Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Live In A Treehouse?

Take a look inside Alison Teal’s Hawaiian home in the treetops.

by Danielle Alfredo
Alison Teal in her Hawaiian Treehouse

Alison Teal lives a life packed with adventure, and it doesn’t stop at home. After spending her childhood off the grid in various exotic locations, she and her parents built this eco-friendly “adventure headquarters” treehouse from the ground up. Her paradisian home is filled with ancient history, literally, as many of the rooms feature artifacts preserved by Teal and her family. While the grounds do not have a physical address, Teal welcomes yoga students and guests to experience a taste of the lush oasis of this home sweet treehouse.

In this episode of Relocated, Teal describes the significance of recognizing who was on the land before us, which is especially important in a frequently traveled location like Hawaii. This bubbly islander takes nothing for granted, and strives to lead a sustainable lifestyle while influencing others to do the same. She reminds us to stop and smell the tropical flowers, and why not hug a tree while we’re at it?

Relocated is a series from Bustle that features bold individuals who leave the beaten path behind to live a life by their own set of standards.

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