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How To Use The Clarity Filter On TikTok

Even Doja Cat got it into it, yuh.

by Courtney Young

Face warping and image distorting filters are consistently viral on TikTok. Even the most trend-averse creators can’t help but test out the technology, which has come a long way from Snapchat’s dog ears filter, circa 2016. These days, a new viral filter is taking over the app, giving users the ol’ “made you look.” The clarity filter is pretty simple (clear, if you will) and collecting millions of videos and views. Here’s how it works.

When activated through your front camera, the filter distorts the image, before slowly clarifying and revealing the true subject of the video. The filter, which has been used in more than 1M videos, is often paired with a slowed version of the song “Renegade” by Aaryan Smith (the sound has been paired with more than 2M videos).

How Are TikTokers Using The ‘Clarity’ Filter?

This filter’s virality is equal parts thirst trap and jump scare. Some users opt for a scary face, teeth bared and eyes wide, which paired with the distortion of the filter, can be genuinely spooky. Reigning pop queen of TikTok, Doja Cat, took this filter for a spin in jump scare mode, captioning her video, “I f*ckin love this trend.” Her video has more than 9M likes and 48M views.

Another user, @sophiagail_, also took the jump scare route with the clarity filter, gaining 40M views, 4.2M likes, and more than 50,000 comments like, “Nah it’s fine I didn’t wanna sleep tonight anyway,” and “mom pick me up I’m scared.” With the clarity filter, lightning does strike twice. This user went on to post multiple videos in the same format, collecting hundreds of thousands of views, likes, and comments.

The alternative use of the clarity filter, to thirst trap, is equally as viral. One user, @virginiasanhouse, gained 4M views, 481,000 likes, and thousands of comments for her take on the filter. In her transformation she goes from “Thanos,” as written in her caption, to her final form as a stunning Instagram model. The comments section of her video includes thoughts like, “Yea I was a lil scared at first but u made up for it at the end 🙌🙌😍😍.”

Another user, @luvrcatgirll, used the filter in the same way, collecting 14.3M views, 1.4M likes, and 11,000 comments like, “the first part really getting me.”

How To Get The Clarity Filter On TikTok

Whether you’re looking to jump scare, thirst trap, or perhaps a little of both, the clarity filter is the one for you. You can join the millions of users testing out the viral filter by downloading the app, opening up your front camera, and baring your teeth or batting your eyes. Just search “clarity” on TikTok and click “try this effect,” then click “add sound,” and search for “Aaryan Shah renegade slowed by luczyfer.”