April Fools' Day

9 April Fools' Day Prank Texts Your Friends Will Find Hilarious

The goal here is laughs — not tears.

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Try these funny April Fools' Day pranks on your friends
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If you're not a professional at pranks just yet, don’t worry — there are plenty of funny April Fools' Day prank texts that'll help you look like a comedy legend. It's pretty simple to do a prank over text for a few reasons. For one, people usually aren't expecting it. (As opposed to, say, when they have to walk into the office and make sure their coffee hasn't been switched out for orange juice, and there are no tacks in their swivel chair.) Secondly, since you don't have to put on an "act" through text, deception is slightly easier.

You can also make the funny April Fools' Day prank texts last for a bit. Since you don't need to have an immediate response for "you're joking, right?" you can easily drag one funny joke out throughout the entirety of the day.

Of course, a few things should go without saying: If it'll make someone feel bad or make you look like an insensitive jerk, you should probably avoid the prank. April Fools' Day is an occasion that terrifies many based on past bad pranks gone wrong, so by making sure that the holiday is spent in a light and rewarding way, you will be appreciated by everyone you know. Remember, the goal here is harmless laughs — not tears.

If you're looking for a few good ideas for April Fools' Day pranks over text, here are some creative ones your friends will totally love.


The "Awkward Question" Prank Text

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If you add a lot of hesitation and a little bit of worry, this one can end up being a hit. While most of us (fingers crossed) have never woken up to such a scenario before, we've definitely woken up to weird circumstances. Add "Can you delete this text exchange?" to the bottom of this — before explaining or admitting the joke — to add a bit more confusion.


The "Maybe Your Phone Is Broken?" Prank Text

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While our phones are pretty handy and dandy, glitches aren't out of the ordinary. But, glitches you can see but your friends can't? Probably not a real thing. If your friend uses their phone for business, you'll want to reveal the joke sooner rather than later. You don't want them to be terrified all day of texting "diapers" to important clients.


The "Lost Phone Number" Prank Text

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Most parents are pretty technologically advanced by this point, but they're also lovingly trustworthy. This text can actually work both ways. If you're the parent? Pretend you've got no clue who your kid is. This might be somewhat of a simple text, but they'll definitely feel a pang of confusion before realizing what’s going on.


The Pre-Prank Name Switch Prank Text

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If you have access to someone's phone (and it's only cool if you do, since snooping or going beyond this prank is out of the question) consider changing your name on their phone. This works especially well if they don't hold onto texts for long, so they can't go back and realize that "Oh wait, that wasn't Addison Rae."


The "Lost Cat" Prank Text

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While real missing animals are never funny, this joke is lighthearted enough that it shouldn’t cause too much distress. Start by asking your friend if they know anyone who lost their cat. Describe the cat in a certain way — say it's orange with tiger stripes and seems pretty sassy. At the end, send a GIF of Garfield.


The "Vague Text" Prank Text

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If you have five free seconds in your day, you could pull off a vague text. This text reveals nothing, promises nothing, and can make anyone its target. But while totally harmless, it's kind of fun to see how your friends react. Maybe it'll actually bring up a funny conversation or debate from yesteryear that you totally forgot about.


The "Accidental Story" Prank Text

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Nothing invokes fear like thinking you’ve accidentally posted something embarrassing on your Instagram Story. They’ll be switching apps so fast, you probably won’t even get a text back before they realize there’s nothing up on their Story at all. But even the toughest people to prank will find it hard to resist checking their Story just in case.


The "Switched Your Autocorrect" Prank Text

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This is another April Fools’ prank text that you’ll need to have access to your friend’s phone to complete. To pull this off, go into their phone settings and set up text replacement so when they type “no” into their phone, it will autocorrect to something like “yes.” See the prank there? They will be tremendously frustrated that their phone is saying the exact opposite of what they mean to say.


The "Subscription" Prank Text

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This one also works best if they don’t have your number saved, or you go into their phone and change your contact name. Pretending to be a subscription service for something totally off-the-wall, like squirrel facts, will confuse and annoy them to no end — it’s positively hilarious. When they try to send cancellation texts, you can hit them back with a fake error code like “Error: command not recognized,” then proceed with additional squirrel nonsense.

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