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The Sneaky Trick To Finding Out Who Screenshotted Your BeReal

Follow these steps to see which of your followers are the nosiest.

How to find out who screenshotted your BeReal

By now you probably know the basics of how BeReal works — you get an alert notifying you to take a photo of yourself and what you’re looking at at a random time each day, and you have two minutes to post it to your feed before your BeReal is considered late. Well, if you thought there was not much more to the app than that, you’re wrong. The social media platform also has a sneaky feature that not only shows you how many times your BeReal has been screenshotted, but who is behind the screenshot as well. You’ll have to put in some work to get to the bottom of it, though, so if you want to find out how to see who screenshotted your BeReal, here’s what you need to know.

If you’ve nervously Googled “does Instagram notify you when someone screenshots your Story?” in the past, you probably want to know if the same goes for BeReal. The short answer is: yes and no. When someone screenshots your post on BeReal, you won’t be alerted with a push notification. Instead, the only indication will be within the app in the top right corner of your BeReal. If you don’t know any better, you might assume that’s where the screenshotting alerts end. But the app actually offers a loophole for nosey sleuths who want to find out who is behind the screenshot — which is great if you’re on the receiving end of a screenshot, and not-so-great if you’re the guilty party.

How To See Who Screenshotted Your BeReal

In the corner of your BeReal, you’ll see a number inside a square with the number of screenshots taken. It’s a pretty innocuous icon, so you might not even think much of it when you see it. But if the symbol ever shows up on your account, you’re gonna want to tap it if you want to find out which one of your followers is the screenshot culprit.

When you tap the alert, you’ll receive a pop-up that says, “One of your friends took a screenshot!” In the middle of the screen, you’ll see the screenshotters name and profile picture blurred out. Of course, if you’re the type of person to give out your BeReal to everyone you meet in line for the bathroom at a bar, you probably won’t want to sift through all your followers’ profiles just to figure out who the account belongs to. In that case, here’s what you can do.

To reveal the name and put the mystery to bed, you’ll have to share your BeReal photo on one of your other accounts, with options including Snapchat, Instagram, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, Notes, Mail, and more. To do so, tap the “Share via” option, then select the platform on which you’d like to share your BeReal. Once you’ve done that, the name will be un-blurred, and you’ll have your answer.

Unfortunately, it appears there’s no way to stop people from screenshotting your posts on BeReal, but the best way to prevent your pics from getting stolen — or sent to your frenemy’s group chat — is to keep your account private, and only allow people you trust into your follower circle.