black), but you also have the choice of two heights: short or tall. And unlike some waterfall faucets, this one also has a built-in ceramic disc cartridge that helps prevent drips once you’ve turned it off.


Give Plain Bathrooms A Spa-Like Feel With This Rainfall Shower Head

Now that El Sanyoura has confirmed that it’s okay to mix metals, there’s no need to worry about whether or not this shower head will look good paired with a black or gold faucet. The rainfall style gives any bathroom a spa-like feel, while the swiveling ball joint makes it easy to adjust where it’s spraying. Installation is also a total breeze —many reviewers were able to get the job done in just a few minutes.


Incorporate Stylish Accessories To Make A Room Feel New

Can’t quite figure out why your home feels stale? According to El Sanyoura, “Sometimes it’s just in the details. If a room feels like it needs a quick facelift, look to your accessories. Whether it be frames, pots and vases, decorative pillows, or a set of coffee table books, these small items can be swapped out fairly inexpensively, and make a room feel fresh and new.”

At only $27 for 10 of these frames, you shouldn’t have any trouble using them to create a stunning accent wall without spending too much. They’re made with real glass — not plastic — and feature mounting hooks on the back so that they’re easy to hang up. Or, if you prefer to showcase pictures on tables and shelves, each one also has a kickstand in the back to keep them propped up.


Use These Small Ceramic Bowls To Spice Up Dull Shelves

Shelves, side tables, entryways — these small bowls are sure to look good no matter where you place them. They’re made from sleek ceramic and come in three colors to suit any space: gray marble, sand marble, or jet black. You can stash loose change, jewelry, or even candy inside of them. Or, if you enjoy having greenery in your home, try using them as stylish planters for small succulents.


Get Rid Of Outdated Vases In Favor Of These Minimalist Ones

These vases arrive in a six-pack, allowing you to place them throughout your home so that the designs in each room feel connected — and the thick glass gives them an expensive feel despite the more-than-reasonable price. You also have the choice of four colors: green, grey, clear, or clear with gold rims.


Add Eye-Catching Throw Pillows To Make Your Couch Feel Luxurious

A stylish throw pillow can make any couch feel luxurious — and this one, in particular, is sure to stand out from the crowd. It’s made from a soft, plush fabric that’s perfect for lounging, and the cotton filling helps keep you supported if you decide to use it as a bolster. The best part? You have the choice of three sizes, as well as more than 10 fun colors.


Revamp The Vibe In Any Room With New Light Fixtures

“New light fixtures can give a room a whole different vibe,” El Sanyoura tells Bustle — and they make such a huge impact that they can help revamp any room in your home. “Whether it’s a larger fixture above a kitchen table, or smaller sconces, both are cheap upgrades that pack a punch by creating depth in a space with different lengths and shapes.”

Speaking of different lengths, these pendant lights can be lengthened all the way out to 66 inches, making them a versatile choice that you can incorporate into any room. And while bulbs are sold separately, they’re compatible with practically any kind — which means you can add smart LEDs to even further upgrade your space.


Opt For Battery-Powered Lights If You Aren’t Confident In Your DIY Skills

While those pendant lights require a little know-how to set up, these wall sconces don’t require any complicated wiring, as each one is powered using just two AA batteries (which are not included). The Mason jar is made from real glass that’s only further complemented by the genuine wood backboard — and mounting them is as easy as throwing a nail into the wall to hang them up.


Breathe New Life Into Tired Cabinets With A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Paint isn’t just for your walls — you can also use it to take your kitchen out of the 1920s and into 2020s. “If you are looking for an economical choice for your home improvements, make a flawless finish to your kitchen cabinets,” David Lee, the interior designer at Neutypechic, tells Bustle. “Your cabinets might be dreary and old enough to redesign them. But, with bright paint hues, you will make them all new again.”

With dozens of colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problem finding this paint in a shade that’ll look good in your kitchen. It’s incredibly thick, delivering thorough coverage so that you won’t be stuck having to paint multiple layers — and it only takes about 30 minutes to dry.


Complete Projects To Perfection Using The Right Tools

Now that you’re ready to “give life to your old cabinets,” Lee recommends making sure that you have all the tools you’ll need to get the job done. “You need sandpaper to remove grime and smooth its surface, a piece of cloth, a paintbrush and a bucket of paint,” he tells Bustle. “It's an attractive yet affordable choice to make home improvements. Not only does it save your money, but it will make your cabinets durable for a longer time.”

Luckily, this set of painting tools is available for less than $20. It comes with nearly all the supplies you’ll need, including a paintbrush, roller tray, two rollers, as well as roller pad replacements in case you need to use a different paint color mid-project. Plus, the paint tray even comes with liners so that it’s easy to clean up once you’ve finished painting.


Save Yourself Some Effort With Help From These Sanding Discs

While Lee suggests using sandpaper to remove grime, these sanding discs can help you save time by doing a good chunk of the work for you. Each set includes an adapter that lets you pop them into your hand drill, eliminating the need to scrub your cabinets down by hand. The best part? The included sandpaper discs come in four different grit levels: 800, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000.


Make Your Own Home Bar Using A Stylish Rolling Cart

You don’t need a dedicated corner in your home to create a stunning bar. “Create a self-service bar area in your kitchen or lower level by adding a bar cart,” suggests Amanda Oninski, an interior designer at FLOOR360, And not only is this bar cart available at a reasonable price, but it also boasts three shelves’ worth of storage space for liquor bottles, glassware, and more. The trendy gold finish is sure to catch guests’ attention — and the castor wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around your home.


Use Floating Shelves To Put Decorations On Display

If the idea of painting or putting up wallpaper sends shivers down your spine, Oninski recommends using floating shelves to upgrade your walls instead. “Add some interest to the area with floating shelves, and accent the shelves with accessories unique to your liking,” she explains. “It’s convenient for entertaining and provides a fun opportunity for styling and design.”

With nine different finishes to pick from (espresso, rustic turquoise, white, and more), these floating shelves can easily match with nearly any style. The U-shaped design helps keep items from falling off — and they’re so versatile that you can use them to display decorations, organize spice bottles, and everything in between.


Hang Up Floating Shelves That Are Already Styled To Look Good

If those previous floating shelves don’t match your decor, consider taking a look at these ones. They’re already styled to look good, so there’s no need to figure out how to arrange them — simply hang them up and they’re good to go. And if you’re wary about drilling into your walls? One reviewer wrote about how they’re “Easy to put together and install..took less than 30 minutes from opening box to having both of them on the wall.”


Opt For Unique Mirrors That Draw Attention Around The Room

You don’t need to shell out for expensive decorations if you’re looking for statement pieces — instead, Oninski recommends finding pieces that aren’t your typical squares or circles. “Unique shapes in artwork and mirrors are popular and cost-effective ways to add statement pieces,” she explains. “The arched shape has been used for centuries to draw the eye up and add an elegant calming element to your space.”

Not only does this mirror have that arched shape that Oninski described, but it can also help bounce light around so that your home feels brighter. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum, while the lead-free glass delivers a crystal-clear reflection. And if you’re open to suggestions on where to put it? Oninski suggests that you “Place these pieces on a fireplace mantel or bold entry way for maximum effect.”


Let Textured Wallpaper Bring A Chic Touch To Any Room

According to Joel Phillips, an interior designer for HomeGuideCorner, textured wallpapers are the way to go if you’re trying to make your space feel chic. “Peel-off textured wallpapers are a cheap and easy way to upgrade the look of your home interior without breaking the bank,” he tells Bustle. “You can go with a minimalist off-white texture to make your home feel more modern and elegant. They can easily be installed and if you want to change the interior in the near future they won't damage the walls either.”

Not only is this textured peel-and-stick wallpaper easy to install, but it’s also moisture- as well as stain-resistant, making it sturdy enough for use in the bathroom and kitchen. You can also paint over it if the plain white color doesn’t suit your home — and many reviewers confirmed that it “looks great” on their walls.


Get Crafty By Upcycling Tired Pieces Of Furniture

Buying new furniture is rarely ever cheap. Luckily, Kristina Davis, an interior designer and furniture expert at Letti & Co, has an easy solution: “Upgrading your furniture is a great way to make a big impact without spending too much money,” she explains. “Start by replacing older furniture with new pieces that are on trend. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, you can try up-cycling old furniture with a few coats of paint and new fabric.”

From upholstery thread cord to seam rippers, this leather sewing kit comes with all the tools you’ll need to breathe new life into tired pieces of furniture. It’s suitable for repairing everything from sofas to the backseat leather in your car — and many reviewers raved about how it’s “excellent value for the money.”


Dress Up Bare Floors With A Plush Rug

If your walls have been decorated from baseboard to ceiling and you still can’t figure out what’s missing, try adding a rug to your floors. “Rugs, artwork, mirrors, and other accessories can make a huge impact in any room” explains Davis.

This rug in particular comes in nine different colors, making it easy to match to practically any room. It also features a nonslip PVC backing to help keep it from shifting out of place while underfoot — and the faux fur top is both hypoallergenic as well as luxuriously soft.


Hang Up Classic Canvas Prints That Deliver “Wow” Factor

Speaking of artwork, you can’t go wrong with a canvas print of a famous painting — like this Starry Night print. Eight different sizes make it easy to fit on walls of practically any size or shape, while high-definition printing delivers a crystal-clear image that can easily be read from across the room. Plus, there’s even a pre-installed hook on the back to help you hang it up.


Display These Stylish Mirrors That Are Also Decorative

This trio of mirrors can be displayed together to double as decor. However, since they aren’t connected, you can arrange them however you like on your wall. Each diamond-shaped unit is encased with a chic copper frame that’s connected to a 15-inch chain.


Use Plants To Make Outdated Homes Feel Modern

Sometimes small changes can make a huge impact — especially if you’re looking to update an older home. According to Davis, “For a modern touch, try introducing some greenery with houseplants or opt for some bright colored pillows.”

But if your thumb is more black than green? Try placing these air plants around your home. They only need to be watered about once a week in order to thrive, and each one even arrives pre-planted in a cute decorative planter so that they’re ready to go right out of the box.


Grow Plants Inside Of Colorful Planters

If the planters those air plants come in don’t suit your style, these colorful pots are a fun alternative. Drainage holes work to protect your plants from root rot, while a small dish on the bottom ensures that your plants always have water if they need it. Plus, their small size makes them perfect for window sills.


Spruce Up Plain Furniture With Colorful Pillows

Not only are these throw pillow covers made using soft polyester velvet, but they’ve also been styled to look good when paired together — no need to coordinate any colors on your own. Sturdy chain stitching helps prevent any frays, and there’s even a hidden zipper on the side that helps keep the filling from falling out.


Opt For Furniture That’s Cost-Friendly To Achieve A “Chic, Modern Look”

While it may be tempting to buy completely new furniture when decorating your home, Jeanette Fusco, the interior designer at HiHomePicks, suggests checking out the thrift shops first. “Upgrading your home doesn't have to mean buying all new furniture and decor,” she tells Bustle. “Shopping around for secondhand and vintage items can help you find unique pieces that add character and charm to any room.” But if the thrift store is a bust? “You can also shop for affordable furniture pieces and affordable decor items to achieve a chic, modern look without breaking the bank.”

Speaking of affordable, these end tables are available for less than $55, and even come in three finishes: white, grey, or white/grey. They’re the perfect size for small apartment balconies, as well as made from a combination of eco-friendly bamboo and MDF wood. And since the small table fits underneath the larger one, they can even be nested together to save space when not in use.


Take The Time To Organize & Declutter Messy Spaces

“Organization is key when it comes to creating a beautiful and inviting home,” explains Fusco. “Taking some time to go through your space and declutter can help you make the most of your existing furniture and decor. Additionally, investing in some organizational pieces such as shelves, baskets, and cubbies can help you keep your space more organized and visually appealing.”

If you need somewhere to store knick-knacks and other small pieces of decor, consider hanging up these floating shelves. They’re designed to fit into the corners of nearly any room and even have a water-resistant finish to help keep them looking good in humid areas. Choose from eight colors, including a rustic shade of white.


Stash Small Items Inside Of Stylish Boxes

Consider this set of baskets one of the easiest (if not the easiest) ways to hide clutter in plain sight. They look great sitting inside cubbies as well as out on open shelves — and unlike some rope baskets, these ones are sturdy enough that they’ll keep their shape even after being folded down flat. Choose from three sizes and more than 10 different colors.


Add Storage Cubes To Cubby Shelves To Hide Clutter

Not only are these storage cubes designed to fit perfectly inside cubby shelves, but you even have the choice of nine different colors — gray, black, purple, green, and more. Handles on the front make it easy to pull them out, and they can also fold down to a fraction of their size to help save space when not in use.


Store Seasonal Items Underneath Your Bed

It’s almost too easy to wind up with a cluttered closet, making these storage bags an absolute must-have if you’re looking to get organized. They’re perfect for seasonal garments, including blankets, sweaters, and more. Reinforced strap handles help you pull them out from underneath the bed without having to worry about how heavy they are — and the clear window on top lets you see what’s inside without having to unpack everything.


Lay Down Decorative Rugs To Add Style To Bathroom Floors

Trying to think of ways to make your home stand out? Interior designer Melanie Thomas has a tip for your bathroom — “Swap out the bath mat for a small Persian rug,” she tells Bustle. “Making your bathroom look less bathroom-y is a huge trend right now and swapping out a boring bath mat with a pretty little washable rug, either in a traditional pattern or something modern, turns your bathroom from a blah room to a sanctuary.”

And while many washable rugs are incredibly expensive, this one is available for less than $40. The vintage design gives it a timeless vibe that you won’t have to swap out anytime soon — and the low pile makes it unlikely that it’ll snag on your bathroom door.


Store Cooking Utensils In A Fun Planter

Whether you’re decorating your living room or looking for fun ways to spice up your kitchen, Thomas suggests that you “Swap out that boring cooking utensil holder with a fun planter.” This one in particular is a fun pick, as it comes in a variety of shapes that are sure to suit any style — including Buddha, a David bust, Apollo, and more. Plus, the resin frame is less likely to shatter than plaster or clay.


Add These Realistic Faux Succulents To Your Decor

According to Thomas, “Plants make everything look more gorgeous. And bonus — they make faux plants look even more realistic nowadays.” With that in mind, try decorating with these fake succulents. Not only do they look incredibly real from afar, but each one also comes with the small pot you see pictured. And if you aren’t sure how to style them? Thomas suggests that you “add some hanging strings or pearl faux succulents to any planter and place them high on a bookshelf.” She continues, “Boom! Added cool and sophistication.”


Hide Unsightly Wires Inside Of Cable Covers

No matter how clever you are when installing electronics, a bundle of unsightly wires is sometimes inevitable. Luckily, Thomas has a solution: “Hide those cords with paintable wall cord covers!” she tells Bustle. “These are a godsend especially if you have any electronics hung on a wall.”

Since these cord covers are paintable, you can easily blend them into your walls and floors by painting them a similar color. Each one is made from high-quality PVC, helping them hold up when used in high-traffic areas — and each order comes with double-sided adhesive for effortless installation.


Use Colorful Bookends To Decorate Plain Shelves

No bookshelf is complete without a stylish pair of bookends. “Decorative bookends are a really fun way to add color or metals to your bookcases,” explains Michal Rubin, interior designer for MR Interiors.” They also keep bookcases looking ‘styled’ by pairing books together. There's no such thing as too many bookends!”

Not only are these geode bookends a smart way to add color to bland shelves, but at 2 or 3 pounds each, they’re heavy enough to keep even thick encyclopedias from flopping over. The best part? Each pair is completely unique from the next, which means you’re getting a near-custom pair of bookends at an incredibly reasonable price.


Go For Peel & Stick Options When Upgrading Counters On A Budget

Upgrading countertops is rarely ever a cheap endeavor. Luckily, Paige Garland, an interior designer and the owner of Paige Garland Interiors, has an affordable alternative: “If you can't splurge on a new marble slab countertop spend a little on your backsplash if it's a really tight budget opt for peel and stick and make the most of what you've got!”

With thousands of positive four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that other shoppers on a budget found this white marble contact paper a worthwhile investment. It’s made from tough vinyl, making it water-resistant enough to install around sinks and other wet areas. And if you ever decide to change your space up again? The adhesive backing allows you to easily peel it off just like you would a sticker.


Hang Curtains As Close To Your Ceiling As Possible

“Another trick I like to do is hang your curtains or drapes higher towards the ceiling if they are low,” Garland tells Bustle. “You might have to purchase longer panels but this is so worth it. This adds visual height to the room and makes your space feel larger with minimal change.”

With six lengths to choose from, you’re almost guaranteed to find these curtains in a size that’ll fit your windows from ceiling to floor. They’re made from thick microfiber-polyester, allowing them to block outside light to help insulate your home — and you even have more than 15 shades to choose from.


Choose Curtain Rods That Curve At Both Ends

Since this curtain rod curves at both ends, you can easily wrap your curtains all the way into your walls so that no outside light manages to peek through — a must-have for blackout-style curtains. And since it’s adjustable from 48 out to 88 inches, you shouldn’t have any trouble using it with windows of nearly any size. Choose from three finishes: black, bronze, or nickel.