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How To Do The Viral "Giant Woman" TikTok Trend Taking Over The FYP

Put your .5 skills to the test.

Users on TikTok sure know how to get creative with their content. From ASMR cosplay to fantastical fashion choices, you can always count on the FYP to deliver some seriously unique videos.

The latest craze to take the app by storm — called the “giant woman” trend — is no exception. Just like the name implies, the giant woman trend finds creative ways to transform average-sized people into, well, giants — without the help of any filters or photoshopping.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a filmmaker to join in on the trend. With a few strategic camera angles and various-sized props, you can create the visual trickery needed to become a giant in no time. Here’s how it works.

TikTok’s “Giant Woman” Trend

There are two types of TikTok users: the ones who, when handed a tiny spoon or glass at a restaurant, make a video using the “You’re coming home with me” sound, and the ones who use the “giant woman” sound.

If you haven’t come across the imaginative video format on your FYP yet, the giant woman trend usually depicts a person on the ground reaching up and handing an object to a much taller individual. The camera work is finessed so it appears as if one person is a human handing a gift to a giant.

The trend began making its way around the FYP after creator @rjchumbley posted a video of someone handing a bottle of mouthwash to a “giant” on Oct. 9, 2022.

Around the same time the viral video was posted, user @su_gem_edits happened to create a sound that fits perfectly with the trend. The sound features a scene from the animated Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, in which a character sings, “All you wanna do / Is see me turn into” before another character responds in shock, “a giant woman.”

The sound then transitions into the song “Genesis” by Grimes, and has been used in over 22.7K videos as of Oct. 16.

Since posting the OG video over a year ago, @rjchumbley has used the giant woman sound in several videos, some of which have received over 3 million likes.

The hashtag #giantwoman has accrued an impressive 684.9 million views as of Oct. 16, while the related tag #agiantwoman has earned an additional 45.8 million views, for a whopping 730.6 million views collectively.

How To Become A “Giant Woman”

Beanstalks and fairytales are no longer required to turn into a giant. You will need some magic, though — movie magic, that is.

Creative Camera Angles

According to user @daniverdari, the key to pulling off the “giant woman” trend is to use a wide-angle lens when filming the video. If you have an iPhone 11 or newer, you can switch to the lens by selecting the 0.5x option when you open the camera.

Another way to make the average-sized stars of your TikTok appear shorter or taller than they actually are is to play around with height as you film your content. A simple way to do this is to have the non-giant kneeling or squatting on the ground as you film them from above.

Then, as you film the giant, make sure to record them from a low angle to elongate the body and create a seriously spectacular vantage point that your favorite filmmakers would approve of.

You can also take a page out of @youvegotmail_pod’s book and film on a flight of stairs, with the human character positioned lower than the giant, or include a close-up of the giant’s hand as they reach down to grab the object.

Play Around With Props

The size of your props can also play an important role in the trend. For example, if the person on the ground is holding an oversized object, it’s typically swapped for a regular-sized alternative by the time it reaches the giant’s hand.

If you have an extra large shoe lying around, you can recreate this video from @rjchumbley.

However, if the human’s item is average-sized, the giant should hold a smaller version of the same object. Creator @97heaven used a pint of beer and a shot glass to pull off this illusion, and it worked so well.

Giants don’t just exist in fairytales anymore. Thanks to TikTok, anyone can transform into a mythical creature — it just takes a little imagination.