HomeGoods' New Digital Tool Gives You Decor Inspo Based On Your Dreams

Your bedroom’s setup could be affecting your sleep.

Masturbation feels so good because it lights up the pleasure centers in your brain.

From that recurring dream of your teeth falling out or the one about your partner cheating on you, many people have had an anxiety dream at some point. Such dreams might be your stress manifesting itself while you rest and thankfully, there are plenty of ways to improve your sleep.One solution you probably haven’t tried? Rearranging your home. Turns out, your dreams — the good and the bad — can provide intel about how you should be decorating your space, according to HomeGoods Style Expert Beth Diana Smith.

To help you find decorating inspiration from this unexpected source, HomeGoods put together a free digital experience called “Dream Vibes.” Users can input their recurring dreams at and it will curate a customized decor vision board. The tool offers three million possible suggestions, including colors, textures, and adjectives to help inspire your decor. When submitting your dream, you’ll be asked questions about how it made you feel, who was included, and how familiar the dream was. So just about any dream — no matter how common or chaotic — can be sent in.

After you share your dream, you can use your results to make more pointed design choices in your bedroom and living spaces. For example, if you tend to have happy or satisfying dreams, you can lean into that with your decor by using bright colors, or if you have scary dreams, you can make some changes to your space, down to details like candle choice, to create a sense of calm.

Smith says the most important thing to consider when decorating, no matter what your dreams may be, is to think about how you want each space in your home to feel. For instance, you probably want your bedroom to be a place where your mind can shut off versus in your office, where you want to be able to focus on your work, decorating to lean into how you want to feel is step number one. Below, Smith offered some tips on where to start decorating based on your dreams that will ease your mind — and hopefully improve your sleep in the process.

If You Have Anxious Dreams…

I used the HomeGoods Dream Vibes experience to figure out how my recurring dreams about being late for special occasions or important meetings can help me decorate. The result was "Affirmations on Repeat,” a decor style with an emphasis on polished accents, soft textures, and warm or calm colors. Smith advised me to figure out where in my home I go to get focused and make sure that area is optimized for productivity. One of the most impactful things to put in this space? A scented candle that helps me feel alert.

“You want to set the mood and use whatever scent makes you feel energetic,” Smith tells Bustle. “A lot of times people forget how important our sense of smell is. If you choose a specific scent for different areas of the home, when you smell peppermint, you know you need to just focus for a few minutes.” She suggests peppermints and citruses like grapefruit for productivity and warm vanillas or earthly scents for winding down.

If Your Dreams Are Organized…

If even your dreams tend to make sense, you might want to reflect that in your space. Perhaps your home office is a place you’d like to give some extra love, and HomeGoods Dream Vibes suggests timeless fabrics and warm neutrals — think wood accessories and plants everywhere. A funky patterned wallpaper with a muted color palette is another way to stay laser focused while adding life to your work space, Smith says.

If Your Dreams Are Artsy & Abstract…

You can never go wrong with a gallery wall because as Smith puts it, art is “so incredibly subjective.” Scrolling on your Pinterest board, Instagram feed, or even browsing the art aisle in a store, you can explore the art pieces and see what speaks to you to find what should be added to your space. It can be everything from abstract canvases to nontraditional, textured wall objects or inspiration quotes — whatever makes you feel something positive on first glance is the great start to a stacked gallery wall.