41 Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home That You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

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by Madison Barber

If the clutter in your home is starting to take over your life, I promise you you’re not alone. Things can easily crowd your countertops, tabletops, closets, bookshelves, and floorspace, and it can be really overwhelming. There are also some things that you pretty much need in your home, like plungers, air conditioners, and power cords that aren’t especially beautiful, ruining the aesthetic of your space.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent clutter from ruining your living space and clever products that conceal the less-than-gorgeous items in your home. While there are a million different ways to store away and conceal the things in your home that are eyesores, we found some of the easiest ways to make you and your space happy and organized.

From sleek organizers that fit perfectly into cabinets or on countertops, to sneaky decor items that double as storage, to wall shelves that hold hair dryers and all your junk mail, these products will keep your place in tip-top shape without the need to totally overhaul your organization systems.

These 41 products that will seamlessly hide and store the ugly clutter in your space, all of which you’ll be so excited about that it’ll be hard for you not to add the whole list to your cart.


This Clever Cover That Conceals And Organizes Your Cables

One of the most common eyesores in the home is tangled cables and cords, but this cord organizer and cover completely conceals these annoying jumbles. Its sleek wire box, cable sleeve, four cable clips, and six color-coded cable ties keep your cords organized in addition to clean. Just add a power strip in the box, and you’re on your way to a tidier space.


This Lid Organizer That Helps Keep Your Container Cabinet Clean

Food storage containers can feel impossible to keep organized, especially if you have containers of varying sizes, but this food container lid organizer helps do the trick. It can hold square and round lids up to nine inches in diameter, and the five adjustable dividers allow you to sort lids into sections based on size. The BPA-free plastic is easy to clean, and the organizer’s handles allow you to grab it with ease.


A Handy Toothpaste Dispenser That Mounts To The Wall

This wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser solves the curious problem of knowing where to put your toothpaste tube and helps conceal the unsightly, rolled up tube. This device not only stores any kind of toothpaste, it also automatically dispenses the perfect dollop, making sure that you won’t waste a drop. It even comes with a handy toothbrush holder that keeps your household’s brushes in place.


This Rack That Keeps Your Pots, Pans, And Lids In Place

Pots and pans might just be one of the trickiest things to organize, which is what makes this pot and pan storage rack such a crucial addition to any kitchen cabinet. This organizer is the definition of versatility; you can adjust it to hold your cookware horizontally, vertically, or a mix of the two depending on your needs. The dividers are adjustable too, so you can fix the width to fit pots, pans, lids, baking sheets, cutting boards, and other awkward-to-store items.


These Sneaky Storage Bins To Keep Under The Bed

If your room is low on closet or shelving space, these storage bags that you can stow under your bed can help eliminate awkward piles of clothes and overflowing drawers. This pack comes with four zippered fabric storage bags with a clear window, so you can see what exactly is in each bag. The fabric handles on the side make it easy to pull out your seasonal clothes, blankets, towels, or whatever else you store away from under your bed. In addition to a four-pack, these are also available as a two-pack.


These Clear Organizers With 4.8-Stars On Amazon

Amazon buyers love these clear organizers; they have over 11,000 reviews and an overall 4.8-star rating thanks to their ability to keep your refrigerator, pantry, or any other storage cabinet neat and tidy. This pack comes with eight bins, four small and four large. Each bin comes with built-in handles that allow you to easily pull them out of the fridge or cabinet, and they’re easily cleaned with a light detergent and a little H2O.


A Brilliant Mounted Organizer For Your Hair Tools

Storing clunky, hot hair tools can be a nightmare, but this wall-mounted hot tool shelf makes it easy. This organizer has a holder specifically for a blow dryer and two cylindrical compartments for a flat iron, curling iron, hairbrush, or other bathroom items. It can even hold other hair products like hairspray or styling gel on the remaining shelf space.


These Drawer Dividers With 33,000 Five-Star Reviews

These drawer dividers help keep your intimates in their own compartments, so you can say goodbye to that frantic search for the perfect pair of underwear and matching socks in the morning. Amazon shoppers love this set of four dividers, and they have over 33,000 five-star reviews because of their easy assembly and the handy zipper on the bottom that ensures these dividers hold their shape.


These Aesthetically-Pleasing Fabric Bins

Any room can benefit from these fabric storage bins that will keep your items organized and any space looking stylish. This pack of three large bins come in 19 neutral shades and can store anything from toys to blankets to books. They can fold down when not in use, saving you precious space.


A Sleek Organizer That Works In Any Room

Use this organizer in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, home office, or anywhere else that could benefit from its double-decker storage and sleek, minimalist design. These super sturdy plastic shelves look great under the sink or on countertops, and the rust-proof, waterproof materials are easy to clean.


These Fake Books With Storage That Will Make You Look Super Smart

Let your guests think you’re one with the classics with these aesthetically-pleasing fake books. They’re not just amazing decor pieces — they also have secret storage. These are made with faux leather and fiberboard to mimic the appearance of real books, but inside they’re hollowed out. They’re the perfect size for storing jewelry, keys, a small journal, or other items you want to conceal.


A Clean Cover To Conceal Clunky Window Units

Let’s face it: window air conditioner units aren’t exactly the prettiest things to put in your home. That’s why this window unit cover is perfect for maintaining the aesthetic of your home when your AC isn’t in use. This product has a practical function, too. Its ability to keep out cold air in the winter months can help reduce your heating bill.


These See-Through Storage Boxes That Keep Your Kicks Dust-Free

Keep your shoes stored away and clean with this 12 pack of plastic shoe boxes. These stackable boxes maximize your space, all while keeping your shoes dust-free, which traditional shoe racks can’t do. These boxes are made from a durable plastic, but there are ventilation holes in the back that help keep your shoes odor-free, making these boxes the ideal way to keep your shoes from cluttering up your space.


The Organizer That Keeps Your Cans In Check

This can organizer stores up to 36 cans and jars of different proportions thanks to the adjustable plastic dividers. This chrome-coated organizer can be constructed in just a couple of minutes, which means unsightly stacked cans in your pantry or on your counter will be a thing of the past.


These Farmers Market-Chic Fruit And Veggie Baskets

These wire baskets will keep big produce bowls from taking up all the space on your countertop while still making your kitchen look like clean and organized. These three-tier wire baskets easily mount to the wall of your kitchen, and they’re super sturdy — each basket can hold up to 25 pounds. The six wire hooks at the bottom allow you to hang anything from mugs to reusable bags for easy access.


A Leather Jewelry Box With Tons Of Compartments

Keep all of your jewelry in one place with this pretty jewelry box that has tons of compartments to store your rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. This box features five necklace hooks, eight ring rolls, an earring plate, four small slots, and six larger divided slots. Some of the dividers are removable so you can change the layout or add more space if need be, giving this box tons of versatility.


An Organizer That Keeps Water Bottles Off The Countertops

Cluttered cabinets due to awkwardly-shaped water bottles, baby bottles, and coffee tumblers are ugly and also make finding the exact item you need harder, which makes this water bottle organizer an essential for your kitchen. Its shelves easily store three water bottles on their sides, de-cluttering your space and giving you the ability to see all over your bottles at once, so it makes your cabinets cleaner and easier to navigate. This organizer is available with two or three shelves and in two different widths.


A Display Shelf So You Can Show Off All Your Sunnies

This five-tier sunglasses organizer is perfect for those with a major shades obsession. Store up to 10 of your favorite sunnies on this display that allows you to easily pick out the pair you want, and keeps them all tidy and in one place when not in use. This organizer is also the perfect size for storing nail polish, makeup, hair accessories, or small collectibles.


These Storage Canisters That Help Your Food Last Longer

These food storage containers are a must-have for any pantry. They’re transparent, allowing you to conveniently see what dry food is inside, but they also come with chalkboard labels and a marker for super easy organizing. In addition to clearing your cabinet of uneven boxes and bags, the airtight design of these containers help prevent foods from going bad sooner. A bonus? The durable, BPA-free plastic is dishwasher safe, too!


These Sturdy Hanging Compartments For Your Favorite Purses

With this hanging organizer, your beloved bags will have a home that’s not on a crowded shelf, hook, or under the bed. This organizer keeps them safe and displays each one in its durable transparent sleeves, making picking out your daily bag a breeze.


A TV Wall Mount That Swivels

Give your TV full mobility with this swiveling wall mount. This easy-to-install and super sturdy wall mount can suit most 26-55-inch TVs that weigh up to 77 pounds. It can swivel left, right, up (five degrees), and down (15 degrees), which helps eliminate TV glare and make it easy to watch from anywhere in the room.


The Perfect Sized Trash Bin For Any Space

This trash can is perfect for any bathroom, bedroom, or office space. The lid helps conceal your trash, but the step feature allows for easy disposal of any garbage. The small stature of the can makes it ideal for more cramped spaces, and it comes in seven different colors, allowing it to fit in with the rest of your decor. Plus, when it’s trash day, the can’s removable inner bucket makes emptying out the garbage hassle-free.


A Jar Set To Make Your Bathroom Essentials Actually Look Cute

Keep all of your bathroom essentials organized and looking cute with this pack of four little jars. These thick, clear, plastic apothecary jars can store small cosmetic and hygiene items like Q-tips, cotton rounds, or plastic flossers, and their clear design makes it easy to pick out just what you need without guessing.


These Glass Jars That Keep The Little Things Safe

Glass jars are always useful for storing anything and everything making a mess in your home, and this 12-pack of them is sure to do the trick for small items. You can use these for office supplies, bathroom essentials, or even to store your spices or coffee grounds.


These Spice Jar Labels With A Minimalist Vibe

Never screw up your spices with these adorable spice jar labels that are ready-to-use right out of the package. This pack of 184 durable, pre-printed labels with a minimalist, clear font that will make sure you won’t confuse cayenne for paprika and while making your jars look so aesthetically-pleasing in your spice cabinet.


A Rustic Mounted Mail And Key Holder For Your Entryway

This mail and key holder will not only help store all your mail and entryway essentials, but it’ll look cute while doing so. It easily mounts onto the wall of your entryway or mudroom, and can hold your daily mail, keys, dog leashes, tote bags, and more all while giving your space a chic rustic vibe.


An Eco-Friendly Coat Rack That Can Support Up To 120 Pounds

Any entryway can use a simple, chic coat rack, like this easy-to-assemble one. This coat rack is made with eco-friendly bamboo and comes with eight hooks. It can be assembled without tools and adjusted to three different sizes depending on who’s using the rack. The three-legged design also makes this rack quite sturdy despite its slim appearance — it can hold up to 120 pounds of items.


These S-Shaped Hangers That Maximize Your Closet Space

These S-shaped hangers are meant to conveniently hold your pants and scarves in each slot of the hanger, dramatically increasing the hanger space in your closet for the rest of your clothing items. Made with durable stainless steel, each hanger can fit up to five pairs of trousers.


These Stackable Drawers For Storing All Of Your Beauty Essentials

These plastic storage drawers are fantastic for the makeup- and beauty-obsessed. This pack of two, 4 1/2-inch tall drawers perfectly store all of your cosmetic essentials, including cotton rounds, nail polishes, and powders, and their clear design makes it so that you know exactly what’s in each. Amazon reviewers also note using these drawers to store medicine, haircare items, toiletries, and office supplies.


This Mop And Broom Holder That Keeps Cleaning Tools Close

Mops and brooms can take up a ton of space in your closet and also tend to fall down, which is why this wall-mounted mop and broom holder is such a smart product. This device can keep up to 11 items secure between the adjustable ball grips and even comes with six hooks to hang other supplies like rags or buckets.


This Totally Discreet Toilet Plunger And Holder

Maintain the aesthetic of your bathroom with this sneaky plunger and plunger holder that looks decorative and discreet next to the toilet. This plunger pair doesn’t just look good — its drip-free design stops the wet plunger from getting dirty water on your floor after it’s done its duty, and it has ventilation slots for quick drying.


This Stylish Laundry Hamper With Convenient Liner Bags

This laundry hamper is chic and practical. It keeps your dirty clothes stored in a stylish, waterproof wicker bin, which comes in three different colors. The washable inside liner bag comes out, so you don’t need to haul the entire hamper to the laundry room or laundromat. If that’s not enough, this hamper even comes with small mesh bags that make washing your delicates easier.


A Litter Box That Keeps Messes In Check

This top entry litter box has such a discreet design, no one except you and your cat will know what it is at first glance. The deep litter pan helps to prevent litter from scattering around your floor, and the top grooves help catch any litter from your kitty’s paws.


These Convenient Hanging Dust Bags For Storing Purses

These transparent and portable dust bags allow you to store your purses on a hanger or coat rack while keeping your collection of purses dust-free. This pack of four, different-sized zipper bags are breathable and made from a clear material, so you can see exactly what is in each bag.


The T-Shirt Organizer That Goes Over Your Closet Door

This hanging organizer allows you to roll your T-shirts and leggings and store up to 16 of them vertically, instantly maximizing your space. The over-the-door hook means you don’t have to use precious space on your closet rod, and the whole system is foldable and portable, so you can pack your shirts for travel with ease.


This Pack Of Different-Sized Garment Bags

Keep your valuable clothing super safe with this 10-pack of hanging garment bags that are washable and breathable. These bags come in five different sizes and will prevent moisture, dust, and pet hair from ruining your beloved suits and gowns, and their translucent design allows you to see which clothing item is in each bag.


This Pretty Rose Gold Pencil And Notebook Holder

This pretty desk organizer will store all of your supplies, from notepads to Post-Its to pens, in each of its wire rose gold compartments. It even comes with a little drawer on the bottom to keep loose items like paper clips and push pins. If your workspace (especially when working from home) could use a little more organization, this is an easy and stylish solution.


A Simple Toilet Brush Holder That Looks Like Decor

This toilet brush holder keeps your brush stylishly stored away in its sleek grey compact, all while getting the toilet water drips out with its bottom ventilation slit. This toilet brush and holder also have a compact size, making it ideal for small spaces.


A Device That Lets You (Safely) Stack Your Mugs

These cool mug stacker devices will allow one mug to comfortably stack on on top of another. This doubles the room in your cabinet by using otherwise unused space and helps prevent any potential mug-related accidents that come from trying to cram your cups all together in one small space. The expandable legs allow you to adjust these devices to fit various sizes of mugs and are easy to use.


These Colorful Cases That Organize Anything You Want

If you can’t seem to find a place for your collection of old family photos or craft supplies, these transparent photo cases are an easy, compact solution. This pack of 16 4-by-6-inch cases come in all the colors of the rainbow, so you can color code your items. In addition to photos and crafts, Amazon reviewers rave about these cases’ ability to store garden seeds.


The Rotating Beauty Shelf That’ll Organize Your Vanity

This rotating storage shelf rotates a full 360 degrees and has seven clear, height-adjustable compartments that make storing and finding your cosmetics as easy as applying a swipe of lip gloss. Despite its many shelves, this shelf is easy to assemble, and the removable shelves and plastic materials allow you to clean the shelves should something spill.