The 'Peace Pop' Is A Whole New Way To Enjoy Ben & Jerry’s

Spoiler: no spoons needed.

by Bustle UK
Ben & Jerry's

It was this time last year that Ben & Jerry's made our munching dreams come true with the launch of their stackable bags of cookie dough. Now, the purveyors of Fairtrade ice cream excellence are back with a new (and very exciting) launch, just in time to lift our collectively low lockdown mood. Introducing the Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pop – and where to buy it in the UK.

Named after and shaped like a peace sign, the Peace Pop takes their legen-dairy (see what they did there?) ice cream – classic vanilla with chocolate chips, naturally – and puts it on a stick. With a cookie dough centre and soft chocolate coating, it is basically a mini tub without the added complication of a spoon. (Not that it is a hardship, but you know... The less there is between you and your Ben & Jerry's, the better!) Packaging is also completely recyclable.

Peace Pops were an early example of the brand's history of activism. Back in 1988, they were created as a way to campaign for peace initiatives in the U.S; "Peace, Love & Cookie Dough" being one of their most famous mantras. Last year they called for and end to police brutality, the dismantling of white supremacy, and hit out at UK home secretary Priti Patel over her treatment of migrants crossing the English channel.

Ben & Jerry's

As for how to buy Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pops in the UK, there is good news: Co-op stores will be stocking them from mid-January. Prices depend on the retailer, but are expected to be £2.20 per Peace Pop, or £4 for a multipack, which contains three pops.

“We know people love our cookie dough like their own family or pets," explained Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru Josine Nohlmans, “so we reimagined it so they never need to leave home without it. Now they can walk their puppy and enjoy Ben & Jerry’s.” Seems perfectly reasonable to me.