How To Display Vinyl Records, According To Vinyl Enthusiasts

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Whether you’re a veteran collector or a beginning vinyl enthusiast, displaying and storing your favorite records can be just as important as listening to them. Wondering how to display vinyl records? Choose options that can easily fit 12-by-12-inch album covers, and keep your records standing upright to prevent damage.

No matter how you plan to display your vinyl, you’ll also want to ensure that your records aren’t squeezed too tightly together, since uneven pressure can warp your records over time. Most album covers measure 12 by 12 inches, so look for a storage solution with slightly larger interior dimensions — that way you can easily remove and replace records as you listen to them.

If you have limited floor or shelf space, you can use a pack of wall shelves or frames to display individual albums — though this method will limit how many albums you can show off at once. If you have a larger vinyl collection, you’ll need to use a rack, shelf, or crate to store the bulk of your record collection. If you want a dedicated space to both display and play your music, an all-in-one media stand can hold your turntable, speakers, and records in the same place. Standalone racks are also great for easily flipping through albums, or giving your home a record-store vibe.

With all of that in mind, here are nine ways to display your records, regardless of the size and scope of your vinyl collection.

1. Invest In A Turntable Stand With Built-In Storage

This versatile media stand is the perfect home base for your record collection. The 39.7-by-18-inch dimensions of the tabletop are large enough for a turntable and speakers, and there are two drawers for all your vinyl accessories like extra cartridges or record-cleaning brushes. The lower shelves of the unit are large enough to easily store records, and the wire dividers are perfect for keeping your collection organized. The wire dividers are also great for those who are just starting to grow a collection, since they can keep a smaller amount of records upright.

One reviewer wrote: “There’s not many products out there made for record players, especially record player stands with storage...and especially not for an affordable price. So I was really happy when I found this piece, it seems like it’s the best bang for your buck out there. It’s stylish, and offers a lot more storage than I imagined it would. I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone.”

2. Go For A Vintage Look With A Record Crate

Contrary to popular belief, most milk crates today aren’t actually large enough to hold vinyl records, but this wooden vinyl storage crate from Crosley is. One crate can hold up to 75 records, and the wood construction adds a vintage aesthetic to your space. The crate’s opening is 13.75 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall, which provides enough support to store records upright but still makes it easy to flip through them. Crosley is best known for their turntables, but this crate is also an essential vinyl accessory for collectors who are tight on space.

One reviewer wrote: “It was easy to put together with the included nails. All the parts were there. The crate was missing a couple of pre-drilled starter holes, but it didn't really matter. Didn't have any trouble with the wood splitting or that kind of thing when the nails went in.”

3. Turn Your Records Into Wall Art With These Wood Shelves

If you want to display your albums as interactive wall art, these floating vinyl shelves are an attractive way to show off the best records in your collection. The wooden shelves come with screws and plastic anchors to easily install on your wall, and the groove in the shelf securely holds records in place (even double LP albums, which are a bit wider than standard records). The wood is treated with a varnish to protect the grain, and for those who don’t like the brown finish pictured above, this six-pack of floating shelves also comes in black.

One reviewer wrote: “These shelves are awesome. I got them the next day after ordering and set them up within 30 minutes. The wood is a great touch [...] Would definitely recommend to any vinyl collector. Great purchase very happy!”

4. Avoid Overcrowding With This Standing Rack

This folding vinyl album rack not only prevents your records from overcrowding but also acts as a stunning piece of decor in your home. The standing rack has a small footprint and can be placed on the floor or on a media stand, and the deep grooves hold albums in place and keep them separated for easy removal. The albums’ separation also helps prevent uneven pressure that can cause vinyl warping. Each groove can hold two single albums or one double LP, and the stand fits up to 40 records in total.

One reviewer wrote: “Very happy with the quality! No more milk crate record storage for me. I was also looking at others like the Kaiu and Crosley storage crate but really happy I went with this for my LP album storage. The best thing is it looks so good in my place, it's now a feature piece in my living room.”

5. Flip Through Albums With This Acrylic Record Stand

This acrylic record stand is perfect for displaying your records without taking up a ton of space. The wooden base elevates your albums from surfaces, which helps mitigate dust build up over time, and the acrylic ends add a modern design touch that lets you see which albums are stored at the end of the stack. This rack is great if you like to flip through your favorite rotation of albums right next to your turntable, and it’s also a good option for anyone with a smaller collection. Reviewers noted that this record stand is a breeze to assemble, and the wooden design also has small notches to prevent overcrowding.

One reviewer wrote: “This item is the perfect addition to my record storage! I can easily flip through my favorite records without causing any damage to them. At first I didn't believe this would be strong enough to flip through up to 50 records and have them hold on the acrylic end piece. I was very wrong! This item is sturdy and strong. I started off just buying just one to see if I would like it and ended up getting another almost immediately. I have many different storage options for my vinyl and this is absolutely my current favorite!”

6. Show Off Albums With These Discreet Wall Mounts

This pack of clear plastic album mounts is great for displaying your vinyl records as wall art. The transparent acrylic arms allow your albums to easily snap in and out to be displayed or played, and create an invisible floating illusion on your wall. The arms are also adjustable, so you can display more than just records with these wall mounts. If you don’t have wall space (or aren’t allowed to mount any hardware), these can also be converted into a stand to display your records on a bookshelf or console table. You can purchase one five-pack to display a small section of your record collection, but ambitious collectors will likely want to use these in tandem with a larger storage solution.

One reviewer wrote: “Man what a cool idea! These took like 30 seconds to put together and only another 30 seconds to get onto the wall. Now I can proudly display my records that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf for years. Not to mention shipping was lightning fast! Will definitely be purchasing more from this company in the future.”

7. Swap Out Records With This Wooden Frame

If you want to display your records on the wall but don’t like the industrial aesthetic of floating shelves, this wooden album frame from KAIU is an elegant solution. Each frame displays one record and is designed to swing open and shut with a magnetic closure for easy access when you need it. The framed enclosure is also great for protecting your album from accumulating dust and can blend in with more traditional or farmhouse-style decor. Reviewers commented that these frames are perfect for displaying a favorite sentimental record, or for incorporating albums into your existing wall art without it being the centerpiece of your home.

One reviewer wrote: “We wanted to add a music theme to our teen sons room, without being in your face themed. These vinyl album display frames are fantastic! Our son is able to display some of his favorite records as wall art, and the frame front doors open easily to remove the record for playing. They're lightweight frames, I hung with command strips so no holes, and the record slot fits even double record albums.”

8. Save Space With This Standing Rack

This tall record stand is perfect for taking advantage of your home’s vertical space. You can place it next to a turntable or media stand, and the open shelves are angled to alleviate pressure on the albums and make it easy to flip through records. The stand can hold up to 20 albums on each shelf, which is great for collectors just starting out or as overflow for a larger storage solution. The white finish blends in well with other neutral or white home decor accents, but this stand also comes in black and gold to match various aesthetics.

One reviewer wrote: “Easy to build, holds a surprising number of vinyl for its size, about 40 altogether. Nice little touch are the feet for ensuring it is level.”

9. Display Your Record Jacket As It Plays

If you don’t store your vinyl right next to your turntable, you may not have free space to place your record’s album cover while it plays. This wooden record stand solves this problem and acts as a low-tech Shazam for your house guests by displaying the album that’s currently spinning. This stand easily props up your album jacket or record, and the gold “Now Playing” lettering act as an accent to your record-store chic vibes. Reviewers noted that the wood on this stand is well-stained and holds album covers and records in place securely on their side.

One reviewer wrote: “The item arrived exactly as pictured. The wood is solid and well finished. The gold lettering is neatly done. Very satisfied with the purchase.”