6 Games Like Jenga (And They’re All On Amazon)

Strategy meets dexterity.

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I love a good Jenga match, whether it’s in its original form or one of its countless variations (the giant block tower currently standing in my backyard should be proof positive of this claim). However, the famous stacking game isn’t the only way to test your dexterity. There are a number of games like Jenga that can provide old-school entertainment while stimulating your competitive nature.

What To Look For When Shopping For Games Like Jenga

A good Jenga-like game challenges your hand-eye coordination and decision-making skills under time constraints. This can be achieved by balancing objects, aiming at targets, or fitting puzzle pieces together.

When deciding on the right Jenga alternative, consider the recommended number of players. Are you looking for a one-on-one match, or do you want a game that will entertain a group? Some of the games below are designed for two players, while others can be played by up to four. If you’re simply looking to challenge yourself, there are also games that can be played solo.

Playing time is another critical element. Jenga typically takes five to 15 minutes per game, which requires you to think on your toes and keeps things from getting stale. Most of the games on this list can be played in a similar amount of time, but others can take as long as 30 minutes.

While all of the games below are kid-friendly, plenty of Amazon reviewers have attested that they’re also fun for adults and families. After all, Jenga is rated for ages 6 and up, but it’s still a thought-provoking and entertaining pursuit for grownups.

If you’re ready for a new addition to your board game collection, check out these eight games like Jenga, which are all available on Amazon.

Shop The Best Games Like Jenga

In a hurry? These are the top picks:

  1. A Disc-Flicking Dexterity Game With A Tournament-Quality Board: Brybelly Tournament Cronkinole & Checkers
  2. A Balancing Game You Can Play Solo Or With A Group: Melissa & Doug Suspend
  3. An Award-Winning Strategy Board Game That’s Popular On Amazon: Blokus XL
  4. A One-On-One Strategy Game That Tests Your Sense Of Balance: Rock Me Archimedes
  5. A Stacking Tile Game For Puzzle Enthusiasts: Z-Man Games NMBR 9
  6. A High Precision Penguin-Flicking Game That's Harder Than It Looks: Brain Games ICECOOL


A Disc-Flicking Dexterity Game With A Tournament-Quality Board

Pros: Includes a checkers board; wood finish lends a classic aesthetic

Cons: No storage case; pegs may need to be reinforced with glue for a secure fit

This official tournament-size Cronkinole board is a premium spin on a popular 19th-century Canadian game. Although it lacks the stacking element of Jenga, it requires the same level of planning and physical dexterity. The objective is to flick discs towards the center of the board while hitting your opponent’s discs, and the first person (or team) to score 100 points wins.

The 30-inch game board is considered regulation size, and a wood veneer gives it a polished look. If you want to switch things up, flip it over to reveal a checkerboard. Some Amazon reviewers wrote that the small wood pegs on the board tend to come loose, but others glued them into place for stability.

One fan raved: “It took us some googling after we read the directions to fully understand how to play, but once we what a challenging yet simple experience. [...] We've introduced this game to a handful of people and nearly every one of them went out and bought the game the next day. This is a great [intro] item at a quality price.”

Recommended number of players: 2 | Playing time: not specified | Ages: 6 and up


A Balancing Game You Can Play Solo Or With A Group

Pros: Multiple variations on rules keeps the game interesting; compact for easy storage

Cons: Can be frustrating for younger players

With more than 12,000 five-star ratings, Suspend trails right behind Jenga as the second most popular stacking toy on Amazon. Even though it's made by the popular children's toy brand Melissa & Doug, it can present an engaging challenge for adults as well. The object of the game is to stack metal rods on top of one another without tipping the entire structure over. Not only does it require great hand-eye coordination, but it puts your logic and problem-solving skills to the test. The game can be played alone or in a group, and there are variations on the rules that range from beginner to advanced.

One fan raved: “First thing, right off the bat that I noticed was that you have to 'think' and logic out your moves, and calculate out what will balance and what won't.... its harder than it sounds.. but yet easy as long as you think about each piece you hang and visualize what is going to happen as you add it onto the growing structure. I found the game overall to be good quality, challenging, educational, frustrating and fun. [...] Its a good game.. that will entertain a child or an adult, or both at the same time.”

Recommended number of players: 1 - 4 | Playing time: not specified | Ages: 8 and up


An Award-Winning Strategy Board Game That’s Popular On Amazon

Pros: Larger format than original

Cons: Longer play time than other options on the list ; some reviewers found that the storage box isn’t durable

For a board game that enhances strategic thinking and spatial reasoning, Blokus is a fun option. The goal is to place Tetris-like plastic tiles on the board while simultaneously blocking your opponent from staking a claim in the same area. Whoever has the fewest tiles at the end wins. This game is designed for two to four players, with different rules depending on the number of participants. Blokus was chosen as a 2003 Mensa Select game for its original concept and challenging nature.

One fan raved: “Wife and I received this game as a Christmas present. We immediately fell in love with playing it as it is a great strategy/thinking game for adults--great for 2-4 players. [...] This game test your mind's ability to analyze and think about geometric shapes and figures---great for visual-spatial people. We loved this game so much, we ordered one for a friend of ours and gave it to them as a gift.”

Recommended number of players: 2 - 4 | Playing time: 30 minutes | Ages: 5 and up


A One-On-One Strategy Game That Tests Your Sense Of Balance

Pros: Handsome wood construction; easy to learn

Cons: Game can move at a slow pace

Rock Me Archimedes is a two-player game that provides the same tension and level of suspense as Jenga, only without the commotion of a collapsing tower. Named after the Greek mathematician who studied the principles of sinking and floating, the game requires you to move marbles on a rocking board without upsetting the balance on your opponent's end. It requires dexterity, critical thinking skills, and excellent visual perception. Although the game is designed for two players, some Amazon reviewers added that it can easily be modified into a team-versus-team activity.

One fan raved: “[T]here are almost endless strategies to try to make the game different every time. At first glance, this seems like the type of game in which a single approach, once figured out, trumps all others. So far, though, that does not seem to be the case. I have purposefully tried different strategies each time I have played, not only to keep it from being repetitive, but to experiment with several approaches that may work once you figure out how your opponent tends to play. All in all, this is an attractive game that you can easily leave out as part of your room decor, but is also very fun to play.”

Recommended number of players: 2 | Playing time: not specified | Ages: 6 and up


A Stacking Tile Game For Puzzle Enthusiasts

Pros: Great for puzzle lovers; card deck keeps the game interesting

Cons: Less social than other games

Think of the game NMBR 9 as a marriage between Jenga and Tetris. The objective is to stack oddly shaped tiles based on directives that are drawn from a deck of cards. Tiles must by laid in a specific direction, which requires advanced planning and sharp spatial reasoning skills. Each player builds their own tower of tiles, so the game involves parallel as opposed to interactive play. This can be a pro or con, depending on your preference for socializing over games. Nonetheless, a number of Amazon reviewers noted that it’s an excellent choice for anyone who loves puzzles and abstract concepts.

One fan raved: “A very simple game for 2-4 players involving laying and stacking oddly shaped pieces. It is difficult to master but everyone I have played with loves it. Plays fast so you can easily play again and again trying to beat your best score. No player interaction, just a fun experience strategically laying tiles. Great game for fans of Tetris stacking and abstract games.”

Recommended number of players: 1 - 4 | Playing time: 20 minutes | Ages: 8 and up


A High Precision Penguin-Flicking Game That's Harder Than It Looks

Pros: Board game built into the box for easy storage

Cons: Longer play time than other options on the list

Don't be fooled by the child-friendly visuals — ICECOOL is an all-ages board game that can test both your dexterity and strategic thinking skills. The object of the game is to flick penguin-shaped game pieces around a board while collecting fish tokens. The tokens earn you a fish card, and whoever has the most points based on their cards wins the game.

Like Jenga, it requires some foresight and smart planning in order to maximize your performance. As one happy Amazon reviewer wrote, “Most kids games are terrible for the adults who get wrangled into playing, but I'd consider playing this even without the kids.”

One fan raved: “What a fantastic game for the entire family. One of those rare 2-99 yr old games. Played with my 2 yr old and 5 yr old, and they loved it. Even if you don't follow the very basic simple "tag" rules, its still fun. AND tricky to be good. Cant say it translates to life long skills in dexterity where flicking plastic penguins will come in handy, but the improvements in planning, hand/eye coordination and general game play are high. After the kids went to bed, I convinced my wife to play and we played a couple games. Short and sweet and good dynamics to be entertained.”

Recommended number of players: 2 - 4 | Playing time: 30 minutes | Ages: 6 and up