Bobby Berk Explains How To Maximize Every Inch Of Your Bedroom Storage

Plus, check out these 20 space-saving organizers.

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Maximizing storage space in your bedroom can be tricky, but not impossible. According to Bobby Berk, a design expert and Emmy-nominated cohost of Netflix’s Queer Eye, the key to creating more space in this particular room is utilizing underrated areas like under the bed or swapping out traditional items for ones with dual functions.

“Bringing in nightstands that have both drawers and shelving below is also an easy way to carve out a bit more storage space or [using] rattan baskets as a clothes hamper or for storing extra blankets or pillows,” Berk tells Bustle.

Berk, who just launched an entire home collection with QVC, says one thing people do wrong when it comes to storage in their bedroom is “not taking advantage of storage beyond their dresser or existing closet hang rail. Closets, in particular, are never fully optimized to take advantage of the full height for additional storage. You're really limiting yourself (and the number of items you can fit in your bedroom) if you don't utilize other easy storage options.”

From unique closet organizers to under-the-bed storage containers, read on for more expert-approved products that’ll help you maximize storage space in your bedroom.

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Best Under Bed Storage Items

Utilizing the space beneath your bed is Berk’s number one suggestion for maximizing your bedroom storage space. He says it’s “an ideal spot to keep seasonal items you don't need to access regularly.”

Free up extra closet space with this two-pack of under-the-bed organizers. This particular brand comes with a “window” so you can see what’s inside without having to dig through the box and has handles for easy pulling.

Top review: “Love these! The bottom insert keeps its shape and I have had no issues with the zippers. They fit perfectly in my hydraulic lift bed storage area. Maybe I'll finally wear some of these clothes now that I can see what's stored away.”

Made with dual-hinge lids and wheels, these under-the-bed storage boxes help maximize your space without sacrificing ease or efficiency.

Top review: “These shipped really fast. They look[ed] a little small when they arrived, but they fit a lot of stuff inside. I like that they are clear to see inside, but I recommend labeling them anyway. They stacked up nicely and seem to hold the weight really well. They aren’t deforming or wobbling. I’m going to be getting more of these for my storage unit.”

Clothes aren’t the only thing you can fit beneath your bed. Make use of a shoe organizer for your seasonal or special occasion footwear.

Top review: “Got mine today and wow! I didn't realize I had so many shoes. Great storage unit. Fits right under my bed. Holds sneakers, small booties and sandals perfectly. I could fit about three pairs of sandals in one cubby. I can even fit my heels.”

These durable clothing organizers maximize vertical space beneath your bed. They’re perfect for anyone with platform beds or in need of storing more bulky linens.

Top review: “I love the lightness and breathable nature of these bags. The zippers work very well, nice size and shape. You can put a ton in these things. In one bag I have all of my snow ski gear. Jacket, bibs, snow boots, etc. And in another bag I have all of the bedding that I need when I utilize my blowup bed and I have visitors- including two pillows.”

Make your under the bed storage area work harder for you. Place bulky linens or puffy winter coats in these storage bags and vacuum-seal them to save a ton of space.

Top review: “These things pack down very well. I'm using mine to store winter blankets during the warm season. They easily stack on a closet shelf, protected from dust, in a space where they never would have fit without these bags. Also, the hand-pump is nice, and does a very effective job, but if you have a vacuum, I recommend using it, as it's much faster, especially when packing multiple bags.”

Best Closet Storage Items

According to Berk, the easiest way to add more closet space to your bedroom is a freestanding clothing rack. He says these can easily be tucked into a corner and provide tons of extra hanging space. Inside your closet, Berk recommends adding organizers that can attach to the hanging rod to “create instant shelving or shoe storage that won't take up any floor space.”

With over 13,000 five-star reviews, this garment rack is a simple and sleek solution to maximizing your closet space. Plus, it comes with wheels so it can easily be moved around (or hidden!).

Top review: “I found this item to be easily assembled. (I am elderly and physically handicapped). I used it immediately and found it to be quite sturdy and easy to maneuver. The rod extenders allow room for more spacing when drying and protection from re-wrinkling after ironing.”

Double the amount of space in your closet with these sturdy closet organizers. They hold five hangers each (up to six pounds) and are great for pants, dresses, and shirts of all types.

Top review: “I wanted to tidy up my closet, it was hard getting into the left side of my closet as my clothes would be all the way where the vests are hanging. After using these hangers I got half the space back! These definitely feel sturdy and built well.”

Make better use of the vertical space in your closet with a six-shelf hanging organizer that can hold tons of bulky sweaters and jeans.

Top review: “I had a newborn, and for a while, he was going to be in our room, so I needed a few of his clothes and diapers in my room; this organizer was perfect for it. This was a perfect solution. I wake up in the middle of the night and all I have to do is open the closet and I have everything there ready. It’s great quality, I definitely recommend this.”

This shoe storage can easily fit 12 pairs of shoes. The best part? It’s stackable, so you can buy as many as you want and conform them to fit your specific space.

Top review: “I bought one set because I had very low expectations. When the small box arrived I was prepared to be 100% disappointed BUT these are amazing!!! I have a size 11 foot and my sneakers fit nicely. I just ordered three more sets and by the way they work really good for hats.”

Save tons of space in your drawers with this hanging pants organizer. It can easily fit up to five pairs of trousers or dozens of scarves.

Top review: “I was cleaning out my closet because I could never find any of my pants. I got these to help get my closet organized and hang my pants all together in one spot. I have to say these are a great help and have made it so much easier to find my pants.”

This anti-dust purse organizer comes with ten storage pockets and easily hangs from the rod in your closet so you can free up extra drawer and shelf space in your bedroom.

Top review: “This has truly freed up some shelf space in my closet. I’m glad I purchased two because I needed to fit a large portion of my handbags. Definitely a space saver.”

Organize sweaters, purses, and more with these stylish shelf dividers. They can easily be used throughout your bedroom to maximize storage space in a way that doesn’t feel off trend.

Top review: “These clear dividers work amazing for organizing closets. I used these to divide my sweaters and sweatshirts.”

Best Drawer Organizers

The hidden secret to keeping your bedroom clutter-free without investing in tons of new furniture is keeping organized dresser drawers. Seriously, it’s impressive what a few organizers can do to clear up space. Plus, with everything tidied up, you can actually see all of the clothes and accessories you have, a feat in and of itself.

These are a perfect drawer organizer for anyone who needs a bit more closet space.

Top review: “I was impressed by how easy and useful these were. It took seconds to snap them together. From box to self was under a minute. They stack nicely and look nice and neat when in place. I actually bought a second set!”

TikTok is obsessed with this honeycomb drawer organizer that’ll keep belts, jewelry, socks, scarves, and even underwear neat and tidy.

Top review: “I love this product! It was easy to assemble and fit into my drawer. I did not even have to cut it down for it to fit. I'm using this to organize my sock drawer and so far it's a gem!!! Would order again in a minute!”

A bra organizer is a simple, but effective way to keep your underwear drawer clean at all times. No more hunting for your favorite lacy bra — hooray!

Top review: “Very happy with these bra organizers. Love being able to have my bras separated and easy to see and pick from. I have them in my closet on one of the shelves of my closet organizer.”

Store all your clothing essentials (or even makeup!) in these soft, fabric organizers. Not only are they stylish, they’re durable and easy to spot-clean if they end up getting dirty.

Top review: “These are awesome! Great quality and comes with the hard bottoms to keep their shape and even has the cardboard pieces to put in the dividers so they stand up and don’t fold over. I loved these so much I immediately bought a second pack!”

Best Storage Furniture for Bedroom

Maximize storage space in your bedroom with dual-purpose furniture. Whether it’s an ottoman that secretly doubles as a place for your favorite throw blankets or a rattan basket that doubles as a chic laundry bin, there’s plenty of stylish and affordable bedroom furniture that’ll help solve your storage problem.

This bench can easily be placed below a window or at the foot of your bed, and it’s so inconspicuous, no one would ever know it doubled as hidden storage for all your Squishmallows. Plus, it comes in five different colors, so it’s bound to match your exact aesthetic.

Top review: “This storage box has so many functions! It is the perfect size for small areas and holds a lot of items. Plenty of space inside, mine holds all our DVD's, it is also used for seating when needed… and my cat loves it too and uses it for her naps near the window.”

These adorable wire baskets can store all your favorite pillows and blankets — and they double as a chic nightstand.

Top review: “Perfect if you have a million blankets like me!”

Another great nightstand option that has plenty of storage are these top-rated end tables. Some reviewers even leave the bottom basket empty so their pets can use it as a secret bed.

Top review: “This is a little side table for us that was super easy to put together. The basket on the bottom is also enjoyed by our cat at times and the tray holds my coffee in the morning.”

This storage bench can be used for seating, opened to store different items, and the bottom compartments are meant to hold a few pairs of shoes. Talk about a triple threat.

Top review: “I was looking for a narrow bench with a bit of storage for my bedroom. I searched everywhere but everything I found with storage was too big, at least 16” deep. This one, at just under a foot deep, was perfect for the narrow space. The storage on top is great for blankets and my cats love it, added bonus.”