How To Repost On TikTok So You Can Hype Up Your Fave Videos

Sending the same video to three different friends can be *so* exhausting.

How to repost TikToks

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you might be noticing some content on your FYP that doesn’t exactly seem “For You.” Maybe it’s somewhat in line with your interests or humor but feels more like a meme your BFF would send you than what you’d see on your own feed. This could be because the TikTok you’re seeing has been reposted by someone you follow. Though, if you haven’t been looking closely at the TikToks on your feed, this might be totally lost on you.

According to TechCrunch, TikTok began testing the “Repost” button in January 2022 before officially launching the feature around May of 2022. The button functions exactly as it sounds, working similarly to the “Retweet” button on Twitter. When someone on TikTok reposts a TikTok, it appears on their followers’ feeds in the way any TikTok they posted would.

This can be especially useful if you’re hoping to boost someone’s TikTok whereas users previously had to duet someone’s TikTok to ensure it made it to their followers’ feeds. Plus, it can just be a fun way to act as your own curator – showing off to friends the hilarious TikToks you’ve harvested from your own FYP.

If you’re hoping to start indoctrinating your friends with some of your fav TikToks, here’s everything you need about how to repost on TikTok.

How To Repost On TikTok

If you want to repost a TikTok, open the TikTok app and pull up the video that you’d like to repost. Select the “Share” button with an arrow in the bottom right corner of the TikTok. You should see a Repost button as the first option from the pop-up menu. (The button looks the same as the Twitter Retweet button with two arrows forming a circle, but in yellow.)

TikTok will notify you that your Repost will be visible to “people you may know.” This means that, in addition to your followers, only people whom you may know could see your Repost. For instance, if you have your contacts linked to your TikTok profile, someone who doesn’t follow you but is in your contacts could still potentially see your Repost.

You can also add a comment to your Repost, similar to a Quote Tweet on Twitter. While you’re still on the TikTok you should see your own profile picture above the original poster’s username, with a button that says “+Add comment” to the right of it. Type in your caption, and click the red upward-facing arrow on the right side of your screen to repost it.

To undo a Repost, just tap Share on the TikTok again and tap “Remove Repost” in the same location where the Repost button was located. Confirm that you’d like to remove your repost, and you are all set.

Now, go hype up your friend’s latest TikTok by reposting it with the caption “Don’t let this flop.”