These 25 Home Items Will Help You Welcome The Fall Season

It’s not all artificial pumpkins and scarecrows.

25 Home Items To Switch Your Space From Summer To Fall

It’s time to store your summer linens and say goodbye to your beach-themed bathroom decor, because autumn is finally here. But, decorating for fall doesn’t have to mean an abundance of artificial pumpkins and flannel throws. According to Sheva Knopfler, the co-founder and creative director of Lights.com, decorating for specific seasons comes down to the aesthetics of that time of year and seasonal color schemes.

“Summer decor tends to use brighter colors to mimic vibrant floral blooms, and fresh, clean designs for sunny coastal vibes,” Knopfler tells Bustle. “Fall decor features muted, natural tones like autumn leaves, and leans towards warm, cottage styles to cozy up the drop of temperature.”

Of course, decorating is all about how a piece of decor makes you feel. If you hate autumn colors or want to avoid decorations that become irrelevant after Halloween, Knopfler recommends leaning into seasonal botanicals and harvest themes around your home. There’s no need to sacrifice your own personal taste to transition your decor from any season.

To help make your seasonal decor transition easier, we found tons of customer-loved home decor for fall. From dried wheat sticks and reversible plaid blankets to twinkling garland and birch candles, there’s no shortage of simple ways to switch your space from summer to fall. Continue reading below to shop a few of our favorites autumn picks.

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Fall Living Room Decor

Take your living room from summer to fall with some strategically placed artificial pumpkins and cozy throw blankets. Or, if you want to take your fall decor to the next level, swap out your everyday curtains for a set that’ll only enhance the autumn vibe.

Top review: “I was worried how these blankets would feel, simply because I am so picky. I absolutely love them! I bought two for my large couch to transform my living room for fall. They definitely accomplished the task. Plus, they were cat approved.”

Top review: “From the opening of the package to the product hanging on its own hanger, I knew this was a good quality curtain. I love the feel of the material and the vibrant colors.”

Top review: “The product arrived quickly and looked very nice and was well packaged in a carton so they showed up completely intact. They looked so natural. I put them in a vase to decorate the kitchen countertop. This wheat is perfect to decorate with. Stalks look so real!”

Top review: “Absolutely adore these pillows! They are high quality and comfortable at the same time!!! My living room space looks so much cuter now.”

Top review: “Love these pumpkins! Just came on to buy more. The quality is good and the sizes are perfect for scattering throughout the house to add fall decor. I wasn’t sure what they would be like in person when I saw them recommended on Amazon but I thought I’d give them a try since the price was good. I’m very happy I did.”

Fall Kitchen & Dining Room Decor

Don’t worry if you left your seasonal cornucopia in storage, there’s tons of unique ways to bring fall to your kitchen and dining room — from pumpkin-colored cookware to fall garland and beyond.

Top review: “I have used cast iron cookware for over 30 years now. Knowing that enamel is very easy to chip, I treat it like it is glass. Mine are still nice and white inside and unchipped after many years of use. The newest one is the Lodge EC7D33; I use it weekly and I'm happy with it so far. If it holds up as long as my other old Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Cookware have, this one will be around long after I'm gone.”

Top review: “These towels are absorbent and vibrant. Brings life to the kitchen. Super durable.”

Top review: “This is just what I imagined!!! I ordered the shorter orange runner for a table behind the couch. Great burnt orange color for my fall decor!”

Top review: “I LOVE IT!!! I'm getting another one. It's perfect for my morning coffee. The size and handle are just right for enjoying each sip. I love the color! The orange is vibrant without being obnoxious. I will get more because my family keeps trying to use mine.”

Top review: “Beautiful and well made. It came well packaged and it was easy to untangle. I used it for my table's centerpiece. It lights up beautifully.”

Top review: “I have used this pan for loaf cakes and quick breads, and it is simply the best. Due to the embossed design, even a simple recipe turns out looking extra special. The pan is a moderately heavy weight, not flimsy aluminum. The cake releases easily from the pan when turned onto a plate, and the pan is a dream to clean.”

Top review: “Absolutely beautiful! The colors are vibrant, and the design is unique and perfect for your autumn table. I love these placemats!”

Top review: “I really love the colors in this tablecloth. They are fall colors but they are soft and muted, not bright yellow and oranges and blah browns. They are actually soft shades of burgundy, caramel brown and warm earth tones. Really beautiful. A simple swipe with a hand steamer took all the wrinkles out instantly.”

Fall Bathroom Decor

From towels to air fresheners, there’s tons of creative ways to have fun with fall bathroom decor. Our advice? Don’t shy away from embracing fall scents and botanicals to make things a lot more festive.

Top review: “The smell is a perfect blend of clove, leaves and a hint of allspice. Not overpowering; just right. My mom happened to be visiting when the package arrived. She has a very sensitive nose yet she loved it so much I’m now ordering her one. My husband also loves it, he’s from the Blue Ridge Mountains and said the scent reminds him of autumn up there.”

Top review: “This shower curtain is gorgeous. Everyone who comes over compliments it. It looks like watercolor, just like it is supposed to. It's amazing! I highly recommend it.”

Top review: “Versatile for fall and winter. Looks great! If we had a cabin these would be up all year. Great quality and easy to install. Happy with these hooks.”

Top review: “I ordered 2 sets and they were delivered very quickly. The color, texture and absorbency are great. My friends and relatives love these towels. My only regret is that I didn't order them before, my old towels look so shabby compared to these. My guests are happy, I am happy. A win, win purchase.”

Fall Bedroom Decor

It’s time to give your bedroom the fall-refresh it deserves, complete with a quilted bedspread, flickering candles, and more autumn-themed decor that’ll help set the mood. Take it a step further and add some pumpkin-scented essential oils to really get into the fall vibe.

Top review: “I truly love this quilt set! I wanted a quilt that wasn’t too heavy because I’m a very hot sleeper, but I still wanted that ‘hugging’ quilt feeling. The ‘snug as a bug, in a rug’ kind of comfort. And this quilt does that despite it being a thinner quilt. And I love, love the colors! It’s an immediate pick me up after a long frustrating day.”

Top review: “I bought one to see if it would hold up. We liked it so well that I bought 3 more in different colors to put around the house. They’re very soft, color variety is good, price is excellent.”

Top review: “I’ve ordered this again for my back patio, because I just LOVE them! I have received many compliments from my neighbors. The shipping was very quick, the quality is wonderful, and they appear to be durable for multiple seasons if taken care of. I love them.”

Top review: “ I just got these today and immediately put the batteries in and started them up. These lights are pretty great. The birch effect comes through really well when these are lit up. From even a short distance, you really can't tell that these aren't real candles! The flickering is quite realistic as is the overall glow. I would buy these again.”

Fall Outdoor & Garden Decor

Autumnal decorating isn’t just for the inside of your house. Take advantage of balconies, backyards, gardens, and even your porch with a few aptly placed pieces of fall decor. “Outdoor lanterns are a simple way to take your home from summer to fall,” Knopfler says. “Replace your flower pots with pumpkins and place your lanterns around them for a warm glow.”

Top review: “This wreath is beautiful, the craftsmanship is excellent, it has uniformity, it's lush and full. When it arrived, it was like receiving a gift because it was beautifully packaged and presented in a pretty and pristine large white wreath gift box! This wreath delivers and the added bonus is that I only later found out about the idea and people behind this company and the women who make these wreaths and run this business.”

Top review: “I have purchased other home items of this brand in retail stores so I was thrilled that it was also available on Amazon. Their coir mat is well made with excellent thickness and vibrant colors. It was just perfect for our front porch. To prevent fading and bleeding, I sprayed it with Scotchgard Water & Sun Shield and, after drying, another coat of Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield. I had no problems with sun or rain exposure. It still looked brand new when I stored it after the fall season.”

Top review: “[I] wanted a new fall flag that wasn’t anything college football for my backyard pool patio flower beds and this was so adorable! Perfect pick! Seems to be holding up well in the Florida elements-harsh sun, frequent rain.”

Top review: “These wee scarecrows just fit in nicely to my planted containers at the front of my home and are much cuter than anything I would be able to manufacture. As a Halloween decoration I think they would be ideal, not scary, just super cute and a reminder of the colors of autumn.”